Get My Thanksgiving Pants

Monday, November 20th


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5:55 Monday morning Mikey ACLU heart wick. Christmas lights gutter cleaning. Guitar club party. That I did meet I did I'd really busy weekend how is yours. Edit. Warren Miller movie. Adults saying. Let's see what else that I GOO. Escape brown. And then come installed a little bit longer and reading thank you I would think one thing clears those still on Sunday it was. Can do we have a year failure to do or and I don't wade a year. Well this Politico looks they yeah our eighth two months. Three. I don't see how we help we have plenty of talent inside I'd like to do seem irrelevant and later. This really does Sony could've. Doing that may have been preferable to watching the Broncos Honolulu. Costs there's nothing to anchor and happening there to Mary's Thomas Brock us Weiler Broncos coach Vince just. Can't win in his came to turnovers you can win anything without the negative plays offense. You know we do some good office and we going backwards. You can be nobody in the NFL and I don't care how good your defense is don't care how good. Some of the plays young squad are you came you came to a. I can't turn the full football over it's it's something that we've talked about now. Going on over a month protect the football have zero turnovers at the end of the game. And see where we are and and I think tonight if we would have played a brand of football like we would have been in a much better. Position tonight we had a great effort offensively we moved the ball again but we had some turnovers that's the game again you know efforts good. And of guys are making plays you can't turn the ball over. No that's true and I think probably across the board dumb move these two men the fan base in May be some other fuel the organization or. Probably getting tired of hearing about effort like efforts greats yeah. But mean you lose six games in a row and also now doesn't seem. It doesn't really matter does he have done you're like how much are you really try and yeah he does like the thought kind of creep in gear and I would thing together or just movement and there are a whole bunch of ugly moments again. In the game yesterday we will talk to the gym in about that he 10 this morning and see if she we can find some ray of sunshine there are no. I want and there are some Mayer you know is better than the last few get through so there's there's a little rain so I'm right thing in the offense to move a little B you're right there's. There is water it was like I was better yet. Luke spoken like a bills. And we don't talk to him and not not yesterday and a dead too. Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. The two main guys and A Flock of Seagulls frank Mowlds Lee and Mike score they were both hairdressers before they be you know kind of got going in the in the world of rock and roll their careers and if you remember. The bizarre hairdos that they have in the fifth in the particularly their videos which for our shorter groundbreaking I guess it makes sense that they'd come for me. Because her stylist background you know like this that they made use of that's I think he should totally trial that there. I'm thinking oh god I'll continue to do the public really going to be inverted waterfall what are you. I think you beloved warrior for Bennett than. Complete to count I'm sure of the green area so far away flock of seagulls on 995 militant couple days what couple three days away now from Thanksgiving. This is a it's a Thanksgiving. Must have. Arms stove top stuffing. If there's Kono is expendable pants did you see these I did you saw one of the unknown FaceBook or something yes OK they're called. The stuff in stretch pants feature a belly bandit highways in common a Burgundy colored with gold accents and they have a stuffing print. At the waste into the pockets they're unisex. They're part of a promotion by the obviously by stove top stuffing you get your old pair for twenty dollars at Thanksgiving dinner pants dot com. They may not be super fashionable. Why they would definitely be comfortable and 101000 dollars of the sales from the pins proceeds will be to feeding America. So it's for good cause TO plus you know super cool. They're there shiver they're just going to. I'm not I'm not what this could they stole it from Joey Giuliani and I don't think Joey grabs us. He had he used to feed these maternity pants as his banks in the past when he had to leave an entire Turkey. I didn't that's pretty good so I would love to be on board with the stove topic. Like Chile first yeah but he didn't turn it into them you know business things and they did it's what's in his mind is also not real. Don't don't. The original answer your courage stove top stuffing pain at Thanksgiving dinner periods. Dot bubble put the link on on nov nine you know five amount doc needs and there. He didn't trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own Mike Casey on 995. The mountains. Hmmm I imagine most of us at some point or another have misplaced our car and in a parking garage and it's always a little bit. A little bit embarrassing particularly when you remember it okay that the other from the cars. Bomb likely though very few of us that are given that car up for stolen. Only to have it come back to us decades later but that's what happened to a man in Germany. Last week twenty years ago twenty years ago the unnamed man for obvious reasons. Our reporting his car stolen to police in the German city of Frankfurt. And last week the police found it in the garage of an industrial building that was to be demolished. A parking garage basically they couldn't terror they couldn't turn on the building. Because the guy's car was still inside its. They tracked down the you know the guys now seven. 56 when he lost discard reported it stolen. After getting a call from the police the man was driven to this site by his daughter. And if found the car unfortunately after sitting for twenty years it was nine you know. The card didn't work at this point they decided it needed to be scrapped but how unusual I mean how would you feel at that point Lou sorry. Just for guys edges left your car there for twenty years assuming it was stolen. And it shows up back in your life better him than me I would I would be mortified and I would feel bad that I've wasted the police the the police's time at that point to. And the question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yet so good luck. I'm 1995 than. Show in the past we've taken the approach to telling you upfront. What you would win you know we're used to get the question right today. Honestly we don't know. We don't know this secrets secret so we've you'll give something we just don't know why so you may wanna go into this with the notion of I'm get a answer this question correctly because I wanted to challenge myself. Yes you're doing just one for the glory yes not so much the prize for because it's a super big secrets yes exactly. Aren't so now we've been clear about that same same as always that don't sleep don't completely future. Did you break leisure nodded yeah yeah I can't really like today is why okay. Research suggests that new friends become better friends more quickly if they have similar levels of dangerous. Could be a lot of things yes we're looking for one thing in particular research suggests that new friends become better friends more quickly. If they have similar levels of X. That's a good question I'm 6312995. That's the phone number you need good luck today's mystery prize. We might now we find it. Our question almost impossible this morning research suggests that new friends become better friends more quickly. If they have similar levels this from different relevant anxiety if it's. Well. Big fear. Did you live there was that are clues. Electric could actually just putted I hadn't heard any the other guest has. Now a great job well congratulations social anxiety specifically is what we are looking for. People who have similar levels of that tend to become better friends more quickly. Yeah congratulations what's your name. Our interest we don't actually know what you've won yet but that we'll find out it will let you know thanks for playing along the question almost impossible to do this again tomorrow morning. Just after seven rate Curome. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning as we might PC and 85 the mountain. 7:52 Monday morning here on the mountaineers some of the other news that we got this some other sad news over the course of the weekend. On one time and teen idol means system mega star back in the day David David Cassidy. The most to David Crosby knew David Cassidy is in the intensive care unit of a floral Florida hospital. Supposedly according to TMZ he's on breathing tube. And its prospects are described as quote grim he was soon admitted to the hospital on Saturday there was talk about a a liver transplant and is having some organ failure issues there was talk about a liver transplant put at this point. The source that talked AT&T so there's really it would be kind of futile at this point Diddy Cassie 67 years old. He has obvious I'm sure we've all known had. More than his share of substance issues over the last fifty or so years. So kinda sad news again if you were around in the early seventies. While the Partridge Family may not be high art necessarily. Be hugely popular show and he was on the centerpiece of it. And then in later years kind of became one of those cautionary tales about. Be good and young stars should you know teen idols as to ourself 67 years old David Cassidy in in a hospital in Florida. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might GC on 995. The mountain. I'm just a couple what six weeks left in 2017 now. Probably still enough time to add this Tennessee dad to the list of father of the year contenders. Is name is sound on Tron. Of Knoxville. And he believes the dead should participate in every parent nights no matter what it is. So when his daughter asked him to attend ballet united school because her mom is seven months pregnant. He was right there already to go to leotard and Tutu. Who is viewing. What do people do Piero wetsuit and yes they are like yeah thank you use a they're doing doing those with his daughter's the dancing dad shared photos of the event onions are grim. And wrote that the look back smile from her made it all worth it he should not gonna lie my calves in toes were cramping up. They're pretty he's. He he he looks like up analyst at football player he's he's strong. He's dirty sturdy guy arms in and you see him and him in his got a beard and he's in this to suit and whether we've his daughter in front of him. You know Terry duties belly thing. It's pretty cool I got a sack I mean I've. I feel like I've done on a lot of things to be supportive of my kids I don't know that I would have been. Though did we aren't non participating. Jon and watched from the back probably be well. It's yet so he's I think he did a lot of dads proud on this one and and obviously for his daughter to the illegal arms or the picture will be our blog to. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. So why don't wrap things up this morning you know. Before we get to the mill 180 with Thelma study out of the UK I think the you'll find this information shocking I knew that I did this from Coventry university in the UK. Their most recent study has found that jump straight women. And gay men for that matter or most attracted. Two well dressed wealthy men with nice bodies. Yes there most attracted two well dressed in men. With my spot to somebody really pay for this study elected Reid is this something we didn't already know. Seems runs. Painfully obvious already but whoever's funding the studies Coventry university good job thanks for clarifying that for. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating is crow sandwich like people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain.