If I Had a Billion Dollars

Wednesday, May 9th


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You know I don't know I'm not saying elect its surprise or anything but that that's still really grates on all losers later by a few I think I feel like if you write that song you just sort of put down your pen and go well whatever else happens happens you know. Our Billy Joseph piano man on 995 the mountain Billy is he's celebrating birthday today CD ST's. 69 years old. And I checked just because they knew he had the EN is our current wife and had children recently sold his. Oldest daughter Alexa with Christie Brinkley she's 32. O'clock. He's next daughter Dello rose these. Three. Hand his youngest daughter every these six months old. I mean don't most people had a 69 year age gap between themselves and their parents guy Joseph I don't know if too many people who are probably just thinks so when rebbe is Blake's seven. 140. I mean the math is is pretty simple all loud again and he'll probably still be outright Alison Victoria and I kind of the other road doing gigs as you like I've some butter couples sobbed some couple years ago now like he's doing splits on stage or anything but job. For some for Iraq and chauffeured RE 69 years old. I'm I mean just showing up in Dina Shalit be pretty great for a guy and 69 I would think so and I would imagine to some extent having kids that young preferably keeps you young maybe younger than you wanna be kept bush yeah I have to birthday Billy jewel. 69 years old today on Wednesday may ninth. Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. I think for all her people. You know those of us who live like normal financial circles like we don't have. Unlimited funds and we lake you know unlimited resources to do things with. For a lot of us we think I want to order would be like to be a billionaire yeah I think about it all the time which is led by powerball thank you. Yeah just in case yeah cool you're so this is a good example I thought this is really fascinating some number crunchers have business insider. Compared to lives of billionaires the lives of you financially average Americans. To try and figure out what it must feel like for a billionaire to make what we would consider of a really bigger extravagant purchase a crank our guys so for example. If if a trip to volley oak as 15100 dollars it's a lot of money for most of us. The average that's the equivalent to billionaire decides hey wanna go to Bali and spent 16100 dollars. That is the equivalent of you and I and everybody else spending one dollar and eleven cents on geez okay so we're just like extrapolating yeah. Yes he's got like for so first class airline Tigger from New York City to Australia. That would be equivalent of the average American spending seventeen dollars. Because what does it really cost. I don't have that number eight okay. Of that this so that lake a down payment on a 3.5 million dollar home in Malibu California the billionaire would put down 700000 dollars that'd be the equivalent of like 500 dollars congress straight so. Well I can't do 500 dollars so cool yeah afforded their site might be a whole different level for UIs thought it was interesting because it doesn't. There's such a lack of correlation there right like yeah mind is this piece. We you don't know what it feels like to spend fifty dollars and yeah yeah in all the tiny like a man this could just be chump change for billionaires and turns out there. Finally got. The dollar and eleven cents. There's that should be more charitable like started. Throwing away your equivalent of a dollar eleven on people like they could use it why can't use their people who are much more deserving than I am but I wants and. So drew different things so yeah if you wondered what the vehicle and what life looks like is a billionaire. That's kind of an overview and I think it's I think we've successfully ruin your Wednesday especially if you're under way to work oh yeah it. Why Bob nothing matters on that I have a zillion dollars on I don't even have a dollar London. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's quick Mike Casey fine 995. The failing the late British physicist Stephen Hawking has opened a lottery. Kind of a cool idea really for a thousand tickets for his service of Thanksgiving in his honor. At Westminster Abbey markings ashes are to be interred there June 15 that's the London church. Fame legendary London church between the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin which is pretty good company to spend eternity with when you think about it. Stephen Hawking is account of the mysteries of space and time black holes I think we've all heard over recent brief history of time. Even if we haven't read it. Won him international acclaim in a nod to the public. Mr. hawking foundation as I said will select 1000 applicants at random to attend those services. I take it out if your interest you know if you're going to be in London ticket applications can be made until May fifteenth so little under a week. You can do that through Stephen Hawking interment. Dot com looks like Internet if you look at rivets interment. Dot com will put the link on the on our blog although later today 995 the mountain dot com. He's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 buying. The mountain. While their bulls say this their back Socrates. Changing I think she. It. Looked him up. Oh it's under so crates. So critics. The only true wisdom consistent knowing that you know nothing. That's just do it. Yet. Let's back up yeah. Street Louis thank you so creeds Keanu Reeves and Alex winter have confirmed by better known as villains head. They've confirmed that they're back for a third bill intended movie. Well there is telling Ted's excellent adventure. And they had a blow against Jerry oh he's journeyed translator and then I was in 1991 and so it's been since then. Like I. Batted an installment of Dylan said there's a new one bill and Ted's face the music. He's in pre production the franchise creators Chris Mathisen and Ed Solomon. Written a script. The original director will direct and the loot that storyline loosely is. Odd this new movie sees bill and Ted their their middle aged men within the responsibilities. Who have yet to fulfill their destiny. So of course they set out on another time travel adventure. This time with the help of their daughters and a new crop of historical figures and some sympathetic musical us music legends. So bill and Ted's face the music installment number three they don't ever release date yet but boy there's a lot of people excited about that. I mean I think Alex winter must be the most excited about that because out of bailing Ted he really didn't do much and Keon and became Keon. Daddy's probably feels like I can you sure I can you gave us points right at this time it was just too young kid steer America nobody can now he gets to start a movie McKeon and race the Mets did they did for. Nobody knew Keon it was going to be a one named guy very soon after that came out and law he is now an availability son ends so crates all very excited sentence after its. If you lived inside concrete mixers then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. He surveyed the Veba found that people think Amazon. Has the most positive impact on society of any major tech company. Yeah top five on number five Microsoft number four FaceBook. Number three apple number two Google and number one of the of these who tech company with the most positive impact on society Amazon. That constant surprise I mean they deliver stuff. They do really well both bill and produce the socked me at ten there's not on their legged gold. Tech thing dedicated people looking up how that not on the list I'm just so confused by the world anymore maybe I'm not the only one. He recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. My PC in the morning in 1995. The mountain your member of member American pharaoh. Triple Crown winner. Retired in notes when he fifteen won the Kentucky Derby the preakness. In the Belmont Stakes he's just six year old thoroughbred he does race anymore. Are retired couple years ago and truthfully he wouldn't have time to anyway because he's he's owners sold his breeding rights. To a breeder who has American pharaoh. Being breeding let's say multiple times today for every time that he successfully. Breeds. The the owner because of the horse gets 200000 dollars since his success rate is about 80%. American pharaoh could earn up to forty million dollars a year. Three years after retiring one of his foals are sold last year for one million dollars I mean he's so he's retired. He's very young he's retired American feral is and he sits around breeding halting if you could work to bring big screen TV. You pretty much have every guys dream life there don't you. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always give 100 per so much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey bought in 1995. The mountain. You know for a lot of the eighties Robert Smith from the church I think he was like use very Mo Pete you know just doomed to rule like old time then the it's kind of sell accuse bordering on happy and that song. Then easily change factory went back to you know we've I think that's part of the reason Alan stuck up so much just like Kevin from the cure. On 995 the mountains for EM OP if you like beach vacations if that's the thing you do in the summer I guess any time of year. New study from Purdue University says. That beach vacations are bad for you. Peachtree cases of bad for you. According to this particular study all that lying around doing nothing. Leads the board amid anxiety. It makes you think about working all the things you need to do at home. So this suggests the solution is plan in action packed vacation to keep your mind and body is active as a would be your every day life. Think students study good luck her. These people they don't know out of beach. Since they've taken over his study fighters routed for everybody. Free you we shouldn't be encouraging others to accommodate people who can't disconnect it we should. Trying to teach mindful menace and being present in the moments to people who on the beach vacation can't seem to relax that's your problem that you need to be now mind exactly as I did nothing morning going on vacation and having every day scheduled for a mean yeah. I wanna that I just don't know where he's a stay at home takes place. Yeah I'm with ya I think really all they're saying here is that there are certain people amongst us and that's fine who are not geared to. Towards that kind of vacation and I think that's OK but to say that it's like bad for all of us now that's that's a whole silly statement pretty try again yeah I try my final year in this in that category with Harvard and then like what are these studies total are you know exactly where boy we're believers in the university of it sounds like your problem that's at that universe I must say here drink beer all day by the beach and it's you are probably the strength back there. In my case he's. Final thought. So it's Wednesday it's the middle of the work week and I got to thinking about Saddam solos. Brees is you can you hear around the office all the time the ones that are always do for yearly meetings things like com. Giving a 110%. Thinking outside the box. Things like that heavy lifting throw them under the bus. Pushing the envelope a win win situations. Senior G low hanging fruit take it to the next level. Blues guys to all those things that words they still mean anything anymore because you'll trot them out endlessly in meeting like they actually mean something. So with that in mind any time anybody says anyone of those things around you today. Give a 110% thing outside the box you look I give you permission to just leave work for the rest of the day and get paid. OK so you just did say one of those things. That's you know 110% today you do walk out the door. Doing using twice about you get paid for the rest today if your boss has a problem with that have them call me. But I it's my little gift to you for a Wednesday. Mountain had brush. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US foreign or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.