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Wednesday, May 16th


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Mikey CLA heart wicker I got the chance. You last evening yesterday afternoon last evening to go over Denver coliseum. Our daughter and showed Joseph. Was a mile high scholar. So they have a little on the vendors to did just to from every school in DPS. Right so it takes it takes awhile because they read other names and everything. But army it was a great event has really be really cool she was little stressed about being their on time well see I hear she tends. Has she often is I wonder where she get road for me but job she really did make it on time. It occurred to me I didn't really think about this because it'd it'd been a while Evan was actually in my life scholar when he was like in first grade. Somewhere around there and judges in seventh grade. So now for kids to vin mile high scholars I do not know what the other two elect what their deal is yeah but I'm probably gonna have to sit them down this afternoon. How to talk about how they're slacking I mean at least one of them can still do X. Yeah is that iron yeah you remember it was shut options as is. Daily to Steve ceremony they did just answer yes or my guess is maybe not him. Probably not gap so Leon you I don't know if they're deal is but Tom congratulations whose views exciting to be there and she was just sort of sitting up there in. Can get here can get her legs. We ever get how horrible your being 21 of your children and maybe you should not. You horrible obvious David that should take a sick and I think it's funny ads on appeared good didn't do it's. Would you have what do you do lose your show dog the dog park I was Johnson. Anger out for friends of mine yesterday on because Coulter and likes his lament a whole lot younger than him sell he Douby who really loves my friends puppy. A lot most cheesy Earl now. So I took them to the dog parks and they can run around and play each other and be in line and yielding make out action and run around and the other people and come back and make sure is really cute has altered it's very possessive of her. So when she's playing with other god he looks over like on the excuse me this is my girl. We're going to turn you do you hear that she's with me. Okay well after the dog perjury and afternoon at the coliseum so he ate goes so cool yes you know super duper cool. Mike feces coming up to reveal my 1995. The mountain. How he's still like that set the bar pretty high I mean if you're gonna say that Obie can deliver on Tom rocky like hurricane scorpions. On the 995 amounts in according to retirement expert you should have. Twice your annual annual salary saved. By the age of 35. You're you're actually still a little bit shy of that song min of arming of throw that question you do you have. Twice your annual annual salary saved by the if they're like what do you think I'm gonna guess now your twelve dollars to tell all yes that's exactly right. That is you sum total of my thank you can't put so surround yourself if this survey found that 66%. Of millennial admits. That would be you more or less admit they have no. Retirement savings 09. What is it with your people we doing what we're what are they doing there. Are you kidding me. What my people as a legitimate question okay a ball no one else for the most part between the ages of 22. And 35 I think if I'm the oldest Melanie house a lot of us were entering the job market at a time when their Boren a jobs. So after paying a lot of money for college degree we took jobs as waitresses bartenders basically every can do something that is in no way related to your field. Generally hourly work doesn't have a great retirement savings if any and for the most part you're living paycheck to page Jack. You're out all of your twenties throughout the whole entire thing. On and for a lot of us into our thirties so saving for retirement months. Something I guess you know you need to do you also know you need to afford rent and buy food. And things like that so don't hold retirement savings gets pushed back because you have legitimate needs in the here and now so we agree it's a great thing in yeah that would be awesome to have twice your salary saved by 35. For most people like one day owning a home is a great thing that they would like to deep savings just isn't something and it's easy to accomplish for millennium. It's so what I'm hearing is an inability to prioritize that's exactly on the clean it's too much avocado I tell us that there is also seeing it too much over cover toast. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. 6:30 zoo Wednesday morning here on the mounts in this is so again I guess is is a viral thing now and it sounds like and you and I sort of landed on an about the same time when you you talked about this morning yeah I mean I saw last night night yet totally. But the one thing I'm not getting about this this is this is so there's an audio clip going around. It's been on and on social media and all kinds of places and when you play it's. There are a percentage of people think the the voice the person is saying yeah any. And a percentage of people think that the voices saying laurel. Yeah yes yes OK well here let me just will play its and just so you can hear too if you haven't aren't. Yeah. Yeah. And now I hear laurel. I peaceable must work hard core teen yeah anywhere like how does anyone even here laurel thank you nanny. But I just heard law also did die. Now I'm truly rooted out by the usual thing do you cuddly and headphones on now we didn't do it will be here yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now I don't know I can hear about when I chance now I can only hear Laura yeah. I'm isn't. Any sun spot. OK so the question of course becomes what did you hear of professor David allies at the University of Sydney school psychology says this is an example. Of percent surely ambiguous. Stimulus. Essentially that the V connection that the two words are close enough. In this case that it needs heed your brain can't decide on a definitive interpretation so it flips and flops back and forth between months ago. It's self find it it's a depends on which part of the words you focus on. It's easy to hear he even if you start listening hard at the beginning of the word. And you can hear you all right and we did it earlier this morning I only heard any I now I put all eyes your your oral I could not hear laurel for the life of me this morning I thought those people are crazy and now I just heard. I feel like really the only solution to this problem mr. In my in my off on the technology bust out and bought him off on the wrong engineer art when you hear let us know laurel orient. If he's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 995. Them out. Just saw this this morning Def Leppard the latest rock act to ensure the beer business. They have teamed up Def Leppard has. With the Seattle based the lesion in brewing company. On Def Leppard pale Def Leppard pale ale 6% alcohol brew. That will make its debut on May 23 two days into their upcoming tour with journey. It will be available at most tour stops. And in select bars and restaurants which kind of cool I mean if your if your beer fan that's cool that your Def Leppard fan. On it's even cool little cool when I saw the story this morning I do a double take and here's why this is so little personal side note. Years years ago now more than twenty years ago now on I was a bartender in Seattle. And I worked with a guy named Dave who was also part hundreds yeah and and he was who leaves front 56 or seven years older than me. And one we would talk about you know if we were working the same ships across insurers or whatever he would say I am only here. Working at this bartender job because I'm gonna open a brewery. And I wanna learn about this part of the business before I do it. And what your bartender you hear people with a lot of great stories again that never ever come to through our fingers are all go one place says yes. He opened a lesion brewing company while I was still in Seattle it became massively successful and it was like your destination brew pub. Of which there are a lot in Seattle. And now his little company legion birthing is teamed up with Def Leppard. To me age deck of leopard fail whale may. Showed Dave odd I'm imagining you're not listening as you probably like gun when your yacht somewhere this boy I ever anytime I doubt did you in the time that we knew each other I apologize. Well done sir well done. If you live inside a concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike TC by 1995. The mountain. Loral's. I can't hear any any any I. Spirit ally earlier Loral Loral. Geez yeah drug decrease in first thing this morning weir and now we yours Laura was. It's alteration regular try to figure out which which what did you hear did you are you any or did you hear laurel. Or did you hear both it's a complicated little things floating around the web. And Stu I heard laurel but I also heard in a completely different thing I heard Lily because today. Is my daughter Lily is birthday she's fifteen. I find that very hard to believe but on she's fifteen. And she pseudo wonderful. Intelligence. Beautiful creative Smart funny she's just a great daughter and a great person and I'm so proud of her. And dumb happy birthday and he probably buried at school he never missed this by. But if you're not. Just yesterday you said your offer data tier and I think you've already lost dead but I had a good Tony for Iran denied. Yet you dent are a lot of people have gotten tad issues that they rig were regrets the one mother in Sweden found a way to fix her she's thirty years olds. Proud mom of two boys she went to attack two studio three years ago to average sons' names tattooed on her arms. Up on her arm rather. Odd Novoa and Kevin were the names of her sons she realize. When she got home from the top to that the artist had misspelled her other son's name instead of rating Kevin he wrote Kelvin. On her arm. And sad to form. She reads she reads surge in its add to steer your complain. But big Hewitt they gave her phone number they give her refund instead here you can have somebody remove it if you want so is she decided you do instead it was change your son's name. Thank Calvin. Butts are at your. And here's the here's the great part it's not that he's three months old. He's five years old. So he's being to have it for the first five years of his life and a buzz bombs exerted and Calhoun. Wells got a Mets might have zero that I guides. Well wrong yeah that's a little self managed a cup half full. Kind of have to explain to your son I'm so sorry I tried to get your name tattooed on iris but they spelled wrong. Kevin Love you with or without the Alice changed begin volume doesn't want to have to go to laser removal soon from now on your neighborhoods is Joseph seeing your name instead. I think that kids can have lots of talk about the therapist I think when you get sounds like a selfless parent who is going to be the air for her shots outside his. I'm not I just situations to make them more convenient facts. I gotta have the name match the debt due. He recently edit Joyce watched was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning Monday night by the mountain. Yeah. Yeah. Now I hear laurel cast will be carried it out loud in the studio it was yeah yeah. I don't know this is I don't even know what to make investment. I don't know I'm curious as to as to you here because we got back and forth like every other time we listen to uncomfortable weren't in your both of them at the same time low on Leno level stuff I mean be psychic. Who keep. 8:14 on Wednesday morning here on the mountain Japan west. Railways. I'm sorry west Japan railways sometimes and mr. Has issued an apology. After one of its conductors accidentally left the station this is in Japan obviously. On Friday morning. The conductor in the train left the station. 25 seconds early. 25 seconds before the scheduled time the company issued an apology in said the truly inexcusable. Tragedy. That resulted in the quote great inconvenience to customers. Was because the conductor thought the train was scheduled to depart at 7-Eleven AM instead of the actual 7:12 AM. He shut the doors at the earlier time. Looked up and now on the platform didn't see any stragglers. Rather than risking a potential delay by reopening the doors he departed at 7-Eleven. And 35 seconds. Instead of waiting till 712. 25 seconds at a sketch. And the company has issued an apology. All real travelers. In Japan now you're looking I'm just interpreting from your luck you're like that is crazy and that is the stupidest thing I've ever hurt. Well. I find it really ridiculous so I feel like I've got to be missing some part of the story here. Well here's I think we your peers may be the part you're missing and I think this ties in. With where I'm connecting with the story. I understand it looking at this in one way it seems ridiculously. I mean let's be frank about it it's ridiculously tight cast yet right. OK but let me take the other side know me as you know. I'm a big fan of efficiency you know big chain of organization and punctuality and punctuality. Now imagine if we'd lived in a country. Where people actually like I can't even find a place to park at the grocery store because people don't put their stupid cards back. Where they belong right like everything is somebody else's problem. Here in the United States now this is a very extreme example. From Japan but we're talking about people who are dedicated. To the letter of responsibility of what they're supposed to do. Now I understand that there's some certain restrictions that come in a society like that but imagine if we lifted a place where people are actually responsible for things. I mean yeah you less. Two when he my second slide what's next 25 X a means literally slippery yes well next thing you know you're dodging grocery carts at the grocery store because people get everybody to put. And the structure of Japan is Islam apart I guess I see how those are connected. Yes I think we've found the only rational solution that is I'm moving to Japan. OK immediately in alone had to wreck it. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100%. Unless you're giving blood. Mornings we might JC boy now 895. The mountain. Might chasing these final thought. So according to my calculations it's been. Exactly two years today since my pal Allan Karp we've walked into the mountains studios. Two years. Affordably drilling mean sometimes it feels closer like 200 years you know and sent. Okay I'm kidding that's joke but in some ways I'm really knocks because most of the time it feels like now he's being here much much longer than. And yet this is actually your first ever radio job. I still find that hard to leave you after she had been here decision for legged day and a half I went through our program director and I said. This girls great you gotta bring your own full time right away I mentioned then. And I mean what I'm going to Serena alleys funny she's passionate she's endlessly enthusiastic. And she's also crazy Smart. She's a quick learner he takes direction and she's never. Ever short on opinions whether you want them or not we actually threw have a morning show letter and said here figured out. And you know what. She did Alec constantly pushes herself to be better at this review thing and she constantly sometimes frustrating when you. Pushes me to be better to know if I'm honest with myself and we view this not always the easiest got to work. I expect a lot of myself. And I expect just as much from everyone around me any number of people over the years have decided that the Mike Casey hassle just isn't worth it. But not out there might just be because she stubborn as hell but she hasn't given up and she hasn't given up. At least not yet. So what more could I ask for in a co host and a friend absolutely enough. So Ellie congratulations. On your two year work anniversary I feel very fortunate to know you. And even more fortunate to get to work for future. Thanks for everything you do to make the show better and to make me better as someone famous once said. This is just the beginning kid. Now just one final thing if you cry. While listening to this I am taking back every single thing I just said. And I'm absolutely not buying work reverse three ice cream cones who choose wisely Kyle. Choose wisely. Piers do you well you Hartley act two years down 200 giver take ago. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.