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What is/isn't flushable? Van Halen goes Caribbean? And, No. Booze. EVER!  

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You just are Stevie Nicks I think he's one of those song writers it. All of her stuff is personal to some extent or another she's she's referred to that song is being deeply personal. I'll particularly that fees of her life and career is probably their teacher bleed harder read between the lines. Figure of review was going on than she'd I think she talked about it as a woman whose a young woman who is trying very very hard to keeper head above water. At that point in time Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. And gold dust woman on 995 the melting Tuesday morning Mike Casey and we heart which is off this week's news to me you disturb you got me. On it seems like they've figured out what to do with the flag at the White House it was half staff full staff. Return to have staff for a Vijay of now apparently it's gonna stay at half staff in honor of the passing of Senator John McCain until Saturday. When knows Senator McCain is interred if I mean. Do you do you know be frank about it if you American government in a nutshell over the last couple years or more. If we gators figure out where to put the flag. Someday of China where word reluctant at a lot of thought today's national red wine day. Never too early to hit the veto you know well maybe this is a little early 558. Auburn cornerback Adam Pacman Jones probably. Better known for off the field issues over the course of his career. Made his debut practice with your Denver Broncos yesterday here's Adam Jones. And the president don't mind telling kiddies and people Obama stores the mistakes I've made. Don't have those you my wife is a glass life. This is not an Anaheim nobody is always good to go back and you know visit capacities so an improbable win and then they should keep being indignant. Well you know I wish dumb I wish him the best I hope he turns out to be good foot good fit rather for the Broncos and Obi takes the opportunity and runs with that I'd be lying if Russia were little booths who are anxious again giving you know give insulin is. Passed off field issues but hopefully that's behind him and though hopefully you're simply takes the opportunity given to him by the Broncos. And runs a bit both literally and figuratively 77 for high sesame much cooler than we've seen over the last couple days but it doesn't last very long. 86 tomorrow. 92 for a high on Thursday. Coming up just after 710 question almost impossible we got VIP tickets to taste Colorado coming up this weekend. Next on the mountain band with a rock star vocalist to turn seven. It was just just about a week ago he's been seventy for all of a week now he's coming up next. He recently that doing squats to escort simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning Monday night but the mountain west iron about jump personal song. Early were Stevie Nicks and her style songwriting clearly into the keys in the room chili peppers tapped into them to with that particular song has varied. Period auto biographical and very dark around the edges are great so I don't know under the bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers. On the nanny 95 the mountain if your computer. Historian or computer history buff. In assuming you have three or green and you're not doing anything with this could be any opportunity for you a fully functioning. Apple one. Computers being auctioned off by our company called RR auction in September it's one of only sixty years show remaining. Of the original 200 they were designed and built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. And 77. The machine is restored you is the original operational states. And it even includes the original keyboard from the 1970s. Show obviously this is a piece of history did. In some ways shows dubbed the humble beginnings of apple which very recently became the first publicly traded company. To be valued at one trillion dollars so kind of an amazing story the original apple one and so in this kind of funny thing about sold for. Oversell almost 700 dollars. Which it you know in in 197637. Dollars is a lot of money if you consider what that original apple one could do. Vs what you know you can get a MacBook Air whatever is for thousand restraint now. It's way more affordable now that it was then they're expecting it'll go the original one will go for about 300000 or more. At the auction in September. Put that story up on our blog a little bit later this morning if what he says if you have 300 grand and you. Maybe you wanna buy PC computer history hey have that. Bob coming up next three things you need to know for this morning in a song inspired by the writing of doctor shoots of all thanks. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike off first others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes. GOP always. Mike TC morning's. Steve Perry has a new album coming out first one in us he's twenty years or so on I had the chance to talk to him a couple weeks ago. Really nice guy very down to earth very generous with his time and his answers. That job interview if you miss it when we ran it on the air it's on the web site. 995 demented duck comes really is great to occupy 77 for a high today much cooler than what we've seen lately but it doesn't last long warmed up again tomorrow 86 on Wednesday. 92 for high on Thursday Alley heart which is off this week so for three things you need to know you got me. Are really Shaq just a sad story to start things off Ferrari here in our own backyard and nine year old's suicide yesterday. Nine years old. Prompted crisis counselors to meet with the students at Joseph Shoemaker elementary school here in Denver the suicide of two mil miles was confirmed by the Denver corners office. According to his mother last week on the first day of school to mill war fig figure. This is they're very soon after Jim Miller and had come out as gay to his mother. On the fake fingernails apparently didn't go over very well with some of his classmates. Who according to you sister. So several of whom told Jabil that he should commit suicide after he revealed it was consists of view like a set horrible story Denver Public Schools. Released a statement says our priority right now to look at all the concerns raised in this case to keep all our students safe. And to do a fair and thorough review of the facts surrounding this tragic loss number two a restraining order blocking the release of blueprints. The show how to make guns with a 3-D printer. Was extended yesterday by a federal judge chiding with the attorneys general from nineteen different states in their Washington DC. Judge Robert last nick of the US district court in Seattle ruled against. The ruled against granting a preliminary. Injunction. Against the two B three printed guns. Those who were opposed say they're homemade weapons would be risk to the safety of the public and difficult to track. You have she's yet to change. The decision followed a settlement between the trump administration. And the Texas based defense distributed. In June which was to allow for the bull blueprints to be available for download that does that seems terrible and it's just via three putting guns. A number three lives of more positive than either there for the former to Houston Texans star JJ watt said yesterday that he has distributed. The 41 point six million dollars his foundation raised. To help rebuild the Texas Gulf Coast after hurricane Harvey you may remember he started a fund raiser with your original will 200000 dollars. And landed in over 41 million dollars he route of the money to aid groups actively involved in Texas rebuilding and recovery. The funds have already been used to clean up and rebuild more than 600 homes distribute more than 26 million meals and provide healthcare to more than 6500. People. A tweet from the Texas Houston Texans notes it's the largest crowd sourced fund raiser. In history Wheldon. JJ watts yeah that's three things you need to know. For Tuesday August 28 when he teen just after 7:10 this morning. Question almost impossible we've got VIP tickets to taste of Colorado. And yes so get ready to do something in with us and me about a half an hour or so. CN RD afternoons on the mountain. Let's do some rest this afternoon know what you think here favorite guitar riff songs your fever grips what comes to mind first. Very first song Van Halen sit ever jumped into the top warning was in nineteen show seven he's 79 and you get I mean you all these years later you can still see that that's brief that's agreed song. Did tonight away Van Halen on 995 denounce and I drop dead end. Because I just don't even know how I found at this morning it was poker on the Internet or something. And I found this guy I've never heard of him before his name is some Luka. Fedor Ricci. And he showed through May have primarily an acoustic guitar player. And he does these shows sort of I guess alternate bird alternate musical arrangements of songs that we all know. But he keeps the original vocal tracks Brazil makes sense dies he will in the second so this is Luka Fedor Ricci America the whole thing but his. I guess they call it a Caribbean inspired cover. Of that very song dance and anyway I'm from being ill check this out. Oh. Glad you. Debris gets he would miss. It is a little more. I gave us this is definitely. I don't know I mean I don't know anyone listen to elect a million times but it's clever. And it's you know musically it's pretty cool again the guy's name is Luka fitter Ricci I meant mirror before is pretty good guitar player. From what I can tell in the video and that's bonus points for creativity their open up with the video up. On the mound FaceBook page and on our block a little bit later today checking out 7:10 this morning question almost impossible take its deceit taste of Colorado. On the IP tickets for this weekend some great fans and some great food happening this weekend. And done next. One in my feared 665 funny bits of Ted church of the water park with John connects. If his plane crashed in the wilderness. Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey and. The morning my next question almost impossible with Mikey Alley. Ari no Alley today she's off this show on the week she'll be back an extra is on Tuesday some sort of Labor Day. But so I got questioned almost impossible into the worry about it more than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total stranger. More than twenty perceived through percent of people admit to having done this to a total stranger we think we're talking about. 6312995. That two days your question almost impossible. We Mikey now he's fine. Right or question this morning more than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total stranger. What do you think we're talking about. Why yes yes yes because I have done you just it's a street I went over. Like this. Oh like. And she's not easily get back on the cheek. That's right. Don't feel. Well you know what that's not the answer to look at what. But I got to know the story when it's records you can do it is I said that the Arab party. Yeah. Whatever the young man's name was I'm sure you made his night. Think that it it don't kiss is not the answer reload before but I love your story thank you for shared. I have a great day we'll always fun to talk to marine to make outdated isn't that no that's not the answer looking for more than 20% of people admit to having done this. To a total strangers 6312995. That's the phone number you need question almost impossible. Question almost impossible this morning thanks to Colorado VIP tickets up for grabs. More than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total stranger what do you think we're talking about. The total stranger. I would bet that's a lot higher than 20% that's not the it's really looking forward it's not a bad yes but I baton way more than 20% of people have done. Good morning with successor question almost impossible. And that stranger. Thinking oh them like carry on a long conversation could. A long timers like you mean you you your cooling covers Asia east it'll realize you'll know the person. I'd like I'd like maybe this is happy to view. Are. And I don't even know what to say about that you didn't realize it was somebody you know. I thought it was somebody that didn't you know it it bit represent them are you know. Think you recognize them but it's not them. Sure but you didn't how long do it to you before you realize that. My husband did not think that two bit. Oh no that's not the answer but I sure appreciate this story that the capital. I haven't giant bank view. Right via. People do it bugler Mickey and now total strangers or carry on conversations. With total strangers not even realize they don't bill. While more than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total strangers 6312995. That's the number you need for question almost impossible. Still living for the right answer your question almost impossible more than 20% of people admit to having done this. To a total stranger when you think we're talking about about it would be great yes I bet you that's closer to like a 100% don't you think. I'm good guess that thanks to drive. Good morning which I guess your question almost impossible are. Maybe by then meal tricked into. Oh that's a very nice to answer. That's not the answer was looking for bullets I think you've inspired us all so thank you very much. Sorry to see good morning was against your question almost impossible. Think the tag on the back of their shirt. That's really good answer it's not the one we're looking for but I bet you I've done that pressure. Our good try thank you play long. Criteria yet that when the tag sticky now do you eat it like I guess depends if you don't know the person at all. Complete total strangers that what you will forward to. Stick your hand in their shirt but if you know me a little bit I I could see that I'm not the answer we're looking for though here's a clue. This is this is gotten to be much much easier if the technology age Betty used to be. Aren't more than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total stranger. 6312995. For question almost impossible. Can she. It. Question almost impossible this morning we really haven't gotten that close to be honest with you more than 20% of people admit. To having done this two week total stranger we think we're talking about. There and then. That. That's it hasn't been said that's a great answer I kind of wish that were the one we are looking for but it's not. Right and a thank you. Morning which against her question almost impossible. I had the answer even before you gave the lie I'm sorry that's okay what's the answer wolf take a shot at that giving stranger bad direction. The though that's not right. The wallet and. Yeah let's that's not right puts on very good yes thank you. Beat target area where all the confidence or didn't payoff in that case to its I see where he was gone with my technology clue. More than 20% of people admit to having done this to a total stranger. It's gotten to be easier in the technology age that he used to be. You could very well done it on accident. And it may be a thing. That your. Asked to do back off on vacation or that you know would a tourist destination 6312995. Question almost impossible. And then and. Really having gotten that close yet on question almost impossible to be honest with you more than 20% of people. Admit to having done this to a total stranger what do you think we're talking about. A snake eggs. Actually we want to exit to those. All pretty we have a good at letting all of up. Since your photographer needs to use that long to get to the cancer among. You are not well. It's ridiculous I think you've you've delivered it exactly the right amount of time. Congratulations what's your name. All right share the photographer you've got to VIP passes for the chase to Colorado this weekend thank you for playing along wouldn't question almost impossible again. Tomorrow morning just after 710. My Casey the pumpkin spice lattes their. Act today really. Today's it's still our guests slowed year old little bit Starbucks slowed down it's they'll feel little cooler though. For this time a year 77 for high doesn't stay cool for long though 86 tomorrow. 92 for high on Thursday soul of the end to Summers definitely gonna feel like summer. Resurrection jukebox coming up at 8 o'clock this morning this band had one huge hit in the eighties. Bomb I'm in a played their other not as big but I think more interest and hit from the eighties but Greg coming up how about that tees on. It on a bit about fifteen minutes here in the resurrection jukebox it really wasn't communities on. There's only a few shows left. You think Kane and Nancy Wilson were little fired up when they wrote this song yeah I think so too they were in fact if you think about you know story behind the song. They were they were kind of having their own meat to movement. Long before everybody deals come up with a increase heart. Barracuda. On 995 denouncing it's only Tuesday but this is my favorite headline of the week so far sought this morning seven things not to flush. And two things that you can. Parent and it's in it's really truthfully this story is not a laughing matter. Apparently we human beings particularly here in the United States and parts of the western world. Have decided somewhat randomly that all kinds of different things can be flushed. Yeah when your your commode and wastewater management experts say that we are wrong about that here here the seven things that you should not. Watch under any circumstances those things it's a forcible wipes nope. They don't they don't effectively degrade inner waterways to take a minimum. Of six hours to breakdown don't flush watchable wipes this is an interesting one that would have occurred to me. Dental floss. Seems like a little bit strained right but it's actually really strong he can wrap things up and create large wads of garbage and no dental floss. No feminine hygiene products that are absorbent materials make them difficult to bring down the cat litter even if it says it's to is all available it's not still put that in your toilets don't flush facial tissues paper tells. Or cotton swabs Q tips in other words unlike toilet paper their chemically treated to stay intact longer. So they don't disintegrate like toilet paper does but that's the other reason you put him in the toilet to seven things that you shouldn't flushed here's the true that you can't toilet paper. And human waste. That's it. Those two things that go in the toilet and get flushed. Now you know I'm coming up with a new line of I'm not sure what it is yet but I think I'm gonna call flow troubles. I'm having quite. You know believe. Developed the idea treat their toilet paper and human waste that's you know. Hobby used to be way back in the seventies I think it was probably a pretty effective pick up line. I don't think you can you can recite the meat to boom. I don't these can use it anymore I mean not is that it would be it would be a much more dangerous proposition that it was thirty or forty years ago and truthfully. That's probably good that. The song coming up next from the 1985. Houston 8485. That was a monsoon like five or six singles made the top ten that angle from memory here I don't think that when did he got close amused you know still looked. Top twenty. But you know it wasn't like summer 69 it was a lesser hits which if you're having that conversation you're doing great. As a sort of accurate as of musicians oh that was one of the lesser hits on the album death okay we'll take it. I'm somebody Bryan Adams on 995 amounts in my case she would keep Tuesday morning if you like to have a cocktail now and then. Or even more than now and then or really even less than now and then. This bad news for all homeless. Are people who think drinking moderate amounts of alcohol delivers health benefits should think again this according to a massive study just published 500 in twelve researchers. Analyzed more than 1000. Different studies. And concluded that the safest level of alcohol consumption. That's right zero they found that the modest improvements in heart health associated with light drinking. Are more than offset by the increased risk of other conditions including breast cancer cancer of the larynx as well as violence in vehicle accidents. This is a quote from this the lead researcher. Even Lola. On backe don't think it's how you pronounce that here's the quote what's surprising. Is that no amount of drinking is good for you no amount of drinking is good for you people should no longer think that it drinker to day is good for you. What's best for you is to not drink it all and quote. Well thank you Manuel had got Hedo doctor buzz kill your ruining everything. If you take away the looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 buying.