Mike’s conversation with Michael Anthony

Thursday, September 7th


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Michael Anthony's been in the world of rock and roll for quite along time now a lot of us know him as the bass player for Van Halen the original lineup of Van Halen. He's gone to play with chicken foot with Sammy Hagar and another line up the circle. With Sammy hey guard Jason Bonham paying big Johnson and they will be after the screen on September 12 and Michael Anthony joins me right now. Weickel seems like Kia both few and Sammy in particular have spent time in the past with due big high powered high pressure rock means. I would get the feeling with the circle that things are a little more of boosting groovy with this group. Oh relax I doubt I mean you know obviously they're under certain point in your career you depend so much accepted that is kind of afforded the luxury of being able to cattle. And do exactly what you do. We'll let them for sure. Is that you know we have to really. Great friend to me like playing music and that's solid as I mean there's no egos involved and we just out here to have fun and play music so that's what makes a great and he's all right so Van Halen we got there are you playing music you don't work music you know. There's simply just get through the drama and everything must be so it. Again and she's going all the drama you know you can dish out now jump back and that again but at this point. Just what I have to find. This is something I feel like I should know but I don't did you actually starts. On base. I actually I'm based now because we're back in school. Is like my plan is really they either want to be greater Robert Plant. Now guitar player. Third lead singer and the that would not. Drowned in Iraq hardly any bass players saw action packed. Player base. And that it turned out great because I never had a problem fighting advantage going. First let it go everybody needed a bass player now that he wanted to be the guitar player of the singer. Right right so you are so you were elected head of that curve in terms of figuring out what do you bands usually need I think they'll do that. A little in the very beginning to decide how well. There's a bit player player basis. Actually out of your mind it's hard to that he brings up is the new mustang this time started playing bass like that before you I get up there one. That you shall remember that first base that you that you bought the you can afford about. I actually haven't. You believe that you got there was the kind of called Victoria. And I little Japanese company my father probably had a flea market NAS drive in theater that we could go to on the weekends I. I played good and then I traded twelve up. And there about eight years later I would. This guy and I could not even believe he says they still had the base and trade and then my signature back there. Guys who backing up my trigger moment future basis for a back and I got back. The original. Show okay. As a result the leak and elsewhere that and I have a little pitch pipe. That is the place to commit. There was there inside out and shout about is pretty cool to. How many years after you would have had to be you know moved on from that instrument would you guess that was our rock hard rock the my guest is Michael Anthony bass player from inhaling and from the circle with Sammy Hagar or they will be at feed the screen. On the twelfth Michael what does a set list from the circle look like on a given night because you guys have you know you all have different phases of your careers. Well actually dropped from sandy says stuff in the same time and then you and then some other. Concept and so when that blood sample and obviously because Jason being in the band it. And that's that this can because that's what Sam feels comfortable singing because you know we don't want him to like be. Terribly well. Is that obviously all right because that might make for a short sat after awhile to send that he'll let you know what that feels comfortable from the usually we offer our consent since. Make it comfortable percentage Seng are up first sat down at least in the when Sammy hit some high note because I suggest we do assign an app that onstage you know. Yeah. You look down on you let well. My when I was looking at a couple years your bio is on line yesterday a few of them said and I you know you never know what's your read on line about how much it's true but. A few lives said that you were a baseball player and you ran track in high schools are right. I want to be a baseball player. And tonight my first ambition was it professional baseball player and I type I want you all those views that that know about you know based on school whatever I want. Into the leak yeah that it was called. Yeah that's when the music's so it really kind of take an Oakland school you know started started playing more man I decided I wanted to do that in certain that. Track is not in high school gym. And I school let them. It was always that my father played professionally for many years when I was there but as far as really any new out there was so bad. The first discovered that the united you know you gotta be it that you have be a doctor one of those type of deals. Felons that are finally realize just how much I love playing music that enough you've listened pretty much without knowing it says about Munich Hamburg. Our based society is something. Michael you've been clearly we talked about the surely you've been doing this for a long time you've did a number of different bands out on the road flame alive if they can be grind to say the least so why after all these years that there are you still they're doing it. I'd love to have friends that. Assist. Especially playing and you know that I that you get on stage when you're out there. You know him as of the crowd we're here and just stop it happened and playing music. He's really down because accept the money if you are glad that lets out there and prove it completely and we travel planning a which quite a time limit and then if there's something like. Okay do this and then you know a couple weeks later I'm ready go back out again. While this has been a great pleasure men are appreciated. And that hit talking then you're not only are upbeat and a little bit of a break and then push it again this weekend to make it way out. Were you guys in the marine effect can be a great time. Yet we're looking forward to seeing him be on the twelve just a little under a week and LB on the twelfth that of fit the screen here in Colorado thanks again for your time and we'll look forward to seeing there are.