The Grossest Thing We've Heard All Week

Thursday, June 21st


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You know you did in the days before you could Ku will lyrics due to you know any song in in two seconds are eve I think even when I was a kid I had a pretty good year for literally for lyrics in hearing what you know singers were singing. In this song for a really long time. I thought in this particular part here this this car. But he since you've done. It's not. Does the heat yes. Admittedly I was fairly young and I didn't I didn't understand what that would possibly being. He saves suck it up which makes more sense at this guy's like circuit. Just imagining cute little blonde might guy around stated doctor dot. The you need extra and 98. Canada what I say probably. Good policy we didn't have grew up in my defense region of movement are really saucers some girls beast of burden on 995 the mountain. Thursday morning like Casey LE heart which it is a free ticket Thursday so that's exciting fire fall. Come and Hudson gardens on the fourth of July we will have tickets 479. Noon three. In five plus. Throw in there the Blues Traveler tickets. Just after seven. After 710 with question almost impossible and then today is also the own summer solstice. Is cycle this is the longest. Long is stay a year you have my aide husbands making it the longest day ever he got up 18 and to go hike in boulder. TN one of his co workers do this before work for every solstice and equinox it's kind of cool. Yeah kind of cool I mean really happy about it. I need but can't ever imagine getting up super early on school day you know developing but they love it so. I was it's funny but second I was just thing us thing in this yesterday. I've I really enjoy summer I do. I find that the my motivation. To do any thing is like give it a all time low volume is some really all I wanna do is sit on a patio under a cocktail that's all I wanted to that is my doing something at a book into you had a busy day yet. The whole idea of death of horror really before our latest it would happen right not not cabinet. Swimming is is the best activity you can also has come out there and the dams swimming and roads and place today did they do so mainly that I an 85 to look forward to. And pretty dry but there is a possibility of afternoon rainstorms is there is pretty much all the time in the summer. I it's getting warmer again tomorrow 8685. On Saturday it. Yeah storms possible both of those days that we're a pretty nice weekends or maybe the structural sit outside on a patio. With your cup I don't know that may be all I do elect until August advance that's about the Anita I bored with that. Yeah I think a lot of people are but it did thing is I just can't find my can't. Motivate myself to do anything else is the thing of it again still can't cede the issue carrier on board I like it. Mike feces coming up to reveal how in 1995 the mountain. You want to lose weight you wanna get fits. You may want to enlist your friends in new study found that 95%. Of people that's a huge percent. People who start a weight loss program with friends. Completed the program 95% completed the program compared to 76%. Who do it alone those folks who did it in in groups and groups of friends. Friends and Finley I suppose are also 42%. More likely. On to keep the weight off I think it I guess it makes sense in terms of we see that I mean you talk about some of the worst theory it's I mean really you're not necessarily do your friends but it's a group it is it's a group mentality is a big thing. And it's got absurd. You're all here are all doing it together like yes you're doing it on your own but it's it's almost like you know when you're dancing at a party. Sure you can get up and dance pioneer Allen but as everybody else is doing it too and suddenly like key get a little more enthusiasm more excitement sneer. It'll it'll be a morning get more out of citizen groups think the town is a deal and certainly. You know one feel like Weight Watchers and Jenny there's a bunch of different organizations that have sort of utilized that model. It's on over you know alone a number of different years now. I always did that part of it always seems a little. I don't know that whole world feels kind of like private to me like I don't want Al to publish that data group so I guess I don't I don't know why I don't know liars I. I beat. But you've also never really totally tried the whole like group sang all the way through I think you've only thought about it in your head. Yes no that's done that's probably true so others that also I think with this it's a weight loss plan most the time if you're breaking it diet your exercise plan it's because your friends invited you to do something more fun. So here all the same day and they're not distract you -- take you away from your plane together that's probably the best -- the bottom line is you've got everybody on board with there was what I wanna -- like dealing detox and Mike do you hole thirty and we'll keep my calendar and likely that this person's party here. This thing not to do this on next week there's no good times. It's the Rio are its other than that Agassi were the that all connects them and so if your thing get in those terms may be one who was serving your friends. Opry ticket Thursday today we've got a fire ball tickets coming up 7 o'clock this morning your first chance there it is I think it's a very important date in music history. I will tell you about that coming up in the next have a song tournament. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Okay. So we're doing the math right it was some 53. Years ago to. Day this state in 1965 June 21 1965. When the birds release that album and its namesake song mr. tambourine man which you just played free here on the mountain. I think NM. I'm get a bid to take your gold. Tangential here for a second but I one of the things I love about music. Is it's it's a continuum rightly there's a series of interconnected. Blocks that kind of build on each other with doubts. One of the block she couldn't have the one that becomes after it and every so often. You there you hit up a seminal moment in music history were this big were the shift occurs. And you can look all we could look back concede that's where a chain like may be Elvis rate or. On The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show or Nirvana release is never mind I mean the list goes on and on. This is one of those moments this anniversary visited the birds mr. tambourine man. He's one of those moments because that's the song that everybody points to. As as starting the folk rock boom. One of the sounds that defined the 1960s. In the the folk music tradition itself. People wave predates errands Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger and you go back to the 1940s. By the time the sixties roll around. Some of that full music ideology. Very much fits in with what people are thinking but the music sounds Albright it sounds dated it doesn't like what things sounded like in 1965. So the birds I mean they're not the only ones. But the birds essentially. Electrified. Folk music. With the Bob Dylan song obviously Jones coming into his own as a writer at that point in time too in all these things come together and boom you have this lightning in a bottle moment where. Full Brock is more or less born. Everything that comes after it includes loving spoonful of Simon and Garfunkel Buffalo Springfield and you can Trace it all the way up to it to Tom Petty. And beyond. And it's. In addition you also have the music that we kind of define the sixties in terms of you know the protest movement in the war in Vietnam and civil rights and boy I really went for a long time X. Okay I'm enjoying it I nine I captive audience we'll literally because I'm second Stuckey gigolo and also enjoying it as well okay thank you ate -- I do think again there are not that many moments in the scope of music history when you can when you can point to hate that's where it changed. In today's today's one of those days June 21. 1965 birds. And mr. tambourine. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might DC boy 1995. The mountain. Did you and this is a really it's a it's a pretty gross story but I'm just fascinated by it. This woman sees 32 year old woman in Russia. I had there is of a lump appeared on her face the eyes of mass kind of looked like a pimple or something. And that she noticed that. The bill lump was moving up. Moving and not just like a little bit like moving to different places on her on her face like it when she first discovered it. It was. Below her I like near her nose. And then it moved down sin near her lips. This crazy here's here's the first thing she did she started taking a different cell fee every day. So she could track where that being moved she waited multiple day yeah that's all taking stealthy. Yes. I mean wouldn't you just freak out run straight to the emerge this year I mean I don't know if that's an option in Russia maybe it's not good. Here I'm gonna take itself deal more than the lump it is moved. Up. Unbelievable right so she finally after like couple weeks a couple of will couple weeks two weeks she finally goes it was it was bid at this point the lump was near her high. So she goes to see an ophthalmologist. And the doctor figures out that she has a parasitic were firm. Peter Fay. Eating her fate so well apparently not this particular parasitic worms do doesn't like really feast on humans or anything and it's sort of ended up in their accidentally so wasn't really lake eating her face which I guess is the good news. But it was still in her face. The pairs sitting worm was in her face on land rights and it was the results of she had been in some part of Russia rural Russia. Where she didn't just attacked by a mosquito bites and apparently certain mosquitoes there and in parts of Europe and Asia. Endo Russia carry this particular parasitic worm. They can you know deposit itself in humans Il in no ill email I am so thankful mosquitoes are basically not a thing. In this state yet they're not well certainly and Alec back east or not like where this. Half so yeah it's worse. She sat for two weeks and serves up the ball and apparently in Russian. It's arms read yeah I guess those. Wait for the so I don't know I'll get around to it once I've got to see were the face more moves next let me take a few weeks of self he does that cement mixers. Did colleague. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible on 99. Mountain again not enough to today's free ticket Thursday but we're also giving away you know that's fireball right but right now we Blues Traveler tickets. For question almost impossible salon. And here today has always no search engine help if you want anything from the last thirty days and you know if somebody else a chance. Can't take a break they've just play along without telling comment this is the most common item of clothing that people buy in the wrong size. I have no idea Kazaa by everything. Yeah and you also don't really find anything. But also you'll take an outpouring of race. This true menace is the most common item of clothing that he will buying in the wrong size. OK we think retired about 6312995. Blues Traveler tickets up for grabs question almost impossible. We might now a minority. Our question almost impossible this morning this is the most common item of clothing people buy in the wrong size we should be getting pretty close what do you think it is. Aboard war yeah. Yeah. Or I was clues that let either you or an hour. I see I wouldn't even I realize gloves technically our clothing but I would think of them as close up. Into me. Anyway I am laboring a point you have tickets to see Blues Traveler at red rocks on July 4 what's your name. Oh art Alex enjoy the show will do question almost impossible won't worksheets Blues Traveler tickets again tomorrow just after sentencing here on the mountain. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. Christian. Does grow he's fifty years old he's lived in number Raleigh, North Carolina for decades on in November. He landed a helicopter. On a soccer fields. At the corporate campers campus of the technology firm SAS institute which is also in North Carolina. Mr. his growth stepped off wearing a military uniform with three stars. He saluted security officers who were approached they returned the salute. And he told them he was there on president trumps orders to transport a female employee to a classified briefing. At Fort Bragg. It turns out that wasn't true in fact none of those things were true mr. disk grow as a car mechanic. Who chartered helicopter. And apparently I guess rented the army uniform. And landed the helicopter on the soccer field at this it this company's campus. Because you wanna do impress this woman. And then he took her for a hell ride. They're pretty good that it's. And then in the broader back and dropped her off at her office and then flew away my cash here's here's what here's my take away from this story in this this is for my fellow men that men and and boys let's say below boys who was someday be meant. Guys if you wonder why. We died earlier than went oral or young men let's say if you wondered why when you go to get car insurance. They charge you four times more than they would charge a girl your age. Or let's take it one step further when you show up at out of someone's house to date their daughter. And that did dad kind you know is cut its because of stuff like this. A girl alone and he has 58 years old. We will and I'm I'm proud to be a man I I I'm I'm a big fan of men we are stupid. And we do really dumb things and never more so then when we are in the pursuits. Of the opposite sex. Eight years old I'm a charter helicopter. Yeah it is open and are you to port au prince's life. Feel feds are still looking inside inside men's heads like I have to go over the top and it is ridiculous thing to impress a woman geno would impress just remembering her birthday is. Showing up acts and you know events you're invited to the simple things like just being there and remembering stuff you don't know how are you just need a calendar it's. Way too hard we need helicopters uniforms and moving parts the legal leeway historic. States all generally by not being good in most things might KC one piece 95 the mountain. If you're a member of on Amazon prime and Europe big fashion slash wardrobe person and this is really good news for you. Amazon prime members now have free access. Two wardrobe. Which is I gather that is Amazon's. Fashioned service be familiar this yes I am okay in this tell me if I'm wrong here. Distance border of allows you as a prime member to try on clothes. Before you buy them. Yes okay. Which you couldn't do I mean technically you could bet you he wasn't set up to do that before with within Amazon. So now we Amazon is it seems like it's moving into it they're they're trying their best to re creates. The brick and mortar men fashion shopping experience without having to go to rubric and worse sure yes. Exactly so if you never bought clothes online especially if you spot them on Amazon. You understand how important it is still looking at reviews because a lot of times it's a singular image it's been recycled over many different stores. And singer not only share what it is that you're getting and sell it can how to be able to try something nine sometimes most of them on Amazon you can send it back. On if it's completely wrong but this is cool because you just had an opportunity to it would even buying sample. Yes and there are so I believe what they're saying is it did the Amazon prime in in the order of service you can have between three and aids. Items sent to your home movement and then you have seven days to whatever try him on decided you like come. And then send back which you don't want without being charged charged. Only for what EPT it's similar to likely talent. And several other wardrobe subscriptions are sensitive and we bury their RI clothing subscription to do that we're Silas will send gee you carried in close you get the spots open and you try and dime you only pay for like ET. On it like shopping it's. It is on trying to compete in that world exactly cut. Which I I would not bet against him isn't really an anywhere else notice knowledge they're on their quest or world domination one step at a time. Like Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. A year it's something your freedom maybe your rationally you tell your friends are feeling whenever there are others here is no re here Jean Sealy there's no reason to be scared of thing is yes because people on such a hard time understanding Iran just it's not their own irrational. Okay I've always had this thing with snakes like the freak me out I don't and I didn't grow up around a whole lot of maybe occasionally seen in Pennsylvania are. Occasionally here in Colorado. But the disease something about the and that's always for you Greg Greg same YES nightmares ABC's this sneak in a movie yet animate bright well I hope she's no listener now because this is gonna despite give both of us nightmares. The story from Montgomery Alabama the guy's name is Billy for this. Appropriately enough was out in his garden and he found a snake I think it was listening it was a Boozer venomous snake. Out in his garden so of being. Billy for missing in Montgomery Alabama he shot the snake. Apparently the first line over account yes first line of defense he shot the snake and put the body of this snake. In the bed of his truck just through the better destruct. Couple hours later. He goes out there with flake. Like a garden tool that you'd like used to buy grab weeds or some thing it looks like at one of those cloth saying yeah like they marketed three getting stuff off high shelf at your house well Billy takes it out there to the truck and he's gonna grab the the tail end of the snake can show it to his brother and his dad like the clues worth from my garden. He go to this is on video will be the video dealer. Blog here in a little bit he reaches for this today the. Act part of the snake heads already been blown off this snakes live there's a way it then don't sad yeah. I'm not sure tool out of. Like this make still knew where you want even without its apparent I think the. Ease of a snake can can continue to move and live for along time after the heads on yet because they're cold blooded. Well it isn't just that it's like their structure and bright but they also don't lose their body heat like you know if we drift somebody cuts off our head there yeah. I hear it it's we're a little time yet. But so this there's video of this mistake without ahead he is trying to attack this guy in according to him. The back part of the snake still knew where he was like no matter where he came at the snake from the snake you know. It does it lots of like extra sensory so yeah. Yeah if that doesn't grilling you on snakes I don't know what I mean that's pretty much dead even with that I had they can still attack that ruins the whole pretty Tillis. You can't eat you tee shot off attempt at the body just keeps Condo I don't sort of the head as a bad metaphor that's when music anymore now. That's why they freaked me announce fortunately won't bring it doesn't for me I was free to get Thursday another chance to win Firefox that it's coming up just governments at 9 o'clock this morning. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountainous.