Mike Casey interviews Alan Parsons

Friday, May 25th


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So I'm joined right now by Alan Parsons the the namesake of course of the Alan Parsons project coming to the Levitt pavilion on June 2 Palo I'm sure a lot of people know that professionally you started as as an audio engineer play EU actually I mean in some ways you had exposure to that world's. Long before you became her professional right this is at home. My dad who had run the amenable domestic typical and would call me in my opinion about I was really knew about who we. That's a strong parent moved there. That they both looked at and if that doesn't help them. Okay in bits and pieces and the look at it. It will build that opens into the pit and quality of the that they could conclude. And they don't do that and if so do you from a local. But that's amazing and we forget that not everybody had a recording device like in their pocket back generates a lot of different things. Yeah I don't think anybody. Even imagine in the wild dream that we can build. Because it is a world record move quote north video you know video kind of and I'll put it. You know all loose and throw at somebody the early 1970s Alan your I mean at this point your very successful and and noteworthy and and big name studio engineer what made you decide to take a leap in and form the Alan Parsons project to defeat did you feel like you're taking a risk at that point in time. When when. And and move will make it live because problem 'cause that Syria and that makes it felt like another production rubio now. I think that I didn't know what the condom and then we could go to a different. Over the limit that Megaupload. This and then I will be. It is found out you know a lot of pulpit the hope for the comfort Fidel public but it. Look up front when government over these. The intention of the kind that we made it that it would be them you know when that Damane Duckett. It came quite a bit about them and we'd like. I love. I my guest on 995 of them outs in the is Alan Parsons from the Alan Parsons project. There are Levitt pavilion on June 2 I remember correctly Allen at least in the seventies and eighties the Alan Parsons project didn't play live at all right. Was the decision not to tour. Was that it was that are consciously keep you you made that decision by choice was it a matter of not being able. To faithfully recreate the sounds of the studio and alive setting her. I doubt they'd let that we would go to we pretty good. Don't put cut. And people can go to another Vietnam has come from. Felt and I know you took a couple. So we could not going conclude that the Arab world. Lucas and then couldn't OK okay. I don't think we'll Vancouver. That looked like. Like I called. We will let the good news and in the middle. They moved from who have been longtime. Looking good the bad luck to be in the I'll bet he's doing quite well I think notebook and it is it is about the fact that he's the the president developed. So the risk of asking the very obvious question technology aside why tour now why toured the stage deal Parsons project career. Took a look at that and then that didn't believe in twelve I mean. When you look at the music landscape today as opposed to when you started in the business is it fair to say that you feel like some. Staying or things have been lost. This couldn't sit down. Clinton. In the book. So the political and look we need to look that could escalate them the thing. It could have continued to let you know look at what you can do the extent. It is the blue. I think it and told him that I. Clinical. I think is true. I'm open enough that he you know. And people. Who knows maybe we'll play it at the end of the tunnel vision people who get that it. You're not a you know a huge. Believer in the audio quality of Syrian MP3 file. Our crew and I had a feeling of them are. But I would include. Command and of course the media because you'll get it and tuchman. And the low income people. Think that you know we need yet but you can develop and I'm going to be called the guys that invented the. I. Boone who took on the look good. He didn't love and asked for your autograph afterwards. So. Well Al Parsons usher proceeds taking the time to join me I know you're busy and for all of your fans here I gotta say they were really excited to see you coming to town in June because a lot of us never got to see if at all back in the day so this is really exciting. Could come back that they love to have. Well great we'll look forward to seeing you here and thanks again for your time really appreciate recruit recruit.