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My case CO Hardwicke the coupled headlines over the last couple days. JJ Abrams they made a change in the the star worse he replaced. This episode nine McCain remember now star deficit not economic think is that most of that's too little way because it's. The force awakens the sad yes. He and and JJ Abrams did the force awakens us. They have hired somebody else Colin Trevor wanted to write and direct Star Wars episode nine that ended up not working out JJ Abrams has now been announced as the guy who will step in and take over the Helm for Star Wars episode nine sort of people but we scuttled included episode it's just that's becoming Spanish. I don't know let's. RA might make the things that extra rescued. I'll look it up the fact I don't know Miller mark inch rally that guy. He's he's in jail he's in the news show. Up early for violating his probation by. Offering 5000 dollars shall Lockett Hillary Clinton's hair is on the thing you do when your grown up. And that we are talking about the Cleveland Indians yesterday that are there in the record books and when the 21 flavors gastric game and we speculated that they might yesterday in the mainland and we had a 5050 shot of being right. And we learn everywhere I love when that happens yeah I sort. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. This is just come out I think in the last 24 hours or so. And before I say when I'm gonna say. Please understand I would say our I could care less what particular party. Of political parties this particular person is affiliated I wouldn't care if they were a Democrat Republican or independent or whatever. I'm so that really has enough with with my frustration here but the and so Stephen Lucian is it a former. Goldman Sachs banker he says currently Treasury Secretary obviously he's. Done very well for himself in his life he's used to traveling in a certain amount of style I would guess that most of us are and that's all fine. It's just come out the last 24 hours that he requested to using government plane. For his European honeymoon. With these new wife Louise Linton who has also had her own she is a shipments to grant. How great it recently officials told ABC that diminish in that Steve munitions office made a formal and unusual request after his June wedding. Officials decided he did not need. The US air force jet which would have cost around 25000. Dollars an hour. To operate Stephen Lucian is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million dollars. So he could afford whenever he'd like. Yeah yeah. There he could mean only charter plane he'd like by a plane to use for the honeymoon and and sell that the in the hunt in the mental bust our splurge saying I'm not even first class that light. Business class has stick it. On I mean yeah. Yes and again to. This is our money that he wants to use for its 25000 dollars an hour that comes from menial and. And taxpayers everywhere and I don't this is the part that I don't get about politics anymore I I I realize they're used to be there's always been a lot of sort of back room deals and you know you scratch my back I stretchers are I get that and I'm not overly pleased with that. But now we've just done away with that whole thing. And there were some power living in this let them meet cake. You don't like every Tony turnaround it's another would usually you can't do that you can't ask for mr. lane. Obviously somebody who doesn't understand basic ethics because we know you one night that we would never request company resource is for a personal trip that we were taking. Out a thing that you did experimental. Lie spelling your on government employee eat it applies ten faults because reits. Steve. I'm the people not a private company so that's it's just not okay. It's not but again the thing that it's so out in the open and in like it's not even something that people think about him were like sure why can't I use a drive what can use a government playing for my honeymoon when his request was denied he was denied so there's a lesson. Checks and balance you do not get to did S hah hah that's really cute that you cite you cut rates by eking its. Well yea your right that if that is the positive spin on the next few it is like there again I just feel like it's the we're having a lot of let them meet Kate kinds of moments meantime we all know what happened in the let the BJ exit area. Perhaps that's reflective of the fact that currently a lot of political outsiders are in the league current administration they don't care clearly Zito still using a private jets take them somewhere to point. From their company and sort differently government can't just Steve so learning experience. You've spent the most positive I think I say you take you to very high road but you have an you have not called my frustration on that it's not that I'm asking you during my bat you. You did agree to thank Kia. Questions for you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TZ 199 plus the mound. Yes the older we get the more of us there are who don't like our jobs at least according to a recent survey of more than 2000 employees. Aged 35. Seems to be. Tipping point to the number of those who are unhappy at work more than doubles. From before age 35 to after heating one in six after age 35 boosters and Bloomberg this morning so was team. Like it's it's high but not off the charts not like four out of six people one out of six in. Are things get worse for respondents over the age of 55. With a third saying they feel unappreciated at work and a sixth saying they don't have any friends that work the take away one of the re workplace researchers. Dare take away from this study was. There are clogged it basically comes a time in your life where either you have or have not achieved the success that you thought you would. Work is maybe has burn you out to a certain extent and it's. Lived experience. Into the experience of your life tells you that may be workers and all that important anyway. So you wind up in a place of one really what are my doing this for one of my here forty or fifty or sixty hours a week that's their take away. I don't know where the silver lining is there but I'll I'll ask for shall find it. When he spends way too much time on this Taylor ready. Question almost impossible with Mikey now he's. So great news Steve Lucian is not correct position though the trans Siberian orchestra tickets. Oh go ahead yet so we we have them to give aways today and tomorrow. Should you be able to answer this question that much different value business right now. OK so 8%. Of Internet users. Do not do it. A relatively small percentage had severe small percentage and meet you a lot of things on the Internet that 8% of people who used the Internet do nots deaconess. Feet eight Soka. Aren't 6312995. There's a question you give us the answer the TSA to get through your. We Mikey now eight minority. Are still looking for answers the right answer I should say for question almost impossible. Only 8%. Of Internet users do not do this while on line. What do you think. We're all mass yes and. More specifically uses search engine of any kind bullet bike yeah and but once he did. Throughout. Blitzes that most people who do use them so yes you are rights. Our listener David mark the cool name. They like I'm not. But she's cool. Why you took out a lot on number. She's she did everyday mortgages you ideal that every day. Cool I don't know what Jamaica and wanna be with the globe and like you know it's a great name but I'm glad home. Millenium and it's just so who. You're solid you're ahead you can read. Nauseating we'd transfer. Bob Morgan congratulations you got tickets to see trans Siberian orchestra. On a Saturday November 18 Pepsi Center question almost impossible. Weekday mornings just after seven generally speaking and mockery from her which is included in that transaction. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Way. My PC mornings on 995. One more example yet another one of how polarized our politics have become in this country a survey found that 71%. Of Tinder users of the dating app. 71% Tinder users should political differences are deal breaker. 60% of people on match dot com says they're not as open to dating someone different political parties they were just two years ago. And OK cupid research revealed a 30% increase in people choosing. Same politics. Over good sex scene politics will insect I don't think anything spells it out more clearly. In that last statistic admit we've all we've built a polarized in the absence of Libya. Fairly dramatic move in a more polarized direction economy. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or Greenway. Mornings when Mike Casey won 99 plus the mountain. As engagement stories go it is a memorable one. Maybe not for the right reasons but it'll still turn out to be a memorable one I think for the long term Ruth Seles and her significant other sets Dixon. Unbeknownst to Ruth they were Beirut park in Kansas City on Saturday. Ends. Just was preparing to propose. Marriage to root. Have because he obviously knew what was happening they have a couple other friends with them and he had said to one hey when we get to this bridge. That's room gonna in this part that's are gonna propose a mixture you put your cellphone and in video and so we'll have that moment. So he did he does that Seth gets down on one knee and you can see you know the look of shock on roots base. And any pulls of a box out of his pocket that has a ring in any opens the box. In the ring pops out and falls through the slats. On the bridge in two. Record creek slash stream underneath. And you can actually hear the little plopped. All you can hear it hit the wall harder. In the little video that his friend made. And it's a little bit surreal because they're sitting there looking at each other. With a look of shock on their faces. And find out after the facts. That Tim did the ring was like 3000 dollars or something it was on he was on a settles on a payment plan. To pay for the ring which showed now he's is still on David Flynn but doesn't have the ring minutes ago. I detect metal detector trying to find couldn't find it. Friends of theirs from the couple's church came down trying to confined its they're still they're scheduled to get married in October. They have set up would go funds page to try and raise some money to repay the cost of the ring. Their pastor at their church. To talk to them both into the congregation some books on his quote was sometimes love stories are always perfect as we planned. But always work out in the end it's it's heartbreaking. When you see that video but at the same time you like at some point to be able to laugh about this because it's incredibly unique and we'll certainly be a story to tell. People up well put that's on our blog in on the mouthpiece for paging chicken out there. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. If seems like a lot of kids are carrying around credit cards these days if it seems like that TU. You're probably not imagining it or recent report revealed that 18% of parents of kids between the ages of eight and fourteen. And it has 20% roughly of you appearance that's like middle schoolers middle schoolers and freshman highest rates have given their child credit card. 20%. According to data by the financial firm T. Rowe Price 13%. Of the eight and nine year old. 18% of ten to twelve year olds and 19%. Of 413 and fourteen year olds have credit cards. I do on the one hand and again it's whatever it's up to your and we do things I'm not I'm not trying to sit in judgment but I'm. But it's gonna sound like I am anything but I'm gonna do it anyway in this case. I can understand where in certain cases that would make your life more. Convenience as apparent rights because they're New York City essentially has. Access to money and you can track what it's used for I get that and maybe that's easier than any ten dollar twenty dollar bill. I always feel like that's such a risky proposition. Because. The idea of credit and money and debt are very difficult ideas to get to minder and I think it at. Nine time with the difficulty 181920 for so difficult that thirty there's a couple of 31% of people. I feel like if you hand your kids or credit card weed out any responsibility. Fiscal responsibility on their part. I feel like you're kind of asking for disaster. You could be you could be asking for her EI I don't wanna see you teach LaMont beat maybe it's going to be difficult at first but they need ET two very important sent and I do think you complain all the time about how you're just constantly handing cap is. Nobody is a human ATM. So may be it a client. Both the agreed learning opportunity and a greats. Henne and. Opportunity for you the act to deal went through an answer I don't know there's something about it did in maybe it's this old school thinking that. I knew I had a major critic her before my parents did when I was like nineteen and that's what my dad said to me so I don't. I would advise you against getting one but if you want to understand it's completely your responsibility there's no. There is no context in which you'll bring up debt and I will help you that that would not be a thing. I was like Coca yeah I did I yeah I get that. CI I when you open a bank account you get a card you can use debit card exactly can credit card. So I need to hero out of body. Seat overspend what you may ever. Price sliding get a credit card sell Wellington is unique to apple is responsible for one. A couple of free. Days milk case well maybe yeah maybe you're at than maybe the shouldn't be said for starting kids when they're 1011 well. We'd be Reynolds we'll find out kids down. My GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when Sophie inevitably falls out why a lot he already has another tough golf might TC in the morning on 995. The mountain to. According to a new study guys who lived any sedentary lifestyle. End up creating a more fats in their diet guys who are more. Physically active. Tend to grieve more corpse. So sedentary lifestyle. Guys end up creating fat in their diet guys who are more physically active tend to creative carves a further study indicates the guy's name Mike Casey creative. Oh. Win Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drone. And has to leave the hardware store this morning when Mikey field on 99 plus the mountain pass.