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Friday, November 17th


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Alley Harwood Mike Casey it's hard to believe Thanksgiving is just some really. What 656 days away now. Right it's official that the season is upon you just made a seriously did you know that I didn't actually think of in terms of days. 66 days to a week from yesterday. And you broke the news on my wedding was happening to me now PGA it was Thanksgiving he seemed to have calendar challenges it's not the butterball hotline is open them 1800 potable would you number we unless. After the butterball hot and I. I don't wanna I don't remember who we talked to but it was like it was in Burma or our ferry storage how. So via endless it was a good time so anyway if you're if you're start to think about your your Turkey and what you're gonna do you're gonna do it. The butterball hotline is open. Just quickly did you watch any of the the stealer of steel titan game last night to watch some yeah okay is it just me. I watched a little bit here and there was do some of the things. They were at the network was all excited about the sky cam angle they. My campaign tension that hard I was annoyed with friends at the same time okay crashing in there were fifty. They're like via our we're gonna show primarily. It was horrible like you chance and it it's it's very disorienting. To see the game you know took all leads from that angle. It's very difficult to giving me perspective her death. You know people got all in tap on that angle for a deep Petri team where there was so much fog and smoke on the field to bed. You couldn't really see so they had to use that sky cam a lot token people really really like to ask her response was overwhelmingly positive. But I think in a more when you have other options that where comedians may. Maybe I'm in the minority the other thing was that did the announcers kept Blake obviously the announcers were really playing up how cool it was and I was like you this is if this is what we've come to in terms of innovations. Yeah the camera angle yet Cameron it's whatever. But whatever the Steelers won so that was good. It was a nice moment for must have a team that wins say it is I got to tell you it's on it's it's a little I think I'll explain to subdue when your world. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. I know it's it's you know it's half the distance of the country away politically and culturally. In a lot of ways Alabama is its own thing and it's it's far away from Colorado. But at the same time I mean you know losing your news this morning Elliott's. The U Tomo is difficult to get our minds around I think for a lot of us what's happening in the the center rates there with. Roy Moore it's it's obviously it's a very conservative state traditionally speaking. And things are really just sort of tops that your top B with his Roy Moore of senate race. I noticed this morning that apparently his campaign staff has. They're trying to rally the base behind Roy Moore they have released a new campaign song alone yes girls like fifths. Solemn times it's horror. It's a good look dude do. When you do and bear in promo. Shot. Remove all. Not actually heart. You dog is so bad things. Some truly set things. Even the Alabama in us. Are appalled. Good news news media bill. Then you sort of June. Even though we may zero. Astounding turn. You must serve authority. Please don't get bored do. Days after all. Just a man who. Stand by road mole. Sorry I don't like oh she took blame to. And a senate seats. Filled bring you. When the Democrats. Tried to sting you. Stand Limbaugh are way smaller. Don't let it is past. Upset Jew. And keep stealing votes. Forever more. Still noon and by a row MO or. Area so I mean I gave that does in rally the base then I mean it's not a very rousing song. Yeah but it's got that country sort of flee you know Tim you widest at that field to itself are we think are unpopular in in you know. Album we both clearly know little to nothing about Alabama. No no but it it feels like that would be. Well he writes in the right spot politely speak thing gates just superb. If he ran for president he would probably lose and away and sliced it goes down it's. It's like Jaycee find 99. The mountain. If you're traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday good luck to you if you wanna try and beat the crowds travel experts say the best data fly out is actually. Tomorrow. Yet so hopefully you know hopefully during your plans the second best day if your retirement air travel. Is actually what probably a driving to Thanksgiving Day itself. Which kind of makes sense to think about the worst days to travel the Sunday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving in terms of going home. The day after Thanksgiving. Like Friday some people call is the best day to go back home the worst days to head back. Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving Sunday after bad to put. Not as bad as Monday or Tuesday but it's one of those they like give you kinda noticed kitten into writing it's ended the pay out you're gonna see friends and family. The payoff is usually worth but if you can do it probably tomorrow. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy with torturing men and 995. From the mound. Our last chance today to win tickets to Moscow ballet is great Russian nutcracker at the Paramount theatre one of this week's lucky winners. Will can't win a walk on role for your kids your Kindle actually be in the nutcracker we want everybody else would you take itself kind of cool deal we effort questions more. OK so beads total weight of all of beings on planet earth. Is greater than the total weight of all these humans on the plants. Problem that's gonna be really big number it's a really big number and a and he may be heavy and I don't even know the total weight of all of these on the planet. It is greater than the week the ball listens. You know the answer that one looks like you know I think there's a he had. It didn't look I would like it now. I'm not gonna tell you I see with Laura and I meant it and I don't you do have access to be in I do have access to the answer yet is that it really would be questioned almost a boss yet even I don't you know Sunday triggered the. The object. Six there once you 995. We think we're talking about good luck. We might now a minority. Okay the weight of all these on the planet's. Weighs more then all of the humans on the play. Yes if you had to put them on scales. One of the big this thing would be have ears and all the people. Okay what do we think we're talking about. The weight of all they can't. In the world I don't know. Yeah that's actually do though think that yeah exactly that that's exactly right. Or my world. Well well done. At the risk of you know putting you know weird position here it sounds like that was just a completely wild yes. It was as you always hear about how many and there are in the world. And it doesn't really seem that there are. Lot apparently quite a view because I'm assuming the average human with a lot more than the average and it's. Have been kind of rally great which a net gain. Excellent job Jane we hope you enjoyed it nutcracker. Question almost impossible is going to be back next week will be asking that question a little bit after set and he mining and by the amount. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that way when you're to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC 199 plus the mountain. Yes do you think maybe you have armed some challenges perhaps in in your own neighborhood where you liver you know with neighbors and fences and things like that. This may lend a little bit of perspective this new high school being built in Farmington Utah. Some residents are not particularly happy with the name of the schools mascots. The Farmington Utah high school mascot will be a Phoenix. The mythical bird that rises from the ashes yeah. Can you think of any reason that people would be upset with that particular mascot. No because it's anything about the floral dare think about the plural that he makes sense. Penises. They would be the Farmington. Penis is so when you're so when you're at a sporting events. And I get admittedly this is not something that we keep me up at night either. But apparently that sound was not sitting particularly well with Kyle fraud who's concerned resident he started a petition urging the school to change the name the petition says. There'll be a never ending barrage of references to male anatomy directed at our children because of the school's mascot the school mascots name it's. It's a high schooling is that yes OK they're already inundated with but now I now need to pick she ends and all right time heavy high school. I apparently mr. fraud and has not ice is I've kids it will go to this school that's big part of it I don't want to be a joke. I don't want it to be a laughing stock so far the petition has raised more than 2600. Signatures but no decision has been made. On the Farmington. Feed me this is set. Yes golf fore again he is sitting. You mean it's it's it's a high school your security and data with the death. I think of the things that I would see drawn on bathroom walls and just around my high school probably a lot of fear a lot. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait. Mike Casey mornings on 1995. Till Thanksgiving this a little under a week away at this point of fury thing about how you're gonna prepare your Turkey or Turkey's about the issue could make your Thanksgiving Turkey and under an hour about an hour should stay with the butterball electric Fryer from master builds. Were given one of those away place deduced take a visible Thanksgiving food quiz. Not very heart defect is really easy on the website 995 the mountain dot com and you could win the master build butterball electric Fryer from master built. You know if you through nineteenth two to take the quickest car on the web site. SP gonna meet according to a new study from Austria vegetarians are actually less healthy than meat eaters. Researchers found that among other things people who eat less meat. More likely to have negative health habits like not going to the doctor however keep in mind vegetarians do usually have. Lower BMI a drink less alcohol. And in a lot of things that you would maybe consider on the part of the spectrum butts. They also deal according to the study with a higher rate of cancer allergies and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. All right take that I mean I'm not when it's up to you but that's the information from the study in Australia. Are Austrian restaurant what's. Past the stake right past mystic. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings which Mike Casey by 99 plus the mountain probably won't come as a surprise. To any of us are wouldn't think a new global report reveals. But 65%. Of millennial us for your people and generation Z which is the I think there after you right no one else. 65% lentils and generations ears communique we each other more often digitally. Then in person why talk when you can text the same report found that 62%. Of eighteen to 34 year old would choose to leave their wallet at home instead of their phones which of course also makes sense because. Your phone can do everything your wallets Ken he's got different things sprite is fun break you don't even need to you really don't even need dual yeah I still don't know why he carried a green stuff in your talent you explain anybody ears and I still really don't call it's all cash and it it were and how and smelling nice I just don't killing attacks is. You know explaining to enhance it occurred out like I think got even though clearly outfit into either one of those generational profiles. I've certainly I'm as guilty of this show or maybe more so than my kids. Which on a day to day basis I don't think that much about what I do think about is. If you think about communication as a constantly evolving. It's an art form but as a constantly evolving tool of humankind. If word if were communicating he's filled with each other verbally less and less and less and less and less and less and less. And choosing digital communication over that we're where we're going where are we in a hundred years or 200 years is 300 years in remain. Point I'd get it but when people who live far away and they wrote letters to each other what did we lose the spoken word and it just on their but it was the same thing. Yet but I wanted to tell only and speak to people only had to break them. Yes but I don't feel like in this case where her. I feel like it's almost a reversal of those things because this is were choosing. Not to verbally communicate. I mean I'm as guilty of it is it like you know if you're in the newsroom and there's some. Our text you're from here to there Talking Heads it's more when I'm sitting in trinity you don't text me rather than talk troops are answer that's a good point but I wondered as I guess what I'm saying is. I wonder if there's piece of the communication. Puzzled it gets lost. It's it's a thing to wonder when stressed about it too much Bennett aka. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview Eddie spaghetti before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Kim Kardashian is new limited edition perfume line had a pretty good first day earning. Ten million dollars on its opening day ten million dollars the line. Which features three different fragrances from compression was made available on line on Wednesday. In his already nearly completely sold out they only made 300000 bottles. And they were expected to sellouts on by the end of the day to day people are buying the here's the crazy and people are buying up all the bottles. Despite having never smelled. The fragrance before the Kim Kardashian signature fragrance that made ten million dollars. On its first day people who have now smelled it city Kim Kardashian fragrance smells like money. We've notes of self importance. And it's in completely unknown talent famed little hints of that and as well so. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.