How Much is Happiness?

Wednesday, January 3rd


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995 amounts in Wednesday morning tally Hart with Mike Casey to and I realized we're all still. Broncos fans are still sort of I think we acknowledged awhile ago that the Broncos are working to make the playoffs yeah we're we're all still sort of looking for. Something did tide us over a little bit until we choose. In the offseason right yeah and tell madrassa to I think to kind of interesting footnotes on the broncos' front won the the fifteen finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class which when he teamed. Two former Broncos on that list on both safeties Brian Dawkins John Lynch so that's kind of cool for Randy Moss Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher. A bunch other guys potentially. On the list to be inducted five finalists are chosen and then into the that list is. Whittled down from there than we get to five finalists eventually you will be. I if they get 80% approval will be tried next artist in Kenton a little bit closer to home. Are you said people have been actually been asking you. Sports authority fields was the size coming down. I mean my high is just such. A huge attraction at that we kind of forget it now. Because we live here yet because treatment and I'm in the Broncos are our team that. In yeah they're like a legacy teen people have been so into the Broncos for so long when we have people come visit their. Where's mile high right out. Under the stern who live there well aides did sports authority field at mile high those signs are supposed to come down. In the next seven to ten days there are as you might imagine still some events on the schedule. That have. Ticketing and marketing information that still has the name on its yes but he will be coming off the stadium the next seven to ten days. This is zone Broncos CEO Joseph Ellis from a press conference yesterday they think thirteen seasons left on our. On our lease like to wrap up the naming rights deal and then extend that. Because the Broncos are gone anywhere think Joseph was this good for him to point that out Broncos aren't going anywhere they're saying that by the beginning of the next season. The expectation would be that there we need to be a temporary name. Or there would be new corporate partner hopefully in place by the beginning of the next season. Yes I think it would be I I now does make any business sense that I think could be cool I don't like cling teams take over the name of the stadium and it's not a corporate sponsor yet just because it sounds better I mean sports authority field at mile high them that's a mouthful yeah I light when the bills where Ralph Wilson Stadium just named after the owner. I I think it's kinda cool. I these two and I'm old enough that I remember one. All stadiums were we're like. If they didn't didn't have 100 sponsor this whatsoever I'll take an old saying is I imagine we're probably not heading back in that direction they say I you know you never know how much of this is true but they say that the majority of that revenue that they get from the naming rights. Goes to. Building maintenance and you know it's very expensive undertake. Oh it makes total business sense to have a corporate sponsor and I get YEY. Stadiums studio. I just personally prefer it not to beat yourself yet know I'm I'm with you plus the consistency it's one was the only was Mile High Stadium for what forty years officials still is Colo really everyone else in my high yet in it's changed I think two or three times since we sort of the corridors Invesco Field mile high he had. Sports through feel tomorrow it's hard to keep try and it's just go mile high small pony up to twenty million. Real now I don't have anywhere cocoon and if you have to finally met and I gonna start video conference impassioned accusatory bucks it's going to. Mike feces coming up have you on 95 the mountain. I how much money does it takes to be happy how much money yet to have in the bank to be happy. According to researchers at Harvard University giving guests 2018. Dollars no. That's that's a step in the right direction now. Eight million. If you need it it's getting hanging out not liking. In other things keeping in mind this was as it is the study was at Harvard University this was a study of millionaires. Which kind of skews the results obviously but that apparently for those who who qualify I would say is exceptionally wealthy. That is the number eight Ella billionaires who were worth more than eight million dollars. Rated themselves as happier than those who for example we had six million dollars it's unclear as to why this is the tipping point. That could be. The the point where your your head of most of your peers if you have eight million dollars as opposed to like six million or they also theorized that may be that's the number. Where most people feel like OK even I think things went totally crappy in sideways yeah I I would still there would still be money left. If you have eight million dollars you probably can't live some lavish extravaganza. Life went money is never going to be an issue for yeah. I gonna have to worry about things provided the live within your means which is is it's a lot of means to live a ton of means. But if you want to thank you can probably the thing yeah I did you're not. You know gone bonkers on barker and private jets and stuff like that eight million dollars and it and I've heard you know people have said. You know more money more problems things I would yeah it would sure be nice isn't really Smart people and spend my money problems. I think you which bitterness to try wooden does. Like. Just received what it would be a way really problem free right now and I definitely have no money so I'll pray so why I tried that way even to problems just stay the same team outright more money in town I'm inclined to agree with your I'm not saying money solves all problems but having him. Dollars later rounds. Seems like it might take the sting out of a few of them I need help so. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work at so. Mike Casey in the morning on 99. The mountain. Later this month Jack in the Box food restaurants in California will be rolling out check this out munching meals. The film specifically. First donors to the burger chain Jack in the Box teaming up. With rappers snoop dog's Mary Jane web sites. When there's a partnership rate to offer them a merry month she meal what's in that you may ask yourself. Have curly Fries half onion rings. As well as talk rose five media insurer rose three crispy chicken strips and a drink and all of this will set you back. The merry month she meal will set you back. You could probably or receive common. Four dollars and twenty cents that's rate for twenty for the merry month she mile at Jack in the Box. That seems like possibly worth the trip to California in and of itself just to say the had one of those. And you bod fast food from a place that has partnered with Snoop Dogg it's a completely different world than the one I envisioned probably just even ten years ago. On an am not not necessarily in a badly either. In a different way not necessarily a better way. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. On 1995 the night. Are we got some tickets to the international sportsman's expo which kicks off on the eleventh that's. Hear from you at the power convention center. Runs through Sunday the fourteenth one of the great events of the early season we've got tickets for you to stay dancer. Alex. Question. A question almost upon us yet if this is so almost impossible. 36%. Of Americans admit that they've done dance in the past year. That's not an all open and did well now another not like you're right that some things that. 36% of Americans if it was done this in the past year but okay but did get some guesses go do it. Like six through woods you know I know bug question goes to Voss. We might finale like. What are we talking about more about it out. I yeah. Yes I think a little bit more specific like with a specific purpose not just like randomly. Cussing somebody out but. Latest specific person. You know let slip a team leader. And since they're saying about our press it. Oh liter. And 36% in Canada. I don't this visa but you had a more like. Us how to say it without totally given its U. I'll be talking on television to this percent. Lot out. This is somebody you would have more business relationship with and huge bounce. When Bob broke the so that that probably happens more. During this time of year. I guess in some ways then now it's time of this is who aren't words. Do. You use of those Casilla legged customer service person yelling at a at a customer service person all right. Yeah I would think suits and guys but it doesn't matter because you got it and you won it's it is that the international sportsman's decks below. What's your name. Out. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him. He's my GC on medi guy but the mountain. Kind of a nice job story to end the football season in some ways is which I knew we talked about yesterday the Cincinnati Bengals. Big oil against the Baltimore Ravens kind of in the last me into the game. Which launched the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Which ended the longest playoff drought in professional American sports in the four major sports bills fans of course celebrated probably still celebrating at this point. Plenty of bills fans are showing their appreciation for the Bengals and their win. By donating money to the charity founded by Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and his wife Jordan. He was obviously instrumental in that victory and now fans of Buffalo Bills fans. Are collectively I'm getting together and not collectively and individually. In some cases seventeen dollar donations ending the seventeen year playoff drought for the bills. I'm donating seventeen dollars a piece to the Indian Jordan Dalton foundation was helps which helps families of seriously ill. And disabled children Andy doll for his part realized what was happening and sent a message of thanks on Twitter. If you are bill's fairy just like the story. You just wanna help out the Indian Jordan dulled foundation. Why not good timing here to do that right we'll have a link for that on our blog a little bit later this morning. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might TC ID advise them out. Our big news in the world music today and yesterday today. On the publisher of songs by Tom Petty. And the doors and Stevie Nicks and Neil young and Weezer amongst others has filed a massive copyright lawsuit against Spotify. The young streaming service weeks in publishing. Claims that Spotify is using songs found in the company's catalog without the necessary licenses or compensation. And that more than twenty percentage. Of the company's streaming catalog is 12% of Spotify streaming catalog. Is without a license weeks and is seeking at one point six billion dollars. And an injunction. Which would legally require Spotify. To develop quote develop and implement procedures for identifying. And properly licensing songs. On the most recent one that I could find the most recent valuation. Of Spotify. Was it like between sixteen and nineteen billion dollars so one point six billion dollar. I'm suit within its roughly 10%. Of the company. Right so if that word of two foot come through I have that be breezy naming game changer I would think I don't know all the ins and outs of this I will just tell you would have very. Broad sense. Music licensing and publishing and royalties. Extremely tricky business extremely treat you business there're people who have dedicated their entire legal careers did that and that alone. And I will tell you at least in the time that I've observed it again I'm not an expert but at least in the time that I've observed it's. These things almost always. Almost always end up in favor of the publisher. Song right holder administrator. And not the not the way in this case that's a broadcaster or streamer whatever you wanna call Spotify so this could be. It's early stages there one point six billion dollar deal against a sixteen billion dollar company that could be a big deal. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using this morning as we like DC and 995. On if your one of those people who this this would actually applied to you and Greg particularly this year. Of course there are a lot of jokes about a miserable marry people are the truth is apparently quite the opposite according to an international survey. Is revealed that married people are happier. And more satisfied with life than their single counterparts and that happiness is even greater. When marry people consider their spouse to be their best friends are according to this if we were to extrapolate from this. You in in the in the last four almost five months I've got exponentially. Happier. Just five months ago holy even why I did something felt different that now you know it's because you're happier and it's and you know because sooner or later you guys will actually pay off. The cost of having the wedding and yeah really be happy. Yes that'll be later not CNN now well until I get any million dollars and then I'm happy as well. That's right from the story early actually is a lot of happiness or receipt eight million needed B. I'm married your best friend and having a million dollars that's what it comes down easy easy piece the healing can do that's right when you very densely yourself can be a million an academic half of aspect that's a good two good apps though I'll take it. My GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when self inevitably falls out. While not he already has another taco Mike TC in the morning on 995. The mountain.