It's Leg Day!

Wednesday, February 21st


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No I mean I five the mounted on Wednesday morning Mike Casey Alley heart Waco the Olympics is their sort of winding down Lindsey Vonn. Bronze in no women's downhill would could be her final. Winter Olympics race so that was kind of a big deal. American men the hockey team will miss the medal round after being eliminated new chewed up by the Czech Republic. We could've seen that but instead we were analyzing figure skating. On yeah. Credit DC. Which I don't I mean I'm assuming. They they know what drives ratings and what doesn't because you've you do it you have to do given the investment and it. So that must be that there must be a bigger payoff for figure skating analysis than for hockey but I boy that I found that shocking of their own words words our game. I don't like Nazis of writing a gas become as we get to see hockey games from September until June and none of the people that we're used to seeing are currently compete truth here it is slow start announcing the only time we get to watch figure skating for the most part is during the Olympics and it's really it's different and yes it's in incredibly exciting and super shiny and sparkly and if I could not do more of SaaS to right now with Scott lawyer and has a virtue even though they didn't skate yesterday like I am still. Misleading to think of this and it's a big fan club pretty much the Internet has demanded that they get married and have tons of babies. I just have to cross the Internet spoken. Style and it yeah and then they win and bring Canada wants from the. There via our Norway leading the medal count still a 32 medals the US in I think fifth place with fourteen total medals really my favorite. In my favor Winter Olympic stories so far is and I imagine this will be true throughout the earth is this one Jimmy Kimmel talked about his show last. This but there's new doping scandal developing right now it evolves the Russians I know it's always the last ones that you expect but. Russian curler. Guy named Alexander crucial minutes he is honored to think that would do very real person. Engaged in fur alleged use of the bank and substance while curling club all the sports Conchita. The one where you sleep well I mean. Like at my house keeper started doing steroids I would. And man I get parade. Street I mean it is it the mind fairly boggles you Doug Hurley I have done I want drilling goes on is there's nothing about this particularly physically taxing their zip. You know there's his skill element to open arms now like. We did things like run and you think man I sure would have a better time with as if I was like super Jackson. Super physically capable. Now now I'm early I kinda things hunts not strong enough for the it's. Right at me nor did I have so what what they do live there curler decide you don't write about my game but. Welcome to the you'll lose the Olympics is strange but true. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. I'm 1995 the mountain it's kind of a genius idea I wiggle I don't have any girl scout children in my house why it's. It does make a whole lot of sense I think it assuming you're willing to. To to play along with this idea a couple of weeks ago grossed of the headlines by selling hundreds of boxes of cookies. From the tables she set up outside and on a dispensary. In Southern California. There was a little bit of controversy over it while the girl scouts of Colorado have spoken and they've made it official. They're completely fine with selling cookies outside. Dispensaries and what they call adult oriented businesses as long as a parent or guardian approves. It's just too great a business opportunity to pass over isn't it yeah pledges stoned people. Or soon to be stoned people coming in and out of dispensaries it's a gold. Mind you it is I feel like the other gold mines that maybe isn't tacked on an opt in college campus tennis yes. I mean yes in college somebody was selling Girl Scout Cookies in my quad didn't give me every single browser go home yeah I asked you in his corner she's here responsible amounts of money on his Girl Scout Cookies I need them that's true and I don't ever remember. C I don't ever remember seeing those ever sail and I would have paid exorbitant prices for Girl Scout Cookies class Girl Scouts if you're listening like apple CEO does scam money yes they buy ads tonic girls. Baxter raised. Look it up okay there and other business opportunity from the might of value are only now. If not trashed the oldest Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be flight Casey in the morning my neck. Five. According to a new study. Tall tall husbands. And short wives. Are they happy used and have the best marriages researchers studied almost 8000 marriages. And found the bigger the height difference with the men being taller. The happier the relationship was. But keep in mind. The effective this doesn't last forever the extra happiness actually feeds overtime at at the eighteen year mark of that marriage. That's no longer a factor so your height differential while it seems to be beneficial that the larger the height differential the better. It seems like you only get about eighteen years of them. Mileage out of that but still that's I mean you know ET here's that's some pretty good mileage. Very strange study I suppose it bodes very well for our friend in party who's on the afternoon he's like 667 or something. Really tall so that the work so well for him. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy is up for drink minimum. I'm 995. From the mountain but. Hades. Right ongoing computer challenges we've come up with a question almost impossible this morning the tickets to Colorado RV sports travel show up for grabs. Woody got for us. The real challenge this morning it's not my computer it's reading your handwriting when I think I've got a it celebrity. Fans of this include George Clooney Bruce Springsteen Toby keep and without tight end burning in the next. OK so this is resisting that all those people are known to be fans are known to be fans. A dance music just the celebrity fans there are plenty of other people sure sure and fitness and my religious liberties against Clooney Bruce Springsteen Toby Keith and burning. Deep yes OK what's what thing are the all of those celebrities fans. Let us know and the tickets are yours and Colorado are you sports and travels to 6312995. We might finale barring any. So the answer Jay was curling ever Springsteen George Clooney apparently a big fans of of curling Toby Keith. Country singer superstar in Vernon Davis from the NFL. It's I don't know where I stumbled across the fact this morning but. That's how we can mobile question almost impossible sometimes we'll do it again tomorrow at 710 here on the mountain we yup you were mentioning earlier we set up. Set a record for temperatures drop is reason enough. Or 72 degrees and forty hours I think it was yes it's crazy because it was in the seventies on Sunday. And it was negative by this morning. Or overnight. And I guess that temperatures Lang is is record breaking yeah alleged welcome to Colorado if you're new to Colorado yes this sort of thing does happen lots. Maybe not to quite that degree by its yeah. And hey I didn't say they saw. DJ I don't know where throwing things out I'm on a separate annoyed you wanna ask you. I'm still trying to figure the so when earlier this morning you were doing something in your phone. And I said done what are you doing. And you said I'm boom cooling why in my legs hurt yes. OK here's but here's my question if you don't know. Why you're if you don't have any particular idea or understanding as to why your legs hurt how in the hell is Google suppose and. I'm turning to Google for answers and turning to Google to help me think of what could have possibly happened to make my like solar. So. I went to WebMD which is a mistake because it's always cancer and went and day yes. Always. And analysts that is why you're maybe hurting and none of them seemed like they apply where the blood clots yeah. Can like neurological disorders and I just my like this are really sore from basically my Achilles tendon really sore and my calf. And then my hamstrings are super sore and normally I'd like Alia to Africa yesterday. I didn't deemed act and they were a little bit sore yesterday hill and I aide I haven't been to the gym I've been lazy and then on the Casey plan. I just been eaten foods at ground and so I don't know why. OK I guess that I could understand that part the parties I don't understand how do you expect Google to know that those who doesn't know every yes it's not easy wouldn't tell you don't want your lecture that well I still haven't stumbled a cop. But no I age as Google doesn't know. All of you help me no I don't know I don't know but I mpeg I again if you don't have a specific reason as to why they heard them I get. I'm looking for people to shout out suggestions as to what could make your legs sore and I am hoping one of them sticks and I go oh adapts Oca. I was just curious side was I did have never expo I've never taken that attacked before Waltz it Annika again normally Eagles just gonna tell you you're dying of cancer at mutilated men and arguably are going to be afraid of everything for ever it's a really bad rattled the jump on down look sometimes you get an answer to a common way that capital I can't. It's probably different past. X five year plan. As any minute by minute plan C in the morning and five mountain. Big thanks earlier you're around kind of warm hearted. Suggestions about so what could possibly be wrong with Al east legs the fact that their of their shore in I like a set I'm in I'm trying to be delicate about achieve sound she's cannot and years in hopes knows who's used to be. And though sometimes the stuff he he she's making gestures that I can tell you about right now but I'm sure that has something to do with it in any event they were very kind suggestions. I'm thank you very much marched for our lives Oprah and done Steven Spielberg have followed the lead. Of George animal Clooney and are donating pretty significant sums of money to the group formed by survivors of last week's high school shooting in park in Florida. The group plans a rally march 24 in Washington DC some big name of so ball but two big names but. Big dollars behind them march for our lives as well for Stephen Spielberg. In George animal Clooney coming up next on the resurrection jukebox is one of my favorite one hit wonders from the seventies. I really there's very little information about the band itself. Arm I couldn't find any year I've looked and looked to looked in confining your view audio from the two primary band members but I really don't think that detracts from the brilliance of the song. Just my opinion. Conscience is clear which. Is and too many. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain. The first treatment to help people to help prevent rather serious allergic reactions to peanuts. May be on the way there are a lot of a lot of people are kids lot of families impacted by this on a daily basis a company said Tuesday. That its daily capsules of peanut powder help children build tolerance. In a major study they've been testing this using daily doses of peanuts contained in a capsule. It's been sprinkled over food. As a way to prevent. Serious reactions. By gradually getting children used to very small amounts the company. Is call a based in California it's called I immune therapeutics. They said 67% of kids. Who had this experimental treatment were able to tolerate the equivalent of roughly two peanuts at the end of the study keep in mind. This is not to do this doesn't allow kids with peanut analogies to eat peanuts and that's not the end goal. Of the study research suggests that being able to tolerate at least one peanuts. You know if everybody could do that people with allergies could do that that would protect 95%. Of them. From having a significant reaction if they're exposed and in some cases and you know this can be if you if your kids a peanut allergies wouldn't you be deadly. Or is a very serious thing here is that here is the copy up and the really big warning. Don't try this at home. It's very very dangerous potentially this is in a controlled shine civic environment that they're testing this. Again the company is called to I'm immune therapeutics California based working toward hopefully minimizing the effects. Of not allergies in peanut allergies I won't put the link on the mound FaceBook page right now you check out there. In my case he's. Final thought. Now the final thought ever but of the final thoughts were on the morning meal for the most part of the morning show. The Portland press herald reported to that's Portland in Maine not Portland Oregon. Reported that soon after the Unicode consortium released. A for a proposed images of 157. New mode geez. Maine residents got very upset. At the lobster boat gene that they put out keynote mode you looks like a lobster because they had eight legs. Instead of ten. Which is actually correct he was he was it bids comically incorrect. Lobster demote chief the chief of mode gee officer. At a motion PDA guy named Jeremy bird parish wrote in a blog post on Monday. That the consortium it hurt people's complaints. And he's releasing an updated design for the lobster mode she. Alongside updates for a skateboard. And DNA emotion the lobster remotely the new one with ten legs. Is expected to be available later this year. I joke with this story in mind I just want to offer this thought. Could you imagine. What our world would look like. If people spend this kind of energy worrying about stuff that really matters like for example hunger. Homelessness child and education school safety the environment food and water security. Energy issues religious conflicts nuclear proliferation. And the list goes on and on enough. Instead we're worried about lobster remote geez let's say it's not a game they just got an important thing. Think we need to refocus I think we needed timeouts bill remained.