It's Opening Day!

Friday, April 6th


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If some Friday morning here on the mountain early Harwood Mike Casey it is. I'm doing the math rate between when he 26. Opening day. For a a professional baseball here and then he would you wouldn't isn't as they're 25. Season. I think it's it's. No she's now totally confused are now 46 I now are trying to do math and every day I don't know I shirts and others is from last year Bogut doesn't sits on his car out of Tennessee like established in nineteen. Iron whatever yes at that was established in 93. And when that make as fifty or Tony. Now totally confused I thought it was a 26 now we got to look into it any event it's opening day. Yes so that's going on obviously. Big doings of the Weathers maybe not going to be the most agreeable but it's. It's a Colorado on opening day. Yeah madness yeah so we've got some are opening tracks lined up. You celebrate opening day opening tracks from big albums will do that throughout the course of the day. And it's not at all related to baseball opening day by comedian Jon have front is a comedy works out to win mark this weekend he's gonna stop by. 8 o'clock this morning we'll talk to him less and tickets to shows to giveaways well and don't yet know about Friday to question almost impossible. So much it's just exciting to see to figure out how many years this is overseeing day yeah when radio host try do math there's about that yet. And nothing's gonna come writes I can tell you Shaq what you do do okay pleased to elk has now ayalon and Mike feces coming up in the field. I'm 9095. The mountain to sit told him so warm and Fuzzy you are me call my gash I just I feel the warmth and the fellow object. Are no valid Friday here on the Belgian researchers in Australia. Asked a number of study subjects to stop using FaceBook. Here's what they found. Not logging on to FaceBook actually low word. The stress levels of the subjects in the study didn't even take a week. A week without FaceBook in their stress level started to decrease. However. The group of subjects who stopped checking FaceBook also admitted that they were less satisfied with their lives. Then when they were checking FaceBook freely. Those two things seem to be at odds and we don't I mean in my reading their own past. You wouldn't think to both of those things could be true. They made they're not as stressed but they're also not as satisfied. Scene. That's. Feel like they're not maybe they're not necessarily directly opposed. Yeah like you want the good stuff from FaceBook play it turns out only 10% of it is it is good stuff than 90% stresses you out with a 10% like really rich as he showed up for lieutenant percent. I think people well what I've noticed at least in my own. Easing how quickly that becomes part of your. Daily lexicon yeah you're you're daily to do list. And I think I have I don't know if I hit a tipping point or whatever I didn't I didn't look at social media really it all last week. And I didn't think much about it like or dislike well whatever life went on life went on my end I'm not the target. You're not I honestly think the best thing FaceBook ever came up Clinton was the on follow button. You sell your still are friends with the person that you don't have to see what their post sank. I on follow. Almost every line on phase I only follow people that I keep direct contact with our that I really like and lives far away. I do not follow people unfazed. This is your way of telling me the you don't follow me on face what is it this is clearly Tracy. Had to me EnerNOC things that I knowing you're talking about in the the only reason I volunteer palace you just trying to bring you to be gently giants. It's buying whatever up at least you picked up on anger at clinics I'm Pia buy them on TV that's a dumpster before. It's a stupid addendum to a stupid footnote that probably we shouldn't even be discussing but I just I feel like we need to at this point first there was the tide pods thing. Then there was the condoms snorting challenger Jim talked about earlier this week and now all this a Japanese Twitter account. I guess is is earlier this week or last week in his first start of a Japanese Twitter account published a photo. Of a very shiny ball of aluminum foil it look it's like as smooth as a mag it's K it is very cool looking or say that. This tweet claim that people could make one for themselves. By putting the ball of aluminum foil into the microwave into a microwave for three minutes. As you might imagine this hasn't ended well if you put anything metal in the microwave including aluminum foil leaked it it creates sparks and eventually we'll start a fire your microwave will be destroyed. And you could burn your house down. I realize this seems. Blatantly obvious to probably at least 97%. Of us out there. But there's still lit 3%. And you never quite know when you're gonna be share a microwave with them so for the record. You at the risk of stating Yaris don't put aluminum foil in the microwave it would you'll make a shiny. Aluminum foil leg you'll make a fire okay no tide pods no starting condoms no putting aluminum foil in the microwave just good words to live five. When he spends way too much time on their yeah. Question almost impossible with Mikey Alley. Part we have tickets to see the eighties resurrection jukebox show where his thumb Wang Chung the games. Was coming there's a whole bunch artists on the film yes skinny incredible majority which escapes me. Right defense okay they have nothing to deal with questions are okay on that the heavier winter break announcer. Nearly tickets she has a question I didn't streamlined for a while live as cynical as you might get a figure out who's gonna miss you Josh yeah. People who are 21 7%. More likely to. On Friday that's right the other work to get out of Friday people are 27%. More likely to DSM. The correct thing you got the answer let us know 6312995. You win tickets of that show that I mentioned there a lot of greatest artists on the village to remember who right now. It's Friday that's why it's. We might now a minority. Question almost impossible this morning silicon for the right answer people or 47% more likely to do this network. On a Friday what are we talking about. Drinking water born and that's burning. Enjoyable. Yes I am really re yeah. Actually earlier this gas we've got yes you are the closest guess and I. I'll line. Like let's say I mean you're not totally out of the ballpark. Ready. This is this is probably the major leaks and yet. So this is like scale it back about eight degrees T ball to deep ball. You probably couldn't get fired for I imagine you get fired for watching porn at work. You probably wouldn't get immediately fired for this. Unless you're offended somebody while you were doing it. I own no. We armed attack on the whole point. Why you do. Everyone in my office hasn't pictures on there are movies on their computers all the time because I work an important broadcasting. Facility. And suddenly you get fired out this year in column on how it in Boulder Creek high. I haven't yet been written about it come on down to. Take part time at Atlanta Georgia Miami. Ladies stay afloat this stage OK ladies that quote it's. This way this would be this we're talking about the interaction between two people. And they did like this sexual harassment thing I mean. Okay bit but of more innocent version of that Al. Yeah cottage. Well I was worried you you're going up on attention B you're never coming back for. Not ever come back I you. I. Yes flirting is the answer people's 27% more likely to do that work on a Friday. And what's your name Barbara Ari congratulations Barbara we've got to use of the resurrection duplex concert for you'd feed lose green. In August. The answer was floored I don't know where where you two were goal and with the whole all the sudden you're in an impromptu job interview I stroll to the question I hope to pop out like we're kind of up against the clock your latest on strutting out Jim we figure out the window and. I like. The Mike an idea that you are resident. A congratulations Barbara. Question almost impossible comes back Monday morning at 710 we will have tickets to see the Alan Parsons project. Coming up Monday. X five year plan. As any minute by minute plan C in the morning and 85. Mountain. And good news for awhile interesting news let's say you can decide whether it's good or not. Keith via is the brew master. Add blue moon and he says he is planning to introduce a line. Of marijuana infused. Non alcoholic. Craft beer there's a lot of words there shall we should begin marijuana infused. Non alcoholic. Craft beer the company is called to six CE RIA. Sir Ria or Syria disposed beverages. Any will be out of you know once they get it up and running the obviously the start will be here in Colorado and then would experienced it would have to experience other states were marijuana is legal recreational leagues. You know couldn't be like a nationwide thing yet. Bigger Sammy and clearly key key sub Diaz have. In the history of the blue moon and you've obviously that's a pretty good idea of what he's doing so. Be adjusting issue happens back. He pre plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GC on 995 to mountain. Our I don't mean to pry into your personal life. Are you go out with friends twos this weekend tonight and Saturday I am going out tonight with friends. Spoke tax cut in it I guess how many friends including yourself. Nine lol okay that's a big number. Our according to a science is the the absolute and I'm not trying to knock your nighter or anything zone to keep in mind when you go out tonight. Off according to the scientists in a recent study the perfect number of friends for a night out is for. Including you including you let's for a grueling two couples today yeah I mean wouldn't have to be before people. A group of four according to a site a psychologist Robin Dunbar. A group of four. Is his many good friends as you can manage in 1 evening he's actually a Surrey British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist. Robin Dunbar he also says four. Is the limit for conversation groups eyes as well as laughter group's size. So you end and up before we get bacteria evening. I have found this to be true but I started to think it was only true as I got older. Right so as I guy I just realized that it's like for example couple well a month ago whatever my birthday. We had ten or twelve people if we went bowling it was great and I had a fantastic time in open nobody else did too but I felt like. It was just too many people like I had you know I can only have little's publisher bowling too. A billion only little snippets of conversation with people. And there were other groups who just. Too many totally dedicate yourself to every line exactly whereas I think that's with two mr. Dunbar are saying here is that it's. You know forest where you wanna be so you may tonight you may end up I mean to call like five people in type them. Okay that's really hardcore approach our existing nude search with a bit of a group of five and four. I'm certainly well I mean we're we're not like going out and sitting at a dinner table together budgetary take place rancher every on wall militant house Democrats now. To Larry yeah Wachovia don't invite five people could have stuck with. Right and others there's rankings as far as friendship goes sorry dad I'll let the friend who drove in from Glenn Linda hang out and everybody else and sorry your number seven we're gonna have to Nazi Alfred is too many people sorry and I never be nice to apple is because I'm so entertaining. Allergies. On everybody in if you do I'm rolling your eyes on you want to it's true. Might Casey's final. Partly this video warning Steve particularly if you have younger kids or a video of grand kids should arm around the house. Very important information in this story to keep in mind market Stephenson who lives in no Scotland she and her husband attended a parent teacher conference. And during that parent teacher conference they were shown some of their daughter Lucy is our work. But Lucy seven years old phone Oprah Show one prey on picture that the teacher showed two mrs. Stephenson. Was a picture of a drawing of horror of Margaret of the moment in bed with a bucket next to her. Underneath the picture Lucy had written on Sunday. Mommy got sick. She had a horrible juices to drink and she needs to rest. The teacher had written on me on the drying tho I hope she feels better. Basically her seven year old daughter drew a picture of her hung over in bed. With the bucket next to her. Mrs. Stevens is that yes she was embarrassed but she also got a good laugh out of it she added kids are truthful they just say what they think it's funny when they to what they teach him. I thought it was a genius to include the suit pockets. Okay bonus points for you Lucy for authenticity. I think you'd like I said maybe just a lesson all of us secure having that kind of day maybe discourage kids from drawing up. Crayons drying of your hangover and turning it in his artwork. Just the thoughts. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.