Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 11th


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There you go no valid Friday on 995 the mountain Aerosmith same old song and dance I just realized this is a little embarrassing for as long as this always been around. There's a line in that song. When that went its width by a third the third line in the song when the judges constipation. Go to his head I don't think I ever realized there was a line about a constipated judgment song. You know I was just casually listening as that song was on and I constipation popped out to try to out. Here. You didn't know you heard it right barely me reader Ronald is yours. Aerosmith on Nobel Friday here on the mountain Mike Casey Elkhart we come Friday morning we've got twelve chances for you today every weekday actually. To win a thousand bucks or mountain of mullah cash contest your first keyword. Coming up just after 7 this morning you know I realize. This morning there's yet another way. In which I've turned into my my dad I've turned in my file says a bad thing he's a great guy but it's one of those realization moments really oh okay. I'm I. Come downstairs this morning in. Most of the lights or maybe all the lights. On our first floor on our main floor they'll have dimmer switches. Which is in on me it's nice if you're having people for dinner weigh in on me that kind of thing or maybe you're watching a movie or something. But I didn't tell and my family for like years now public look. I know it looks cool when you dim all the lights but if that's what you do before you go to bed you've essentially left like sixteen lights on all night. I mean yes it looks like from an Ambien perspective. He's sixty lights everybody's dead what are people doing. I was about to rub you the house and certainly you view bluff a no luck turn off the lights we go to bed it's not hard. There are three complaints that are like all dat complains every dad ever has made them whine don't leave the lights on after you leave the room why you letting the room for the invisible people all rights yet number line numbered seal. No children they heat up it's fine yeah it is obvious what are your call it what it pays for the heats the exact number three. Car so hot for sure and I've done all he's probably last week obviously you have it's required if your dad Lou Cannon and a little complain about all three of those things as if they really really match they do. They've matter and I feel so much better knowing that I'm fulfilling my dad destiny nag your Favre I'm on Imus finds students quit ever know why it's a loft we don't need beyond beyond. Mike Casey worries about the things that really truly love this world like the lights people are exhausted now I mean it's tough. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. Mother's Day coming up on Friday this is Arab Friday today's Friday on none Sunday. A so you if you haven't put your plane together yet you run and do that pretty soon. If you if you do mess it up if you do sort of under deliver for mom on Mother's Day. Chances are you might not even know at a news survey found that. 40% of mobs for intend. Admit today of fake their reaction to a Mother's Day gifts. And are ready to fake it again and if four in ten admitted it's. You gotta figure the numbers like closer to eight in ten have felt like had actually done yet have actually done it just wouldn't admitted the survey asked moms how they hide their disappointment would lies. And here's a rundown of the top five things they admitted saying. Upon receiving her crappy crappy gift five. I really need one movies. For a while this is great thanks three I love it's too. Law and number one. Thank you. Tell you those are the ways you know the you've disappointed bomb. If I guess those are legitimate I mean you know if she's got kids she's got a lot of experience taking asked throughout her life sell its new ways we women are doing ads yes and I would say I mean I don't know I guess I would deal with the deduce from the Father's Day perspective. It's it's less about. I've never really cared about. The functionality of the gifts in Serbian delegates is it's nice that it particularly Beecher kids that they remembered anything you know the things you sound thing yet they do so at a birthday counts yeah write any effort means just thinking about Jill yeah. Right so mom and we Ron do you mom but whatever is on his. As long as you configured possibly on Sunday with a Grogan with the yeah yeah we find faking it on Sunday is when the unit. For yeah years he never ran sits there right. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools. Smart it's like Casey and the divide them out. Starbucks is set to open its very first store in Italy. Yes in Italy and as you can imagine there Ers from espresso love and Italians are not too happy about this concepts after it was announced. Apparently Twitter was ablaze with criticism one person wrote if anybody by Starbucks in Italy they should be immediately deported. Another wrote I beg you exercised these evil before it's too late. A FaceBook poll from the local Italy asked readers if they'd welcome Starbucks and Italy. 87%. Said no that's a pretty big number. On the store will apparently rule opened as planned Starbucks in Milan in September of this year. You know what I I mean I'm not a I'm not cocky guy. But I sort of get this to the extent of I'm also not Italian. But if we'd like swap it over to my ethnic heritage right and if an American company came stomping and Ireland's. You know or my people are from Kim's stopping in Ireland and said. Hey we're an American company here is this Irish whiskey that we're making I think people would be a little skeptical. Rightfully so I'm not saying it's exactly the same thing but. But markets were people like my. I think we got the espresso bit covered over here in Italy. Starboard seems to maybe it'll work they should have just about everything else they do seems to work so. I'm good luck with that Starbucks come at a Milan in September. To get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey on 99 plus the mountains. Mothers' day coming up just cut over this weekend on Sunday. If you want wonder what mom wants her Mother's Day here's a hint apparently it's not Bronx it's not flowers it's not the world's greatest mom coffee mug according to a survey where it really what mother moms really want for Mother's Day these sleep. How whopping 52% of moms said they would like some extra sleep on this special day a majority of moms said the perfect day would be sleeping in. Having the house to themselves for a good chunk of today. We it's speaks volumes about so many different things and then having a fun low key evening with family. I don't think I don't thinking and once any of those like ice sheet for some reason she sleeps like eleven minute tonight's. So I don't think she wants more sleep hurts that at least historically. Traditionally what she likes to do is force the Finley to do garden work with her until everyone's really angry. Today I mean hey Jose then take a couple hours away from and then the look the evening with him. Day I mean I teach on what every you want is what you should get on Mother's Day I am not a parents but I do think I would fall into this Canada sleep. Because they think when when Greg sometimes gets up early and takes the dog with him hike on Saturday isn't like okay take your time and I'm like just. I like ever on CNN. You ever lover brag bag prayer doesn't get these are great I don't have to make a single compromise so I can imagine many of more people to compromise left that's got to just be reasonable. Yes and I and I also remembering back when the kids were when the kids were little. Yes that's what all moms and all dads want on mothers and the key thing. They say exactly it's just sleep and not to have to do anything for anybody for a couple of hours even more true for moms and for dads so if you wonder that's Obama really wants from a sick I had this or maybe offer some of my friends with young kids still make its take their kids out for a stammer something for a few hours of making just that are around on Sunday you do you make of superstar I'm glad this year many friend points race wow yeah. He did you feel I showplace for every Hank he's there they're getting ready to coming and say you might wanna do that I don't. Good idea we'll see if I follow through. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed against Mike Casey morning's flight 995 foot mountain. If your single guy this should be important information to you according to a new study this was in market watch this morning's women do not seamen with flashy cars. As serious husband to material researchers found the both men and women perceive guys who quote displayed their wealth. As being more interested in you know he flings them in becoming. A life partner which I mean you can take this information anywhere you want if you're not interested in being husband material stick with the flashy car if you are that may be adjust accordingly. It is it does explain though. This is going back a long time now but when I when I met him I was driving in 1980 Subaru. Then had a 176000. Miles on it's this is Mike in 1995. So clearly. I was in the was not to display your wealth guy she can pretty much eliminate that on rain out of the right out of the gate. So all generally by not being good at most things Mikey C 199 by the mountain. 8:13 com Friday morning when will the United States enter its next recession. But the big question that economists. Surveyed by the Wall Street Journal are predicting. 220. Not that far off not that rough at all we are currently in an economic expansion that started. In mid 2009. Which makes it the second longest. Economic expansion in American history. 59%. Of forecasters surveyed economic forecasters surveyed think it's most likely to end with a in the next two years. Due to the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates those were their words. I'm not mine the last recession I think a lot of us probably remember began in December 2007. There were some alarm is raised in 2011 and 2016. About possibly sliding into recession but we did not at that time. The longest ever economic expansion was in the 1990s which lasted ten years again I don't know this is far far from my area of expertise. But it struck me as interesting to this many economy 59% of the one surveyed. Are predicting 20/20. Being you know would ensue when the next recession will occur show. If your inclined to believe it cartoonists. That's the information we got enjoy the next year and a half people. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's quick Mike Casey and 995. 833 right now yesterday kicked off. Denver it's Denver fit this week yes right switches. Friend years on started this like it's going to be pretty big deal. This is the third year of gender and sneak my friend Tracey started its three years ago just because she thought it got Denver restaurant week. Where all the restaurants come together offer a discussion and you look if we did it for fitness speaking as the Denver fitness community is tight end and has a lot of really unique offerings. Says she just put this together. And it has taken off and last night was a kick off event. I am so also this morning the last I get any if I have the entire. You remind you you volunteered for this I thought here under similar you do is now I got Greg there with me last night we had a blast that became governments is like an hourlong work so hard. But now I'm looking in all the studios trying to figure out which ones I'm Monica to this week. And it worked you describe this to me it works just like or similarly to Denver restaurant week in Nazi you have a bit of a bunch of fitness places Jim studios whatever and their offering. Introductory introductory class boxer so. I'm not normally dropping classes between 20/20 five blacks it's nine it down affordable tedious and this is healing to try out a class maybe in the studio that you would never visit otherwise. For seven box. Am like some of these studios are having fun events going on during the week he is so it's worth checking out their pages because sometimes they're gonna be like pro teachings there last and it can often that we had convention broadcast tonight it becomes almost a priority. Well it's you know what I mean as we've discussed before it's not really my kind of thing but if you've you've you're handing out drinks and there's likes Max in the. Well maybe I you might yeah I really helping lead this is the week gets you to work out with me Derek yeah I having given up that help you know you don't mean never I'll turn over and over again but they don't believe it how I really want to come studios are so cool till he couldn't really great place. Oh he even invited go to one of these they won't be going to Europe will be totally different than me oh it's just it's now I'm I would never do. Never say never my friend Steve good market Denver fit this week kicked off yesterday. I guess he there's a website if you were just ever sent fitness weak dot com and then they're unfazed by Terrance Graham yeah just particularly studios and go whether your brother and garlic and Andre comes to me how he could have prepared most of next week. Might chasing its final thoughts. Okay hopefully you're you're aware this points up mothers' day's coming up on Sunday and anything and I forgot and didn't put together a plan and I have anything yet here's a brief salute a pretty good solution. The Vincent T year brunch or anything. You can take mama outside today. You can take mom. Do hooters. For free wings. That's right. Sunday Mother's Day hooters is giving away a complimentary entree including wings. Sandwiches salads all from their special Mother's Day menu. With any drink purchase I got to do is go wind their he'd buy drinks for mom. When whatever she wants to be you know. I'm martini era and whatever whatever she wants you fire one of those they needed the complementary Unser. So it's Mother's Day your chugging Beers and slim wings it hooters. Would your mom I mean keep in mind nothing's too good for mom thing about everything she's done for you and your life. You're welcome there's your Mother's Day solution.