A Holiday of Sorts

Friday, April 20th


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Our Mike Casey LE Hardwicke I guess the big it big sports news people always get really really excited about. The broncos' schedule coming out yeah it likes. I was I don't know like I never. I don't know I never put that much stock until I mean you know they're gonna play you know half their games because there inflated division rivals twice. Yes but you don't know when syndrome we knew who they where playing Regis did you know a black. Rights. Broncos so they opened at home against Seattle no I've been inching game looking at the rest is scheduled dissident like quick glance. It doesn't look like an overly mean to steal leisure suit common they're usually tough. Com Arizona Cardinals LE rams. Other than that I mean they ended division you know the readers admitted to the division games can be tough to but it didn't look like an overwhelming Lego men. Yeah I mean and last year. We got to look at the schedule like feeling and it was like and is going to be great season and Erica yeah. But this thing that really confused me. The Broncos had to chair a schedule or not scheduled terrible season yes it just was raft. So now they're still getting all of the late games and all of the night games only the good primetime games. And I inside getting up at 930 to go watch the bills played eleven and inferred all and now I know they would like wearing different time zones and yes I mean. And Irish must be punished ramming a bad season by getting bad times for your cane. That's a good question I think that I think they ECB. More. True than it is now there's a little less. Teams are Lou I think generally speaking a little less consistent year two years than they used to be so it's not completely and usual. To have you know like the Broncos who rule computers rather have a horrible year last year yeah is used to be like if you were good. You know you were you you were at a good streak for six traitor ten years ounce I don't know I don't know how the league does it. Anymore but I feel your frustrated I I find it very frustrating. We've got one night game. To watch for the team that I support it's against Don team that everybody. Yet to look at it this way you get to have an excuse to be down load those having cocktails will ignited there I saw Dave. Actually looking at I'm gonna have some rough son is especially because now I can do a lot like a bill seems never going to. I count Terry Denver game like I'm never gonna have to she is so and I always get to watch spot because they're never going to be on the same time it's going to be many as a way and I just kind of wished Blake he now I'd be its fondest wish to primetime yet I bats. I'll take your word for. Yeah it's pretty great or Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like five the mountain armed does that work of workplace study. And I'm I'd I'm knocking him. I don't want you implied and I'm asking you like speak for all women everywhere but at this struck me is intersect. According to a new study. Women are treated most rudely in the workplace. By other wind. University of Arizona professor Allison Gabriel who was are part of the study should we found consistent evidence. That women reported higher levels of incivility from other women. Then their male counterparts in other words women are Ruder to each other than there are two men or than men are two women. I realize in BP you know were were were any or at least hopefully you know post me too world and we've talked about. Men and women in the work place in society as a whole I realize we're talking to being in polite to each other. That's not the same thing is predatory behavior I'm I'm not equating those towns now they're not the same thing but I do. It does seem like an interesting footnote in that we have spent a lot of time particularly in the last year and rightfully so talking about. How men and women interact. And each everything from do you know pay gaps in all these other things. We'd we don't often talk about this that at least from a statistical standpoint appears to be there's appears recent hackers are doing Whitman told treat each other. Well know all of the workplace and I don't get that some thing that I think can apply its used so many different things that absolutely applies to acts. The idea that more for somebody else means less for you it's not a real. And I think women tend to feel like more success for another woman woman in the workplace means less lasting and me pray. That's not true turtle we can be nice to each other we can support each other Arab man woman doesn't matter. And and original sixty to get it's not like you're taking only something from yourself buying foraging or giving to an. Net and applies across the board in so many different scenarios yes this is a big one and that women need to remember often we're not competition and we can we can all just get along unless you know she's terrible and. Haystack well okay that's a really good point and I would also say. There is problem predict the wings are about the workplace. There is even more value to two solidarity. Rice YouTube to being advocates. For you chose to be in nineteen in the workplace well yeah and you know a direct competition or or again incivility are being rude to have other people you know. Yeah and listen this study doesn't surprise me but it. But we should change let's get on the path probably last year fellow female color yes let's fix that or do have a. Happy days so well I'll just try to do I it's not just not in this room now. Yeah gasoline to Mary few minor to an island and same regional yeah. Well okay that's true that's true I'll just I'll fight Iranians around the office to be nice to entity that is an estimate of the phone. And asking a whole lot and a lot. Before you criticize you should walk a mile and issues. You're a mile away and have issues welcome. Like TC on 99 the mountain. Time magazine released their annual time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. I think probably some pretty of some some on surprising. Choices but maybe a couple surprises as well president Donald Trump makes the list Prince Harry. Mega Markel. Sean Hannity and Sharon had he. Not the registry is influential news a lot of time to Mecca but job Sean Hannity Robert Mueller Kim Jong-un the party. CEO site in the Della. Water will Justin Trudeau football player JJ watt and the actually the youngest person ever. To grace the list of the 100 most influential people in the world fourteen year old. Billy Bobby Brown who plays eleven on the show stranger things if you've seen that so out of the death of big feather in her cap. I would say there will be out six different covers cover versions of the issue. They hit newsstands today if you're kind of you know often collect that sort of thing in a big day for you. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor readiness. Question almost impossible with Mikey now he's. Heart disease showed at least for this week your last chance to engine gas to get tickets he's coming Budweiser events center in June now we've got to question. Answer correctly tickets here. A penny hi nearly 60%. Of people believe that this will cease to make things within their lifetime. That's life that's what have come together so that's a decent that's a decent person I. I'm right and part of this 60% nearly 60% of people believe that this will cease to exist in their lifetime. Art Richard we're talking about 6312995. There's your question. We might finale like. Great nearly 60% of people believe that this will cease and desist yeah. Lifetimes and why couldn't beat. Good morning Alley I guess it's going to be money. Paper money. God yeah. We are leg mirror way to resolve a little more specific cash is what we're looking for paper money. Certainly qualifies. You of the age of the generation of somebody who actually believes in. Carrying cash or you like Hardwicke who's literally never had national talk in her entire life. I don't I've been married for thirty years so actually my clock it is not a thing I'm used. And amplifier or evict AV if you have it it just passes through your pocket very briefly. Yet that you want and out the other. Really really Datsyuk well congratulations may have we got tickets to see Jim Def begin for you what's your name. That's off my loves give you on it. I think Robert. Our Robert way to go you were victorious in question almost impossible today we will do this again now picking up Monday morning at 710 right here on 995. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. I don't forget realize today's for joining so everybody's like. Are we doing Roland a blonde snide to Canada the nub don't forget a little down. My job as devils lead is so embarrassing. For him. Don't forget the haves and predators game five tonight so don't kill Leo big dove and missed the game and forget about that 731. Right now forget measuring cups and scales. Danish dietitian is created what is being called the simplest die in the world her name is Susie Wendell. Dietitian and CEO will Biotech companies wrote a book called the scheme he sensed diet which is based on this simple approach. Each meal should consist of four handfuls. One painful approaching one in full of cards to of vegetables. So there's your four pimples and a spoonful of that. No counting no logging no measuring it you just use your Paul your hand to determine how much to eat she's Ewing says you must eighty pounds in ten months. Following his die and is kept the weight off since she estimates the obviously is going to be view variance based on the size your hands but. She estimates that the handful playing translates. To about 15100 calories a day for women 2000 for men. Obviously do the break approaching carved vegetables. And a little bit of fat that's her approach this was in business insider this morning. It looks like an inch or staying. Idea and and simple I think a lot of people say William has sort of timed it. Do all that serve so that part I gat but I look through this extensively. And there is no painful not shows there's knowing full of beer there's no meaningful pizza. So there on those fronts it totally loses me. I would maybe you can stick to the four handfuls but just change template Senna. Legs are just going ample pizza a handful of be careful not Joseph and mandolin solicitor Mary Poppins and it's signs. That's greats. He's gone without Doug your red dead that's pretty good okay that's Mike Casey variation of this candy since died but Tom it is it's interesting if that's a new look into up. Posted on Nara blog little bit later this morning. He recently that we lost was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning and 99 plus the mountain if you are on an NCAA basketball fan if your March Madness term and fanned the and you're also a fan of of. Beer beer and wine. Well I guess this'll be exciting news for you know I mean you probably know that prior to you know prior to next year I should say. You can get beer or one or anything you know any alcohol. At NCAA events however. The NCAA is listed that van Buren one will be served during the bar can be server should say during the March Madness term in next year. They tested the new guidelines during the college World Series in the football championship game. And at least according to these young very small sample size. There we do every incidence than any issue in our call related issues and because there were so few problems. The NCAA feels comfortable listing of the being completely which apparently will start next year for the March Madness tournament. Hopefully the trend of nothing but you know going wrong happens because continues to you know continues to stay that way because of you put a bunch of people in this day the I mean it's like it's no different than professional sports right. It seems to mostly be okay there so anyway your fan ever NCAA basketball than your fair beer and there should be excited about that next year. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always skip 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might JC Bowen and 895. The mountain. Today for twenty you have people number. Pot smoker holiday for a lot of people with that in mind. The folks of Walt put together their list of the Stoner snacks I'm not passing judgment you just take this with you today if you Wi fi you should happen to meet at number ten. On top Roman. Nine gummy worms ate pizza rolls public speaking of the things on this list view and pretty much all the and so far seven under Rios six she goes. Five combos to they still make those those like little pretzel peanut butter. Even another round and we're combos number five. Onions at number four. Not just onions Californians. Are chuck Richard good he's number three. Ben and Jerry's half baked ice cream at number two. And number one topping the list for the ultimate Stoner snacks munchies. Snacks mix our snack mix other notables include. Lunch rubles cookie dough twinkies. Or Rios goldfish crackers and pop tarts yeah I'd say that pretty much sums up. The ultimate Stoner snack list there. Short little wants cash and that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 995 the mountain. David beau Leo no valid Friday from the diamond dogs album and rebel rebel on 99. Five the mountain I think. You're going to be bombed its own you miss this because it was kind of cool little collectors thing I just shot this morning I was told you about before now. You know the metro cards the electronic tokens used to write on this New York City so why. There are David Bowe he metro cards really zero view here by. All the line at the Broadway Lafayette station which was she used it earlier this week was turned into attribute slash exhibit today vote he lived just a couple blocks away from there. There was a line around the door and up the street and it only cost you 75 deride the subway but they have these David Bo we collect your. Metro cards five different ones that they did you know that they were issuing in honor of a David voting in this exhibit. As you might imagine a whole bunch people snapped him up and are now selling on eBay for 23400. Dollars a panel I love belly that I'm not. And I I would so they're pretty cool look at though should check won't will put of our blog later today. There this is all the celebration of the vote exhibit across the river from Manhattan at the Brooklyn Museum. On the cards are pretty cool look and RV five we if you don't find live to New York City you know what I definitely would do and I can head out there just to get. Now and you're right I'm also gonna pay my 300 dollars on eBay for the full senate is got a cool it is really. That's very very call. Might chase he's. Final thought. Just very out of love England today. Driver their thirty year old single mother arrived for work. Park your car and apparently accidentally. Didn't realize it she parked in front of the heat. Of some kind or maybe she just couldn't find another spot just as soon put in front gate so she comes back to her car. A little later that day the car's covered in baked beans for one thing is completely covered in baked beans vision note on the windshield that says. This is not a parking space people need regular access to these back gates. And your stopping them. There are clearly sides on both gates indicating that access is needed and not to park there. It advised if you want a proper parking space. Wake up earlier. The woman says she didn't block the gate and sensitive employee told her she was allowed to park there I would like to point now. That this is one of the main reasons that we had to split from England's all those years ago. If somebody blocks like your Gator your drive away and that's the best you can do is have like a sort of polite note include baked beans on their car. That's three weeks. That's not the American way the American way involves like slashing tires. Breaking windows. You know I don't know calling lawn for something with a semi polite no big piece this is what I've had split from mothering. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings when Mike Casey my 99 plus the mountain.