Happy Ash Organ-Tines Day

Wednesday, February 14th


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Wednesday morning Mike Casey Alley heart Wiki it's. Valentine's Day. It's also Ash Wednesday. It should be noted that today is Ferris wheel today which seems like a weird at all. It's weird what an exciting day pairs real day in February cousin is coming less in the Southern Hemisphere yeah at today's also national organ donor day. Which seems to make a little more sense than Ferris wheel there. And in my house as we've mentioned before today's actually George's birthday. So exciting right it is its its job very exciting and Joseph Valentine's being huge failure all your brother's birthday city to receive is that he's black judge doesn't in March citing. Answer yes or she's Georgia it's this is not her room with the golden birthday thing that's next year I'll yell when she's fourteen on the fourteenth. We'll it's called your champagne birthday. We call it anything we just call your birthday I'd already missed mine by the time I knew what it once. Yes I don't think. You could actually catch on. Yes you're right I could have but job no I didn't I didn't know that but anyways so the Joseph Joe's birthday it was interest staying. And I this may have happened in years past and I just didn't notice it but you know these days your kids' schools. The they send out text messages and does that make sense that we communicate with people so yesterday the day before Valentine's Day DB for George's birthday. I got a text message from Georgia school that said hello. We would like to take a moment to remind everyone that at our school. We do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Or any other holiday out of respect for our many cultures and economic diversity any cards or candy. Sent to school will be placed in your student's backpack to be sent home. Thank you thank you for your cooperation. And I thought I it's I understood I get up up I understand it. I understand the economic diversity and the religious she the different Gil cultures and backgrounds I get that. But I'm kinda wonder now smut I'm pretty sure Jordan is bringing stuff to school for her birthday. It's got to be okay because. It's her birthday you would think it looks like Valentine's Day stuff I've wondered if she's gonna get her stuff confiscated at school tell the school knows that her birthday is today. Don't know why they have no additional information on your daughter who you are not at his school idle a solid B reunion every day and illegally at Windsor birthday she brings something in the Madonna confiscated Jesus it's my birthday they can very easily confirmed that you and understand joked she'd she showed how it affects you general followed should be like OK here's the stuff I'm sorry. Didn't mean to violate protocol college shelled still. She can break the rules went I have so. I hope so and I and I'll also say the other thing that struck me a little weird about it. I get religious holidays right because there are so many different religions and I I get that. This is a non religious like I've good maybe some people don't celebrated in the same way but it seemed it. Mary C non threatening holiday. I don't think I've ever felt more on London an idea on Valentine's Day village council and high school just because so all many people are getting. Flowers sit airlock carrying cards in like special stuff for Valentine's Day and my friends and I used to celebrate Weezer day Kaz Weezer played their first show on Valentine's Day in my early nineties. So did make cupcakes for each other because it. No one was knocking down our radars the good old geezer played their first shout pelican exactly it's a big evil laugh there. Related trip so I I am on board of the school being like we're just not. Is not to do it at all but it's a good point I don't think about that OK in any event happy birthday to I don't to prominently would have Hoover. Mike feces coming up revealed on 1995. The mountain today's Valentine's Day as I think we all know. I've I've looked at this story this morning. And I feel like. He could be it you could look at is a incredibly romantic story potentially. The end or it could also be very sad story too so it all just depends on how you interpret to correct this is the story it it's centers around. Six point cuss water frog. Named Romeo. That's is names names Romeo they are this it say when I guess water frog is native to Bolivia. This particular fraud has been in captivity for. Almost a decade now. And it turns out to the to the best of the understanding of all the experts including those at the global wildlife conservation the Bolivian amphibian initiative. And several other organizations. Romeo may very well be the last of his species. They're not sure but they think he may be the last of his species so what they've done the global wildlife conservation in the Bolivian amphibian initiative. They have created a profile for Romeo on match dot com. If it. And the goal is it was a goal is two fold they're trying to raise funds up to 151000 dollars so they can fund expeditions. Across. Various parts of the world where we're the same point just water frog once roamed in the hope of finding a on match on May each for Romeo so that they may you know propagate the species before the species dies out. The with the water frogs tend to live about fifteen years. And he's being captivity for ten years now. I was learning time is running out so there's only five years give or take lasts to try and find a match for Romeo. The way I'm looking at this there's two there's two things. If they do find a match. And and Romeo is aware of all this there could be tremendous performance anxiety involved in realizing that. It all comes down year of this TC is the son his tiny frog show you exactly and frogs don't really have more influential talent like that pretty glad to shoulder is not so much so that's the the downside on the upside. I would say that in the history of pickup lines. The single greatest pickup line ever could be. Look I don't wanna start this off super heavier anything but I am literally the last of my species yeah the last male version of my species. See I think need to be brought about it in below Intel adds there's literally no one thing if you're stuck with it. This is easier to all the way opposite it's this or death yeah woo boy that's that's that's a roll of the dice because I'm Jean accident room senator Hooper for Michigan desperate enough we could be so that's that that's my balance NC Suri Romeo. The sick wink just water frog if it was contribute stricken down. There could be up to ten he's a lot of stories about animals they hands. Find meats and it always makes me really I don't feel. Four and that's why I think they need the attention lecture me the snail line all the journey to eat I know but he. Shots I mean he had a via a fighting chance and sort his sort is Romeo you tell me about a popular ones that like. Couldn't find meets. I think you're looking at this the wrong way. It's just might collection animals that look dot did want to settle law when you grew out. Q do you keep for spin that one for me it didn't discriminate it's like you did know. My PC eats his tacos over a tortilla that way we're self inevitably falls out. Why a lot he already has another taco Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Because some people think it is it's a little bit cliche but some flowers are still very popular Valentine's Day gifts UPS estimates it will deliver. 88 million flowers today according to The National Retail Federation. Americans will spend about two billion. Dollars on flowers this year about 10% of what to people pay for Valentine's Day gifts. And Americans will spend the most on jewelry this Valentine's Day four point seven billion. Followed by a night out three point seven billion on the flower staying. 73%. Probably not a surprise you're 73% of people who buy flour sure Valentine's Day our men are only 27%. Are women it's one of those things for you look at when you look at the numbers. You'll understand why from a retail standpoint it's such a big teal Valentine's efforts almost it's like you levs is not that big of the holiday of well it is for the retail worlds so we're do you know to do your part to stimulate the economy at least that's what The National Retail Federation would would sic. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. In possible yes so a lot of fun 99 drive them. It's a pretty big gum I mean we you know we always trying to. You know great prizes for question almost impossible there's a big deal and Bon Jovi like shows coming up march 14 that's. That's a big deal yeah offensive tickets through and we're just rolling out there it's questioned by heavy heart better be really hard and we wanted to didn't get sick yeah good guesses were aggressive today and question almost impossible you react. Our race every Valentine's Day she receives about a thousand to cards and letters but she's a fictional character. She she she's not even worry don't and she did die a thousand cards and letters every bounce I hate her. Continued 2000. I don't like. There's been this fictional character every Valentine's Day hookah. 6312995. That's the dumb question if you've got the answer let us know Bon Jovi tickets up for grabs. We might finale minority. Every Valentine's Day she receives about 1000 cards and letters even though she's a fictional character. Who were we talking about. You know our Amanda and so it you'll get from Romeo and Juliet. Oh. Yeah aidid's. Yeah how well. Apparently this video Verona in Italy gets about a thousand letters cards and letters addressed to Juliette every Valentine's Day. Well I think it is the most romantic story of alzheimer's and. You think so big two teenagers being solid after each other that they kill themselves aren't the only now are. Are we started this water heard they don't getters started. I'm totally if you. You workers here correct what's Saturday. Our all right Tyson congratulations your right the answer was Juliette says in Romeo and Juliette. A fictional character who gets thousand cards and letters of Valentine's Day. Do not yet part accelerated. On route. And Juliette trust me on this. Odds ICU got tickets to see Bon Jovi congratulations. To more chances this week and questioned almost impossible. 7:10 tomorrow morning and Friday morning your amount. X five year plan. It is minute by minute plan might see in the morning and 85. The mountain. Script I was good dumb question today. Every Valentine's Day. She receives about 1000 cards and letters even though she's a fictional character. The answer was some Julie gets as in Romeo and Juliet they generally your dress to the city of Verona in Italy which is where Romeo and Juliette was sets. Dare I even. Are up on Valentine's day of all days dare I give you your 25 seconds to move to rants about Romeo and Juliette. I had a great idea I've got a rant about it I just I feel it's. Inappropriately. Romanticized. It's not a particularly romantic tale when you actually look at it. It's a story about two teenagers who are so helplessly obsessed with one another that they made drastic life changing and life ending decisions. Because they cling get over their teenage infatuation. Okay well Giuliani is thirteen she's your daughter's age thirteen years so. Yes but this is also an in time and place for people didn't live to be 85 so thirteen is not the synergy has shelled. Young it's now know where it you know starting dead by house is at the age of eight. The fifth marriage was still very very young absolutely absolutely but there's I think you're I get we are coming from. There's you bail if simplified the little else if you do your heart broken the answer is not let's all died in nine -- fine it's I think it's ridiculous that we use now it's not me to tell us that it is a tragedy it is very sad story. Yes and tragedy in Rome answer I'm in some ways can be blinked I think is what Shakespeare was gone for Anna I understand. That but I think it's so much more cautionary tale than anything else like do not let your romantic Weems overwhelm you mean. Oca while the subject from the little bearish on shocks the world. People I understood to have Nancy advice we give anyone if they think their life is over when they're going through parishioner no it's not you know it's not over his fine you're fine and thinking many it is is not in some way romantic and thinking that the sun can literally star power. Yeah Atlantic. Fares are girl all right question also slept in weeks and days. As savage and no bones about it you've done that ran for me like thirty times and I enjoy it and single on it it's controlled reds for the Deseret. I allowed you to dust off your soap box and on top current and decreed truth instead amassing as I guess I can't once every now and yes. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might be easy to find 99 by the mountain. 7:54 right now Wednesday morning on the mountain. We when it comes to the winter games we all know about the lucrative endorsement deals that olympians off and land for winning gold. But did you know the United States Olympic Committee actually gives athletes are cash prize. For each winning metal yeah gold medal earns an athlete 37000 dollars silver 225. In a bronze medal gets 151000 dollars a few part of a team sport. Yet to split the earnings evenly by its Indy you know after individual like Shaun white's would be squeezed a 37000 dollars yesterday for that gold medal. The payouts do not come from taxpayers. But rather from private donors which I guess I mean you know you really have to invest a lot of time and effort and energy. In two of two training to achieve that in to represent our country so. I again as she were that makes sense I'm I don't know about the amounts but if she were the idea makes cents. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey as a borrowed it yet Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. It's been a decade. But the drought is over comedian Chris Rock. Will release his first comedy special in ten years today on Netflix there's a Valentine's Day planned repair it's called Chris Rock tambourine. The special will cover contemporary issues which I think you would expect from Chris Rock relationships. Race society. It setter tambourine is the first of two specials Chris Rock will release on Netflix. Under a deal he signed in 2016. Allegedly valued at forty million dollars so if you can release to specials. He got paid forty million dollars and basically he got paid twenty million dollars for the one. That debuts tonight on Netflix in all I'd I'd like Chris Rock let me just say it better be really damn funny if you made twenty million dollars. For one comedy special fees as this one always paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. According to a new series beginning Valentine's Day many people here in Colorado. Actually won we'd forum on Valentine's Day 8%. Which is not a huge percent but still me percent admitted there. The on the look out for a bouquet instead of roses tulips and daisies the there for a bouquet of purple Kush. Along with candies like chocolate covered strawberries and candy bars 7% suggested it. The day one at a bulls this year show if your significant other somewhere in that 80% of that 7%. I think your be your shopping plan for today for Valentine's Day. Probably just got a little bit easier thankfully here in the state of Colorado right. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.