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Wednesday, August 29th

Your kids suck, Paying For College Sucks and How much does it cost to follow your favorite NFL team?

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One from Neil Young to get your morning started on 995 the mountain of news just came out late yesterday early this morning Neil Young. Married. Daryl Hannah actress Daryl Hannah over this past weekend and Neil is. 272. Terrel Harris fifty sevens with a fifteen years that's it's. You know the sickness that's not even the differences it's congratulations. The new young and Daryl Hannah if you ever wondered why. Guys pick up guitars it's that's there's a good example right there nobody gets mail I love him but. You at least in terms of look she made them kick the coverage little bit there Wednesday morning Mike Casey Alley art which is still on vacation for the rest of the week. 86 for a high today Sony war Mo windy today. And we warm up even more as we head toward the Labor Day weekend 92 for a high tomorrow. 91 on Friday one traffic stimulate you know about if you're. Headed be up toward the city from like castle rock or some mural north on I 25 there's still cleaning up construction zone at. Lincoln and I 25 north bouncing may wanna. They wanna trying to avoid that if he can't on the other important notes for the morning Rockies you're Colorado Rockies tied for first place. In the National League west their played some good baseball lately. And NL west pretty tough this year so hopefully they can numb. Hang on and stay in the pole position as we get toward the playoffs but that's kind of nice at this being the end of August to be. Playing your best baseball that's kind of how you want things to I'm shake out. Completely unrelated to baseball I don't know if you saw this yesterday the dome. There was video in and pictures of it 28 20000 they approximate 20000 bees. Swarmed a hot dog cart near near time square. In New York City. And Libya apparently the experts say that the bees is businesses would known as an absconded high of the bees were in search of a place to get out of the heat that's how hot it's been in New York City. In ages bailed on the high of an end up swarming this hot dog cart. In near Times Square if you get I mean I I love times grove New York City I've. I'll be I'll admit I find this city a little overwhelming. For me. Which again says more about me in the city itself but you take Times Square words like perpetual daytime because of all of the billboards all the hubbub going on there. And like the last thing Times Square needed was 20000 bees. But so it goes on a summer day. In New York City roach I hope everybody Marco I want okay just after 7:10 this morning question almost impossible. We have tickets to tasty Colorado coming up this weekend VIP tickets. Are you speedway and playing their god George third good in the destroyers. Amongst other Brea fire fall plane to show. We'll hook you up without just after seven tenths if you're paying attention yesterday. I used to being on the resurrection juke box and I I talked about the fact that they had to. Pretty sizable hits I've played the less sizable of the two on the resurrection jukebox I would have played a more sizable hit of the few. Next by sizable mean bigger it's not like it's fifteen minutes longer thing you know and I we've seen did you. If he ran for president he would probably lose Italy and slice them again it goes down it's. It's like TC by 99 plus the mountain. What if you're around in the gum late seventies you may remember there were. Certain things that like TEU there's unspoken rules the you have to own like you had to have a pet rock. You have to have shag carpet somewhere in your house and you have to have at least one copy of that album probably probably more than what Fleetwood Mac from rumors the chain. On that 995 the mounts in the Broncos take on the cardinals tomorrow night. Pre season action at least what we know at this point is a check Kelly is expected to play in the first half Paxton lynch. In the second half I saw this morning. You know with the season the regular she's an upcoming. So number crunchers at home to go dot com. Figured out how much it costs. To be a fan. Of every team in the NFL but by team. Right so they looked like ticket prices. The cost of game gave food injuring travel and accommodation for away games. Might surprise you I wish her record here because record our computer hard time about this. The most expensive team. To be a fan out. The Buffalo Bills. Which is unusual because they just miss playoffs for the first I'm only twenty years last year estimated 7991. Dollars. In expenses for the season to be a fan. Of the Buffalo Bills the most expensive teams from five to one Seattle Seahawks. Detroit Lions Oakland Raiders Houston Texans in the buffalo alive and more than ample those teams are particularly good the five cheapest seems to follow from five to one. Cincinnati Bengals number five number four Pittsburgh Steelers number three. New York Giants to Atlanta Falcons the cheapest team to follow in the NFL per season right now. Washington Redskins 4469. Dollars which is still I mean that's not nothing in 4500 dollars to be if quote unquote fan of them for a year the Broncos came in kind of the middle of the pack number thirteen. Out of found 32 teams when you look at those numbers LE eight that some dollars a year. That's it doesn't that's a good deal of money is and it's. I mean I don't know if fans are gonna see this simulate once I was reading that much to BofA and maybe other people like Don thought I was actually spending more. So our Broncos in an about the middle of the pack. Are very much and then when government gets back and 8000 dollars a year to be Buffalo Bills fans are. We give to PB print it to be buffalo bills' fifth. Fob three things you need to know coming up next here on the mountain just after 710. Question almost impossible in the chance feed when VIP passes to taste a Colorado this weekend. Far away the biggest hits so are his career maybe a definitive Rod Stewart song the record company didn't even want to release it as a single there it's too long. That menacing along chorus. It just they were wrong a mallet Maggie Mae on 995 dimension on Wednesday morning. In my case yelling heart which is just still on vacation the rest of this week 86 for a high today sunny warm and dry even warmer. Tomorrow and Friday 92 for a high tomorrow. 91 on Friday with Allie go on I'm in charge of a three things you need to know so here you go. Another untroubled story in our own backyard DS ST col middle schools Mitchell building. In the 3200 block of Marion street in northeast Denver became the senior vote violent crime yesterday afternoon when a student was shot. In critically injured outside the school building the victim in juvenile male. Was taken to a local Denver hospital police did not immediately confirm. Whether or not the the boy who's a student they have since confirmed that Denver police were still searching for suspect. As of yesterday evening number two Google responded did yesterday to president Trump's claims that its search results are rigged quote rigged against him. Saying it doesn't bias results toward any political ideology a spokeswoman for Google said that when users type queries into the group Google search far. Our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds search is not used to set a political agenda. And we don't bias our results were any political ideology. And quote. That explanation may not be enough. To satisfy literary coup Lowe who's soon prison Trump's top economic advisory said the White House is taking a look at whether in possibly how the government should regulate. The search engine Google. Our number three on a lighter note Jon Fogarty had a scare this past weekend eleven of his guitars. Went missing. Eleven album he says it happened while he's preparing to perform at a cancer benefit. In the Hampton section of Long Island the mystery however has been solved the guitars were restored at an airport in a private locker room. When faux British people went to pick them up they were gone. A pilot had mistakenly put them on Chris Martin's playing Chris Martin from the band Coldplay. Who is in the Hamptons that the. Time the guitars were flown back to California. Authorities office got in touch with Chris Martin's office who returned the instruments. Into everything's back to normal I knew that Chris Martin guy. I knew he had to watch him I nearly once he married one of browser or reasoning was questionable from then on. And now he's apparently guitars thief stealing guitars from Jon Fogarty. Thankfully he got a back three things you need to know here on 995 the militant if you have teenage kids or maybe teenage dream kids. I can't tell you what they are doing but I can tell you one thing there are not doing. According to statistic that's coming up next here on the mount. You remember that Iraqi. The third rocking installments on the TV to see who you know Iraqis. He's been spoiled by success she doesn't wanna put in the hard work anymore he gets absolutely wrecked by. Mr. T what was it clobber Langer. That was his new club relaying unit and as as retrieve cornerback Roy answered yeah. I did tiger survivor on 995 dimension on Wednesday afternoon if you are teenage kids which ideal. While or maybe you have teenage grandkids. I can't tell you exactly what they are doing but I can tell you one thing they're not doing. A new study shows that less than 20%. At US teens. Say they read daily for pleasure that includes anything newspapers magazines books and eating and related to school. All on the other hand more than 80% say they use social media every day and here's a shocker. Researchers should San Diego State also found that 13. Of teens in the United States haven't read a single book. In the past year I understand that a lot of these that a lot of things that kids spend their time with these days were not available. Well I was a kid seeded there's there's more competition. For you were your interest in you were engagement than there was when I was a kid so I get that. But I missed I'd tell my kids all summer I don't know they listen to me and I don't know whether is still. Prove out to be true in their lives put in but in my life. The smartest. Most interest staying. People that I've met. And Buehrle you wanna talk to you when you did dozed the dear readers right there there well versed they know a lot about a lot of different things. They find passion any information in the written word I've always sit in and I've always encouraged her kids to be passionate readers. You know I don't. Oh I can't say whether it's really taken or not taken at this point again there'll. They're still teenagers who remain have been quite sure what they're doing on a day to day basis anyway. But that I'd tell that all the time like if you wanna be smarter more knowledgeable more well informed about any day. Just pick some up and read it that's that's the key but of course America so they don't listen to me. If that's a whole separate study we'll do that right Bob 665 funny coming up next the Canadian bookstore where there's a different thing with on comedian. Michael palace sac next. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that way when you're to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike GC. Question almost impossible with Mikey now doing it's like trivial. It's a forgery Menem. I'm 395 and the mound. Hard alleys off the rest of the week so on the question is in my hands today 2.5 percent of us have kept at least one of these for sentimental reasons. 125% of us have kept at least one of these. For sentimental reasons 6312995. VIP passes to the chase to Colorado this weekend fire fall George Thurgood RU speedway will be there may be you will be too. My finale on. Question almost impossible this morning 45% of us have kept at least one of these for sentimental reasons what do you think we're talking about. They use your first bicycle. No that's a great guests though this is down this isn't really even necessarily a childhood thing although I could see why you would think that it could be from your. Adulthood as well but a good try our thanks for joining him. Are we usually win a hard sell out my pick the question almost impossible to use that the first 22 collar. So we're a little ahead of that trends today my point 5% of us have kept at least one of these. For sentimental reasons we think we're talking about 6312995. Question almost impossible. Any time. Question almost impossible to soaring 45% of us have kept at least one of these first reasons what do you think we're talking about. Our crew prepared here I think you're absolutely right how'd you know that. I don't believe you're here to go to a cute Derek. Oh yeah there will congratulations mayor we got Saddam. Tickets for you to taste to Colorado this weekend. VIP passes what's your name. All right Alex nearly 25% of us have kept at least one of these for sentimental reasons the answer was a pair of shoes. We'll do this again tomorrow morning just after 710. Question almost impossible right here on 995 the men's. It just makes a stop to think that you know what my relationship with a Eddie Van Halen stuff that's been always in the toilet you know. Makes you say. I don't wanna be buried with any regrets or any bad vibes like that it makes you wanna just be friends with everybody insanely lucrative if it. Even if you don't wanna be in a band together just that's the difference no more enemies for me and before I die I won't cavity I have my way. All right peace and love in San hair that he over any love walks in on the 995. The mountain take congratulations. I hope you miss Iraqis. Are your Colorado Rockies that is tied for first place in the National League west after their win last night's. You wanna move into the last part of the season playing your best baseball Barack issue what they're doing that now so great congratulations to them. I'm 86 for a high today sunny warm windy again even warmer tomorrow and Friday. 92 for a high tomorrow 91 on Thursday the Labor Day weekend looks pretty much the same hot windy and dry and a mixed of mixed bag there. I saw this headline this morning and as a as a parenting. Dad with kids in college in a couple beer and headed that direction. This is it a headline in the grass I suspension very quickly more parents are refusing. To pay for their kids college tuition. I found the choice of word refusing. Interest and more parents. Are refusing to pay for their kids college tuition according to a new survey just 29% of parents. Now say they plan to fully pay for their kids to go to college that the number is now own from 43%. Just two years ago. In on average parents now expect to pay just 62% of their kids total college cost down from 70%. Two years ago. There must be a whole bunch of different pieces of this that I'm. This I'm missing. I. Even so let's just start wouldn't even if you can. Pay for your kid or kids to go to college for you you can write the check even if you can. I have to wonder. If there isn't some value in in having your you know like having to me your kid having some skin in the game right lake even if you could write that check yet but it's your education. I want you invested in I need you to come up with whatever the number it's okay so that's the first part of the thing. The second part of a definitive. This kind of money what do I miss it I used to sort out this morning are historian I have four kids. Right and let's just take a ballpark let's let's say CU CSU. University northern Colorado Colorado State schools. Let's just average those doubts let's say 25000. A year. Our room and board and tuition at the new internal the other stuff the 25 grip that for us that would be a hundred grand. Per kid. Times 4400000. Dollars what am I did it but until people have that kind of money. I figured it would be a fairly small percentage but maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong here I mean even if I want to have. Right Dutch I couldn't win I could write a check for our kids on us on a more CIA you know ambient I'm. Taking moral outrage stance here but on a more serious note I really do think I mean access to education particularly higher education. I think as a huge in the cost of a huge issue in this country now and getting bigger leg by eight to ten to 12% every year. And I don't I feel like. That's not I don't see political people talking about that maybe you know local or federal level but it could be they are in and I've just missed it. And I'm busy working and trying to help kids get through college but top boy there's a lot more parents refusing to pay for their kids college tuition. Lot of different directions or take that story resurrection jukebox coming up at 8 o'clock this morning it may be the greatest success story. In the history of rock and roll. History of rock and roll. You know television Ed televangelists in phenomenon has always been a primarily. I think here in the states and in not so much in your opinion guys in Depeche Mode being from England particularly in the eighties when it was show big. Found the whole thing fascinating in troubling and I would say and that was true jumping off point for that some personal Jesus Depeche Mode. On 995 the mountain a Mike Casey LE heart Wiki is so on vacation arrested this week in case I forget to mention her I don't say enough. Thank you for being here thanks for spend some time with us. In the mornings I give you you know you're busy we get that you got a lot of it a lot of different media choices so we appreciate you. Spend a little bit of time with us I mean any time you know really you're more than welcome to thank you. Our dear mr. this is Austin, Texas a guy named drew cal over 44 years old. Survived a party to teacher survived a heart attack last year. Only to be hit with a bill that I'm shocked didn't give him another attack he was taken to saint David's medical center in Austin, Texas. And he. That hospital is out of his network on the school district health plan. As he's being admitted I mean this guy he's had a heart attack the hospital assured him assured mr. caliber it would accept his insurance. Imagine his surprise when he received a bill. For 108951. Dollars more than twice. His annual salary. Are the the nuts and bolts of it is who Duckett too far into the weeds there's a thing called balance billing. And another thing called surprise bills and these these apparently happened quite frequently in the insurance and post insurance I'm world person goes to an in network hospital. But receives treatment from an out of network doctor while there. And then ends up with a bill from that doctors that was part of the issue here the second one is on the call balance billing where an insurer agrees to pay. For the necessary emergency care at an out of network hospitals it's the closest one. The closest one but then disagrees with the hospital. On what are reasonable prices the patient is then build the difference so again mr. Calvert now looking at him bill of roughly 109. Thousand dollars these stories come up from time to time it seems like more frequently than they used to. I said a 100000 times before. I'm not that I don't I'm not an expert I don't have the answer for this my only thing is when I look at I read a story like this. I look at a story like this I think of of myself for my wife from my family. Week there has to be a better answer than if you get sick you go broke. There has to be a better answer than that I'm not saying I know what it is. But they're there has to be something that's more equitable where they care still meets the level that it should particularly here in in the western world. But I mean c'mon a 108000. Dollars out of pocket for a guy who makes 51 green in the year. Now you understand why he was concerned when he was being admitted to the hospital no don't admit we hear it's out of network. There's nothing you should be thinking about we just had a heart attack on an interesting story all posted on our blog. A little bit later today coming up next on the mountain working the armed nice paradise in behavior save your run. There's only two shows left and dunks it. Wednesday morning 840 year and 995. The mountain fury in the fast roller coaster you might wanna put this one on your bucket list it's a young ferraris seemed roller coaster. You ought to travel quite a ways indeed these in the United Arab Emirates it's gotten expensive yet there but. Claims to be the world's fastest the formula Rosa. Roller coaster Ferrari world park if this goes from. Zero to 150. Miles per hour. In four point nine seconds zero to 154 point nine seconds that's you launch forward with the same force she might feels if you taken off. I'm a fighter jets from an aircraft carrier Ferrari world park offers some other cool stuff there's a flight simulator. In the chance to drive an actual Ferrari but this rollercoaster seems to be the big attraction so far they've the formula. Rosa roller coaster at Ferrari world part in the United Arab Emirates. It I I don't think I mean ultimately be their anytime soon but if I were I don't. I don't think that's a thing I could do anymore or if I did it they'd have to renaming instead of the formula Rosa roller coaster they might have to college. Hey here comes lodge or. The bar Venator 3000 or may be most likely of all they have to renaming it. I. Stop man. A win Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store mornings with Mike DC.