It's an iPain in the Neck

Tuesday, June 26th


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Mike Casey LE heart we can thus begins at least today. Are trends toward billion degrees. I know assembly 96 for a high today ninety Wednesday. We may break a record high on Thursday they're called who may be a hundred for Ohio on Thursday. We just gonna make Eagles Jimmy Buffett shell yes pretty interesting because that's hottest part of the day is that. Early me yeah evening yeah late afternoon early evening gag coarse field resents isn't cool. All the time. Now I guess that's all the more reason to stop by is the for the pre show party that Alley Broussard and notes is it Blake street tavern. Lisa get a chance to be out of the sun for a little while before you head over to yeah margaritas are nice and called in there yeah we'll teachers here for a 47. On Thursday afternoon ended the pre show party at lake street tavern. I'm coming up today you Steve for Karl founding member keyboard player from the band Toto be inching their coming to town. This summer 8:13 this morning we'll talk to steeper Karl in of course you're still throughout the course of you know from 6 AM to 6 PM. You're listening for the Harley revving sound effect. Which she's you were cute to call. 99 caller picks up a key that may start. That Harley-Davidson when he eighteen ethics BB street Bob that were given away courtesy. About literally Davison a Chrysler that's coming up to next on the mountain building that. Or or I've not even really building but creating. A better airports that's an. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to him it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains. Saga hanging around karaoke bars a lot but I feel like that's one of those songs and consistently fools people. In the karaoke world LA everybody knows the word service like Danielle can do that and it starts off. You know fairly simple to sing and then when you. He gets like I could have the song you're like oh that's right there's old ones are suffering here again through Jeanne is looking crush that signed karaoke. No one bath at the path I am yet to meet a single person I EL your program to guesstimate demeanor boy I'd love to see it's gonna be great. Journey don't stop believe in on 995 the mountain travelling particularly air travel spending time in airports that can be. Up more than a little exhausting particularly if you you know missed flights or have lay overs or anything like that and trying to sleep in those. Airport shares real wage you know whale replaced there are maybe a solution one company's trying to change that with air pod to. Sleeping pods they are private capsules style units designed to be installed in I mean they could be airports are could be. Do you train semi could be just about a shopping senator office whatever radio studio radio since his for example you swipe your card you step in. And according to this you have total privacy and comfort you have a touch screen monitor air conditioning sound reduction technology. Smart glass Friday C and mood lighting all designed to reduce stress they can even pumping there that eliminates 100% of unpleasant smells. I could the busier we get as a society are you definitely see this and the more we travel I can see is catching on my only thing is how they clean between uses either now. There's got to be some kind of way that the idea that maybe you can think maybe you can't slide your card in rent that one again until someone has come in and mine cleared the systemic clean it. That's the that's very labor intensive like if you had Phil I don't know like ten in those you have to have like a full time staff of people there of who to clean him in between uses creating jobs is my great. Welcome good way to look at it. I I mean personally this he's this I don't figures to be my thing really this is no I don't deal that situation if I could be in a small enclosed space. On a slightly noisy busy streets. It checks all the boxes I need to sleep I need no plays and really people around. And then I also need to be in a very very small space so pretty all the things that people police and that's easily to me so I can god it's really I think we gave you space under electric couch here in the on a trio. Napping on the couch in the studio in the middle of the workday would probably be the greatest sleep I got my life. Actually found their target audience root for the air sleeping pods ESCO her recruited me cauldron three things you need to know. Coming up next here on the mountain. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Yeah. Mornings when Michael JC 1995. The mountains three things you need to know this morning. Are the great thing and I think he got you know it's primary day in Colorado he's got a turning your ballot by 7 o'clock tonight pitchers turned and. I did because I vote I vote by mail. Does in advance and make sure I don't miss anything bad to Smart way to do that you can't still vote by now but you can go drop off your balance and it's any of the ballot boxes until 7 o'clock tonight he can still register to vote if you're on and registered that India today. Connie can even register unaffiliated and then choose which party you want to take a ballot for. So far more than 800000 ballots have already been returned across the state that's already broken record that was set in twenty tattoo itself lots of people are you voting but we want to make sure that we smash that record. Everybody get your ballot in tonight lots of important elections including governor. Our governor John Hickenlooper has made some statements recently that he may be considering a potential run for president in 22 money. That could be real I mean I'm I'm a fan of his personally but that to be really interesting for a number of different reasons because you have a western. Democrats. Who wishes she gave little atypical in terms of the the larger scale political skills we. Yes it seems like just so Mitt all in so many different ways one geographically in other politically and in a lot of people consider western states being conservative problems do you now that. Hickenlooper obviously very progressive. One of the first states in the country to completely legalize marijuana that futuristic. Movie he made this does this weekend at the Aspen ideas festival on so we'll see people seen anything comes of it has been rumored for very long time and then the big news this morning Harley-Davidson and is going to be moving. A lot of their manufacturing from the United States overseas and that's because of terrorists from the EU Madson trade war that was started. By terrorists initially placed by president trapped on imports coming from different countries a lot of countries now. Too scarce and seen that states Harley officials say. That the 31% tariffs that the EU enacted on Friday it would cost the company about a hundred million dollars here so they just move manufacturing it was a 22000 dollars a biker to 400 dollars a bike it's. Kind of crazy especially because we consider Harley-Davidson to be the ultimate. Married an American company yeah. And now they're going a receive. This is hair since it's one of the land I'm far from an expert but it be deemed terrorist trade war that whole thing like that's a dangerous team because you never quite know I mean you know that this is a very interdependence. A global economy into yeah start pushing certain buttons you never know what other bugs are you put. You know I'm in the stock market already seeing a bit of a change because events import in the middle of that right now no idea how to help and Chile's. Just a cut three things you need to know Delhi are with this morning. Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like five the mountain. Just after 710 question almost impossible coming up at 813 and talked to Steve the Karl. Founding member and keyboard player from the band Toto the this summer at Hudson gardens so US health regulators yesterday approved the first prescription drug very first time this has ever happened. First prescription drug made from marijuana the Food and Drug Administration approved the medication it's called at. The FB deal elect a PD Olympics. At the idea IBM pro pronouncing it wrong but it looks like appeal Lex. It treats too rare forms of epilepsy that begin in childhood. It's not quite medical marijuana because doesn't have TH C units moved so it doesn't actually get the you know you don't condone any I had only has CBD yes we just not contribute to that that's like the muscle relaxation. Exactly so you don't just see you don't get the high but you do get a lot of the other benefits and into apparently according to the FDA's been. Tested and approved for use in these two forms of child and epilepsy. I again I'm not it's not something I'm an expert in but I do I find it injure stick. There are so many on explorer to. Medical uses in considerations is because of the legal ramifications that have never really you know had been explored. Yes and am I can be it's really interesting because I think it's has a lot about the future of marijuana in our country. And sends it became recreational here obviously we've seen a business bloom and that's not sure you know and in states where it's medicinal illegals there's a lot of money to be made errors so I don't love I love her heyday yes but I think it's really interest saying that now. The FDA. Is improving theirs and pharmaceutical companies are regulating it in some way and producing ads and I think a really. Is gonna change the way that we see and use there. Inch and isn't this a big indicator of where we're going because it's kind of been a big question. Yeah absolutely and again first time Food and Drug Administration approved. The medication and we'll see like Alex and we'll see where there of where this where this road eventually go on leads. The question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like trivial it's up for treatment and 995. From the mound. Okay dig at sea alone Colorado Irish festival that Clement park coming up July 13 fourteenth and fifteenth that we got this week the question almost impossible Alley has questioned hopefully you have the answer. Well fingers crossed army doing an assault today. The average American eats 2000. Of these in a month. For me that could be a lot of. It could be its hottest things. Yeah 2000 of these that's how many the average American eats in a month. And cut 6312995. There's your question almost impossible good luck. We Mikey now he's finally getting. Just so you know today is like the last day this week it is going to be under a billion degrees in not even by that much it's gonna still be pretty good 96 for a high today is lowering for 98 tomorrow. Thursday. We may break records. Did the news is suggesting that Thursday the high will be 142 degrees. And nine inning that hard. I heard in 42 not Arizona it's not mean high aren't they say oh there'll is saying a hundred but I'm saying a 142 I'm sure you're gonna feel like that's something so you know prepare accordingly you know this you know this works. Com if you are if you find yourself well of late with. Pain they've said some pain in your neck your upper back your shoulders particularly if you're a woman and this may be a part of of a growing trend in a growing problem for you. Researchers found that 85% of tablet you know like iPad tablet users have experienced neck pain from slumping over their screens. Women were twice as likely. Is men just suffered from what they're calling iPad. Neck 70% of women in the study reported feeling discomfort after using a tablets compared to 30% of men they really if they. If they have an idea of why more women than men suffer from this they did not say. In his particular. In this particular study you know which in theory. My theory is there anatomical differences I'm not a we met and it didn't particularly in that general region that may impact the ways Childers in next work. You once told me that that particular anatomical region is why women quote throw funny. Like throw all feel like you're you're quoting me out content I put did you exactly get their government eSATA I was like excuse me what is. Odds that the research the study researchers do say it's absolutely imperative whether you're a man or woman. To have to sit with back support proper posture proper posture I say I am so latched down and like stretching every two minutes 'cause my back it's yes but it's not tab that related thing so now really to blame you somehow yes probably muscles that's what they're saying but some if you. I tell my kids this all the time to not with Tamils who with phones. Leahy I'm you guys should see the positions you contorted yourself into so you can. Looking your phone usually geared not doing any good things for your neck your back there know obviously research is right but their children and they don't listen that's what they do really Intel now says the sings like a big parenting Alan your part I think you're probably right. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Steve Miller Band regularly regularly. Or semi regularly scheduled stop in Colorado this summer fit the screen you can also always can complete concert information on the web site. 995 dimension dot com detour any team body issue from ESP in the magazine hits newsstands on Friday it's on this Friday rather. Features nude photos of fifteen athletes from a broad spectrum of sports including New York Giants rookie running back. Soo Kwon Barkley Olympic figure skater Adam respond. Houston Astros pitcher Dallas cycle. WNBA star Sue Bird embryos Stewart NFL hall of Famer Jerry Rice she probably remember from Serbs were 49ers. And 63 year old former pro golfer Greg Norman. You get really excited about this yeah when it comes out as well and I don't I mean and I'm not I'm not sitting in judgment it's it's toll phone if you do I but I'm curious as to what is so compelling about it for you. So when I love this one the pictures are done incredibly artistically and that it's not just like looking at naked people. The other thing I really like is your looking at. Functional bodies you're not looking at bodies that we've decided RI DL and you must strive to be like for no breeze and these are bodies they can. Perform physical task is better then. Any other bodies on this planet so you're seeing. How and what causes you to learn a certain way because of the activity that you do. And it's almost like an anatomical. And yeah is with some incredibly amazing people that have done incredibly amazing things just their physicality. So that's violent. Okay that while actually makes a lot of sense and you and your saying that they're there herb because of what theory able to do yes exactly and not just the way and how they when you look Boca. Carla at that makes a lot of sense like on the surface level to me it seemed like. A magazine really with the whole bunch and if you didn't. Which I wasn't seeing you know women as well. Which you know Mimi playing opportunities to sit eat on every magazine out there it's true. Our ESPN the magazine the body issue hits newsstands on Friday if you are so interstate. On another couple chances today to rev it up dig yourself a key that may start that a Harley-Davidson 2018. Ethics BB street Bob from our friends and heavily on Charlie the mount 180 coming up next as well and then barrel monkeys just after twelve minutes. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools of glass of water Smart it's like Casey on mountain.