Liquor for Life

Tuesday, November 14th


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558 show on the mountain on Tuesday morning Mike Casey LE heart wick. Our big I'd eat it appears like it's it's big news and I imagine it'll probably get bigger sooner rather than later. Colin cap predict former NFL quarterback Chris have you been on the sidelines for awhile now. He was named citizen of the year by a GQ magazine he will appear on one of four covers for the December issue. Other cover subjects include Stephen cold there Kevin to rants Wonder Woman star Gail good dough. And although. College happening did agree to participate in this issue. He would not do he's continued to was beaten immediate silence basically. He has GQ assembled some other people to sort of speak on his behalf. As you might imagine this is strong and seemed you know criticism from one side in support from another side. I get I get where they're coming from. GQ it's impossible to overlook the idea that that he started discussion not whether year on one side of the discussion the other. Kind of irrelevant he started discussion of very important one. I think a lot of people also understand that his actions are seen as divisive divisive how are you wanna say it. Most protest movements usually are yeah somewhere should perform again. And then the end of it. Like GQ like their they would wanna sell magazines that's what they do so. I always feel like in situations like this sometimes people overlook the obvious and that is yeah it's a controversial choice yeah controversy sells magazines and you know draws eyeballs and at them that's part of a that we live in saw I get their choice. I also understand what some people are frustrated about it but. Yeah it's it's to be expected I think one thing that all of us can and should say no matter how you feel about the way in which kind cap earning chooses to protest. He is an athlete. Who had no obligation whatsoever to use his notion to enact any sort of social change and he chose to it he did that. And that's really bag because very few celebrities in any arena and deep. Well it's certainly state stands in stark contrast to. At least a handful of the stories we've seen particularly out of the NFL in the last couple years that surround each funeral. To domestic violence in each. A variety of other societal ills to say the least. And it seems in a lot of ways that did the people or as some do not everybody some people more upsets. About this about somebody you know a peaceful protest than there are some of these other things that I. I I don't make the joke let's start the list of things that matter more to the NFL than women. Flags at the dog's crate train there's. There's a lot of things they really don't matter in the NF. Mostly wives and girlfriend but it's a completely different subject no shortage of controversy. City police. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain are according to a new survey sponsored by credit cards dot com. They're take away from this survey is that rich people are cheap skates here's how they've come to that conclusion. Up 44% of people would household incomes over 80000 dollars. Say they won't spend more than 100 dollars on any gift they buy this holiday season. One in three people worth five million or more shop at Wal-Mart. At about half of those people shopping Costco. People who earn more than 100000 a year. Our 1000 dollars a year or more the most likely to be frequent coupon users I think this feeds into a narrative that we've ball. We I think we've all believe this to one extent or another for a long time. To be fair about it it's a wild generalizations. Played Ian ray Leonard notice until people with less money that are. Not at all cheaper that I ill people that we you know have a lot of money and probably our chief. Well maybe these people are shopping at Wal-Mart and Costco. So they can spend more money and vacation ends and I think maybe they're just smarter with their money you know lot of generally wealthy people stay wealthy you. Yeah as Berry you know saving on the things beacons on. Yeah they'll make bad bit of it goes really stupid decisions financially so over the rest of us I aides I thought it funny because like you said does heated through narrative that a lot of us have either believes or experience I know I experienced that or perceived that I experienced that as a as a bartender. Oh yes the people that you think you're getting it giant tent from. Like never Oki out yes thanks Saunders is out and yet the guy who's got like a dollar fifty left in his pocket yeah that the giving you fifty cents of that brightness and did chipper and a. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools. So Smart it's like cheesy fun 1995 the mountain. Health experts are constantly trying to figure out how to help people eat better. In order to Buena slowdown of the rampant obesity epidemic recently instead of preaching that we should all eat more vegetables drink more water which I think we all know. That's going to be given right health expert named Emily field. Suggested that the next time you go outs. And playing on ordering hamburger. Instead of getting a hamburger and Fries you should actually get to hamburgers he was it makes sense but it's kind of kooky. You've yet to think about it a slightly different way her point is that. By ordering two hamburgers. It's actually far healthier than ordering a hamburger Fries because you skew your basically cutting out or not cutting out but eliminating a large portion of the car herbs that are the Fries. And having to burgers you actually get more protein. Which would be more sustained energy aid knocking Hungary's quickly and all that stuff. She's also pointing out ms. field is that she's not talking about like a third. Round. Hamburger with bacon cheese Chile not that's there's any sort of defeating the the perfect but it's an interesting concept in terms of rethinking what you do in in small steps rather than you know big huge steps in anything that involves troopers some pretty much on board with only field. Health expert it. Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99 for. We've got a feeling for back to see Moscow valley's great Russian nutcracker compare metal gear back one lucky winner will get a walk on role for their kids should be in the nutcracker about that so we'll excuse into this question. Allie has written an ideal so Leave It to Beaver was the first shown to featured guest on TV. When I was a long time and with the airlines sending out Kabila Kabila and a half but Leave It to Beaver was the first show to feature this on TV. 6312995. Did you question almost impossible. Give us your answer. We Mikey now eight minority. Question almost impossible this morning Leave It to Beaver was the first television show to a feature or to show one of these on television what are we talking about. I don't Kurt Schroeder or where. Masks. You're exactly right how did you know that. Actually look at trivia. What were still love watching good old episode. Amazing how little trivia under the then the first episode ever should limit on it. I. I actually I was surprised I didn't know that that was the answer insolent until well he told me earlier so I'd know point of reference from that fortunately you did. We've got to Philly for pact to Moscow ballet is great Russian nutcracker at the Paramount theatre for you what's your name. I'd I'd I'd probably keep her playing question almost impossible for played against Smart. F percent. And and. Can get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey I 99 plus the mounties. Did you look wind when I Leave It to Beaver was on we years with the did in 1957101963. Focus that was actually later. 57 to 63. We went from showing a toilet for the first time on TV to the Brady Bunch I think was early seventies late sixties early seventies. The Brady Bunch actually have a pulled up because I was just reading about the Brady Bunch. Or in nineteen no sorry no I ain't seen 69. Okay our and that I and we think that was the first show to show the husband and wife in the same bed together so I guess we made. Quantum leaps there and seven on 67 on years from toilets. Well and even from like a wholesome American family to the idea of the blank blank and family. You're writes I didn't think I'm just sorry I didn't think about how ground with but neither neither mr. nor mrs. Brady was. Divorced it's still aids I may actually figured this out because this is when I've been thinking about it you've. Look on this Mike Brady was away killer but it does since saying they are Carol about Carol. Y. Given the time and place she had to have been married before that because she had teachers bringing up through very lovely girls we've really don't. We just short left that on ultimately don't I'm not saying that there isn't an answer I just haven't found the incredible really want to achieve your rattled than they were says they had. That's like your thing you I don't. Ideal because my damp our question also boss who weekday mornings. Just after seven here on the mountain sometimes TV sometimes not go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using its. Mornings we might TC on 995. According alive science this morning researchers have found that chimpanzees. Can learn how to play the game rock paper scissors. About as well as the average four year old human child's that's about how how well they can do it which makes you wonder like I don't have a four year old anymore but if you do. You may want to let them know to have to get their rock paper scissors game together because if you're tying or you know if you're. On par with the champ. I don't think that's really do and doing you any favors that points or work on that kids get better rock paper scissors. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always give 101 so much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mike GC on 995. The mountain. Bill Gates has long been a philanthropist I think we all know through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Donating millions upon millions of dollars to combat particularly diseases and on poverty. Bites the Microsoft co-founder has now decided to. To make a personal donation wanna lose this is not the foundation this is Bill Gates himself. In a pre and a pretty big what Bill Gates says that he will be donating 100 million dollars. That's a lot of money to fund research to bring in about an inch to alzheimer's disease. Other story from Reuters that donation will come into parts fifty million. To the dimension discovery fund. Which combines government and industry resources to seek treatment for alzheimer's. And fifty million to the two alzheimer's. Research startups. As a lot of us know unfortunately first candor of secondhand. There's no currently there's no treatment that slows alzheimer's only medications to ease some of the symptoms. Bill Gates says I hope that in the next ten years we have some powerful drugs it's possible that won't be achieved. But I am hopeful and go a hundred million dollars that's a lot of hope. He's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. 830 here on the mountain what would you think just to blind yes. What would you think if I said see you a lifetime supply of alcohol or how much would you think that would cost. Oh gee maybe a lot of money in my U well yeah I mean yeah but it all kernel like a million million and. Half it. OK that's him that's a big number. On to celebrate singles day in China which apparently is a holiday there was not aware that the online retailer Alibaba. Had quite an amazing deal they offered. 33 lucky customers the first 33 who could swoop in and get the deal a lifetime supply of boost for about. 17100 dollars. Yes 17100 dollars these 33 lucky customers who who got in first will now get. Twelve bottles. Of eighty proof grain alcohol each month. For the rest of their lives. Twelve bottles every month for the rest of their lives here's what I find interesting the very next sentence is this. If they die within the first five years of the purchase of which seems fairly likely use that much free Boozer out they can leave this gift. To a family member. Percent T seven. Hundred bucks it's more money that I apart. That's what I'm saying think about all the crappy things in your life that if you added up and you spent 17100 dollars or more on. That's a lot of things none of home. I would say quite. Nearly as excellent as of lifetime supply of boos for 17100 dollars. Like this is such an incredible tee in 330 well if it's just any grain alcohol like my own. Can we have a little variety in there. Does mere bystanders. All and I don't wanna drink the same drink every single day yet that you get a free suitors are you do you barter you find like a neighbor who like you know all trade you some of that c'mon c'mon. OK I didn't think if you're a very intelligent you're very intelligent guy how they got hung up on the B tests you can thank you for steering me through that yes and now we need to find one of these 33 people. And figure out become their friend if they need radio friends in the United States it probably sounds like the idea. It's just if you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you might Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Sir here's a little signs he story is trying to your mind your scientists in Siberia. Have found to be perfectly preserved corpse. Of the 50000. Year old lion from the ice age 50000 year old line ice age line it'll always nine pounds. In his of foot and a half long and now. The scientists want to bring the lion back to life. By extracting its DNA just like you may remember. It's very similar to what they did in Jurassic Park. And I would just like to point out that doctor Ian Malcolm was kind of the only one who really made a lot of sense in that movie. And he said amongst other things he said this yeah yeah but your site is so preoccupied with whether they could they step. Which you have didn't stop to think whether a dish. OK so keep that in mind you scientists in Siberia let's slow down on the whole resurrect the ice age line thing OK before we sends. You know mover street new out. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview it's giddy before my PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain.