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Thursday, August 30th


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Show big hits fur off pat fence are back in the mid eighty's you may remember song called we belong on 995 announcing she have been inserted not write that one it was written by a songwriting team you may be may remember Dave Lowe and in Dan Navarro. Primarily songwriting team in the eighties in the later eighties and early ninety's they recorded some. Some saw some albums under the name loan and Navarro. This is a little segment of their version. Of the song they wrote we belong. Cool write me a little fold a little. More hopeful he survived. On the happen to ours but great song either way there was carpenter's version we belong. On 995 the mountain you belong here it's Thursday morning a Mike Casey LER which is off through the weekend shall be back. On Tuesday. Looks like another hot one today 92 for high moderate air quality. Continued high fire danger as you might expect 91 for a high tomorrow. 83 on Saturday chance for afternoon storms. Does it feel like everybody's coasted into the three day weekends players ready to shut it down a couple days ago. It. We'll his usual ride it out series happens by Friday. I'm not here not here at the big Mike history of get together no Tom pop of one of our favorite people in the world comedian. And author Tom Papa he's got to show. On the Food Network debuting on Monday the show's called date. I think it's about food it could view though we've I don't know could be about both. Bob we'll talk to Tom about both of those things 808 this morning here on the mountain and then tonight don't forget Broncos. Final pre season test at the Arizona Cardinals 8 o'clock kick off by the expectation is that Chet Kelly would start first after quarterback Paxson lynch. The second half case Keenan and between plus other starters probably will not see any action tonight. Again as you might expect roster cuts this weekend's. So we're we're getting down to its show people fight for positions which sometimes makes this final pre season game to be more interesting. Then some of the other ones Broncos at today Arizona Cardinals tonight. At eight coming up redstone seventy and just after 710 question almost impossible. We've got some VIP package tickets for the taste to Colorado happening at civic center park this weekend over the holiday weekend. And next it was inspired the song was inspired by a poem. Called tuna fish sandwich peace. Believe it or not that's next on the meant to sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. It Mike Casey mornings in 1995. You know I I remember I know for a fact that that was a song that was played very frequently and so on the middle school dances. When I was a kid and in hindsight it seems like an odd choice. Inner in her room full of hormonal teenagers. The stroke. Billy squire on 995 the military if you're ready for a move in your thinking about go and international lives you know for whatever reason maybe. Maybe he's won a change of scenery or something. These are. As a recently is for money ish. The top ten most livable cities. In the world's more than a 140 cities were ranked based on a number of factors including as you might expect. Cost of living health care crime rates public transportation. Academic excellence overall quality of life. From ten to one. Adelaide Australia. Copenhagen Denmark at number nine Tokyo. Toronto. Or Toronto as I've been told it's pronounced in coo over Canada number six Sydney Australia number five Calgary. Also in Canada number four Osaka Japan number three. Melbourne Australian number two. And number one the most livable city in the world according to money ish. Vienna. Austria topping the list hard not to notice that of the top ten a Hume IQ do the math fast enough it's like 70% of the cities are either in Canada. Or Australia. Bob most of them I've never even being here which probably says more about me than it does the city's. Why seamlessly this. I'm a little compelled by it but I do if I'm honest with myself I don't know that I am the kind of person that could live. Abroad in definitely maybe for a month. You know Ehrlich I'm just I'm two Americans at this mean like I think you'd be too hard for me for for India and everybody I know is here. So late you for indefinite period of time of Buick Buick but per month there's something. And I think I'd I'd like to visit all cities particularly Vienna. So it's great that this will be on our blog little bit later today you wanna check it out there just after 710 question almost impossible we got VIP passes to tasty Colorado. Early heart which is off this week so I'm in charge of three things you need to know coming up next and Italians can be spectacular. And you know I don't know who gets the credit for the idea but I years and years ago now I heard somebody refer to The Who was that is the original punk rock bent. And I thought you know it appears you're exactly right I never thought of in those Serb split fairly accurate my generation who. On 995 amounts in 92 for a high today moderate air quality continued high fire danger. Tomorrow looks about same 91 for a high chance for gusty wind. In a little bit cooler on Saturday 83 for Ohio Saturday. Afternoon storms possible Alli. The FBI says that it has no evidence that Hillary Clinton's private email server was compromised even the president trump tweet it in news report. That alleged the Chinese. Had hacked it is tweet stated in part quote what are the odds. That the FBI and the DOJ are right on top of this actually a very big story. Much classified information in quote from president trumps tweet the FBI and Justice Department officials have said publicly there was no evidence. That Hillary Clinton server was hacked by a foreign power numbered shoe with the farmer's almanac released its 2019 winner outlook this week. And it's a doozy it predicts a long cold. In snow filled winter with the worst of the teeth chattering and those are their words. Arriving in mid February and higher than normal levels of snow in many areas now keep in mind that's in contrast to the old farmer's almanac. Which released its winner forecast last week they predicted a milder winter in most serious. With mostly warmer than normal temperatures and not as much no but more rain than is typical forget the co first Pepsi battle the original battle. Is the farmer's almanac vs the old farmer's almanac. Number three ground breaking today on I 25 south between castle rock in monument. That will happen around 9 o'clock this morning construction crews will begin widening lanes. And adding one lane in each direction that new lane as you've probably heard will be an expressed tolling the total cost of the project. Estimated 350 million dollars construction starts. In early September the anticipated cost to use that expressed Elaine. These 375. Dollars. And 99% of people will pay it if you'll get them out of that mess between castle rock in monument. All right that's there it's going to be three sorry five dollars I'm sure won't be cheap. But again if you got stuck in every four I don't care I'll pay whatever it takes to get out August there's three things you need to know. For Thursday. August 30 when he eighteenth just after 710 question almost impossible VIP passes to taste to Colorado. Why is everyone in San Diego freaking out I will tell you coming up next for. He got Jackson Browne and it Daryl Hannah I think we're seeing for a long time weren't day. I didn't I didn't imaginative and that was it in the eighties and who knows after that I think sometimes I think they were romantically linked Jackson Browne and Daryl Hannah. Obviously no longer in Daryl Hannah weeks according to reports is as of last week is soon now married to Neil Young so. Apparently she's got a connection with the musicians with rock star says network somebody's baby Jackson Browne. On 995 the mountain if you were on no social media at all last night. Whatever particular platform. You may have noticed this thing sort of bubbling up and is the San Diego area there were a set of lights. Hovering over San Diego. That a number of different people saw it took pictures of and and you know it's on FaceBook it's on Twitter it's on its agreements on snapped chads all over the place. And YouTube. A bunch of different places the footage. Showed an initially showed a single set of lights. Hovering in place. Not long after that there were a second satellites. Smaller set of lights but did like just bull just above the first set. Show everybody of course that this is particularly true in social media age. Everybody who's seeing menace in his inclined to believe in such things he's freaking out because clearly. They are UFO's. Or aliens directly above seeing Diego getting ready to make a landing and I don't know why take over the world there triggering the United States. I turns out that was not the case and navy spokesperson said after. Word got around on social being apparently made it through navy and navy spokesperson said the those lights that were seen in the sky. We're flares. An aircraft to craft squadron was performing flare training about thirty miles off the coast of San Diego. Those lights may be seen intermittently through tonight through Thursday night when the drills are expected to end. I hear what the navy spokesperson said and I think you do too but let us not forget. Friends don't forget that. 665 funny coming up next Kathleen Madigan on alien abductions. Blakey CDC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when stuffy inevitably falls out while a lot he already has another taco might GC in the morning on 995. Almost impossible with Mike finale. Mountain. All right here's our question this morning over 350. Of these are sold every single second in the United States. What do you think we're talking about. Good morning or so for now that's a really good guess though it's on it's not actually texting. At all but it's a good drive. Thank you army thanks Tia yeah it's not a texting adults nuts geared gadget is known nothing like that but over 350 of them are sold. Every single second. In the United States. And retired about 631. Q 995. Question almost impossible. Question almost impossible this morning over 350. Of these are sold every single second in the United States what do you think we're talking about. You dad is. It's yet your absolutely right technically it slices of pizza. Are all okay play you know I mean that's that's pretty close. Great hey congratulations yeah. VIP passes for the states to Colorado for you this weekend maybe you can get those slices of pizza yourself. I'd probably. I would hope so I mean that's part of the reason to go there what's your name crept. Our interest fire followed George third or you speedway and all the takes to Colorado in you will be their. To this weekend at civic center park I'll take another running question almost impossible tomorrow morning just after seven said. Here on 995 about it. You guys realize that played earlier this week but it I think is still wildly entertaining air play a little bit of again a little bit of its began there's a guy named Lucas had to re key fitter Ricci Houston you know acoustic guitar player. And he does. It's Connolly could Caribbean. Inspired cover of that song but he keeps the original vocal track in place on sounds like this. And. Glad you. This pretty good I guess like more Caribbean as a tough progressives it's on our blog if you wanna check out there's not enough I'm good nothing backup it's really pretty cool I got a bit because names Duca. That are reaching. I'm not each over a high today moderate air quality continued high fire danger as you'd probably expect tomorrow looks about the same 91 for high. 83 on Saturday chance for afternoon storms overall the weekend. Liberty weekend looks pretty good leaning toward the hot side. As you would probably also expect based on the last couple days last pre season test for the Broncos tonight at the Arizona Cardinals the expectation is that Chet Kelly. Would play the first half packs and lynch the second half of course roster cuts. On this weekend to get down Q 53. Players this weekend if you have a recurring nightmare. Which I think we probably all do it's just matter of how often recorders right new research reveals that these nightmarish. Our leftovers. From unresolved issues. Yet is according to a study the authors be better Weinstein. The university of Cardiff of course according to and I don't want steam people who have consistent bad dreams about feeling being attacked. Or feeling at some things are likely frustrated. By what is going on in their lives. They're likely frustrated by what's going on their lives that's why they're having these bad dreams. This was in science magazine this morning it's nothing personal against that are Weinstein or when you know this particular study. But. You know I took a psych 101 class thirty years ago and I could've told you that's. Gee you think if that's what the did Jim with unresolved it she is was at the university of Carter for the university of supremely obvious Thursday and what. This. And this ties that I feel like academic year academia is just playing. Jokes on us right there like hey it's going to be 181000 dollars a year to senior kid do his state college and this is what we're researching with all that money. Yeah this is what we've come up with nightmares are caused by unresolved issues well thanks. I feel much I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight. Knowing that. Think you'd Nana. Our resurrection jukebox coming up at 8 o'clock this morning they're probably best known. For their trip be psychedelic folk music from the 1960s. But daddy coming in pulling its in the eighties. My favor one from the eighties coming up at eight on the resurrection Joop. There's only two shows left a dunce in Darden summer concert series. Guys like Jaycee when guest on 995 amounts and is a big friend of the show comedian. And author and now hosts of his own show on the Food Network called baked. Mr. Tom Papa. Well well whoa. Good days there you moved from the world of drinking into the world a big key and we're also impressed. That that. I wouldn't have left the world of drinking has just added anything. Wow man that's cute dear sir every time I turn around time he got another thing Muehlegg. Your mr. irons in the fire now you gotta you have a couple of baking show now. And and denigrate me. Are you planning on this planet literally would just baking bread with my daughter having a good time creating this new hobby visiting baker you led travel on the road. And that the television show. And the show itself is called big and it makes its debut on the Food Network this Monday on Labor Day yacht. Little over there and I am met my name and and their little run to episode the first week we run New York. And Detroit. And the New York one has there. A surprise visit from my head the engine gasket. So I I gather the show is in just a camera point that you well you big spread all day it's zone and it's a little more to with the nets. Let's let them like why wouldn't you watch someone make bread food the first hour after hour. The day here's I didn't know that include anything that the good thinkers like fly into these different cities. And we go visit the best big reason. Creators of sacred that we can find a bit late for quite different got. In new villain in the American trait in Los Angeles and it's really. Really cool you get to meet these families were baking is amazing how. Would people you know you don't normally find a mean person decide. The bake cookies for the community and I think that it's not as bad. And you well as the network is legendary for. The way they shoot this it's that the incredible. There's so good at the food court it's just. I'm telling you you're gonna you're gonna like steal. And just doubt they'd like the Bloodhound. My guess somebody on five amounts here's comedian and author and host of the new Food Network show baked which debuts on Labor Day mr. Tom Papa says Tom and hearing you talk about the show it sounds like there's a geography component to it as well. Which I think helps to highlight the fact that you know different cities are known for different kinds of things and do do their baking in baked goods in different ways right. Yeah for sure. Neither has the phone I'll go to Cleveland they have their own style. Equate that we have the personality you know sitting there. And I knew this and doing stand up and you know you know things we shared. Online and were more common were more. Alike and we have been. The years have. But you know Cleveland the Cleveland had not been there you know me I bid there's just a different culture there and then you do good things and people not only from. That city but those people that seem to build that city came from all around the world and they brought. With them culture and their recipes. And you know I was in Cleveland and move on dairy and bakery. Polish plays you realize how lucky we are to have all this stuff and in one spot. Is lose pretty inspirational. Then I'm getting this whole leg circle of life kind of vibe right now. And I don't mind that circle of life got a thing. Yeah the crowd and according bird. You go to these places. And the man with a successful. Really really can't. And they they put into everything that they made on the on calendars places that are open if you the same ingredient. In the same. And it's not going to be dead certain people that really have a passion for it. You can you can hate hidden in there and products for sure. Well congratulations again men new show baked on non Food Network starting on Monday Labor Day hosted by comedian and author and a friend of burst com pop congratulations but it. Yeah that's really cool I think it then I think people are really gonna like it I think I've been seen a lot of compliments that I've been. And and the September I think this I think she'll still be on the Wimbledon when. A bit of the most studio. You be my show or your show. Bo won't look so. When you look in the U cafe I hope so you know something I don't know. Hitting kitty yeah it will look forward that's I was always great to see you know is greeted tarts you congratulations. On the continued success the king of all media Tom Papa Oprah. Show we're on your from noon masri were under twelve hours away from. Miller kicked off for the Broncos last pre season game tonight there at the Arizona Cardinals Chad Kelly expected to start the first half Paxton lynch the second half roster cuts come this weekend. So this last game even though that this starters don't generally play. It's been severe you know kind of a battle Royale because everybody's. Everybody dangling for their roster spot at this point that's one comes up on the road this week on Saturday I think. On teams start the roster cuts so interest in Broncos and cardinals tonight. This some. Company vision in stone ridge New York. The apple stone meat company. They sell more than 3000 pounds of meat each week. From four vending machines. That's right or vending machines through selling fresh. Juicy meat 2.4 seven at your convenience the Apple's own meat company has vending machines outside their headquarters. We each one in each of the Ford dispensing a different kind of meet this one from before and for lamb went for pork. And one for ground meats and sausages the Apple Store meat company in stone ridge New York. I just wanna say. You know I'm I'm I at this point of almost fifty years old I feel like really every moment. Of my life to this point in time has been wasted. Because I've just I've only just now discovered. That there's a vending machine. It's dispensing. Leg full lace. This is this is amazing isn't it's I mean I don't even know or stone ridge New York his but I'm going to. I got to see this in person I gotta go up there with a credit card walkway with like four stakes in some. Some chicken or something don't I. Mean as comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to say in the eighties idle this country. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview eat spaghetti before my PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain.