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Wednesday, November 15th


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Chatting with Michael Marty of great white today is are going to be playing a show at the buffalo Rosen golden on Friday night Michael thanks for hanging out thus do you remember the very first time that she wanted to pursue music as a career. I do and who were. Believe. February 9 196. Worker that was an eagle on a felon you know my parents were actually grew mean need to be adopt here an act of and it. At all or turned upside down so there were definitely a career pass changing. Life changing. Moment to I have seen them you know light up that television screen when I was all the fighters old and you know sometimes it was you know very mature epiphany I just knew at that point that it. That would fit so what was your next move after realizing that well. Oh yeah no kidding. I am not an uncle Miami. Six BF and acoustic guitar or circuit kind of short term learn on my own. You know and then now I think I remember when I was about eight. Getting my first electric guitar line and have a pretty momentous. And then after that. That got me a couple of felt the church books that are really wanted to cataract. It'll further along side actor particular concern about it and and then my folks when you stop on our battle level when they realized that I see that they're jamming my teacher and there wasn't learning like up up on the way in a yeah I mean I was lucky to be one of those guys that bad you know Cutler right here so. That's kind of how I made you know got into keyboards you know it's about fifteen I thought this one and how much it's a battle in it. Was assays are your self taught which is very incredible to me music is the other so many different combinations and ever that you play. Guitar bass Sid tar mandolin. Piano harmonica. And flute. Yeah Lou probably being the least amount of things. I play a clip that you know here there are I've slept with a par on not. A record two and you know it's it's been I mean for you with all ascent. Working with great white early years it's so it's kind of like could be different what can be unusual to bring to the sound of the ban. You know I think about the song I think Colin wouldn't be like if we tried this on now I am. Originally like a rock me there wasn't any intention to put any harmonic Florida's such as that would be a cool idea to give them more about bluesy old school saying to and you know. Fortunately. If it ended up Spain and Italy. Murders out of reply yeah absolutely which which owns the hardest to learn. Probably the mandolin because it's a different tune any it's like a puny minutes like or. Violin her cello. It has that kind of tuning thirty you're fingering has to be entirely different Roy even used to play out all the. Do you remember the very first big show you ever played. The biggest. That I remember I mean obviously it LT we get some great. Shows them in 87. And 88 where neither ranger twisted little delayed like a year and a ten and a half months with white. Those fantastic tore the thing at the end of that sort we did about six months mr. Barack. Settled little in Europe and their biggest one we've played within Schreiber Germany that was 67500. Yelled resent the playing. You can't. See where the people I am and that's when he realized the magnitude of that situation. Yeah I like how large is something like that actually is. What was going through your mind were you ever nervous at all or three just pretty much more on. I think you know you're you're up on the staging a plane and and if people use the you know that's our you can feel like you know arena's side is. You know hundred yards yourself. Are all you know rocket out pretty hard sell last. You're just under the assumption that the that the way that crowd is kind of moving that they're all you know. Hearing them and and rocking out what we're doing so if you did dig in play because then we have a bit. Monitor systems on stage show in there's the late tower took people you know very yards away can it's been hearing in real time. You probably you know noticed that younger generations are really getting in the classic rock now I mean I was and Guber the other day. There's a 21 year old guy who just talking with me about The Rolling Stones the entire time was awesome what's your take on that. I can I totally love I was in New York a couple of years ago and I remember walking our streets scene this Fortier a kid with a future aren't that. Base and drums. And it was that it was illustration of Paul and Ringo. OK cool it out the this generation coming up is is get itself. I think the word starting Q maybe weight back is that. The new generation coming to the starting to connect with. Song composition you know like what is it that song you know what makes me feel something show. Hopefully you know that something that that people live a kissel. Delve into him and and figure out. Don't you know that that they have they have some thought behind what they were doing narrowed it and maybe steal something. Like it made. You know our parents feel are off. Unseal and we were coming up. Indy guys have a new album out full circle came out in June and up for those who haven't picked it up yet. What can you tell us about it. You know as as it always is with a grew our record there is a diversity killer. You know we have the blues element obviously river rock element we better we got a couple of you know ballots on news that a better. Kind of up our Alley and a couple of we got a two runners that are French based on the standard that he well look like amidst a phone thing. It's its diversity of the same time it's very familiar you agree lights and it might have picked up twice shy. The they would listen it's just full circle and go yeah. That's the great latter now. I'm gonna say how do you feel the music's gonna change between the beginning to now ours is very similar urges different. I think we'll always tries to. You a little bit of something on every record that kind of stretching out the rest on this one in which the article cracked the nation below. That the plane casinos are native Americans. You know just. I think that we be connected with us and have always connect it lists as ours you know that it it was something that there. It was an atrocity and in the history of America and it sometimes you know you you don't try to get political rock and roll but sometimes it just kind of makes its way out you know as far as. Getting too far out from what are our fans. Know about as sin and love about it you know I think we we kind of are always trying to keep that in mind you know I don't think you wanna. If I ever ever secret why do I think everything that jacket popped. Her out you never know we find you're collaborating with Justin Bieber we might have to have a talk. I'd have to have a talk with myself then have to kick my elbow. Feel like now or not do in this. With the music industry changing to really involve more digital content more social media has that changed things at all with how you work with the band. Well it it's been hearing we would we've been doing our record on pro tools since. I 2000. The first record actually able to get up at my keep on working a pro tools would say unfortunately failed reformation of the Damn Yankees. Can. We get a whole record and but you know is definitely a learning curve Burke learn so much and if from their continue to you know just kind of wave over and behold there's Oreo eaters that big about the digital realm as everybody saw all their tier bank in the ditch saying it was gonna be the way to go and end up finding out that you have to have a good front end so everybody had to cope by. All the old stuff again yeah. It put it in the ill after a microphone before it gets into. Into the digital realm so. If it's a good mixture army I think a lot of us who come. You know came up late 70s80s. You know better than it. Whatever deferred due to analog doctors have found have found a comfortable place between postal vote technologies. When you guys are on the road I mean I know you're really busy like you said you cut you know just three shows coming up this weekend on the what are you guys did kind of unwind and relax after you played a show or do you have time to do that. Well one of the things that we've always tried really hard to accomplish is you know as much as we love hanging out on the road we try to let each other's personal life be their personal life and I think that's her big reason my we stayed together. Almost 35 years we have that respect for each other space when we're not together. I know mark Playskool. I golf clinic and a lot of times when I'm home I'm working in my studio on some big news you know because I'm always thinking okay what's the next thing murdered and. That's code for momentum I mean that's how you stay relevant for so long already know you guys are playing at the buffalo rose in golden on Friday night are there any fun surprises or things we can expect. Leo what are the things that was toll is they're actually after our show they're both in that any down for a little while to refurbish it a bit and so it's. It's fun to be playing one and we'll actually picked up the black show oh well as. That's a road. But this year one of the cool things about this show wish America if you yeah implies we're we're trying to do and like that we're. It's still got real drums you know it's still got you know driving force behind it that there is some of the sonic changed by eight. Based in and around. The Q acoustic guitarists. So it's it's really it's it's pretty cool we don't get it duties very often but we're really into it that still rock but it's just a different look for great way. Am absolutely a school you're gonna play once bitten twice shy right. I think I don't think it over half half half half they would definitely be a little of set that's console will Michael thank you so much for spending some time with me today we're looking forward to the show I'm sure it's gonna be awesome and look at Ford have a new here and are allowed lovely city. Well really we look forward to coming into bit Denver metro war all the time we've we've been. You play church from that angle although they have to red rocks so we'd love that there. Awesome sounds gavel please have a safe trip give your safely and that degree rescue weaken we'll talk to assume. Thank you as well thanks so much.