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Wednesday, April 4th


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And I think by bad he actually means good you know settled back it's it's the lingo. Willow was pulling I don't know you know I don't know saying Tom Petty from mom full moon fever your soap pad. On 995 amounts novel concept I think treated to you. Come. Bully you're doing such a great job of explaining yeah I feel like I'm not part of it there there was there is its IP predates that too but there was a time. When the. I feel like when parents grow white older view not the serial parents but people of a previous generation didn't repeated understand with the kids were saying. It's kind of like that now but I think that the information circulates a little faster now. So I just have this memory if you and so lake wouldn't you say bad you actually mean good. Like over explaining kind of like I'm doing on these are minutes OK all Wednesday morning here on none. I mean I'm five mounts in my case young Hardwicke. Demi absolutely no sense and apologists this actually this makes no sense either I keep waiting for this story to go away. But it won't choice I feel like we've at least he did take conservative like just booed off the plate. Why hear people's snorting condoms what are what in the world. One little princess. Somebody did do that. I know I so this to me. Is obviously it's just the next dumb thing that is an all time highs yeah. All right stilted if this used to happen all the time in luncheon cafeterias may be nine. With condoms bridges that things in general you had a friend that does something really stupid and funny flick was to get yourself. Oh yeah just like. To this track like in college your dorm room when your idea that he did something done and the I'll laugh about it and he said I remember that time that this person did it. But now we have video in the Internet to people put it on the Internet and everybody thinks all I can do this still and it becomes a thing. But I don't know why anybody would want economy in their nose slash mouth like just no thank you bullets doesn't seem I'm I mean it doesn't seem particularly safe no you can be sure you could you race easily unlike story. Yes that and see this event this is gonna over the thing like I can definitely remember. Letting far it's a reflection of the hundreds during that. Sealy all I want to thank you surround our friends with her guys Bonnie that that. Didn't seem. That seem to know we're nearest stupid or is dangerous. So maybe that's appalling and a portable unhappy gonna bring your ball you have probably aren't good princess and this is this awful all the and probably feels solitaire. I would think are just so just more like if you're not in the demographic of people who would ever participate in this which I'm not. You should maybe be aware because there apparently kids you know younger people. Have been doing this in the end it is dangerous it's nice dangerous it's not that funny because well it's not nearly as funny sledding fart so no advantages that Erica White added she's so don't Smart icon on my department's staff and anybody is from my Mike Casey the voice of reason the. Dad. Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like five the mountain. 6 point 7 Wednesday morning I mentioned that so my I was I was out of town toward the end last week. I came back on Sunday and there was a notice on my door. From there was a notice on my door from an energy company I don't necessarily want to mention them by name but I will say it rhymes which Mexico. Check there aren't a lot of options yeah it is already instilled vets vets who arrived OK okay I I haven't asked yet. So there's a there's there's that note on my door and it says that there's a power line crossing the the property lines. Mind and brought real in my neighbor's property line crossing Caroline needs to be moved. Or power to my house will be shut off the notice that I received was dated march 30 which I think was last Friday right I got it Sunday. Guess somebody days they've given me to fix this problem before they show off my power five. You're pretty close that till April 10 which is actually sound play seven business days that's a lot of business days to fix the now power line running across years so you know let me just hear a little addendum here. That power line has been in the exact same place since I've moved into this house sixteen. Years ago that today and a number one number. Urge to. We remodeled a house five years ago it had to undergo inspections and ordered it you know yeah it's a pass. So the power line was okayed by. Alleged company a buy company five years ago that's number two number three. Not even a year ago now a tree branch came down in my neighborhood took out that power line. And that same company that rhymes wish Max cell. Came out and said what we're only a responsible for the run from the transformer to your house what where it touches your house that's your responsibility. So they reattached the power line do the same exact place there its bid for six years and I had to get electrician. We were fired 600 bucks or something to reattach you know and meat inspection and and reattach the power line to my house. So why did you why this is the problem now yeah. I don't get it did they give and it an explanation why doesn't let all that might hit talked to anybody who actually is responsible for putting the notice on my house I get somebody of Lego that's different department. Or that person already left for the day or. This is one of those things where it's been like three days now of just maddening bureaucracy. With no solution to end. Six days from now what power is gonna be shut off. Maybe that's just at the rats like they want should've really get on it but they're not Mexican cable that's awful because of the very responsible. Bill paying citizen it's not like I've ever stiff the mid sixteen years. I don't need to thread tactic just tell me what's wrong Matt why it's a problem now when it hasn't been for sixteen years. And what if anything it's gonna cost me to fix it this is like a great end to fix something that's not broken. I'm not door especially when there are multiple offers multiple listen he's one of which I have an electrician there anyway yet only a pretty big explanation here generals know cents yet the only thing I think I can do at this point just go off the grid does so are we are. Yeah well that's true it's actually really hard to go completely off to grant. On their salon have read this stuff involved yeah they don't want you lost a grenade down pretty much here on it and you pay them just. Pretty much not saying because you don't use any of their service is that actually getting renewing the engines due to possible gap. OK well that's I've maybe there's some part of this a missing but that's what I've got to this aren't really don't yet know railroad critics of the boxer why I don't really think you deserve an explain seriousness. We thought he'd get my hopes. Always be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Just in case she wandered in case the idea floated across your mind any time recently this story I think will service kind of a public service announcement. It is not acceptable. To use it pays her to get your child up for church. Even on Easter Sunday OK I know there's a party might think oh what about on Easter Sunday. I know the rest of the year probably not OK to use a taser to wait miked up. But on Easter Sunday because that's really important. Nope can't even do it dead. A mom and Arizona was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after allegedly using a stun gun. On her seventeen year old son on Easter Sunday morning she told police she only quote. Sparked the teaser to get the kids up for church on Easter. Just she just sparked did see and actually like hit anybody with that she just sparked its. Unfortunately there was another family member who was a witness. The the new mother in question said she didn't use the taser on anybody but officers found two bumps on the seventeen year old legs. It's better setter so I just like I said public service announcement kinda thing even on Easter Sunday. Came easy tase you wake up your kids and if you're if you're Christian and that's an important day for you Easter Sunday you're not allowed to say. The lord is risen and so shall you before use the taser he can't do that either pack just in case you wondered if I thought it important to clarify. The question almost impossible and 995. Don't apologize for making you feel confused this is part of who we give you know you're not sorry now. It's just it's part of the thing when you were giving you constitutes an exchange of views of small price to. Eighty resurrection jukebox concert August 12 through the screen tickets up for grabs today. Question almost impossible rich it is. Did so. So most of gusty this two time to time and when we you know we do for about four days. On average. Oh actually I've couple guesses I mean I'm not do you know yeah I know there you know me sir note though but I Nike have noted thrown out there just look at. Well thanks for keeping eighteen yourself most of his delist from time to time when we do we do it for about four games. 63 woods shoot 995. There is your question almost impossible. If Mikey now he's fine. Okay the question most of us do this from time to time and when we do we do it for about four days on average were retarded about. I am. And yeah. Adds. Oh. Sound like you're old enough to be on diet and wrecked he may be personal experience. I know I mean you look at every day and there. And so what it. Rory saying yes you triggered you to get fantastic guests what's your name. It was like bomber debtor anybody helping you out with with that would this particular question because it feels like. Dieting is probably a little. I'm just guessing buzz out your voice is probably a little. Deion where you're at in this stage of life. I mean I may be guests but I was until I love my mom sagging in the school. Yes. Well that you've done some incredible incredible thinking and reasoning on your part very impressive I think you're gonna do very well on the SE tees when the time comes. And that it. Oddly paired tickets for you see the eighties resurrection jukebox show up at industry you know the eighties back in the day you remember the eighty's right. Yeah. I don't remember the eighty's and I'm much older than you and I think it's not sided beat Hewitt this will be the first time you get to experience them. I won't argue Edwards feel congratulations. You with the question almost impossible again tomorrow morning seven today and right here on and I thought the mountain. If he's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC I'm 995. The mountain. Bobby if you and your significant other argue about shores there is a new study that suggests the solution may be Al's cleaner. A hot pair someone did do that or. Yeah well I've seriously. It's not cheap jabs among clean your house with some couples are cutting back in other areas like dining out. In order to hire someone to clean keep the peace in the relationship the same study goes on to suggested if you or your significant other. Argue about cooking you should hire someone to do that for you if you argue about yard work you should hire these are so what do you have worry and if you argue about taking care again. Tired so what do. And every one out steady this slip up sure her and the study is if you have enough money you don't have to have arguments about things that you don't like doing although hopefully childcare reasons and they may you don't life. Well but the thing is like you can't just throw money at every single. Problem or issue that you have and relations like this is stupid is that true advice if you are not in a good relationship you'll probably find something else to our parents what is it's really just the house furcal what a beautiful solution. Yes I agree now be in that specific example yes I agree lights if that solution was is within reach for you fiscally. Wouldn't you figure you would've already come up with a late do we need a study to tell us how you you're having another fight about. Doing chores and you have the money to solve that problem solve the problem. Well thank you study couldn't. First some people all night I ate what I realized could afford to have somebody clean my house I was like we can't. Can detest this could be a thing everything happens for me. You know sometimes we don't really know if you study spell it out your used to dealing on your on it seems a little intangible. And somebody else yet for you aware lob off forget all the money they waste on the study and spread that around to the rest of us and then we could just Nash. On housecleaning serve yeah. Can't think that's agreed to buy into that. Imus solutions guy another study I have a solutions god wants you aren't exactly how I think appeal hamsters. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Less up down till number there and it's look at LA vector she CR. On the 995 the mounting need your hobby in the dating world. Good information I think to have here in May it may go without saying but all I'll say it anyway a new survey on food and dating though that 61%. Of a singles. Were turned off if a date leftist small tip less than 20%. I'm 78%. So even bigger number. Said they were turned off of the date over tipped in a show we manner Lego always to 50%. Like OK so that that doesn't tend to play really well either but above and beyond all you you take the tipping thing out of it. 97%. Of respondents in the survey said that being rude to the wait staff. Was a major. Turnoff. I would agree with that whole heartedly I find that there are again this is just me and not speaking for everybody. I I find that few things are more telling about a person. There's no way they treat somebody who's you know a member of the service industry the wait staff somebody's waiting on. Tables are serving drinks like that the is that these. There's no nightmare like once you've done once you've interacted with that person if you've done in him in a crappy way that I come to the assumption that your crappy person. And all the time I feel like I've been that's been pretty accurate so again if you particularly if you're in the dating worlds is keep that you know keep that little information there. In the back you might. He recently that doing squats to escort simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. David Crosby song from Crosby stills Nash and young title track to their second album that's in danger of who he said dumb cross we did that there there were two things in his life that nobody ever had to show and he just immediately knew how to do. One was singing harmony. The other was sailing sealing a potency claims no one showed him how to do that he just knew how to do it which is what led to his belief. One of the things that led to his beliefs that we are all being reincarnated in we re we know things from our previous lives and the log trucks caller on that is I'm sure you probably remember David Crosby on that note has given his approval to director Cameron Crowe. To tell David's life story in a documentary no title yet so of course Cameron Crowe's produced documentaries on Pearl Jam Elton John. Leon Russell. Not to mention movies like almost famous and fast times at Richmond high the list goes on and on he's already conducted a bunch of interviews with David Crosby said quotas should such a compelling story. David Crosby is near the forefront of music and social change for four decades. 76 years old now he's forging a new path by seeking out younger musicians. And trying to make a mark in a world now so different from the one. From the generation he came to defined in the 1960s. No word on when the film will be Albert if you know anything about didn't Crosby's life story. It'll be an interesting watch to see Italy's. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always skip 100 per so much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mikey seed bun 995. The mountain. You know the term on this is a new term to me but I understand the phenomenon. I'm multi screening. Where you have. Multiple screens other ones like you're watching TV and you're on your phone yes your laptop well yes you why no original idea the answer is yes to have (%expletive) that's kind of what I figured. And now so this is one thing that I will say and I understand it's generational thing. My kids do this ended drives me bonkers. Not not all the time. But at times lake so we don't do as much anymore because the kids are older put on Sundays will try to get together watch a move a movie is a family right. Which is again harder and harder to do the older the kids get. But during that time like you've put your phone down like I don't care what your do I don't care who you're snapped chatting like this is what we're doing together. And I would like you to be engaged with a they're like well we're just it's just another screen we're just a link guest who were watching a screen together. And were absorbing the information in the movie together and it's a collective experience. And I swear you like most it's like I have to take the folds away at some point because one of rooms got a leg under a blanket regularly did. I don't that I don't get like I find anything more than. One screen or one sound distracting. Yeah I I understand that it's just I'm sorry got it straddled a slam event in the I have did tell myself. You won staying at a time. Because I aid. Put on a movie yesterday and was on the ice on the entire time was on my computer for part of the time and always got another thing going so I have to consciously decide. Dude just one thing right now but I know that's also part of like mine the way my brain kind of urged a yes always got a million things going on and that's telling able to function. However. IAE IUC where the frustration would lie if you're not the type of person that does that or if you're not used to functioning and that like chicken tamales and funk they've always an extra screen yes it's very rare accent like in a movie theater that they want him access to. Yes no you re a good point there are there are. Personal of their of their personal differences there were like that's the way I like to organize my life that doesn't mean necessarily the case for everybody else. But in some ways in some contexts. I feel it's almost as a disrespectful. As if you're out to dinner with people yeah right now maybe it's just summed nobody's really paying attention to whatever but if you're having a collective viewing experience for your phone down. Exactly because it just crossed more into like the movie theater yes style things it's an influence so eat in a respect arming comes into it yet. But I think it's hard to break out of that way of doing things and that's the smiles easily take your phone. You never come over from there we nanny and her house. Your kids like I want it to her hair of the dog bone Hines it's the. His life philosophy Odyssey is the funny insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mountain.