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Thursday, November 16th


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Mike UCLA heart wake I've got to say. Right from the gecko I'm old. I'm a little disappointed it seems that you premium baked goods or anything like what happened what. Would have been with Martha Stewart's test kitchen over in the highlands is Martha and needed a day off shore the governor and to. The criticism that her take days off yes she dies she just two films are stuck in advance. I I my day got away from me and I prioritize going to the jam Alter making you more. Hang. I don't. I know I had to make up for it might doubles now he's in wow very selfish decision on your part although I again I understand because it cost up to it's you've lynch who put up with. Three things every day and now it's not like anything that Blake three things every day for additional some talent but it's an aide I just didn't have time to experiment. To test kitchen just wasn't yeah out but I do do you think final and I wanna try next okay. Don't don't don't Telus route look who can. Looking forward to the exciting possibilities OK and that's. I was kidding about being disappointed actually I think are a little. 80% getting to 20% of the Israelis there's nothing here that's for. Mike feces coming up with a view on 95. The mountain. I don't again it depends on your perspective. It's either good news or bad news I think I got a new gig lined up a consensus. Maybe depends on what the other one line help you don't get so aren't mid may be some people agree maybe they don't I just found out yesterday this was on. FaceBook initially side you know the the at DIA. The train the train voice which for a long time has been Allen roach do you let did partisan have you trained in world excuse that did I'll do what I want right so they're looking for new voice they're gonna. You gonna tell me I'm delaying the departure plot. A bullet possibly they're they've basically opened it up to. I don't remember with the stipulation is the you have to bin. They're looking for someone who's been in local media or broadcasting for more than seven years. So I'm out Europe's plus you know my voice is not gonna do it. Nobody is gonna have quietly watney welcoming message integrated revenue up view right fit for you have other skills that might not be the one. So I saw us on FaceBook and I forget who brought to my attention but you have to be you can't just. Nominate yourself somebody has to nominate you. So San Rachel our boss he came down the hall yesterday and says hey you see a thing on FaceBook I'm nominating you I want you did gene yes right she's like I think you should do this and I think you'd be really cool so I'm Michael OK I'll. I mean one knots. I mean that would be kind of a cool thing to her it's cool show what I did and I didn't get around to yesterday but did this morning I just they give you some lines they want you read. Your car than I did I cut Ike Internet and yes I've modified it a little bit because in this is nothing gets down Roche oh like Germany's wonderfully talented guy. But what he has his sprint it's varied very stiff and very you know what I mean. So I felt like in order to have may be set myself apart from other people who might also be. You know participating in this I want to give it a little bit more. Me like a little moral person. Fine okay you're building this up. Yeah which is unfortunate as its product and deliver but here I just picked a couple of their lines. And and cut my examples of sorts through surgery hello. And welcome to Denver International. Airport. Please see the nearest concierge. For your complimentary bag of Colorado weed. Smoke you know. See so little more welcome to Denver. The mile high city. The radio in your rental car has been free programs for your convenience all right you'll notice it only receives one station. 995. The mountain because Mike Casey's kids need to eat too. Yeah you praying and he's a rising. At the risk of stating the obvious. Please keep clear or face painful dismemberment. And certain death. Think you need to be on the doors are closing so if you could look away from your phone for at least two seconds. And get the hell out of the way of the doors. The rest of us could get on with our lives. Thank you Sarah means so there's a little more it's there's a little more. Personality to it. And it's I think it's a little more honest representation of would of Colorado and of DIA in Denver and I think you can't cut through the clutter a little bit. It's great I think everyone's really going to enjoy it except for me the first semi here that I'll be like yeah tell me it's do you like Kasey after he liked this strain of. Young woman arrested at DIA for yelling at voice. From. From overhead yes so once explained the senate the story. And generous jet so anyway that's the new gig so. Or it could be the nuclear I think you will be wolf I don't get this on in the back. But. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues we criticize your a mile away and cap issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountains. Army here in Colorado here in our home states the decision to legalize marijuana continues to look like a big economic winner. Particularly for schools. Schooled 27. School districts in our state many of them in rural areas will be getting an extra 300. Million dollars. Thanks to the extra tax revenue from legalization of marijuana do of course is a lot involved with that. On that will involve construction projects there's create new jobs new schools. Arm and all. I mean to be frank about it all because people. Wanna smoke marijuana. And Doug do illegally so it seems like a lot more upside than downside to me again it's it's a personal choice. When they're valuing disobeyed them but it's hard to argue with 300 million dollar. Tax revenue windfall. For our state you know it's a subject of a feather in the cap to me that screws in Denver Post this morning. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor critics question almost impossible with Mikey now he's going to be like the more he sings it the more it doesn't seem. You're just cling candidacy. Yeah thirty years. Just really big inside then. Together. What signals of possible we have tickets to see Moscow valley's great Russian nutcracker it's Paramount theatre in early December what's questions day out. So William Shakespeare is credited with inventing and isn't theory come in girls came in one of his place. You and give inane. Even looking into lots of names no no sorry sorry he invented names like that are like common. Really comment you don't even know that it was Shakespeare but he's actually credited with inventing this really common female McCain. I had no idea slow down we'll now go to Nancy actually my name style look pick up there. I could put up 631295. That's our question if you have the answer let us know. The nutcracker tickets or yours look. We might finale minority. But dare question this morning Shakespeare is credited with inventing this zone female name. Fairly common one for one of his place we think we're talking about what is the name of the associates'. Jessica. Early and that's. I named my daughter Jessica. And it isn't seeks. Yet will that's. I've done duly impressed your first college you think this that you got it right right out of the suit. Ex current. Are you something of a Shakespeare buff. Known how to draw did you know that when you danger that. I disagree very worried we were having our daughter and that came up in our era. Searched for in game. Are you aware that you also then name your daughter after a very cool song by the Allman Brothers yes that's okay fantastic. Well I think that's all the questions I have for you today that you see do we answered the ball very well thank you what's your name. I am sorry Tim congratulations. Some thanks for playing alone we've got some nutcracker tickets for you and for Jessica if you wanted to go with few. Question almost impossible we did mornings at 710 right here. Shakespeare did not write this but when the only Brothers to. He pre play and his funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GCR 9095 to mountain. I didn't I mean honestly I saw a story. It didn't really occur to me that it was a thing but then you know I talked about this morning and and apparently it is this this what he came out yesterday People Magazine. Named Blake Shelton from the voice what was it sexiest man I want to smell alive. And it's not only EU but it seems like Fleury eighty much everybody on the Internet are. A little. Unimpressed with that. Choice on their part is that fair to say yes yes that's very fair and what was the line you told me this morning that somebody wouldn't somebody put on Twitter. There were two that I loved one is he's the man needs a life so and that's. The other being a Blake Shelton is v.'s sexiest divorced dad at this part he'll come what's that about sums up. Blake Shelton. So you're not and I'm I'm of course I'm asking you to speak for a bunch of people that you really. I'm asking you summarize their thoughts and sort of put them in the you know in context with your own. It just feels like there's not enough wow factor there for for you ever a lot of the other steal a. Blake Shelton is he's just soul. On now anything. Like he's he's not overly one saying their overly and other he's just Pleasanton mused just he's mashed potatoes. Nobody dislikes mashed potatoes Hoss. Is there somebody here and I can only write home about mashed potatoes you're ninth NN. Really feel things mashed potatoes or lessen the highest and on let them. They yeah I mean last year was dubbed roc. And men like Clooney's been a sexiest man alive I can seemed like hundreds of other people that are super sexy in Hollywood. Blake Shelton if he worked in your office he would laugh out there he is super hot. But compared to the competition you're not seeing a lot of people out there especially because lake. You know made things interesting things interesting choice is stances on things those are theories sexy qualities and he just seemed so mashed potato. And if so what does likes tilt the balance. I don't know I don't know you like that doesn't mean that's an idealist and see there. So let's so when you heard we are talking about this this morning and I said okay we'll so you Dolan steal like Blake Shelton so who you know who your vote Hoosier guy. And you said John Oliver. Shell and all of her and it's not all about luck John Albert to me. He is just how it would be the best looking guy and his office no more than a sexy eyes to be the sexiest guy in his office because he's so interest James he's. Funny he's created and he's political he's he's got something he's a ballots on yeah that's sexy. Oca arts and now you're being you're speaking very from your own varied personal you know I haven't by John Allen very insanely sexy I get why people. Let's not be and I I get it across for mean yeah I just I. He super sexy okay I don't know what the I don't know that there's an answer to I'd find it. In interesting choice of Blake Shelton I get why people maybe don't seat the same way in closing I would just like to point out. That Blake. Is romantically involved with your all time super. Female hero a long time once define so you have a conversation about apparently went C certainly you don't. When and I are gonna have to go out for drinks and I just here like one it is about time really does for her has not getting nothing it's not there. I trust Glenz judgment like Landmine. Yourselves on other book. Mysterious and need to know more than mine and I think. If he ran for president he would probably lose Italy and slice it. It's like Jaycee finally adding nine the mountain. 8:14 Thursday morning on the mountain are friends of bond fees blood center would love for you to exist a few minutes out your day. Donate some blood particularly this time a year of donations tend to drop off during the holiday season but of course the need doesn't. On they wanna make the offer even a little better for you. If you hash tag if you if you use just our type that hash tag and you hit us and 995 amounts and on Twitter with that hash tag. You we had to do winning get away for true. To grant pleading colonial resort and spa Mexico courtesy of apple vacations America's favorite vacation company and you know I mean give blood as well to our friends upon these blood center. You do a good thing you may get an excellent reward as well it's enough to complain about their. Are painting by Leonardo Da Vinci set a record earlier this week yesterday actually sold for forty I'm sorry 458. Point three million dollars. Or fifty million dollars for painting untitled Salvatore. Monday. Easily surpassed the price of the previous most expensive paying which was also Picasso painting from a couple years ago apparently during the auction at Christie's there were. You know there were some audible gas since he audiences the price kept jumping by you know two or three or five million dollars if you haven't seen the painting it's it depicts. Jesus with his right hand raised. And holding a crystal or be in his left hand 450. Million dollars. Obviously Leonardo Da Vinci is work is a legendary. And it's of really cool look containing. You know I had that kind of money I think our have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that I shelled out 450 million dollars for cleaning. And think about all the other things snicker but again I don't have that kind of money so it's it's really not a discussion point for me but to if you wanna via de Vinci. Plan on having you know 400 million and change one era. He recently edit doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. So we're here in this in the Mel studio were you know or look at some news in traffic and sometimes we we have a TV here were being a flip him around and come looking for news stories. And we flip through one of our local news affiliates. And whose son she gave our boy gee dad Ron. It is on TV. And dumb were oh only got to watch sister got to figure out is going on I knew the story. But I forgot about it it's it's a number of years ago now is in 1990 I believe. Broncos are going through a pretty significant losing streak. And Doug G men who was with another station emotional at times says I'm an Obama go up Obama's sit on this billboard on Colfax. I'm seeing here until Broncos win again. Which turns out to be it was 33 days humans on this billboard. I knew nothing about tennis until this morning thirty days nothing ICG man how often times I had no. Idea. 33 days she's up there he gets he he's told me this before too I think he ended up getting like. Bronchitis and pneumonia like he got legitimately sick. And a dye wanted was some Doctor Who came to check O'Malley you gotta come down from the billboard. And you like or not coming down a come down to the Broncos went so he ends up there for 33 days the Broncos finally win. They kind turning into turns into his big stories in 1990. Well the Broncos have now lost. Five in a row they're closing in on you know Sunday would be if they lost again to be six in a row. Show fox 31 here in Denver. Looks up the G then again and that's basically here you are willing to go up on the billboard again for the Broncos this is what twenty. Almost thirty years later now here's a here's zero. Oh me under a lot of calls about bedroom. But the bloom an old man now you've got to remember I was. To almost thirty years younger when I do. Might consider it and it's something that provided the team. I would do it and I. While I appreciate and he and he is our core fan and of course is as follows and support the Broncos for a long time while I appreciate him saying that I think now. The policy is. The last person in is the person up on the billboard. That's the minority. It is it's hard because I've got him by a month yes you've got to buy like a month he's the new guy bungee man is as he pointed out good close at thirty years older we don't need to be put him up on billboard. Party's young he's the last one in the the Broncos need to do something and the other thing with party is she's tall enough that he can probably just. Reach up and grab the billboard and you know yeah. It's like any hard to get him up and down yeah Brady in the view latter so I feel like since I've come up with the idea it's up to you to present it to Dan. Later today I can keep that Indian civilians eBay you're off the hook maybe she got. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings with Mike GC but 995. The mountain. If you or all one of those people that's what is it November 16 now if you're one of those people who likes to gets. In two on the holiday music season earlier than maybe some of us do. This you may wanna keep this in mind according to a new study hearing the Christmas music can actually be bad for your health people who work in retail. And those two have to listen to a constantly. End up being psychologically drained on top of this. The general stress. This is on top of the general stressed the 61% of people admit to experiencing during the holiday season. Anyway so we've me again I'm not knocking holiday abuser Christmas music. You may don't wanna get to a super early may just sort of one of RAMP up to it may be will we get a little bit closer sale like December middle of December. If you jump into it now. It's one of those too much too soon thanks a courageous little friendly advice here from. Your station that generally doesn't play a lot of holiday music of yes is very self serving but still. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using its warnings which might TC on 995.