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Tuesday, January 2nd


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Well we know Ringo had a really interesting and enjoyable holiday break because he along with former well I still Biggio I guess technically. Totally lawsuit now is ray in front of me. All in all it's okay you first say that if his first event will focus on the first part Ringo. It is going to. Be a night if you remain and bury give up I couldn't remember Berry's name did the from the BG's very given Ringo Starr. Will be indicted in. I believe in this operating fingers just announced ready for the list goes. To the to the queen like before New Year's. Just before New Year's yes and so they find doubts you know you viewed your names on the list your finances before new yourself. I'm taking a very long time to say that Ringo will be. Your duties as in nineteen states. I think fairly limited I think he's rarely on mainly honorary I don't think you have to Joseph ouster anything like protect the queen's on I don't figure to protect the queen's honor. Particularly if it's four of artistic and charitable work and towards Sarah like you now when I was an Intel did you have the youngest guy on the block now neither is very cute but congratulations both of them what to find out what their duties actually are. Itself why did you fly Tuesday morning January 2 Mike Casey. Alley Hardwicke today first or when yesterday's first super moon of Tony team. Really see it's no UNC admit I did notice that I had seen my son looked a little bit better is as likely to my garage this morning. Accounts that's why for super moon and they say the boo this will be the brightest. Bomb of the super moves that we will see there's another one at the end of the month but this one is more super duper than one at the end of the month. I would ask you since you know I was offer a little bit you're off a little bit I would ask you about your Christmas and New Year's and all that stuff but it occurs to me. None of that stuff matters anonymous manner because of the first time in seventeen years your seventeen years young Buffalo Bills. They're gonna play on supply asked I realized. New Year's Eve day after I need to Bengals actually put is into the playoffs. That I don't think I could actually handle a bills' Super Bowl win because all the bills did was make it to the plants an idea it was on the floor of a bar and Brian impact. I was not the only one I was not like that weird girl crying at the bar in coral men were sobbing. Yes that was a moment there was there was a big moment it was a huge moment and I'm so excited for his upcoming Sonny and I know I'm sorry dropped Qaeda front prisoners who you're your seasons died and it's terrible blow it really pleased like I need everyone on. Sand how special moment is for pills and every you know I think it's hard for some people to CDD I mean and I was kidding with you this morning got you steeler fan. There's never been a seventeen year playoff drought you know and now they have for the tires for baseball there has been so I get that side of it. But it's a little bit different and I mean personally. I would I think cited just to see different TI mean minus the teams that I love. I'm excited to see different teams in the playoffs and I car kind of root for teams that have been in for awhile I mean if they have a plane Steelers than. That's gonna happen. Yeah I think we have to beat the patriots play the Steelers initially I thought that if we beats Jack's Jacksonville this year as the will be pulling the patriots upended number one seed to be getting a little heavier so I am Miami clinic app and it could happen I don't really now be enjoy the moment so I realized that had to be the highlight. Of your holiday for I was not let in my 2017 it was the best saint Tony seventeen you really you have married items are well aware of that and selling crack. Fixed your vote platelets or knowledge that he would expect me to say not this is the best day of Sorenson and it was about a saintly seventeen like Greg was a sure thing as he said as both of us we're like crimes and his divesting our highest. Tomorrow like he got me and grizzly sheriff and I was happening in your idea that covered. They're exciting well that's a good week I'm sorry dude to miss that and I'm glad to be back here in celebrating with you now. Or Mike feces coming up and reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. They don't forget start off. The new year 28 scene with 2018. Songs in a row or keep them off on no midnight on the fourth were two two days from now. And we'll also give you chance to in 2018 dollars in cash is just our way of saying thank you to you and happy new year 2018 two remained in effect don't. I realize the new year has just started so it's a little bit early to say that we have found. He defeated the heroes of the year torn eighteen but I think we have some contenders. In need in the early running these folks happen to be a group of New Zealanders. And on the coral Mandell peninsula in Newton New Zealand. Drinking alcoholic beverages outside. In public places was banned over the new year period which apparently as soon not. Not typical. For this part of the world however group of people there and I don't know any of their names but there are some pictures of them on social media. Decided to get around the band to band rather. By building an island out of sands. In in what they called international waters. Which is just off the coast again right off the corpsman Dell peninsula in New Zealand they've. They built us basically this sandbar guesses what you'd say. I'm Dave drug of picnic table out there and couldn't coolers and they sat on this islands and drinking behavior. In in international waters. Of all over the course of years here in New Year's Day and into the weekend if they'd been caught have been you know gotten arrested. They would have been fine 250 dollars each but the local chief of police said. He thought it was creative thinking any probably would join them if you would have known about it. So they started off the year by flaunting. Not only their own nation's laws but I think international laws as well all in the name of having. Beers on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day today those people are heroes of my. You know I think we've got an early early front runners for the Nobel Prize this year yes that's he writes I stop richest. People of the inning he can try eight. Throughout the rest of the year but these guys out you have a built of Nader is there a vivid builds an island so they can drink margaritas. I'd like to be friends of these people I would think so too. When he goes to the gym key parts in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his course on which by people walking. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Targets when he forty minutes from now question almost impossible are off first one of the year to any team we've got a family four pack of tickets to the international sportsman's expo which is coming up the Colorado convention center. Starting on January 11 runs through the fourteenth. That's what some up for grabs in twenty minutes from now. In question almost impossible if you're thinking about starting the year with the good to dry January which entry for drugs in a no alcohol for the month of January. Cheers to you in a manner of speaking according to research. Giving up alcohol for just one month not a long period of time but for just one month can actually results in some pretty significant. Health benefits. Do you tend after that month is over. People who go through this exercise tend to drink less often get drunk less often. And have fewer drinks in one sitting up to six months later. After a jet dry January plus. To stake out one months from alcohol provides better liver function. Lower blood pressure and even a reduced risk risk of liver disease and diabetes so if you wanna get on Boras tried January. And assume what I was gonna say that's not too late even if he did have cocktails yesterday he gets to start today so in January 2. It appears that there are a lot of benefits I leave that entirely up TO. Question almost impossible with Mike Nellie it's like Chevy is up for drink minimum. I'm 995. The mound. Okay we've got to four package tickets do the international sportsman's actual coming up the Colorado convention center. They're starting on January 11 all this week Alyeska first question of the week it's Tuesday yes this is the first question of the week end of the new year. I need help a lot of pressure a good one I've really went for him so pay attention could not as straightforward as they sometimes act. About 38% of people in their twenties and 16% of people in their fifties will manage to do Dennis this year. So big difference between the angels. Age young people are moderately successful at doing that Cindy Kleiner fifty's we're really not in any successful court. But this you know I had a small percentage of each will do best in any Coca. Get some idea what we're talking about lives of 6312995. Our first question almost impossible it's one team. Hard to believe. We Mikey now he's fine. Our first question almost impossible of the new year 38% of people in their twenties. And 16% of people in their fifties will manage to do this this year what. Are we talking about a room where. It's not as of late that's another example of what the right answer is. Eight could it could be lose weight but oh what under what umbrella would lose weight fall. Are pure gold OK and Goldstein is January 1 premier driver turned. And you and his words were there. Were veteran rocker Super Bowl so I've heard out well. It. A good idea like that strategy. We've got to fort peck it's it's the international sportsman's expo for you what's your name. OK Paul good job do you question almost impossible will do this again tomorrow morning seventy and break here on 995 the mint. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the low. Pressure bringing on my case. Mike DC on these. The mountain. 7 Tony 8 Tuesday morning Mike Casey LER Waco we. Did the underwear for question almost impossible the answer was New Year's resolutions and in the question was framed in such a way that younger people. Ten people in their twenties said to be little more successful. At keeping them over the course of the year or achieving them if you wanna say that people in the fifties probably not a big surprise also not a big surprise I wouldn't think. The things did tend to show up on the lists of the most common resolutions. Every year rights of this this year's list. Which is a lot like last year's junior before number nine get out of debt number eight sleep more. I didn't know that was a common resolution. Well I mean maybe if you have kids or something you'd you don't get on a sleeping he likes it. Get more that's it I'm sure as president newborns in the never sleep in their life is horrible. OK well when you go ahead and tell them not to set that New Year's resolution until the kids are like four or at least are greater that step appreciated by coming from me yet that's pie in the sky high here obviously more. Volunteer more as a good one travel more on number five learn new things. For quit drinking three quit smoking to eat healthy. Number one the most popular resolution for 2018. Exercise do you I don't do you need to make you do STD resolutions. Not specifically. I like to set positive intentions that are working towards achieving that uncle that way potentially benefit me in the people around me oh but that's you know I just felt very sad genetic I'd I didn't try for cash grants. Oca. I can get that didn't really show there's a couple things in I'm not not I understand some people get very into New Year's resolution idea. And somebody will have tremendous success with that so I'm not knocking it. Conceptually for everybody. I would say to me and my experience in my life they. A lot of times. They're very big Cilic exercise okay that's pretty vague like so there isn't there and it's tough to find a lot of traction there I feel like. If you're gonna do that you view probably would be a little more specific. Why the more vague it is the easier it is to achieve. Sleep more than twenty seconds coarsely tech you've done this or that are not really doing anything I just I want upstairs yesterday Don Jack. But other issue with these end and again this is me personally and other people it seems like if we look at that list like 50% of those things are. If they're a little bit you there more negatively focused I guess it all depends on how you frame them seen. She's gonna say that there are so simply focus it's how things that you gaining national Sunday union. Exploiting legs volunteer more I yeah I I could to me that seems positively focused the whole idea like. I'm not good enough design EMI need to lose 26 pounds cut that it's sort of that's the kind of thing that doesn't. I don't feel like that's the best way to start a year or did your month or whatever so maybe that's why do I don't generally do the resolution thing and that that's part of the reason. Yeah why don't we are talking up as a that this morning and it seems to me like you think. People saying they'd like to make changes in the cells in them and their lives is saying like I don't like myself as I am. OK I just think it's it's good to be setting goals and wanting to grow and achieve. More hooker that's a fair point I've really my resolution is the same as it always is and that is to continue my 48 your streak of being. Pretty much perfect. So. It's. Good to fifteen years goods John you are supposed to subscribe to that more than you do it. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Twice seventeen year just behind this was the safest year ever for airlines worldwide about that across the globe. There were only 111 airline accidents and just. 13 deaths of the two fatal accidents involved small airliners one was in goal in Angola in October 1 was in Russia in November. This particular tally does not count to any of the Buena breached the wanna Coastr Rico Reid doesn't count those. But still Y seventy in the safest year ever for airlines worldwide that I think is some. On a positive thing and fight in noted before my parents left to go back to Pittsburgh I would have told my mom she's mobbed him almost like the flock I don't know that would help there. I'm the statistic is you know statistically you know it's pretty safe but if you're. If it makes you uneasy makes you easy to their ego moments ago don't statistic for you carry. In 220 T his conscience is clear which. And too many. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain. Northern Michigan's Lake Superior State University released there's over the weekend released their 43. Annual list of words banished from the queen's English. For misuse overuse. And general used business this is it obviously it's a non binding list. But it comes from thousands of suggestions this year's list includes. Let me ask you this. On pac. Impact full. Nothing burger that's one thing she just never using again. On tons drilled down let that sink in in the top vote getters this year for words banished. For misuse overuse and general useless in this is. Fake news probably not a shock and there are I think. The thing for me with a fake news thing like inherent in in the of the world we live in now. Lake intentionally falsify age misleading propaganda like that yeah that exists. It doesn't just mean something you don't agree with like you don't agree with its assessment of view that doesn't make you fake news if it's factually untrue. Okay that's a little bit of different in other words there received honorable mention pre owned. On boarding off boarding. Odd gig economy. And as the big job Twitter type over the year co fat today. CO CO VF EFE. Those also got honorable mention northern Michigan's Lake Superior State University their list of words banished for misuse overuse and general use closeness. She's like an alarm clock does your morning what you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning. 95. 8:32 on Tuesday morning according to a new study well you know before do you study let me ask you this do you would you say in general. You all of the U remained friends with. Or have remained friends with with axes with people that you need to be in the. Yeah still friends are friendly friendly you are recent see each other how how are you back and now we know things like each other's lines and stop a guy. This this story in business insider premiere new study on the story shrimping business insider staying friends with an axe actually means your psychopath. And I'm not a Q I'm not accusing you of this I'm just this is the story researchers found that people with the darkest personality traits. Like narcissism is immense heat is on amongst others are most likely to stay in contact. With former partners now that is different than the question I asked you which is. Beano are you friends would you be friendly that that's different then you stay in regular contact way. Yes I can see where this study comes from because they think a lot of people especially who have more narcissistic tendencies. Can't believe that somebody out there doesn't like I'm. Or Joseph somebody else yes yes and I I I wouldn't even call in the relationship there was an interaction I had with a person for awhile. Who thinks that we can now be friends later in life no all I'm not gonna happen Haiti forever and you have to accept that. And he doesn't and I think it's because he's atop on the axis missed the things that I've come up with in my parents and now business insider is validating everything I used to write off one person I thank him. It's not sure what they've commandeered they've showed up things out there right now inside Eric yeah. They totally put the which I think I kind of agree with based on what you're saying I think it's one thing to. To have those people that you know like you said a few few rain in tumor would have that would be fine but. If you're staying late in close contact with people who. The EM I mean it's mostly a balcony you gas and know that like dispersant still likes meat. Staff where sometimes he's can't cut all ties by forever yes it was when one is for this is I can't believe you're saying is that sounds like something I would say well you're on. One expert I've never voted in again. I mean my eternal sunshine of the public minor raced you and I hear. You break which you got to remember there's also a lot more space. An Israeli that's the last way further back in my it is in yours so plate to computers even exist sell gas. I'm telling you liquid you've CB we like all right those first of high school that you see on FaceBook on like that wasn't his thing we saw it's easier yeah. That it's not figure not a psychopath it's just Egan had the tools now believe there is really no its that's it that's a few months a few valid news I feel understood now month plan. X five year plan. It is minute by minute plan C in the morning an 85. Mountain. If you plan on starting the year with a resolution to get a new job. You're in luck putting the hiring experts January is actually the best time of year. To get a new job companies have the new budgets in place they're looking for the best talent to start there. First quarter off strong. You wanna start the new year with a new career probably time to polish up that resume. Would not be case for me the only other thing and qualified do besides this is viewed reader Wal-Mart so I don't have to worry about it. But for you disk to be a big you know big step in the right direction for to any team. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.