Low Cal, Low Fun Vodka

Friday, May 4th


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So we do on Fridays is there Romeo you're all the elegant down symbolic kind of maudlin stuff I mean not that we have a ton of that to begin with by its on Friday we just mixer doesn't show up during morning showed all and we call it novellus Friday if it's a thing that people seem to rejoice and keep doing it. Our ballroom blitz from sweet fitting that profile very nicely. Here on 995 mountain Friday morning Mikey CLA heart Wikipedia the rain has shown finally let up. Which she's I mean I realized we needed to its but it you know after a couple days destroyed you could easel breaking and I know you thoughts. I was exaggerating yesterday when I said in my backyard had turned into some version of tropical rainforest. But when it came out this morning. Jane Goodall was in my backyard railing and there were National Geographic camera setting so I really feel like if anything solidify its. My statement from yesterday in my backyard is now a tropical rainforest yeah that's it Jim Angle at all is there that's amazing to meet her. Sure there I've their filming part two of guerrillas in my yard right now so it's close. What part why yes I had seen guerrillas in my yard par why it was so very limited release. Picker you very limited release but I really think this one's going to be huge. Most like I can meet there. I'm happy this is turning into a great for yet he's worried you meet a celebrity is is awesome plane you know I can't wait to check announcement might be near our yeah guerrillas and layered sort of the figured there's a petting zoo admire basically. Now I don't think they have guerrillas and earnings news okay probably tear it. Let's focus on the first one provision Meyer a movie let's focus on the film so exciting. Or Mike PC's coming up to reveal. My ninety day plus the mountain. I feel like lead singer Mike Reno will be forever associated with those the red leather hot pants that were on the cover of that that Loverboy album in 1980. And I would feel like that must be a little bit bittersweet because I'm guessing it. You know I'm guess in the final fit obviously you know thirty some years ago if they deal likely to crash slice you have them feel like probably probably without being challenged keep that in mind when you put together your next album cover turn me loose Loverboy. I'm not in a five amounts and on no ballot Friday its job a 144 time. In history that it's gonna happen it'll be tomorrow this hour. At Churchill Downs and 144. Derby it'll be post Cyrus were 46. Denver time I am not I'm not a horse expert by any stretch but I just kind of poked around a little bit this morning. The favorite at three to one odds is a horse named justified. That's apparently a lot of people are picking to win Mendelsohn. Is the second favorite at 521. If Mendelsohn war to win the Mendelsohn will be the first horse. To win the Kentucky Derby that was trained in Europe rather than the United States. Which is also not a thing. I'm that I was aware of in apparently the favorites. The long shot that some people still believe has a pretty decent chance that 321. Is the horse on my boy Jack which again insiders are claiming is. Not as long how long shot as the odds would indicates sure of your person who's gonna do some wagering on this that might be shown to look into because. I mean not to believe that's what you want you write history like the. Longer odds that are still contained longer but plaza yes he had deep. All I haven't needle in a long time I think maybe like five years ago gadget I don't go out of my way to do it if I happen to be somewhere 300. Where it happens near dictatorship but we I'll read. Most years because you can spread isn't that why did you go out of your way to do. Blake already making plain and simple money on horses this year and I don't know what I'm doing so I just pick the name that I like the best thing. And and if there's a Philly I always take care. Yes always has there are signs that. Boca now I just wanna support women even in horse is OK it seems like a really good give extra added it's not that he's actually been bad aliens don't usually when. They do you know. You via ready. For that moment in and takes money from a trailer drove well my anyway microchip knowing nothing but my principi is so my boy just when I read this morning. This is that's that's the the plausible long shot the so it's not your protest at the prospect you co opted from someone correct or sharing approach it that someone else put the time thought and effort into you which is basically the premise of the whole show yeah I'm sorry I just kind of exposed that's I think. I think people don't. Apple if they haven't figured out by now they're not going to. He recently edit doing lust was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning mind that he 95 the mountain. Maybe this weekend you've got some chores like that may be laundries included maybe that's one of them. Our according to a new survey cleaning the toilet is the most hated shore in the United States other dreaded tasks include cleaning the oven the removing hair from a drain which I gotta admit it's pretty gross kind of doing a lot of in my house. In and clogging the sink 33% say that says the worst household chore there are also according to surveys there in 9% of people. Who can't even deal with emptying the dishwasher. Those people are called my children or their fuel that I lived with until I was like 25 years ago. Like a million additional that's like the easiest most pedestrian the machine is clean the dishes for you always leaders take amount put boy who. Who's Stiller. So difficult rights but says it's kind of feels like my kids there. When he spends way too much time on this Taylor ready question almost impossible with Mikey now eight. Pardon OJ and still win tickets to see 1960 for the number one Beatles show in the world governor red rocks in August so I always got question hopefully you have the answer. Yes fingers crossed okay. Research suggests that it takes about 200 hours for adults TG. Okay lot of possibilities there Honda possibilities. 200 hours is about how long it takes according to research for adults to dean thanks. What is it'd take some 200 hours to do you tell us and take engineers 2060 for the tribute 631 shoot 995. That's the number he needs. We Mikey now he's fine. Question almost impossible this morning research suggests it takes about 200 hours for adults to do this war which are about. I think it's making threats. I have trouble doing that. You know yeah. Well you're again you're exactly right that's illegal wonderful guest you sort out of left field. Well I figured it was something that some people have trouble them. I am a key app almost thought Eric you were shot. You view our audit what's your name. Okay Chris Rego objects ST 1960 for a tribute for you will do question almost impossible starting again Monday morning sevens and here on the announcing. He's like an alarm clock. Sarah park that morning what you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning. 95. Biggio on Novell on Friday you ain't seen nothing yet so it's what is it it's also why it's no international. It's no stay actually do more research on and no pants stays and changed. Tests and this is still celebrated today it's changed the way so that dates and he's been changed but it's it's. The original no pain it's national nutrient help stem. I look at what that meant and means you're not supposed to be wearing any thing by cheer underpants police. Seekers or general to enhance the office in the hallway on the street. And I immediately said we should celebrate in your like millions to her cancer word can like. The whole thing fell apart a delighted to die in the you know the thing let alone three international. Nobody instead although now it's moved if you're wrong headed out this weekend they won't be available this weekend and maybe something to keep in mind. Particularly if you are vodka drinker feeling you know vodka tonic my sort of whatever. The maker of cattle wind is coming out with a new product that technically speaking is not quite vodka it's it's more vodka in English. DI GO is unveiling kettle one botanical. Which will have less alcohol fewer calories than regular vodka in fact a 30% alcohol by volume it doesn't even qualify technically he's vodka. I'm so they asked to call it it on the label has to say made with vodka but apparently the idea and this makes sense. Is Hugh appealed to health conscious consumers into trying cut into sales of Tito's. Which advertises gluten free and has a pretty impressive market church he doesn't like it point 1% Marc Cherry now tell one is down under 2%. So DR geo is gonna push the idea that this total one botanical. Only has 73 count calories per a shot that's 45% less than the regular brand and 40%. Less than a glass of white wine. And when they say that's this is me reading into it. I feel like that means there in their tumor targeting mr. women. Yeah supposedly but it seems like yes. I've just never understand this if you're drinking might throw count is up now that's kind calories in Kate haven't Kate don't worry about it. The seems very that seems like a very anti using dissent is like I just I don't see the point in trying to lighten up the drinks also it drives me nuts when Tito's. People touted as being gluten free distilled liquors are. Are going to be gluten free because they're still I'm sorry I hate to breakage and yet. So you've putted there their little their. Their marketing angle their marketing print it's it's a great promise but like it applies to it pretty much all the Stillman had endless some things being added after the fact which with it's not. How much you're ordering a vodka bread. Yeah like which most I'll and a pizza is the Lucille Bluetooth special yes. Exactly. Okay look for its apparently owns none friendly human peek at a one botanical. Which less alcohol pure calories than the standard stuff. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. Let me just tell you weren't around at the time I'm Debbie Carey singing in. Branch in 1981. Like I was I mean. That was kind of an only answer to deal when he just money's put it that way you've just in case you weren't there. Bloody call me on that 995 amounts and on no ballot Friday. If your fan of Conan O'Brien you should know that you world will all be seeing a little bit less of him soon. He's TBS show. Will be cut down to a thirty minute nightly format this is next year between nineteen. Conan himself says the move quote give us the opportunity needed doubled down on suffer doing it works best. And resonates with our fan base especially are digital stuff. And make the show leaner so I'm never out their feeling timing anyway it's interesting I realize that Conan is not. You know there's Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel and col Baer and he's not quite you know at that tear in that Echelon. But the idea of taking a late night show. And essentially cutting it in half. A while wonder what exactly is all driving and I wonder if that's at the Bellwether of things to come. In that world interesting the interesting to watch the carnage is gonna take get a break or ever since an old Jay Leno thing. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and too many. Tequila shots Mike TC morning's point 995. The mountain. They were I think they were inducted. The first year they were eligible under the rock and roll hall imam 2003 other wood to 25 years after the first album came out she need of a no brainer they're the police and so lonely. On that 995 amounts and speaking of which the 33 annual rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony. Which happens last month the edited version will air tomorrow night's. 8 PM Easter news shows ago a 6 o'clock our time on HBO. The class of 2018 as you may remember Moody Blues dire straits the cars. Mean there's Nina Simone. Not meaner Nina Nina Simone sister Rosetta Tharp. And Bon Jovi the original the induction if that happened on April 14 the actual induction was born a half hours long just Bon Jovi he's part was over an hour. HBO. Edited down to you you slightly more digestible two hours and 53 minutes it's better than four I would say again on HBO. On Saturday night 6 o'clock our time. Meter sur Mon sounds like an affectionate kind of a good name for like a punk bands and Nina Nina Simone. Just. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. You know what's really great TV. Neil Sean or Steve. Perrier Greg Raleigh near you guys in journey and just like no matter what I haven't see any given day you can know like I. I wrote that song a very involved in writing that song has brought a tremendous amount of joy and and enjoyment to people for well over thirty years. That's going to be great feeling when you think my thanks now Nabih not to mention the royalty checks wrong and I don't Stew until stop believing journey. On the 995 the militant do you I I feel like we've talked about this but I don't know the answer. You you each finished when you go out sometimes or bringing in Aaron do you make it at home human oppressing your do you do we fished this is a little. It is a little graphic part to this but I I do think it's important to distort most fish that we each whether in a restaurant or a board ever. The fish died. Rather slowly via a six CH that's just the truth yes they drowned in the air at the same way we would drown in a lot correct. Now in your thing you know there will Alter what's the big deal so that so the thing is with bats. Particularly if you're a person who enjoys eating fish. That is that is the dramatizing way for the fish to die. They weren't in in the process of that one of the things that happens because the physical structures that take over before the fish dies. There's a surgeon lactic acids in the fish his body. Which. Oh we're not leaving and getting to the humidity part of it but it changes the way the fish tastes. When he gets to your plates crank so apparently there's this whole push and I had not heard of this is this hold push. In the world of fish and fishing and serving fission preparing official us that this instead of having that be the way the fish dies people are advocating the old school Japanese method of killing fish called Yuki jima which basically. If it's a little more gory but it's a very quick. Rosie really painless in the instant death for the finish what is that as it sounds so mysterious and ninja like it's you basically inserted spike into the finished. On the bank so again it's instant it's painless there's no surgeon lactic acid it's probably you could argue it is a little more gory but a little more humane. Then the whole like you know slowly dying VS fixing Haitian. A look at it like to guessed it is going into defense that means their stress to sell yes god that's terrible for creature and a have to go through. Bash comment or he continued you Jim. Right so there's this like I said this whole big push and they there were Fisher men and women in Washington State. I tried it out in conjunction with some local restaurants and chefs who did a comparison contrast this is the way we usually prepare fish. This is the way were suggesting doing it. Apparently a majority of the diners involved noted the differ. It's this sis sell going to be in new listing on every hits her man EL I count as a religious and I hit the and it gave Jimmy salad sand and very little bit like that's the path and incomes in things she really get the real taste of it. Absolutely that's why that is whether the story was interesting when I never even thought about this before so you don't you're right we are headed. Of the hipster curve Leon never let anybody tell you otherwise he. A farm to table read Jackie Mary hymnal. Might Casey's final thoughts. So files look today out of bone Turkey a country of Turkey there's soccer fan there is name is amigo Eileen. He was banned from the soccer stadium. The bits are receding in Turkey for a full year because of bad behavior within the stadium. He's a big fan and he was very upset and his team was just about to play a very important match and he couldn't get into the stadium so. Amigo I'll leave rented Ukraine. The could hover over the stadium. Citi futures team on TV about 86 dollars for the rental biz team ended up winning. Five nothing and he got to see you from the basket of Ukraine. I got to admit like that's not a guy wanna sit next to in the stadium that he's been banned for years and he sounds like a big jerk and maybe years. But he got to admit that's pretty insightful. Very 86 bucks waiting mid shaver that the ticket inside the stadium. I don't know I salute you mean golly that's a win there. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office at time in between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike TC on that either. The mountain.