Guess Who's Back

Tuesday, September 5th

This Tuesday sure feels like a Monday. Not sure we like it.


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It's Tuesday it feels like a Monday day after Labor Day Mike Casey and Allen are way. Came back I am I'm back after a wedding and honeymoon. Another way UNC. Yeah I always let my own one it was zero and yes one was Euro which is important to note and I wasn't even sure you're gonna come back I was like. I don't know she's probably having so much lunches that come just. I mean I thought about it but I have too much fun years I figured and we just you know continued his party train. He's going back to day and that are just keep that role and. You you mentioned that's but everything went off without a hitch and you. You and Greg we've talked about the salute before and instead of just doing like the traditional. Everybody comes in on a Friday night stay at a hotel when he says you guys it'll hold. Weekend like a three day weekend at camp we did we rented out a whole summer camp cells it was like dirty dancing for a wedding. Same for our wedding exactly when it lets people stating cabins. Some people who are very fortunate I got to stay in private rooms that the East Africa counselors usually stand. But for the most part we just threw people in big cabins with spunk that send. And yeah had a whole whole days of activities planned we've played rugby Saturday morning meeting take on the afternoon in a pool party he. We had a barbecue on Friday night for the blue grass and there was and a tree house. Yet a week we did a lot of. DA news used usual lot of stuff through there we shared it and other than the only the only bit I won't answer to that story but the only. You know why so how did everything go and how did you you know did everything worked to anything you really get a except for you lost your phone at some and you lose your phone. Home phone my phone is no longer so I haven't. If you think texting me Hannan and responding it's because I can't. And that's because I'm our honeymoon Gregg really really wanted to take footage while we were snorkeling have a lot of the wildlife yours it was cool we you're we slam sharks we slim and sting rays and I seriously -- checks Islamic about fifty. Nurse sharks at one point and it was it was very cool and at one point and we we saw a sea turtles unexpectedly and our guide. Rush just now is about to be could quickly get in the lottery and decency trials. And he precious in so quickly they Greg kind of forgot to check if the waterproof casing on the phone was close. This now on its themselves. He's taking video of procedure dollars so he thinks he adds. The phone is just flooding that I'm watching bubbles come out at the flag Mike Thomas seconds so my son's been dead for almost a week now because it went swimming in the Caribbean. Along with us. Quick just fine any out of all the things that you can only use and bad things that can happen and I suppose. Losing a phone not a big deal not that big of a deal but it has been kind of an enemy of selling in like I'm back and save. Braves are glad I just had mills is torture for Angela deals yeah I have the following some really tough I've been using Greg's finalized when he's getting pretty. I'm iPhone back and Chris you ruin my if you want your IQ when you take some heat. You wouldn't Arun do well there you go that's celery effective marriage starts are there yes yeah something to hold. That's right for years and years to absolutely perfect book congratulations and welcome back I just about glad to be accurately as since. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. The immediate genius ideas that I've heard take over the Internet that make money. This might be the best one ever okay software guy named you'll on macabre and he created a website called how many people paid a dollar to see how many people paid a dollar. And that's literally all it is it's how myths that's exactly what it is you give him one and he'll tell you how many other people. Also gave him more and a dollar for the same reason. He is not disclosed. How much money he's made because he wants to pay a dollar. How many other people can I don't tell you how many people yes exactly over this this last week. Sukhumi people tried to do this news website it crashed. And PayPal started looking he's. Hindus account for suspicious activity. That's how much money he's made. From this idea how much pain that you have to forget about no at least 101000 dollars before they certainly is sir OK so he made at least finally and probably much more probably much. Yet he the only thing he has said this at this point you do interview with the magazine called mother board the only thing you said is it's more it is more than anyone has a right to make. Awful web site running one link of text in a PayPal yes. What are we activists to drill holes. Did I mean I saw us the very first time when the guy did being. Kick starter for potato salad. Yes I've got me don't you something's. That picks and I forgot about then we could've done all the credit because they don't know how to develop let's I didn't we could have but. To people yeah we could cut the min. Yeah I don't know I'm disappointed in both of us but I do salute mr. on the cover and for figured out he says he also said in the interview. I find the concept of selling nothing for something really interest me. Well I think you and I are full of enough really dumb ideas that if we just trust ourselves to go through it all of them some content on Afghanistan. I well you know I like your thinking and positive thinking we'll do it. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC mornings by 1995. The mountain. Our company in Iceland is making the world a better place by perfecting beer delivery drones. Leave it to the folks in Iceland to figure the central logistics company fly tracks teamed up with the delivery service in the capital city of Reykjavik. To supercharged beard deliveries. Before the delivery service use drones customers in certain remote areas had to wait up to half an hour. For their beer delivery that's terrible. Now deliveries of take much less time as the drones were able to fly right overly an ANC. To get beer where it needs to be into the hands of the desperate in thirsty it seems like I mean if you're gonna do things with drones. Want to do that kind of thing with drones to me like that seem to have taken effective use of drone technology to me so first Iceland. And maybe next Denver for a lot he's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains and it's time for most of us to get back to work to working are urged in the case of American general very hard to new worldwide study. Showed that Americans work harder than citizens. Of any other country. For example we were 137 more hours per year than Japanese. About 260. More hours per year than the brits and in France. I immediately started on France. On average we were 500 more hours a year and the French which I that you can take you look at this anyway you'll and you'll ever since our working people. Or you use Hayward knuckle heads you work way to garden don't take enough time off. Depends on you know a full half empty yeah. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Yeah. Mornings when Mike Casey Mike 1995. The mountains. Isn't a cab in New York City and the cab driver picked me up in front of the rehearsal also renew whoever was hurt he started Tom yet a Steely Dan. You know those guys wrote to stupidest line of any song I ever heard and I said no kidding what was that he said you know our kid Charlemagne or a guy goes. Is there gas in the car yes there is gas in the car that's quite a distinction for us to river in the stupidest line in any song that's ever been one. The always some of sarcastic and always funny. Walter Becker passed away Sunday. At the age of 67. Cause of death has not been officially disclosed obviously big loss for the music world than for people. The Finns a Steely Dan and I think I have heard a lot of people say well let's agree dumbest line in the song ever. I think first Steely Dan fans. It. I think because you may be taking a different approach to the way they rice and you like the fact that they wrote songs and in the usual way and had weird titles and kind of strange story lines that never even occurred to me is as of dome on those are great line because this story in the song. Right and you understand the story roughly the story in song. The line actually makes one cents. To me but anyway I'll Walter Becker big loss music world's passed away on Sunday. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him he's my GCR 9095 to mountain. Guys you may consider these non mass traditionally non masculine behavior spots. According to a new survey these are. You may want to reconsider your approach to these things because apparently in general women find them very attractive 70% of women according to the survey. Are attracted to men who bake. And you know bring higher credit you makes Brad. I back up before he's got anything to him that he when he really really now he solidified yet and some salad he's number tale enough anything out of commodities here. Yeah yeah are too big bread one not of women said they in this survey their 50%. More likely to trust men who crop. That's only bring as much. And they just let them okay well that's stupid broken whatever all along with baking. Hobbies like dancing. And painting have the most appeal to the opposite sex which I can see there's some there's a bunch of different things happening there. The survey also goes on to say that women actually for for men. Who sit down to peace. Wage I think Dave they probably don't care about it just don't want you on the toilet right they don't care. Like a week care how you stand it's more we cared that I have to clean peel off the floor or sit on yeah yeah. Yeah that there's just pee everywhere. Okay will this I mean this all makes a lot of sense to me it just leg. Like I have no interest in baking and probably wouldn't be very good at it the the same for dancing and painting. I like to pee in my backyard and I don't have any feelings so I don't need to worry about any of those things and not this of. You're lucky like stand out a long time ago I series it I got enough I got none of these things yes I could learn to big but I don't care like I'm just not. And I don't I'm not that into baked goods. Well I think he's he's like Terry now I think you have to be really into a 21 a 21 dude if you wanted to get into baking if you want to find inspiration to do it. Watch the great British bake off. On Netflix. Nothing in the world we'll make you want to be more really first of all it's a reality competition shell that sell British they do it in a tent in the English countryside. It could not be anymore British. And everything is so positive somebody could make something that's falling apart and one guy insults instead of sugar and he still found ways to say nice things about his face. Really most wonderfully optimistic shout it just makes you feel god Ian makes you want to date. Really to put on while I'm clicking in imagine and I'm making these meetings is and it's like Project Runway. If you took away the fashion and high intensity it just really pleasant British pitching. And I like this. Of that I think you know at least in this country that could probably improve the appeal by just creating a show called. Some leg. Six big guys who baker something you know namely the American cars yet to be entertainers as clean beautiful British gal and make it make you vulnerable to soup. Stuff. That you liked. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings when Mike Casey won 99 plus the mountain. Maybe missed the news over the weekend congratulations to tennis star Serena Williams she is he a new mom she gave birth to a baby on Friday in West Palm Beach. Well first child for Serena and her fiancee Alexis bohemian. According to a tweet from Chris shepherd he's a producer at the local ABC affiliate there the baby weighed six pounds thirteen ounces. Mom and baby are both doing well Serena is expected to return to tennis. For the Australian Open in January either speculation right now. That she might just get one of those little baby Bjorn thing to put the baby in there. And still play tennis at the Australian Open even with that in mind she still 321 favorite to win the whole thing because that's how awesome Serena Williams. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and too many. Tequila shots might TC morning's point 995. The mountain.