Mike Casey Interviews Steve Perry

Thursday, August 16th

Mike talks to Steve Perry about the inspiration behind his first album in well over 20 years, why he walked away from stardom, and the musical moment that changed his life as a kid!

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Well Steve let me start and I apologize in advance you'll probably get asked this question a lot here in the next couple days and weeks and months but so number years ago mid to late ninety's you just you kind of stepped away from music stepped away from journey for a long time was there a particular reason that you you stepped away when you did or or just. It was a feeling you have maybe. The real reason was and I was very very frightening concern in my passion for music gone away. And I started to feel like I was seeing like in a parody of myself and it was a very very disjointed sort of emotional place in and acted like that felt. And that coupled with I guess she could call just. Deep fried road bird during a hard I do in my heart the one thing I had to do. Wise I'm not a very popular thing which just stop. And apparently now can elect an idea. And I knew that it was going to be not a great idea for the fans and I was more concerned about the fans are the band going to be fine. But the fans that support this for so many years and they were so committed to our music. I just felt obligated to not so I didn't pearl wall and then I hit a law I just got stopped. I walked. Which as you point out I'm sure was it probably difficult decision on the number of different levels. I remember reading an interview we use a long time ago now but in the interview where you talked about being you know a kid you maybe like 910 years old your ride in and using your mom's car. And you hear Sam Cooke. Come on come on the radio. I assume it was partly what would drew media I mean not only his voice but is the passion that you heard and what he was singing was it was it that the U felt like he was lost. Yes I mean I literally remember though likely yesterday she had a 56 thunderbird and they had an 659. All full. The national center speaker. And I hear cupid come on the radio. And I don't know. What happened but it became tunnel vision where the sides of my focus just closed it left to right. And I can hear every nuance and every. Production value that was in this zone. I was captivated by the but the landscape. The emotion was coming to the speaker how would make me feel no law. What is this one is this happening you know from that point on I was in the you know and I had lost that. Connection and that really scared me. Sure I mean obviously got to do and that obviously get a driving the driving force of your professional life for a for a long long time. I've brought dead into the band without so fortunate to get the job we're turning our product that would be and continued to always. Sort of cultivate that emotional connection and guess why it. It worked injury really continued until the end. I was kind of Christie. Did you did you feel Steve I mean I understand somebody could. We hear us talking or look at your career and say well. You know you're a singer you retired from sitting inside a ball player retires from playing ball but it sounds like I have this feeling that maybe it was a little more personal for you end up unless it's a wonder if you. You may be sort of subtle little personally lost not just professionally but personally at that point in time singing you did your job but it also be your passion. Look at that point singing was. What my behavior I mean it's saved my life to be able to connect to my heart. Could say something I really feel in a way that other people. Guess similar feeling that I'm not gonna sell short what that is I don't know limited but I know that's what was happening. And all of a sudden Iowa is kind of like. Just on the outside looking in and I didn't like that feeling you. So all the so fast forward all these years later Steve we finally get the chance is saying. Your back. You gotta do an album called treasonous. I think everybody's awfully excited about this news tell me about the new job without. This is basically just try to cover there's a lot of iconic images. And feelings that come of these images there are traces of my past or try to get things that mean a lot to me at stories behind everything. And within this time reading itself. Our continuance is a bad. When where and I. It got in touch with the music again and I am I losing my most precious Kelly. About 23 years later she died from breast cancer I. I grew tired and I finally. Got what I would call a complete heart can it was absolutely finally broken deeply in my heart now would completely broken. And accessed so much that I wanted to play. Happy sad who can not so rock and it just re kindled I. And I'm doing what I'm saying I'm not that kind of a feel of you know I mean yeah I think that I sort of my battery is just were trained I had to recharge with life. Sure. And and yet so you know listening to talk about you do recharge his wife he talked about killing national obviously as soon very you know close to you very important to you. And then you lose her and you go through this amazingly powerful and social experience. But yet through that. You're you're loving you re connection to music has revitalized. Yeah. I can't. There's no easy way your access to meaningful. Existence I. Think they're being evacuated due there the only way I have found. Is what happened in real that event which is I knew I had to go inside. And just start gig and then there and find out what is it about me. It needs to be okay being judged me without a lie about this town without the stage. Without the adoration of fans the applause. Go I have missed it terribly and it was something I really do the best I could care. Not admit to my innermost self how much I missed it because that was too painful and I had to walk through all that Adam. I stay away for a long time until I could. Feel comfortable about leaving Kelly I think. Put a fork in me out. Yeah. Yeah. Leave the detract from the new album traces his cult is no reason. There's there's a literally inspiration behind it and that is kind of a about a form part of it to you what you would talk about those. Since about two people who needed a class reunion they haven't seen each other and long time and and there are sort of shocked to see. He's decided to each other and their candidates submit that the same time you know they go outside to get away from all the regular all of them. You know the old schoolmates and they go and they hit their car panel pock in the Cooper drive. And they end up in the same all placed near the canal that they used to smooch. And they give a back seat of her car there a couple of which is that they love he's actually got elected just meeting at the country union. And then just sort of rekindle. The emotions that they once had when they were an item in high school children out. The kind of relationship emotions and happened Q did Blu-ray should know you can't get rid of there are only going to be there. No matter who your way as and it's also about the relationship. With my fair. Sure who who like to have the class reunion a couple of years junior fans haven't really seen each other. It is so much in recent years who are. Long time now. Well this is very exciting I'm I'm so happy for unity and you've been such city. You've been so gracious in your time away from Germany and with their continued success and you've been. Just I think you're great all around and thank you might die. Not only is it as a performer and a view celebrity and whatever but that idea of being connected. To what you're trying to do I think a lot of people lose touch with and they're not. Necessarily brave enough to make the decisions that you made so. Yeah. It's tough it's an old step grandmother my grandmother remarried when my grandmother passed. And she's saying Stevens sometimes you have to take care of yourself. Even if it hurts you to do so. You and I went wow. Old Portuguese like fair you know yeah sometimes you have to take care of yourself even if it hurts to do so. So this going to be painful experiences that they're pulling your best but it is not going to be easy. Yeah. And certainly the lasts some reviews of your life have been a pretty strong testament to that. So it's so great to see you back and looking forward to new album the single. No racism and best of luck and continued success it's it's been really great to talk to the consumer product are crucial and that was great minutes almost like you've done this before that. A good. Oh god I thought about what you missed a vote of eight.