Mike Casey Interviews Ian Anderson

Friday, May 26th


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My guess a 995 the mountain is Ian Anderson I'm sure you recognize his work from just throw tell lead singer and a flat to just for the band he has the red rocks this Friday with the Colorado symphony orchestra in just a few months back you released the Jethro until string quartet album which is a collaboration between you and the car dude she quartet what was the inspiration behind choosing to work with them. Initially collaboration between the that people play double car coo it can't simply try to musicians and so at least where it was orchestra some Croatian things so these are some of them and certainly lead. That would be about target just. To extend the audible Castro consciously sometimes to you to bring them as dedicated string quartet. And excuse in some of the passenger search and the true old entrenched problems of basin electric detestable just sat. We're a little bit of it could be critics of Clinton signaled that instrument at all. That's. Definitely and brought to bluster just job and are working together and hotel rooms and just backstage. Course long time Jethro Tull fans in Colorado residents probably remember the infamous Jethro Tull show at red rocks of I've known as the tear gas show. In 1971. And what in particular do you remember about that says that evening. Number well because there's some potential groups we work and just picturing. And I actually the little. I'm number of people who didn't have tickets are one up command in January kitchen and get commitment. Arbitration would see it. With the receivable and older who decided to unleash weapons of mass destruction than that general direction and didn't go very ugly and we we attempt to its search ago helped turn to condition bearing in some major problems are actually on the radio. And at least. And certainly we'll let. Upload upload a turnaround go back then the Seneca well on the road below couldn't have the proper amount to much of the dispute that is what custom class. And he viable. And so they are getting on stage took come from the Europeans because in the third and 8000 people inside is overlooked exacerbate that says decided Girardi would go up. Really very very that's so them but I managed to calm everybody down the police MB and B audience inside that some of the two guests also big problem and gloom over the so it's somewhat and that we'd never sure as they say after the problem. And they both drove the cops aren't too happy about it. Were attempting through. You know that's somewhere about down the minute I didn't. I'd love to. Sanctions are condemned her blanket for a living legally related sudden boom you know a little worried about going back to Denver after that thinking that's so cute. Love the Denver police source who might the reduced others to useful liberate submitted that you can't because the reverse this was as well as unfortunate thing for the month. I don't think people we understood crowd control a good luck. The manager situation and that was true immediately became public on them. The good terms typically. They don't particularly know where they're trying to do your job and you got some people expecting that you and yelling at seven true true calling you a big triple. The problems that trend. It was very important in bloom now my match digital was being you know try to keep the trend that smooth and don't look at some. Inaudible drug works sometimes the burdens. My guess on the mouse and as dean Anderson from the been Jethro Tull key is that red rocks this Friday with the Colorado symphony orchestra Ian backward just are told was getting started did it seem like a fairly. Radical idea I guess to have a rock fans that in some ways was very rooted in in classical music did those two things seem at odds back in the the late sixties early seventies. But releasing little radical. Yeah excited indeed. Radovan manager's amendment was quite a little bit different had no place whatsoever that the the blues rock band. I got the good news that the the bad and there's no other band playing the monkey trouble. Around the U trade but it's sort Bluetooth so it is a different leader instruments and so. We need it to be different to everybody else we'll just let another guitar based and so. I am not a good place to live and then finally pass this bill didn't pick up a bit not going to difference. It will make you love by being who you brought up by in the country that the people. On this latest release C in the Jethro told string quartet album you've taken some very well known Jethro Tull pieces from from the back catalog and rearrange them stylistically to fit into an entirely new format with the Carty chief quartet were there any songs that you found surprisingly difficult to turn into that that new court set format or or maybe surprisingly easy. I could go through a little bit nerve wrecking were will look at the did you go to an acrobat could go really well traveled some. Did. Political trouble back Lombard trying to get into. Tactical nukes in terms of its construction. To play and probably should structure that's don't shoot people when consistently. Attack Lebanon its start. The world will boost production classical deterrence. To commit to burst out after the big chill out and condemned so which are important to us. It's different movement portion of the cheered but what I what I did some things since rather than play the melody of the huge. I guess the first fire load of delegates that I played how many partial torn country militant and so it into two different do you obviously all the time. OK Ian Anderson from Jethro until we look forward to senior red rocks this Friday with the Colorado symphony orchestra best of luck with the new release the Jethro until string quartet album and enjoy a red rocks on Friday thanks shoots I've. Welcome to a much bigger structural see sort of a thank you.