The Holiday Sweat(y) Shirt

Wednesday, December 13th


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Great song smithereens from all the ladies of girl like you on 995 the mountain sad news in the world of foes smithereens in their fans of lead singer and main solar pat denies yo. Passed away earlier this week at the age of 62 defended the band listed and I was on the FaceBook page. They there was no cause of death or anything listed the you'd. Had some health problems. In the recent past but Tom a really interesting guy and adjusting band and might seek. Audit these guys it all they've done like pat denies it was a garbage man for awhile you know like these were not like. Rock and roll royalty kind of Pulitzer I was filling key sort of willed that band into existence you know it'd be like he'd just. Four states had to be big enough that they can make a living doing it and I was so efficient and better jobs are creepy and so rest in peace path and I see a 62. Lead singer and songwriter for The Smithereens Wednesday morning Mike Casey Allah cart we got received big news in the world of on politics. Out of the state of Alabama for the first time in I believe it's over 25 years. A Democrat will represent the state of Alabama in the United States senate's. Doug Jones is should the guy you're stuck. For. But you know. And you have all heard me say this at one point or another this campaign. I have always believe. That the people of I had more in common than divide us. OK so Doug Jones Tom wins although Roy Moore has a judge Roy Moore has not conceded. I believe he said something to be effective we need to wait on god and let the whole process play outs I believe god Sid nope we're good. Yeah good we don't we don't need to wait a B word good numbers also said no or yes all our bread yes. Also the way math works yeah said no we're good so big deal you and I talked about this couple days to have a good friend from college. Who is actually teacher professor at the University of Alabama he's originally from Seattle so he politically out of his element being in the state of Alabama. And when I talked to the couple weeks ago. He said I gotta tell you said it's him. I know what you're hearing outside of Alabama. What I'm hearing inside as the lake Roy Moore still gonna win this in a landslide. That was his take from the inside and show when I woke up and saw the results of I was like wow that threw them a shocker in. I was always surprised as I was preparing myself for the whole. Okay yet again and we've decided it's in now allegations about sexual misconduct dole manner and for some people don't matters what you political party yes examples exactly so it was found. It was really surprising and then suddenly I was like oh my gosh I know nothing about Doug Jones other than eat. Didn't potentially. You know assault people yes Hulk and that he doesn't have an amazingly low profile yeah producers just wanna see. And learning about him I think is a really great thing on he has he has worked on line with. He's he's not serve children's yet all right yes absolutely so and so that I found really interesting because immediately even though we're not. We're gonna Alabama rap from Alabama it's going to be a responsibility to nowhere. Senator slide a little that they believe then you think your impact government for all of us speed. Particularly close is the emergency room in the senate race you know it's so big deal so congratulations to Doug Jones I don't know you know judge Moore I think you can go ahead and concede the six foot yeah. In I think and I think we're all we've. Dotted all the guys across all that she's put whatever you do on your time diplomat. Mike feces coming up to reveal my 1995. The mountain. Well I alienated too bluntly two decades after they were first eligible for induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. The Moody Blues are finally going in the hall of fame made their inductees Lewis for the class of 2018 official. Just abuzz about Tony Moore a little more than twenty minutes ago Moody Blues on the list I think there are a lot of Moody Blues fans out there is sued finally. Finally also on the list Nina Simone the Carter's. Bon Jovi both of whom have been there were on the ballot at least once before this the cars and Bon Jovi who Darian. And dire straits opinion this moment cars Bon Jovi Moody Blues in dire straits they're all in no. This time around she won't do the whole list but you're ridge makes no Depeche Mode Kate Bush. Jewish priest. Also the zombies and now he's in it not me now exists hair I'd known I feel while we talked about before I feel like. I feel like zombies are more than deserving as are some of these other artist but I feel like particularly in that. British invasion is that like their the zombies deserve to be and I think so too especially. When you're moving along progressively through rock and roll of who's being inducted like okay we're kind of in the eighties right now. Shouldn't we go back yet our people back here are not running guys play Edwards is an hour to bring in the Moody Blues their first it was like 1965. Yeah. Though it seems clearly there's been some things overlooked. Exactly it seems like they should be a little more chronological. That they might I don't think the third lash out though I think the zombies might have at least have one more after this is their nominee last year and this year correct OK so one more shot for them. Again Nina Simone the cars by Joey Dooley blues in dire straits oregonians can gradually die so that's that's my GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. It was self inevitably fall. While Lott he already has another taco Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Hackers out there check this show this bad news for a holiday toy prices hackers out there have developed. What they're now calling grinch bots viewer of mr. grinch spots that aura causing some trouble online by driving up toy prices apparently what these. These bus Tuesday scour online retailers. And automatically buy up all the most popular toys of the season then they turn around and sell them with a hefty markup of course. On third party sites like Amazon and eBay so demand goes up price goes up and then these cameras profit by showing their inventory at high prices thereby. Cheating Christmas shoppers and essentially being hence the name degree in spots you know a latter day technological. Grinch. And like the original grinch they're also mean once I'm that's not sin is not gonna put you doing here is nice list if you do things like that keep that in mind as your. Holiday shopping this year it's like Chevy its portrait in. I'm 395 and amount. Okay is always on T you know don't don't don't completely yours for a seizure grief here. Maybe one living from listen the last thirty days if you give somebody else shot. Perfect question almost impossible. Obviously Ford back to see Star Wars the last Jett died and you'll be answered doing Tony 500 dollars from the Colorado lottery switcher win wealth. I question you got the kids today. This is a fun one. The average human spends two weeks of their life. Doing business and its cumulative. It's not like your spending two weeks that follow it and I'll never do it again exactly so throughout your lifetime the average human spends two weeks doing dance. Okay you think you don't. Then let us know 6312995. Question almost impossible. We might now a minority. Hard question this morning average you can spend two weeks doing this in their lifetime we're talking about. Security and as a matter of facts how did you know that it's eroded and I'm married him somewhere what what met where you like reading. It'll adolescent at a doctor's offices in the through magazines one dominate I. Read that. Boca I was they have maybe there's like you kissing magazine I didn't know about because that seems like and you're gonna subscribe to this seems to agree Agassi yeah one hour. Well congratulations man you got it was against Jerry. Great doubt Gerry question almost a Basel is going to be back tomorrow and on Friday just a little after seven right and he ninth time amount. Hi Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey morning's four and 995. The mountain. Apparently there's I didn't realize this but there's a a debate going on I believe it's largely on social media. About a particular movie. And whether or not speed qualifies as a Christmas movie. Just to see how. How quickly you're able to identify it let me just play this little clip from the movie and see if you and it is a accurate. For a security card on. Sorry hung drone gets it to go for double check the scores can really change. Choreographed. It's the among the women are not. Being arranged. Through the years. You know my movement where you are. Bankrupt such extra. It's always kind of partial Roy Rogers and actually. We like them sequined shirts. I Angela look at nutrition news pretty quick well immediately. And Alan recommends licensed to sell. Sell identifiable. As he's Bruce Willis the two of them together the original die hard movie which came out in ladies sometime in any yes so the debate apparently is is diehard Christmas movie that. I was sorry if I did earlier ending the devoted thirteen 13% of deep only 13% of people agree with few. 87% disagree and say that it's not we sagged yet. Because when you say. Christmas movie. You think in a lot of us I think if you think in the traditional sense of you know all. Like L for it's a wonderful lie a fur pay you or whatever it is it's easy you know that movie to have that. Christmas spirit kind of coursing throughout a they'll die hard takes place on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve Christmas Eve wrapped around her but it. But in that sense it's not really traditional Chris I I. Argued they die hard is just as much a Christmas movie as home alone it's because you have the whole blank. Broken family getting back he did add that. Aaron Michael unity at Christmas because we love each other plus you know trying to thwart that. Okay I see no I never really think of homeowners Christmas movie I'll pull Maloney is hands down some critics and basically anything that hasn't jingle bell in it you really close to a prison now it takes place ads Christmas you could make the arguments that it's a Christmas of me. Oca I think a die hard has enough elements to be considered a Christmas Eve plus it's an action movie blades. Ellison knee just little market Christmas genders. Are very. There why agree in any in the process of talking about this it occurs to me I think all my kids are old enough. Now that I could pass that office Christmas movie and they can all watch it together good enough in there that. I've by wooden. Kids see that when they were when their young there I get that I think Dell and ties madness in fewer kids are gonna watch die hard they also have to watch my crest its eggs. O'Leary's Electra yeah solace can be tough sell I try to get to do that a couple of years ago ordered Bradley used blue note due may get like if you watch like Christmas Day in you can watch Steinhardt. Boca. Reward system here are things hips. Yeah quid pro quo while I digits yet DJIA. Should win Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art in music. Mike Casey does it he's drunk and passed to leave the hardware store this morning with Mike DC four and 99 clubs the mountain. 752. Right now on the mountain congratulations to. Late night TV host James cordon and he's wife jewels and their family. Harry styles from Reno recently from one direction stepped in really at the last minute to fill in for James cordon last night because is his wife is pregnant. And from the birth happened like thirty myths before showtime so fortunately Mary Stiles was there to cover things for James Gordon periods. Access some great news. So this is very exciting just half an hour ago. James and his wife Joe's had a beautiful baby go. In fact I was just the house but so four right. Came to fill in and and she looks a lot like jags. I'm mainly because James. Looks like a giant banks. Because he serve doesn't like to join a preview of congratulations to record Finley and well done Harry styles for stepping up at the last minute there. So all generally by not being good in most things might KC and boy when you think about it a whole lot has changed in the world of Twitter and just the lasts. What couple weeks couple months. Would jump from 140 character limit to 200 new eighty characters and now as if that weren't enough. Twitter announced yesterday that they have a they're calling it a thread feature I would call it tweet storm feature but. It allows you to type multiple entries on Twitter into a thread. And then post them all at once right so if your Twitter user you know now that that can be a little cumbersome. Because if you you know if there's an idea that carries over across several tweets you have to tweak one ounce. And then it might be a couple minutes before you can post the second part of the threat in the third part or whatever and then it becomes more cumbersome to read and respond to a seder it's that are show. Twitter has adapted this news thread feature is aimed at people who post multi tweet threads. And then no longer have to do one of the time and then it replies to at a subsequent thought so a big move forward some people say. And I get it I get the point it's just a mean. Part of what was appealing about Twitter was the limited you know limited character in the beads gate four GB condense your thoughts. Before sending them out it seems like we're moving away from that and I guess if that's what people want then so be it. But doubling the character limit and then this thread thing. I don't know I mean I can think of at least one person to be really excited about this one in Washington DC. I don't know about them the rest of speaking of Twitter you can follow us on Twitter at 995 the mountain. At Mike Casey 24 for how hard week at her was. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney its image might actually see my 99 by. The mountain. I finally I've thought about it on and off for last couple weeks. And I think I know how would this is gonna ruin it by. I think I have the perfect Christmas gift for you all really yes you are ready for this and there is clearly there's no substitute for an ugly Christmas sweater. But one company's trying to do some different this year with special switcher it's. Then actually look like you're sweating. So look like your prescribed but wait there's more. The sweat shirts have sweat stains like you just came back from the gym blacks. The sweat stains Arian holiday shapes like Christmas trees and gingerbread bred people. And so it's kinda gross but kind of hilarious at the same time I may only gas and I really feel like this tees could be the perfect gift for you. Well many beat them really the only thing you need to get me is like at Christmas trees stand sold because Iceland's. Star or not it's always have pit stains that golf from my close to my rib cage I don't know if you were bigger their body drop out yet why I might as well saying Burlington CS. So yeah I mean maybe you may be that instead just to break its. Sasser and you can make your road dealing do yourself idea why would you like. So this will allow you are your Blake release artistic it up a little bit busted it up yeah I mean I can't control this money. You muzzled or something with it exactly like your idea better plus it's cheaper to which are eligible cheap out on my Christmas present thanks a lot you know allow you. The creative space to make Ichiro all that up for mistakes binge like that. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. So there's someone on your holiday list for Christmas list Tuesday cat lover and don't wine lover. Boy oh boy have I got the idea for you cat lovers will never have to drink alone thanks to. Cat wines Colorado based on Apollo peak. Now offers tax Byrd name. He know me now. And white Chippendale. Yes very funny. If you wanna go a little further away from home the pet loitering in Fort Myers, Florida has bottles of me als link Emeril so they have meow in Shan dole. Don't worry your cat woman actually get tips himself just watered down catnip both companies are offering dog like nations as well the again the Colorado based company. Is Apollo peak I. All I can say is it takes a tremendous amount of passion to dedicate your life to chat line so. We salute shooter down that quarter. This just isn't as bad as people say it's much much much worse mornings when Mike GAC 199 lives. The mountain.