Mike Casey Interview Tom Papa 6/22/18

Friday, June 22nd


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Well she's great on one warfare people in the world joining us now on 995 the mouse in comedian and and author cum pop up. I peaked. Game it's. I hate so look man we don't see you for a couple months and now you have like nine new gigs including. Author you've written a book and I just don't know what to make a view anymore what's the book called in what inspired it. The book is called your dad stole my rake. And other family dilemmas is too much inspired by main act you know I've been doing in a prolonged time and I talk a lot about family and you know. And when I would come out they inevitably some guy would come up and they are. Do you live in in my closet that some then. Thank you know everything about me that it. You know I've been watching your family for twenty years. And let me show you what I've learned to type broke the whole book up into chapters based some people in your family mom that is. Not content crazy and the whole thing and I think you don't look would allow me to tell the story is a little deeper and be a little funny here in. Actually it down almost like is Emanuel is right your family. Very valuable information for everybody to have frank. Is the process of writing. A book wildly different from what you do as a a writer who writes his own standup Richard. Not wildly different to the end part is below is different. We need to stand up you write it you. Bring it up on stage in the audience knows you whether or not a funny or not they knew and edit and then you look back and state that night and you keep working at it that way with the book. You obviously have no audience. So it's up to you to kind of trap yourself you become like the audience member the practice of editing it down acting and actually read it bill all. But now it's just you. Trapping that you know what type and what you believe in them and hopefully whether it's funny. My guest on many five amounts in his standup comedian and actor and and now author Tom Papa his first book is called your dad stole my rape and other Finley dilemmas once you got this stuff written down Tommy did you perform many of a lie of the stuff that's in the book. I have taken some of the FA news up on stage and read them. That might do that I'm called fair comment actually. Dislike the feel like. Will they you know as a written thing that's one thing but that benefit of an audience with a lap. As much as I want them to and I took him up and they do that night at a club and they've played well they played rhythmically like this and that so possibly I'm parliament and call their next week I'm make the match actually read from it. As if you don't have enough stuff going on Tom you're also the head writer and performer on a radio show called live from here right. Yeah the formerly known as prairie home companion. I do my body tweak on there called out in America which has been really well received and I really loved doing it right out on the road all the time to figure won't let me get shine a light on all the good people in America so I've really good and you guys this year's open and meeting all these cool people that are out there isn't living their lives and when I was younger you need people on a plane and they want to talk and tough but I spectacular. As annoying. It. Now I'm like I'm the guy trying to get people to talk and it's cool it's like you know you really discover. A lot of very interest being funny people when you're. Do you feel like something is it changing you or do you feel like you're just more receptive to the possibilities of our analysts here this person has to say. I don't know I think I have kind of change in the way. I'm definitely a lot more accepting and then a lot more are celebratory at the right word it's kind of been a reaction to all the noise than. Divisive message that we're fat all the time and I just didn't buy it I just don't believe it. And I always had the theory that people are pretty cool and kind of they look out for each other for the most part and it's almost like I'm putting that kind of idea into action it's actually change me made me realize that. That is true like beating all these people as kind of inspired me. And need anymore except. He you know that's a pretty strong leg combed by our kind of moment for a guy from Jersey. That yet. Well it not to say I'm like completely blip doubts. This. This sometimes amid a crowd and I'm deflect off. ME happy here. Good good deal on a totally lose. Now we're all human beings I think it is easy to love everybody and them back about the book under the plane ibizan. Look optimistically look sleeveless shirt is hairy man boobs both sides. I may not look back some. The are you still gonna have time for standup. Bug you got all these other things going on. Yeah I love my pedal a little insane right now but I'll be wrote in Denver in September and that September. Are you still drinking Rickles. The legendary Rickles martini while not at the moment but he out. I just want to make sure that you're still on track Mike and I both like my TV northerly so that the Rickles just broke in and night. There was not because of ice at the Sullivan industry that Mike and I have been oh in those first couple years now. This ray via via social media I mean you know I'm yeah I think we both agree that if you aspired to be like anybody's done Rickles how you gonna go wrong there. And absolutely. Is certain spirit animal. Actor comedian and now author Tom Papa it's always great to talk to humans again the book is called your dad still my rake in other family dilemmas. If you had to pick somebody in like thirty seconds on a lot of by the book what would you tell. If you ever grew up in a family if you made your own family or if you're trying to leave your family this is a vote for you it's hilarious and that is the perspective. A family life and let you know that you're not alone. This is all really great stuff Tom I'm congratulations I'm really happy for it's always great to see succeeding out there in the world. Thank speculate this deal welcome welcoming them in September. Look forward to I have a great summer.