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Friday, August 31st


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You know one of the greatest some frustrations in my life fray now is that we have to wait till November. For the bohemian rhapsody movie they got us all excited with the trailer is this you know I realize it'll be here sooner than. There we think but she's in the push it up a little bit it looks really good. Freddie Mercury queen another one bites the dust on no valid Friday. On 995 amounts you know Mike Casey LER we show off to address this week she'll be back on Tuesday boy could there be more stuff going on. Not only locally Broncos who when their final pre season game last night over the cardinals when he won the ten. On the football front the ninetieth. Ninetieth that's amazing ninetieth rocky mountain showdown tonight at Mile High Stadium 730 kick off and then into Labor Day weekend each. There are you know a fourteen billion events on in and around town including the taste to Colorado. Civic center park that gets going tomorrow some of the road closures. Around the area will actually start to date though don't forget fire fall George Thurgood Oreo speed wagon. Are all performing entities to Colorado tomorrow she finally complete information on that on our web site. 995 the mountain dot com now all that's going on locally on the national stage Aretha Franklin's funeral service gets going this morning. Five and a half hours they're expecting. This is at the celebration of life at Detroit's greater grace temple. Faith Hill Arianna grundy Chaka Khan Stevie Wonder. On the list of performers speakers include Smokey Robinson former President Bill Clinton. I mean that's gonna be quite an event portions of the service will air on both CNN and dump Fox News. And then from the entertainment side of the political side Senator John McCain was remembered yesterday during a private memorial service in Phoenix. Among the speakers. The view of the one who. I was gonna studio is the owner but probably. A shadow on her former vice president Joseph Biden who delivered. The eulogy here's a little bit of what tuned for a Vice President Biden and dissent. I think Joseph Biden. From the Democrats. I loved John McCain. Always Bob basic values on fairness. Honesty. Dignity respect. Give me hate no safe harbor. Leaving no on behalf I now understand is Americans were part of something much bigger than ours. I thought it was dumb and obviously not the only one thought it was relief touching there was obviously some genuine emotion there and it occurred to me and in watching some of the of the video this morning. I hope. That's. Vice president former Vice President Biden is not the last Democrat to eulogize. Republican or vice Versa because when you we hear him speak about the relationship between John McCain had. Across political differences across on the political while. I think I feel like that speaks to the best of what. We are what we should be and what we are as Americans so I want drug today Senator McCain will lie in state at the US capitol rotunda. In Washington there's a memorial service Saturday at the Washington National Cathedral. Former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will give eulogies there and then on Sunday. Senator McCain will be laid to rest in a private service at the naval academy in Annapolis Maryland players sell lots show log on on both locally. And nationally the weather looks pretty good through the weekend 91 for a high today we've got a chance for afternoon. Thunderstorms. Particularly today but over the course of the weekend as well 82 for a high tomorrow. 81 Sunday and eighty. On Labor Day coming up just after 7:10 this morning on question almost impossible. I'll give you chance to win VIP passes to the taste of Colorado which I mentioned just a little while ago I'm sure you remember. Coming up next you could argue his career started. You used to kid like nineteen years old he traded his win most slingshot. For a stack of Elvis Presley 45 rpm records. Not that he became a professional musician in that moment but I bet that's what really stuck laid the ground work. Right he's coming up next on Novella Friday here on the merits of his life. Deals in their tributes to the irony is she sees the original counterculture icon or one of them certainly in that discussion James Dean from the Eagles on the 995 the mountain August 31 today September's nearly upon us. In amongst other things you may remember that that generally at least historically. Has meant the release of the next generation. Of the iPhone which is show we're expecting now be the case again this September. As his business insider that's there's speculation as well. Apple is apparently sent out invitations for it and event at its headquarters happening on September 12 that the Steve Jobs theater. Gives moto thinks they did think they know what to expects with the new generation iPhone expects three new models. This is according to Gizmodo ranging in screen size from five point 826 point five inches. Other possible new releases at the events. New models of the apple watch iPad pro. And air Potts my question always is it's the same every year how long. Before apple products can just read your mind that's gotta be within the next five years straight I would think even last probably three the probably Borg sort of that between. Twice when he won apple products is just be able to read your mind you earlier not to do anything. Have to make them function on September 12. The dates they're expecting for the release of the newest generation iphones. Coming up next on the mountain three things you need to know and boy there is a lot going on right now so cut it down to three. Could be a little tricky. This conscience is clear which probably two. And too many coming up just after 710. I got a question almost impossible chance if you win tickets to taste in Colorado VIP tickets off fire fall George Thurgood are your speed wagon plane there. Should be nice weekend have to get down to the taste of Colorado. Alli. Four of Friday August 31 2018 number one president trump told congress. He's canceling a pay raise that most civilian. Federal employees were due to receive in January citing budgetary constraints. President trump informed the house and senate leaders in a letter saying that. Locality pay increases would cost 25 billion dollars. On top of it two point 1% across the board increase for most civilian government employees it is president's action a president trumps action does not affect the military. The military members will still receive their two point 6%. Race has expected number two an arbitrator sending collar Catholics. Grievance with the NFL to trial. The arbitrators denied the league's request to throw out the quarterbacks claims the owners conspired to keep him out of league. Because of his protests of the social injustice. Colin Kemper nick former 49ers quarterback argues that owners of in my off any NFL roster since he hit free agency in 2017. And number three closer to home state key. The Denver retaining gardens beloved corpse flower is blooming now and actually started last night's yesterday afternoon last night. Denver botanic gardens will maintain regular hours today so that means from 9 AM to 8 PM the last entry into the garden tonight. Is it eight if you're a member of the Cheney gardens member you can enter an hour early this morning. At 8 AM. Prime viewing in prime smelling. As you might guess is during the first 24 hours of the blue. I don't I'm I mean I understand it's a fascinating phenomenon but if it smells is I mean they called the course flowers it smells as bad. As it's been bills. Why would you want struck a match. I don't half a little lost but I it has broad view lined up they're now the two to get into Denver botanic gardens and get there get there with a stinky. The bloated corpse flower. Our there's three things you need to know for Friday August 31. 2018. If you wanna quit your job you don't have the guts believe it or not there's accompany you can hire now that will do it for you. That story coming up next on the mountain. John came Steppenwolf fun no valid Friday am 995 the melting you know that middle section of the song where there's the the organ solo that this part of the song here. I have to whenever I hear this as far as I know answer. Like the late sixties girls in the go go boots. But I do with the mash potatoes or whatever with the strobe lights in the budget that actually happened here is that just the minute. Associated with my head. And I don't know why they're just is that big of positive I have recently developers are. Let's throw it more information you want if I'm sure Ollie said no valid Friday we get rid of the ballot. We use sticks up tempo stuff particularly as we head into weekend in this case three day weekend so great just after 710. Our question almost impossible got VIP passes to the tasty Colorado you can check out fire ball you can check out George Thurgood do you check out or your speed wagon. You have one of those giant Turkey likes to death so coming up on just a few minutes here. On the militant if you wanna quit your job he can't bring yourself to do it there's a company that will do it for you. The company is called exit. They will contact your employer. They will tell them about your plans to leave. They will submit a resignation letter. And work out all the details including any time off you might still have bites keep in mind having a service quit for you isn't cheap exit charges. Four efforts on that bad for a fifty bucks per resignation notice but if you use them a second time. You get a ninety dollar discount the companies called exit I. Then there's a part of this and I'm that I must be missing. And again this is could this could say more about me than anything else I would say most of the jobs that I've quit in my life. I've done so with great pleasure like you that you would have been knocked me over to get past me to quit on my behalf not that I leg you know. Burn the place downer that but I most of the time I want to let people know why I was lead them. And why a bigger nose job and why I was more than happy not to work there anymore thank you very much so maybe that's just me. But I suppose there are exceptions. But to others haven't been that many in my may be yours the companies called exit you check him out Brendan Walsh doesn't have to worry about that he just gets fired from his jobs. We'll tell you watch 655 funny coming up next. Short little wrong. If Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot. Question almost impossible and 995. Fareed bellies up two next week so I've got questioned almost impossible as a side note she's been nearly two years she is. 47 vacation days. After she gets back comedy event VIP tickets for the taste of Colorado this weekend's. Not only the giant Turkey leg. But you fire fallen either George third literary speed wagon you might be there to you just have to answer this question correctly here is research sheds. The U will be 42 years old. Before you start doing this every day. Research says you will be 42 years olds. Before you start doing this every day when we talk about 6312995. Question almost impossible. Question almost impossible with the Mikey now. The mountain and our question this morning research says you'll be 42 years old before you start doing this every day when you think we're talking about. And well wash your G. No good that's a really good guess though in your not terribly far from the answer we're looking force of good try okay. Environment thank you morning which I guess your question almost impossible. Watch the news. Really good yes no that's not what we were looking for though thanks for trying. To morning what's your guess your question almost impossible. I know that there's an impetus to efforts in the Cantonese or checking the obituaries. No that's that's not did I I hope we wait sells a little after 42 before we start doing that every day. Our current but I think that the board dirt barrier Erica well good that's thank you know. So that the first to answer the flossing that was probably closer than the other two not like remarkably close but definitely in the right neighborhood. Research says you will be for two years old before you start doing this every day. 6312995. But the phone number for questions to possible. Question almost impossible this morning research says you will be 42 years old before you start doing this every day. Well at the exciting in my forties is started thinking more about my health and taken vitamins. Taking vitamins you are exactly right. It's huge take him every day. You feel like they do anything. You know what Jerry is out on the house. Tell you the college like forty years right distillery endless Newark. Okay well we're gonna say you taste the Colorado this weekend which you probably counteract all the vitamin record of Austin do. Cool VIP tickets for you you don't fire fall George the target areas he'd like and they will be there and done so William which are now. Our Chris thanks for playing along with question almost upon. This again. Not Monday but Tuesday just after 710. On 995 commitment. It really does sound like she's singing V Oreo. You know like them the cookie and besides the warrior on scandal patty Smyth and scandal. On 995 the mountain on no ballot Friday the weather looks pretty good as we head into the weekend today's will likely be the hottest day of the weekend 91 for a high today. Low eighties Saturday Sunday and Monday pretty good chance for afternoon rain all three days today in particular in a bit I mean just a busy. Busy weekend the ninetieth rocky mountain showed ninety rocky noon showdown on tonight 730. Mile High Stadium the taste to Colorado is going on all weekend civic center park. A lot of the road closures around that area are actually starting to day. So key even though the event starts tomorrow so keep that in mind if you're in and around that area and then the corpse flower. Asserted blooming over Denver botanic gardens last night so the world's going nuts for that's. Well maybe not the whole world but on locally people are there of lining up. If your bit to think I'm looking for peace paper your fears of a ten a member of the botanic gardens you can actually get in at 8 o'clock this morning. To see and smell the corpse flower the rest of us the rest of the riff Raff we can't give in until nine. A cut so and it's usually within the first 24 hours of the bloom is the best time to see and smell. The corpse flower if you wanna do that's meant. More power to you on Labor Day weekend chances are pretty good you're going to over indulge it may actually surprise you how much. You'll over indulge in a survey from non cal state Fullerton found that the average person. Eats three times more at a Barbeque. Many they would be during a normal meal most of us about 18100 calories at a typical barbecue. While typical meal at home would be more like five to 700 and of course that's not even counting the alcohol also be thrown some wires and Beers. With a burger the hot dogs tater salad that's an extra 400 calories or more so now you're up to didn't. 222500. Range in terms of calories for Labor Day weekend barbecue all I have to say is hey cal state Fullerton. Don't judge me following you judge me I'll let you know you just keep your. Over indulgence information yourself. 8 o'clock this morning resurrection jukebox or not the rock and roll hall of fame nor will they ever be bites. They are in both the Alabama and the Florida. Music halls of fame and that's not nothing they're coming up. Get off me invited to a big like a party or something anything to. I don't it's and I am not really sure I wanna go to the spree short eagle into a low. Expectations right in that it turns out to be a degrees party you've ever been to. I I asked that question because that was partly to be frank about that was kind of the situation. I have the chance to talk to. Bruce Watson and Michael blue stone from the band foreigner this is a bullet among disorder or six weeks ago. It's not that I didn't wanna do with there were other things going on and I had some schedule conflicts. And I had to rearrange some stuff which does that'll that tends to. Push me in the wrong direction from the get go so I went into a thing you know okay well this is just thing. I have to do and he'll be fine. That was one of my favorite things I've done in the last handful years both of those guys we were it's X stowed and senator. And we were talking about beer primarily because they're both. Huge fans a craft beer so that was where the conversation started we talked about on a music in their own histories with beer. The only reason I bring that up is 'cause they it was fun and if you were there. You know it was a good time. And be just like a little reminder for everybody sometimes easier and you never know like your expectations can fool you. Maybe don't have a baby I'm just talking to myself here in. You have to be listening and off foreigner cold as ice on 995 denounce and speaking of Beers a minute craft beer thing. To say that's taken off would be an understatement there are now more than 6000. Breweries in America. And there's an app. That will reward you for visiting those breweries is called pipe pass. I ever heard this before Imus is playing past. Users give feed back on different breweries you know the atmosphere location service that beer obviously. And exchange for that information you get two dollars toward a beer. It at that brewery and it sounds like a really good way to. Really good excuse to visit a bunch of Parisi a few road trip coming up for something called pipe pass I haven't tone downloaded must do it myself yet but it. It's on my list of things to do. British band the arrows actually did this next song first. They didn't really get a lot of attention here in the states so when this artist covered in the early eighties I think everybody thought it was personal. He wasn't but didn't matter because sprawled tents and purposes it quickly became her song that's coming up now. Well it's still packs quite a wallop after all these years doesn't it Jimi Hendrix on no ballot Friday along the watchtower. On that 995 the mountain. I'm Mike Casey it's it's Friday right so he might hate to end on a sad no but I feel like it would really be overlooking. Two very important things happening in the world considering the two towering figures in American history. Are currently in the process of being laid to rest today where sequential read the Franklin endo a former Senator John McCain. On the former Aretha Franklin's service started I believe just a little over an hour or so ago in no deterrent the celebration of life. At Detroit's greater grace temple. They're expecting it expecting to be five and a half hour production Faith Hill will perform Arianna grundy Chaka Khan Stevie Wonder that just a partial list. Guess speakers include former President Bill Clinton. Smokey Robinson induces quite a list of speakers they're two portions of the service will air on CNN. And on fox it I suppose it's all been said at this point. But in terms of. Voices. That defines. Particularly the twentieth century the second half of the twentieth century here in in the United States. I mean Aretha Franklin might be the definitive. Right and if you. EEE year or whatever you heard her saying. You Judy you had I think had to believe in it's sorted divinity some sort of higher power but you know that's that that kind of voice is a gift. And clearly she used to to the utmost her of her ability. And on she will be missed both musically and culturally on the other side things the political side of things Senator John McCain. Was remembered yesterday during a private memorial service in Phoenix. Senator former vice president rather Joseph Biden. Delivered. The eulogy here's part of what former Vice President Biden set. Punish Joseph Biden. From the Democrats. I love John McCain. Noise about basic about fairness. Honesty. Dignity respect. Giving hate no safe harbor. Leaving no one you. Understand is Americans were part of something much bigger than ours. Joseph Biden speaking at two grew memorial service for Senator John McCain yesterday today Senator McCain maligned stayed at the US capitol rotunda in Washington one of only thirty I believe. Thirty Americans to ever. Have that honor bestowed upon them. On there will be a private note I'm sorry another memorial service Saturday at Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Will speak there on Sunday Senator McCain will be laid to rest in a private service at the naval academy in Annapolis Maryland. I I was reminded when when I was listening to Joseph Biden and you know give give his part of the eulogy yesterday and the fact that he and Senator McCain were on different sides of the political Lyle. It reminded me. I guess of of may be. They did their relationship was may be the best of what we can and should be. As Americans you know even if we don't agree politically and you know you whether you agree with Senator John McCain politically or not. His life in his legacy I threw me serve as a reminder. Of what happens when you put country before party and when you put people before politics. Show on the send offs begin today for Aretha Franklin and don't continue former Senator John McCain Pete's sake get.