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Friday, September 7th

RIP Burt Reynolds, Why Are Teens Having Plastic Surgery and The Sting Ray stung him WHERE??

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Queen guitarist Brian may is my kind of guy you know I know that how you posted on his website yesterday that he was incredibly frustrated with apple. Because he's iPhone. He's been refusing to updated for about a year and a half. And an update automatically updated and blew out two of these four favorite apps that are defunct and won't work on the new operating system. Any also lost three years of health data that was stored in the zone. Oh my god it's like and I. Wow you you could talk about a lot. I found it or cut from the same cost of the Iraq the fact we've wildly talented and hybrid trucks are others that were some taco. Our queen fat bottom girls on 995 amounts and on no valid Friday in my case she LE heart wake. 78 for heights in mostly sunny looks like pretty good day a little bit warmer tomorrow and Sunday 83 tomorrow 86 for hi on Sunday. Football season's opening you don't care what the weather's going to be like user to be indoors. And load those. Outdoors alone those smug now not the first game. First team we like to be inside because that's early action news after that we liked the sides and doesn't feel like we wasted day so we drink upstairs on the pony up the fifth but yes starting at 7:30 AM Sunday morning I will be at loud about us. Slamming blue lighting getting excited for the bells to sell amp up for football last night because it's starting. And then I have to tie itself 730 okay for those of us who are nod going on her way to watch the bills and me you'll more focused on our Denver Broncos. By Sunday afternoon to 25 kicked off against Seattle Seahawks team and I will talk about that came just two little bit after 8 this morning. On rock and jock big news over the last 24 hours. Keith I mean he's a legend bit into it in a different kind of way I think Burt Reynolds passed away yesterday at the age of 82. And I was asking you earlier this morning. I don't like the I don't think your I know you know Hooper Reynolds is but I you were alive during his. Box office heyday now aware aware of it we do the most people my age no it wasn't saying we know who Burt Reynolds is coming we really get the whole. Beanie out city I feel like I feel like the closest latter day equivalent fit in in the way that I could best explaining to you. Burt Reynolds was a little bit like the original. Dwayne the rock Johnson really I think so little love Tim to that extent I feel like yes. Are like all about Iraq as president that's so much they bought him I feel like Burt Reynolds had that kind of review really was the number what I'm not mistaken he was the number one box office star mail box office star. From 1977 through 1982. So like a 55 year run that's when Star Wars came out and win Saturday night fever came out for Reynolds was as. Our bigger than both of those things and yeah lets you know he's not a Shakespearean actor anything but he just had. He was that guy who had. The it factor whatever you like to whatever you saw him doing you know like I just wanna see that guy do more what he's doing. I mean I think I mean think of Burt Reynolds most. About it is not even Burt Reynolds I was on SNL. And Norm MacDonald jet carrying a burden of Burt Reynolds I'm celebrity jeopardy as church Ferguson and that's I ended up when I make a Burr Reynolds is not even our Reynolds. It is a lot more to the map and not only his career but he was probably a lot of ways. Famous for his high profile romances Dinah Shore Lonnie Anderson Sally Field. That was a question he answered on whose say show maybe about a year ago that this week you know who is who's the great love of your life. Is there I would say it's. Telling tale. Not selling well for growth which. Yes though if you what. Yeah. I thought maybe either with the notre Sally Sally Field wow yeah. I want. Under really bad for smoke you miss it was designed section and I said you know give it. Talent and succeed and shoes that. Yeah tell if I sell it you'll certainly doesn't suited for Ronald so past or yesterday at the age of 82 turns out that job probably not a surprise to lot must not all exercise is created equal will talk about that coming up next on the mountain. He's going to be the final show of the Hudson garden summer concert series this year and I'm really excited about myself under the I think I have to seize announcements for that want. On the sixteenth coming up new markets as they rescheduled it. Yeah this via only man. That's cool yet. I'm projects you look at your the last time you land CAD station kansans for Kenny logging and hunting guidance he pretended that he signed his as army and Rugova else. Yeah I do yeah I do how can I thought it was a real offer high practiced this before you how awfully tired. And I work for go about that. You actually like these huge bill spent I'm all right on 995 the bounce in researchers analyzed the exercise habits and mental health. Of one point two million people and here's what they found. Those involved in team sports. Or I guess what I would called gym classes I don't know like a group fitness fitness group fitness those people ended up with V best mental health. As a result of their exercise habits followed by cycling. Either on road bike or a spin bike. Here's what I found interesting about this the gym club what did you call group fitness fitness OK Sofia group fitness on one end. And then you have cycling on the other. They're the complete opposite into like a cycling his. Well I guess he did classes are spinning class different men's cycling I suppose you could doozy teams who maybe are saying is kind of solitary. Unresolved generate any Afghans they're suggesting that that's the seconds. Most beneficial. Form of exercise for your own mental health. But then the group fitness like tomatoes seem disconnected. If that I mean a lot of people do Spain classes so mostly true and are on a bike or in has been passed just because more people spend then actually ride their bikes. And I mean anybody who's Daniel his soul cycle knows the whole like mental past active. Being in a span class on baker tennis I mean it their cell many studies out there and how it's brilliant super beneficial way. See who to where galaxy Q. Form a sense of community to get emotional mental benefits. You flat out refuse I hate everything about anything of sadness I did anything about all what they how much more mentally healthy kidney. Not June politicking any literal stabs towards physical health he. The Jewish and use that it's the whole participatory. Like this. Everybody do in the same thing at the same time I hate you have this really outdated idea of what group fitness classes like some you know achieves. Ours in an affront being like. And it zone out when it and he sings. Though well you know ending your defense this is the the Wall Street Journal I blew the feeling Wall Street Journal hours it. And the bottom dollar our bacon family that's that's their take away so you have two options of those two I'd probably prefer the solitary bike. Shocking thing. Three things you need to know coming up next Allah cart which year on the mountain to get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey on 99 plus the mountains. 6:30 Friday morning no ballot Friday in 1995 the mountain my case you know heart which 78 for hi Terry looks agree to a mostly sunny little bit warmer tomorrow chance for afternoon marine 83 on Saturday. 86 for hi on Sunday three things you need to know. Alec. We're RA well yesterday was the third day in confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee for cap and it is nothing going smoothly first day I ever got to if he. There's somebody here at a Thursday he is being grilled. By senators. I had today we go into the fourth day key issues so far has been discussed a little bit invaded by Cavanaugh he is maintaining that he is you'd be fair and open minded. He has been right leaning in his. Died when we call judicial history yes exactly thank you for that plan I and a space in my brain I can tell. I Twitter permanently suspended. Conspiracy theory is Alex talents you know speaking of space and it's. That's always. On long time coming long time coming Alex Jones is known for Asia info wars and when she claims. Many national tragedies where hoax as yet any Hokies Larry yes thinks stake good riddance again it made determines that a lot of his videos and tweets violated their piece of behavior policies on Twitter so he's gone both center for ever. Sell eight in a long time coming yet Twitter just became a slightly more positive space which is great. And then we have a huge sports meeting coming up here and and to say the very least the Rockies are playing on to enable their planes a weakened against the Dodgers. But someday they'll be playing and the Broncos are also playing on Sunday cake of it's usually five against the Seahawks right here at home unmarried Hancock can declared today. Orange Friday so all we. Don't get the mental toughness and this guy but you're getting the memo imply any time to get dressed so where you're orange and blue today. To support the bra snare Hank access. Okay three things you need to know without a heart Rico on speed the Broncos will talk to the G men. Just after 8 o'clock this morning about the Broncos Seahawks match up on Sunday. Teenagers. Teenagers. Are having plastic surgery can somebody explain this to me. That story coming up next here on the mountain. There's just no. I don't know if she still does sheet for a long time on them pretty huge she started her career she was sort of legendary ship five octave. Vocal range and that's really impressive five I don't think I have one idea says five more doctors and men I have. Are harder pat edits are on 995 amounts and on no valid Friday I saw this morning. Our data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 200 in 29000. Teenagers. Nearly a quarter million teenagers. Had plastic surgery last year. I suppose. There are there's probably percentage they don't say there's there's a percentage in there. It could be very legitimate. Yes things right when I was our strike did he's an app is. But I'm guessing that that's relatively small and so you're probably still looking at. Nearly a quarter of a million teenagers or whatever the number is having plastic surgery. My questions to our on this. What the hell's going on an end to the parents that OK this I assume pay for it. I don't know any Q you have money for the last answered yeah I don't know a whole lot of adults that benefit a plastic surgery so it's hard to imagine a teenager that would have made enough on the air around. 24 or something like that. I think it's I mean I've ever remember being a teenager and all of the struggles you go through with your body image sharing your self esteem all that stuff. You've changed. So much from the time your teenager into his time here even a young adults. That it seems like making permanent surgical adjustments at such young each. It's a little shortsighted because you have no idea what's your gonna grow up till I athletics and if you hate the stuff you've got going on Michael. Let's we're gonna you know waited his since you know a true manic. Physically. And and medically all touring an expensive I have an idea of things ideology nobody really likes themselves at that age but it surgery might not be. Best way to go about changing tide seems like far from the best way and I've I'm I have to say again surprised me being grumpy old guy. But I've I feel like some party this test to connect with the whole with the whole. Social media's snapped shed sweet. Nerves self he wore you know and having his just show. Visible now and everything is so brand name age in. Being Jenny on him so I don't personally blame me card Nash -- for this were thing but they weren't we kind of live and in cart bashing in the world and I guess it makes sense. That it trickles down right Lorraine. Yeah I mean it's not a brand new phenomenon a new member nose jobs being the big thing in the ninety's like ever owned was doing on our rights scenes that way he had. So it's not new but it's still equally disappointing. Yes I he's kind of again I guess it's it's your fame mean you've you've decide and do what you wanna do it man that I would. I don't even bigger entertain that congress yeah yeah yeah us elective plastic surgery teenager is tough to wrap your mind. Well apparently a lot of people are up their minds around its Patton Oswald coming up next on the 655 funny he actually has a plastic surgery for it and I really like it will play there. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using it mornings we might PC fine 1995. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Yeah so. Fun 1995 the now. Tickets in the Denver food and wine festival grand tasting tomorrow at Pepsi Center up for grabs at least got the question. He had do it until you looked like he didn't have. Hannah it's tricky aren't great don't you slowness. Last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries involving the. OK with this person McCain and Obama is not. Serious you can't corrupted UPS last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries involving events. It's OK there you go 6312995. That's the phone number you need good luck. We might now a minority. Our question this morning last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries that involved this what are we talking about. Armed bit injured themselves look good so oppose free can. Guess I'm no that's no we're looking for the okay well thanks drive or to. Good thing which you guess the question almost impossible well I think it acrobatics. I SS 2000 deeply Bank of America. B ram front and I get there sooner or later what talk no that's not the what we are looking for this is much more of pedestrian and run of the mill than that see what most of those injuries can be cared for home about do you do there are. The exit drive for Austria. Yeah we did we renew or did that and run poignant yet this is much more pedestrian in running the bill that answered last year over 2000 people. Had to go to the emergency rooms for injuries that involves this. 6312995. Question almost impossible. We were talking about hitting an avocado no that's not that's not the answer you are the closest yet. Up pitting an avocado involves like cutting in half in the UK. We have avocado in your hand and they take tonight and then I hit it that's this in the middle. This yes I actually lost four fingers doing their. But but no that's what you are the closest yet this is food related to. Now I know what second guess them. Drink yes thanks for trying art then I'd take English against reckless and almost impossible I'm at my arm which it. It's thinner centigrade that's bigger than LSU I that's not how we are looking for but I could see why you'd think that particularly in the last couple years. You that retractable wishing yes your question almost impossible. Well it's yeah. Baseball. Related. Baseball softball EB like they're playing baseball or softball we note could try to thank you. Aren't so yeah. So far away are closest. Safaris pitting and become Indians comparisons. Sensing anything else or tell why it's Friday let's just give it away a.'s debt and it's definitely. Food related and very common frequent food. I think injured by us not emergency and injured in. A different story. Last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries that involved. This 6312995. The question almost impossible. The question almost impossible this morning last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries that involves this briefing we're talking ago. Our careers apple. Two big chance but now home now not because it's not a fruit good try though. I'm in the morning it's against her question almost impossible. Getting better by copy. And kinda. Copy. Pitcher I think you. Iron in Syria. Black but I had drew I am right on dancing down the morning which I guess the question almost impossible order yeah. Really good drive a thank you are via these are all like rumored to social all close or not Eagles. I guess kind of close in terms of food substance just could be turn of the food we're talking about. I don't know only really good I'd gladly recommend it. Okay last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency rooms for injuries that involved this 6312995. Questions almost impossible. Stood for the right answer for question almost impossible last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries that involve this. We think we're talking about our. Green and know what I did that all the time. Art and it doesn't seem right I think I've put bits of my DN. Instant food every cent increase in Al Eagles and hand breeder actually. Oh poor Al. That management Zia. Burner upgrade grow we're. And. You're so close our eyes not a girl she's but he has she's involved with it more often than not and it's time and. Now hole. Not an omelet it's more of it Gator food. A letter from what she's aren't there approved with cheese. To simple. I'll my yeah now. I think exit drive in the order. Well. The exit drive via I souffle. Seem flank. You play and how. I've seen. Its soul and me. Yeah I guess when it's obvious sometimes it's harder last year over 2000 people. Had to go to the emergency room for injuries. That involves. This. Dinner food gets hot it has cheese on it because they've already revealed all of that 63 runs you 995 requested almost impossible. Do rumba. Still looking for the right answers your question almost impossible last year over 2000 people had to go to the emergency room for injuries that involved this. What are we talking about. It. It's soon that it's simple I know it's pizza. To be able to paper zero for injuries. That it will pizza congratulations what's your name Michael Lago got tickets for you see. Not deceive but to go to Denver food and wine festival the green tasting tomorrow at the Pepsi Center. You be all right either I'm fine I'm. Called earlier in the week and I've had this cough I just can't sink in sometimes sneak up on me yet you know in the mics open it happens it has are not now that's okay. Yeah pizza was the answer that we're looking for. For as long as we done this and will continue to use. I never had any idea like there are times when I feel like. We are giving you the answer yes and no and nobody is saying annual pace of things to let go to an hour yeah yeah. Bush really understanding people I think I guess which speaks very well for us and what we do oh yeah yeah really gain the skills to not have. Question almost impossible happens just after 710. Weekday mornings here on the mountain will bring back on Monday morning little cloudy and overcast right now by the. You know it's posted turnaround it's gonna mean mostly sunny today without a high nearing eighty degrees. And then we and it's going to be in the eighty's hopefully it'll feel that we can Indian summer with that like you know O'Connell late warm temperatures it's cold this week. Lighting his ankle and most people think it's been temp 78 snuck it so little chilly but they are ill get back grabbing the low and mid eighties for airs Saturday and Sundays and it could mean awesome day. For the prime SK yeah. Sunday afternoon Broncos and Seahawks were actually instructed G men about that you know just couple minutes just after 8 o'clock this morning. On rocking jock just before that I feel like for. Two years give or take it they were like the biggest band in the world in the eighties internationally I mean for Blake two years and then whom they were. Really go on in terms of pop culture they were gone just as quickly as they arrived. I have one of their songs on the resurrection jukebox coming up to date souffle is never the answer to any of our questions just so you know. Got playing though harmonic on that track was not officially a member of the doors she is credited on the album the Morse and hotel album as gene pool BAC. It was actually John Sebastian from loving spoonful. Who was doing that there is their record labels at the time thought John Sebastian being kind of the squeaky clean like you know fulke guy they thought a few. He shows up on to resolve like that's gonna toll tanked the band's career so they didn't give them proper credit on the album but that's. It is a look at yet you like our hair roadhouse blues the doors on no ballot Friday on 995 the mountain. I don't should I leave you do this or how I need to be here gives me enough information that I think edges leave an apple you little bit afraid of the ocean yeah I I'm not it's too big into I mean I like to look at it that lake the only easygoing and it's not it's a whole lot and I think it's partially because of the critters. Partially that and it's just fasting and listen you can just get swept out to see him second. Lots of things different but you know that's one of them and I tell you all the time that there's nothing out there that's a really in her tune you're going to be fine mediation it was and to me. Agree at this similar to her I could potentially be Ron okay so I got inside out went to the beach. And please you know. Playing in the water frolicking in the and we shall sank when he and from the ocean and screaming. In pain because a stingray. Had stung him. In need worst possible. Odd. Serious and get it dead into. I'm right. I wanted to pass okay well he probably felt the same way actually have watched the video and heat after you watch that video of him okay. So this stingray stung him right in the mean. And he came out of the ocean and with the sting rays still attacks. Because. You're probably right like a rattlesnake wary destruct and then selling it lies in the and so he pulled it out of the ocean and this video you see this or Forman and rioting in pain I. Honey we don't hear this in China however and (%expletive) But I'm. So emergency like it wasn't like it just stand there and wants people call the authorities and then while they're waiting for emergency responders and isn't it yeah film and a sport night. So is attached yeah and by this to by the bar by the stinger absolutely so he's taken the hospital they were able to take missing right now it's no word yet on his. Performance ability is going forward but I don't think he's gonna wanna go to beats or in the Irish. We you know he united hang out the other because I am not go to the beach in China I can tell that home when I highly recommend it. Okay good choice thanks shrewd in that four we.