It's Tax Day!

Tuesday, April 17th


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I think to a man everybody in the band points to that album as the as the the point where they had they surrender reinvent themselves musically and culturally and by you know lick of high pressure situation even though they've obviously been very successful up to that point in time. In going they even did a documentary about the name which escapes me now but Tom. Errors CNN Washington thing in here they kind of think got to did have to do that at that point in time I don't think I was aware of it at that point in time but. In hindsight I'm means you are two baby mysterious ways on 995 amounts and on no on Tuesday morning. Diaz won game three so that's very exciting. And dance and today is tax day so not very not saying saying blood may be like thrill playing for some people if you haven't. Done anything for your taxes yet his client a lot to dealing in now. They're cheaper than do that I don't know how people do then wait until the last day yes funny people until Wednesday. People who don't have kids who don't make a lot of money you just did 1040 EZ and they yell you than me on my money back but even then like just. Take that long AP don't have a lot of stuff going I would stress me enough ulcer Israel wage you much. You massively into the last second yeah not really a wait until the last now income again. Now I'm knots and I'm not also not in that that situation I can remember is it as a kid or at least being a teenager. In my parents you know include text you blah blah. And I used to sort of conceptually trying to understand it and they're like well you really fill out these forms in all this stuff and then you know sometimes governments and your money back. And I'm like if they send you money back and you're this upset about yeah. Why are you so much a number it must be really really awful yeah dance. A in the last 225 years I've come to understand what CS. So off even more like out of don't remember last summer a money back so it's even more. Awful yeah ad that's a thing is I'm never gets you upset about the whole process because it's not that complicated I'm upset about one night finish tonight see how much money I have to give the government might use a candidate of his office doubled last possible hate and start saving up money to pay tax. That part I guess I get not paying until you absolutely have to say OK yeah it's the hold not even finding out into you know like review fill out today and you find our you'll Oleg 8000 dollars. Your deadline is 212 hours away when you don't you publish a grand and twelve hours we need to sit down and talk. Yeah I'd love to know how to receive access. That's old separate discussion. Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like us the mountain. 24% of people said they would get an IRS tattoo. Is admitted never having to pay taxes again okay. Yeah obviously now why don't you ever had to pay taxes again what what you deal. A lot of things feeble would you 50% of people would stop talking for six months. In order to never. Oh you're shaking your head yes never pay taxes again you couldn't make it six net hole 8100 I had and I understand the transaction you couldn't make it six minute thousands of dollars he has like there you could. Offered up but still if. If she's still couldn't do that hit 50% would trigger valve sale of the city. 11%. Would name their child. Taxes. If admitted tax free future. I just like calling your kid something else do it tee it. Michael Sunday news go to yeah. Dublin middle name yet because that would be an email Haney can change when you grow up your parents are letting Tex racing Brian pretty privileged child don't make sense to you that you've stumped for six I get deal. Over and he's who could do ten never pay taxes again yes like I'd. It's out of fear out of me as realistic it is I will do an annual been about six months of your entire life that's true. Hi Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. 30000 actually over 30000 runners competed. We need the cold and rain and Boston Marathon yesterday the weather was his awful absolutely awful. Congratulations to dazzling didn't. American woman does Lyndon she is the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985. 23954. Was her time on the men's side Japan's you key color it's color and she I think usually pronounce it unofficial lead to 1550. Eight's. The again the weather was I mean kind of played Havoc with them everybody so the fact anybody finished it at all. Is nothing short of miraculous but of course in those times it's even more miraculous there's another guy who didn't he die having gotten as much attention. But he ran the Boston Marathon yesterday in flip flops. Not not like off the rack flip flops their custom. 3-D printed flip flops is name's Chris Bellamy he had the sandals made by an online shoe Mac manufacture cold we've. WI ITV. Sending the company's exact foot measurements through a Smartphone app. And according to them their observe these are I mean the custom made they're comfortable enough and supportive enough you know as any other athletic shoe. To run a marathon and so I. Would like to talk to Chris and find out how that feels. To run a marathon and flip flops. That somewhere on the back burner congratulations again to you become Lucci and does Lyndon. American woman first one to win the Boston Marathon since 1985. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. On 1995 and now it's. Our Jim gap again comedian Jim GAAP income and it's down and had the but wiser than senator. I don't know any specified. On being lumbered Jimmy got to give her. May be that got me into similarly named guy who's not a comedian. OK when I clarified comedian Steve gay African June 10 Budweiser events center. That's what's up for grabs in question almost impossible to day. You got a question we get. Sure yeah and I 12%. Of Americans believe the US constitution guarantees. Dance. Which would imply that it doesn't it's yes yes the of the it would usually they're they're wrong yes 12% of people are wrong about the fact believing that god that the US constitution guarantees it. Okay 6312995. Vision questioned by the soldier answers. We might now a minority. Right answer her question almost impossible 12% of Americans believe the US constitution guarantees this. We send. I get it the right to own a pet. Yeah as you're exactly right their right to a load of pets is that is it just me or is it hard to believe the 12% of Americans believe that. Got out the kitchen every brought out yet iPad and everywhere that yeah. I'm and I thought we are out there right element that I didn't really think there are. And maybe at the book that you love and I mean. Yeah. The leader. Yes of the bad episode of cops and oh yeah. No. Congratulations to succeed him gaffe again for you will do this again a question almost impossible 7:10 tomorrow morning right here on 95 now. She's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was trying to beef up my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. If you're a movie buff movie Goer. This can be pretty exciting I'm. Admittedly it's only in London right now but I dimensional make its way over here forget about 3-D. How about this for DX. A new movie theater concept. Designed doing gauge all five senses is set to open in London this week the theater features. Hi tech motion seats special effects that simulate wind snow fog lightning water sense and more. The idea is to bring the action on the screen right to your seat literally. You're gonna you're gonna probably call me an Acer. And a bunch of other names which I'm completely used to at this point in time. What I don't like about this. First off I'd be personally I would find it distracting like to have all that have all those things going on in a theater while watching movie W the first thing secondly. I for me. The magic of movies is the story. A story and characters. So I feel like anything that takes away from the they need to fully flesh those out and make those greats. Yes because you can distill a twenty minute special effect break yes where no plot no story and strangers watching things Lola yes. Exactly how I agree with you said it better than I could have said. And I feel like this is another evolution in that same thing really got only good news story. Maybe you may be surprised year. I like agreement. I it's easy now I feel like the beauty of movies is they aren't real life they're separated from railing and their different there's something about them it's not the same. As seeing and smelling. And and hearing a person right in front of the deal. Otherwise likely would never go to movies because we can just do real life movies are supposed to be sensational and little bits temporary. When you try an overlap them too much you hit this week your gray area where it's no longer can. Because it took a way too much of the magic and brought in too much of the real and and then itself right. To our our got you know that makes a lot of sense of what your saying is the interactive experience. It's it takes away from. Why we go to movies in the first place. Yes plus also like to bring drinkers you would mean the movie so see it's moving I'm gonna say now I'm I feel sick after a lot out many things go I am straight up Alice island. I knew we get to truth eventually we just stay committed to. Just like the old saying goes if you ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed against Mike Casey morning's fine 1995. The mountain. Our people are drinking less milk than they used to it may be notion shocked and sales of traditional milk. Now we have to call traditional now Putin's call it milk anymore. Projected to drop about one point 2% in between eighteen seems like people are opting for alternative milk flexor milk or milk. Coconut milk on the milk excess of senator etc. those sales of all of those are expected to rise by 3%. In the next year walls traditional milk sales drop. It's I'm now I'm a city kid so I don't know about this but I am not even sure how you get the stool under the omens aware of the home and where the otter is. Swing you milked the moment I even know how to do that but Tom. One of those things up Torre books in the city kids. Does he stay so all generally by not being good in most things might KC 1995. Mountain. If you were a kid in the eighties you probably recognize this TV theme music pretty quickly I would think it. Comeback kid. 09 or. Whoever it is big big hit an easy move forward in 1992. The star of the show. Sadly here addition. Died yesterday at his home in Asheville, North Carolina and what that only around 65. Well police say there's no foul play suspected he was he's a magician was a magician. You also might remember if you watch the show cheers. He got his start. Making guest appearances on cheers and sentiment lives. And then nets spun off into the TV show night court where he starred as via a mill tour may loving judge Harry stone. He earned a three Emmy nominations for his work on the NBC show and also starred in the TV adaptation of its and this columnist Dave Berry. In the sitcom Dave's world so kind of sad news on the course star hand Terry Anderson. Passed away yesterday PG 65. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's quick Mike Casey find 995. Bob what would you bloc countries that went. Now. According to a new syrups. And edited myself according to a new survey. A whopping 88%. Of Jim dollars. Said the simple act of putting on their gym clothes. Motivated them to go to the gym when they didn't feel like. 80%. That's right you yet matured to us just simply putting on gym clothes absolutely. Really your are you wearing on the need thank. A Halen had the outfit on and may as well just do lakes and you tell yourself until like if I'm not into it I can disclaim. They need dumped. And it's just a matter of having those close up yes because that's the hardest part is is getting dressed in really honestly is mentally it really is only year like. And and. But if you make yourself what I you're sure it's in your shoes you thank. OK Ireland and Marty got like him a second yet. Okay there are SL make sense the only thing I suppose the confusing me a little bit about this is it seems to me at least over the last handful of years may be more. What I grew up considering to be gym clothes slash workout clothes and you have now just become close that people were everywhere to do everything. All the time. Well then maybe you need a separate set of and stuff like this is here and go to the grocery store apparent liking listen this is your run on the trip. Now apparently it's. I knew she herbal I guess what I'm saying is that I don't understand how that could be such a big motivate her for people went feels like it's all in all there's nothing in my BT got in the chance of making you just not the right person now. See exactly now we've finally gotten to the solution. And that is yeah. Their own their own car and I was gonna say for you really presented to security gym clothes and northward yeah let's I'm sick and ever aqsa telling Beijing and integrates. Showed a look now but the other test kitchen at chili's restaurants chain have been hard at work developing a five. Meet monster burger they're calling the boss. Five meet monster burger 16150. Calories in the soon which includes a half pound beef patties. Pulled rib meat smoked brisket. Hello Pena would chatter smoked sausage. Bacon and cheddar cheese tomato lettuce ranch dressing and barbecue sauce. On one sandwiched. The 16100. Dizzy calories from. The boss she it's only available at select those locations right now obviously depends on the front search on other places. The gist. You know I mean I'm a guy so I get the whole lake. He needs just to see you do a thing but he'd nobody dignity he's no easy that today. Five different kinds of meets the ones there is 6850 calories and one sandwich. I really spread it out a little you know like give kids the factual about the joy out of it if you do that. Obviously three mills and doesn't sound like a must be known as service between UC yard and really sign me up where I get this is not anymore. Short little wrong wants cash and that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 995 the mountain.