Hairy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 5th


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You know I've never occurs to me I've never had the chance to see this before in my radio career but it's PLO is coming in concerts there really yeah I mean they've they broke up when I was a kid long before before certain well they've their touring again. This coming summer they will be at the Pepsi Center. August 8. The oh well I've slighted exciting and hard to believe it's the same time. Off concert from as always all concert for mission to find him on our website at 995 denouncing dot com. Mike Casey Ellen Hart with Monday morning on. Live for part of the end of last week we have our. Company. Retreats I guess you could you don't treat to move forward yes but. Muppets black cock. Which was quite a little there was plenty of fun and frivolity in brainstorming and all that sort of thing. I Rea I feel like if I don't. Say you'll have to find a way you were kidding yourself so tell we had a little there was a little competition where everybody broke up into groups. In your Timor and again with two Su Wu will would you what they do scavenger hunt was like holidays. It was like a scavenger hunt but it was more like a relay where you had debt. Do little small tasks yes and and basically they had it we had teams have like five cent India common each person was responsible for doing one thing. And it's then yeah he had to progressed slowly through these tasks are quickly through Saturday at MIT great quickly and slowly if you're on the as as a bit of a race yeah and you guys with tough new again with 210 we want to nightstand with statistic recipients. And here's the thing is it wasn't even close he really wasn't even close. I believe you I didn't know I think my team was like fourth out of eight or something so I wasn't he wasn't even on my radar than other teams that are you finished. But were you like finished and then you just sat there and. Yes for very long time if we thought they were just gonna stop but they have. They never go and let everyone else Spanish and so my team just sat around kind of like now we really want this Sunday at hand out. Well congratulations that was a big randomly pick teams and we should note yeah. Stuck everybody I think between kick ball and this this relay you're just discern requesting BMI TI. Yes so you're on a bureau and of winning streak of thought after. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. Christmas come what three weeks through to today actually. Forget the ugly Christmas sweaters. Now your hair. Can be the most festive parts of your outfit. Christmas tree hair this is a thing now centers mystery here he's exactly were cells lady's hair styled into cone shaped. And then decorated with ornaments. So Diebler taking it even further by dying your hair green and adding lights you can no rehash their Christmas tree here if you look for and what you find it there. IE. I can't think of any reason why we wouldn't do news. When did you know I can't know what I. I can't I don't have enough hair really knows his you're here is like light air so it'll it'll go green and mark es I can't make night that the remaining Herat have been to a cone on my head you have a code on your head right now basically years be one of those cool looking Christmas trees that are the ones that look like the strip of lights just. Around today's technically making Christmas tree shaped now the heiress just went zero honeycomb like already got it was just there. Yeah and yet now I got lazy this morning and didn't do I think we could we could probably on the street here iron out election college trying. That's a very enthusiastic. As I can't wait this is going to be so much and that's the truth we had to spray painting I mean unless you want but I think the whole. Ordnance to slights credit hour at still has been pretty cool I think OK I need a video and I'll begin steals and decorations awful. The trees are on the off sexually I think I've George Q&A Christmas tree here it's only 6:30 in the morning sent about 22 yes it opens and. Fairly easy. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet Mike Casey mornings on 1995 the mountain. This whole I'm Alabama senate hopeful Roy Moore this battle between he and Jimmy Kimmel. You did this this thing's coming didn't we murder of boo bonds admitted to by the data first incirlik is a Twitter war between Jimmy Kimmel and and Roy Moore. And then things did you of gaga has got even a little bit more public. When Roy Moore said to Jimmy Kimmel if you want a mock her Christian values. Come down here to Alabama. And do it man to man this was Jimmy Kimmel response on his show on on Friday of last night. Actually don't like this Roy and they come down to Gadsden Alabama with a team of high school cheerleaders okay. We'll meet you at the mall Doria I think. If when the girls and guys show up if you can control yourself and behavior can somehow managed. Tiki belittle Roy in your little cowboy crap. New volume cheerleaders come bounding in you and we'll sit down at the food court we'll have a little panda express. We'll talk about Christian values because I don't know if it if it doesn't fit the stereotype but I happen to be a Christian too. I made my first holy communion I was confirmed. I pray I support my church one of my closest friends is a priest I baptized my children. Christian is actually my middle name I know that shocking but true. Went to that what we sit down I will share with what I learned at my church at my church. Forcing yourself on underage girls isn't no no it's something. Considered to be. Well I think it's. To say the gloves are off in this one between none Jimmy Kimmel and senate hopeful Alabama senate hopeful Roy Moore what we'll see if you mean he basically agreed to a Jimmy Kimmel did so we'll see on their target about doing or he's talking should say. He's sorry about raising money for for this so meeting slash whatever it is with rim more and if he wins he will donate money to women. That's mr. Moore has been accused of assaulting. Welcome to 2017 this is the way things work some talks. Question almost impossible and 99 fine. Okay all this week we've got daily for banks to lose you lights at Denver Zhu which shows going on through. December 31 us how he's got a question if you have the answer tickets years. All right since. I need a little explaining and maybe nine. Coca his some real first name was only said once and it's women. Yep that's them when you little guy listening name is smiling. And and it was only sad ones. So you you you know who did what this person ends. That's not as originally you know him by his real first because it was only sad ones and it's well. America. I made him marketing because he's because his decadent and stop talking that no I think it's a perfect his real name was only said once and it's willing. So far this X 32995. Question almost impossible for Monday can you tell it feels like a month. We might now a minority. His real first name was only said once in its completely. We talking about or what are we talking to Evan darker are Shakespeare know we. We know his first name is is William or was William Hutchinson it's good yes but does not the answer to look before. Our thanks to giant mining which your guess for today's question almost impossible. Welcome more happy if you're looking. Can we do when it was. You are exactly 100% right sooner cut cut you know that. Both the children blues other characters she didn't available. People who don't score read. From the professor closer. Importantly. Well you know like all of their and he said yeah. I have. I am I don't know who wrote what humorous true. Possible yesterday Mark Murphy. Because it's paid off for you got so Finley four packs to Denver zoo lights. Courtesy of your knowledge that yes it was Gil again his first name was really and it was only said once on the show Gilligan's Island are loaded question also possible again. Tomorrow morning action every morning this week 710 to zero on nightly gunfire. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him. It's my GC a nutty guy by the mountain. 7:31 Monday morning Mike UCL a heart which some of the or bigger I guess one of the bigger headlines over the course of the weekend. Was that's the late Friday early Saturday morning the senate passed their version. Of the so called tax reform bill Baer and obviously was along party lines 51 to 49 and believe the vote was. They're expecting hoping to have that on the president's desk to sign before Christmas. And pig you know is as you might imagine and all cut while really in anything political these days there's a little bit of division you know one group seems to be celebrating though the house and senate passed the in other cider other sides may be seem not to be. I thought it was interesting that this morning on senate majority leader Mitch McConnell website there was a little. Are you so call like a celebratory song was now that they posted on his website is a little weird but some I found this morning here. Bold and all of oil and Colin medal winner you know what is true. Reading your bitter snow from about a tax down we've got to vote. Russia ended through the house in the seventh will be the slum lord you'll be the attendance just in time for Christmas when you go out to vote. We've got the whole. We've got the Cold. War three in the world would make you think we care about June. Richest 1%. You know it's true. You'll love love love love love. We've got blown holes. Don't do. Government cronies look him up from the old one we're bone to bone he's produces Howard gets done meter to serve Wall Street we've got the ball. Listen to the pitch look at our big player son of a mixed and probably should have been ten inexplicable fraud. We've got two bonefish. We've got the boldness and we've got the bold. What did you know world would make you think we care about June. We serve the richest 1%. You know it's true. We go low low low long long. We've got the vote Seattle I think it was maybe not a good tastes on the part of you know to me like it's a big were saying this a little thumbing their nose thing. Yeah yeah I'll welcome it it's not about you know actually benefiting anybody if a person like him. Potential congressional and senate victory for. Yet inside this could be the first thing we've seen pass the FB could be so I can again disposed to have it on his desk by area president's desk before Christmas. Gray Merry Christmas everybody god bless this one and all will see an interest in tax return pantex. Like I just. His conscience is clear which probably too serious. And. She many tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 995. The mountain. They are mostly Devlin gaze on Mondays and Fridays resort organ for the week Loverboy. On that 995. The mountain hey we've got this job deal that we we just opened it up now thru Friday December 17. And Ciurciu wins is really cool all the ultimate. New Year's Eve weekend experience live in Las Vegas at the Chelsea at the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas we will cover you roundtrip airfare for two. Fordyce hotel for dogs at the cosmopolitan Las Vegas tickets deceit. All three shows that we get Foo Fighters to ranger ran in and Zack brown band. Plus. Boy gonna be 21 day and producers say that must be 21 to entering wind trip kind of bites you can do that's. 995 the mountain dot com the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend experience in Las Vegas now through the seventeenth. On the other side of the country like from New York it's Saturday Night Live. Whines. Yeah limited edition collection of winds inspired. By the long running series sentiment live available through company called lot eighteen. Dot com that includes. A 2016 Debbie downer southeast Australia certain day. And between fifteen the Californians Monterey county Merlo I mean maybe for the person on your Christmas list to likes wine but you know. Doesn't have either Saturday Night Live once at a chemical. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. You probably. Had a sense of this already but according to the data crunchers at 538. The website 538 dot com the best time to fly around the holidays is between six and 7 in the morning. That was your best flights yeah. Right no surprise because after that things Sergio backed up yet but things are delayed maybe you have more afternoon and evening weather issues to contend with. And then you end up into one of those. Planes trains and automobiles situation where your people stranded with a guy named dale who sing cells. When he tells our occurred rinks that kind of thing Bob so that's the time you're aiming for a few have a major holiday travel plans yet between six and 7 in the morning. Book that flights and less your message again. If you concrete mixers then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Story out of Florida probably not surprising wanna tell you stories about apostle in. That apparently I broke into a Florida liquor storm coming in this up. And in Draco entire bottle burba and if the possible did. Emerald coast wildlife refuge officials say the possibly brought in. By fort Walton beach Florida police officer on November 24 a liquor store employee found the animal next to a broken and empty bottle of Bergen the and connected the two Dotson figured that the Pozen was not acting normal. And so that's how on she ended up with the emerald coast wildlife for effort refuge. And then was released after the Goddard of sober up over I don't know was 24 hours a little bit more than that. Then they released her back into the wild. The liquor store employee said that when she first came upon the female possibility. Awesome. That's. He appeared disoriented. And was salad BZ celebrating excessively. And was pale which is how. She discerned that the apostle was probably drunk he also kept saying I love you broad everybody and trying to get someone to take him at Taco Bell which is the other two things that. Allowed them to connect those dots figuring out the possible is in fact skipped. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating his crossover which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain.