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Friday, June 1st


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No well Friday here on 995 the melting we've Led Zeppelin and hey hey what can I do IA I'm always excited about no ballot Friday although it occurs to me today. What I would be more excited about would be no allergy. Friday what's going on I don't know my house is turned into a sneeze factory. And mostly. Of late I've been sort of immune to that you have this has been bothering me in the last 36 hours I am now a member of the sneeze factories off. I I AM I've been taking my nose spray and allergy men's which I usually don't do because they make me high. On cash and I'm still I I in my eyes are really watery were also some easy this morning yes. I don't know there's just I don't know I'd I have not delve into what is actually causing the problem but it seems like it's very common thing for yet there's something because my ball actually was outside yesterday I was leading when I picked it up it's becoming inside is covered in. Dusty. So I'm thinking it's whenever that while most. And I think you've been carrying around with few to talent Aussie open it's any hair yet yeah I got you. Well yes I don't agree and have no allergy Friday but we will have no valid Friday which is arm exciting just as a side note a quick follow up from yesterday. I was come to work this morning Andy just installed one of those. What does it should speed is speed meter ES yeah reader digital and they on Monaco. Go itself on Monaco it and I resume I think was in a 35 zone. Has gone 38 miles an hour so when you tell me like come on grandpa driver fake news solar cell I said grandma and grandpa. I don't know why that matters but he times OK and you your grant who's won three miles over the speed when who. Rule. Here have all oh we live in on the units there will not be anybody going anywhere near the speed limit it is sets are at Torrey. Tony I southbound closed between university in Colorado boulevard. There's a shooting there early this morning on T 25. Police investigations going on right now. They have no idea one it's been a real and so if he takes southbound I 25 to work you've got to find another way right now traffic is pretty much stopped leading up to university. So don't get on into your past Colorado boulevard I got on Evans this morning and it was fine. That you cannot get through. And I think I think pool the latest I saw as its pro and we shut down at least got. Russia yeah yeah half furlong times I one hope that may be its opening them it's just not Smart and use self. Alternate routes cereal or avoid that if at all possible you'll at least be enjoying via the sunshine throughout the course yeah. You well it's going to be another really hot day today but it is going to be a little bit when the it's getting near 8280. Simply isn't in the near ninety degrees today. And it's gonna stay fairly warm throughout the weekend on its morals and Connie and more wishes are calmer and we know we need really beautiful wonderful weekend. It'll be nice seven vehicle we Annan on Friday via Sony tomorrow 82 for violence under. The when I'm gonna complain to them find hot yet. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. My plea for no allergy Friday is falling on deaf fierce yet. It's getting worse but it's still no ballot Friday so it's cooler mother of over the door Pete Townsend from an empty glass. Back in 1980 congratulations to you car thick. No money he's jumped fourteen years old he is from just outside of Dallas Texas any kinda came out of nowhere. To win the Scripps national spelling bee yesterday this is the word that wanted for him. Clinging yeah. K if apple pie and youthful. And tying it. OK there you go Kart thick image Eads gets a little and balls and how he wanted to basically had dispel. Two words. In a row to win because he was Suri is it come from behind position let's sect. So I mean he's who he be pulled out this when he did not even it's drawing worth noting. He didn't win his regional spelling bee and he did not winning his county spelling bee. And yet he won the big national spelling bee yesterday he gets forty year like 40000 dollars in cash. In prizes in addition to the trophy and bragging rights for year. And I don't know how these kids do I was in a spelling B owners whose it's like yeah a fairly big one. And it's incredibly intimidating. I ain't I did a spelling bee once. Mom I think him like fourth. Grade third or fourth grade and I think I got out my first round it was just like the isn't on here. I was never really into the spelling deeply. Having clearly to make it to this level or is takes a certain amount a commitment and lit I look it's also elect looks at the last half dozen words that led up yeah the wind and Mike can't pronounce that can't pronounce that don't know with them myself and sign it if somebody was getting him out in me yeah yeah I mean really it's all thirteen of fourteen year old Q2 who managed to do this and and probably deserve all the prizes they. I'm totally I love that we've American and sports I it's done that yet smelly eternity and like a thing I predict that in five years we'll have flake. Spelling be part he's intriguing. Yes obese you know and. That's because we americanize everything we don't consume review. It's ten that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Our new study finds that women start to feel invisible enemy missile air quotes invisible once they reach the age of 45 by invisible. They me be you know green this study they mean that's the age where we're winning start to feel like they stopped turning heads. When they walk into room and don't get as much unsolicited attention from men men according to a survey. A study start to feel that way at age 47 so they have relatively calm about the same age. I'm sure you know obviously your your well in front of both of those ages. I wonder if when you hear that will what do you think when you hear that. Well I think if it's surely can't wait to be 45. Yeah yeah just yesterday I was pulling weeds looking like a pilot trash on the side of my house I had shouted at three times. I if if I really becoming invisible of 45 please thank you if it takes me looking old to get respect to behind. Our little our so let me draw distinction if I may let me draw distinction between. What you're talking about is he's booted him rude and sexist and a bunch of different things I think and certainly that is included I think in this concept. I think their there addressing. What you could call positive attention. I don't mean I'm not talking people shouting you while you're pulling weeds yeah. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy. What insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. Are you you frequently comment on just how incredibly bad the coffee is here well her readiness via its and that seems to be the that seems to be Dick consensus holly I'm not being picky don't drink because we need to be out up and down the hallway back. So we hears it I mean I know you're struggling you're suffering through it buy it there are some added benefits to coffee that they just discovered. That I think will maybe add to the transaction for you new study from UC Davis found the coffee actually he actually likes you makes you like people. More most coffee drinkers thirty no the coffee makes you feel good the researchers found it also makes you feel better about yourself. And boosts your mood. Which you know I mean this is like win dollar price you're looking at me like I did. So yes we tell one person in this room who loves everyone and everything me and one cent who can't stand all people that you. All night. Now opposite day you're suggesting that's not the case yeah I coffee drinker in the room. But I I feel like you're wired that way even if you didn't drink their coffee even an estimated coffee is just turn it up to elect and Oca let's because you don't drinking here like I keep it there there may be people. Really you're really pushing me too often I feel like earlier suggesting is. We can counteract the person I am with caffeine. Maybe if you had some coffee you blame be so. That's aren't and then you would like suddenly like people off the solution to all of Mike's personality issues you do. I say daddy issues they're just difficulty though he did a Q that sounds much better. Best and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible and 99 fine. Boy oh boy we got a question for you today. Yes we do know and remember. Yeah soliciting a surprise CDS the even though you did in fact here this morning yes and. It's the galleries that no island of algae thing I just kill me today can't have gotten you've got allergies it's a balance Friday we'll lock on great slack on on takeovers so you don't see toughness. 1%. Of Americans. Heat index. Well that's a really moment I don't mean this so it's only one and it's only 1% of Americans hate. Dennis the implication being in 99% of Americans love this yeah yeah. Appeals something other than hatred towards it yeah that's more specific and say OK 6312995. Alan Parsons project tickets up for grabs only got to do is answer that question. If my finale fine. OK question almost impossible only 1%. Of Americans. The XY US. Don't. It's that's an amazingly. Accurate answer how did you know that. Well again today and I have been a little edit them at indymac the easy. There must now that. I mean that's our hands graduates like you're yeah Armani. And it's only or person of people so we consider them to be freaked by and large anyway. Early. Period of your knowledge of donuts is when you tickets to CEO of Parsons project yeah I would think that. Our Lisa enjoy the show thanks for being here thanks for playing along question almost impossible we will be back would that Monday morning just after 710. Right here on the mountain and I enjoyed national donut. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. I'm sort to be more glass half full let me. Oh my uncle and I can't act. And respond to those shared these surveys found big guys are not very excited about bachelor parties he stays in a lot of that it has to do. With social media almost a third of men. Said their biggest fear are asserting bass or parties was a video is getting out and wrecking their marriage. The relationships in their careers because of this 60% of men say they dread. Being invited to bachelor parties. 40% going as far as to turn gunning to stations in 33%. Hope the tradition dies off all together. That's kinda sad if that's. I feel like dead the traditional idea of Blake. Men going crazy getting extra prayers for a bachelor party that is dying all. I know or people I think for that reason I think for our wallet goes for many reasons but com. Yeah for the most what I have seen with bachelor parties is disguised meet with their friends like a like camping trips are there. It's it's not. Let's just. Pet sounds soon as serious gender swap cell with the ridiculous Nance of parties because bachelorette parties are a big thank you wreck I I'm currently planning bachelorette and she. Man the level. Of intensity. Expected to meet is just. So it shouldn't take long man for that destroying the other way like 130 years ago bachelor parties muted even exist existed till Saul recently and now it's like they've just barely exist but. Pretty soon people are Buick maybe we shouldn't do business I'm an as an eye on what is stereotypical bachelorette party. Yeah hi Jeff boy had it is kind of said the army I don't have any problem with you either side there's tradition and however you wanna do it. It seems like the solution is like a lick people need to film that stuff right now I mean I have some great. Ink screen video from my dogs are hasn't looked like a said she saw a figure he does I. I owe you some of the sun to listen saying I put unfazed by this you do it because she is just that's not I think I didn't come equipped with sensors that mister OK will be warned if you do when you do about some party or bachelorette party. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to beef up my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. You are. There's so much of it I can't actually really repeat the year you you're looking at something for some. Outfit your bio what my gosh yes so I just got official word not long ago that the mountain is going to be part of pride fest this year and a per on Sunday. And two weeks from now though and it really the seventeenth. So sixteen days from now. Sometime bogus I'm familiar actively put blink your picking out clothes for that yes I'm trying to take out the thing that I'm going to Wear because iffy if he'd been deprived recently. On why you went Harrison is a huge part of it. And your Demi your big into like costumes that thing and he he I mean I really enjoy dressing up for it thinks it it's it's something I take great joy and pride and Thompson yeah I'm trying to come up with a perfect out and I began on some. Erica it is it I really you're not don't want to reveal a pretty you I mean can you please give us. Thumbnail sketch avoid sell your finger. Yeah I think. It's going to be some main lobby is yet to corporate arena Allison and he did an anti Sharon and I just think women are down payments. Altogether what does that mean exactly yeah. It's I'm gonna have something on on the bottom and thinking like hot pants down on the bank I don't I don't plan on wearing a little. Full length close you can people be like his underwear is shirts on now who care. And you do that you just cut the approval from. Whoever had a coming up now I have no approval I think I'm just gonna show up without engines gone out and hope for the past spoke it well I think you just the any four of the pride festival and for all no no no no no no one is going to be paying attention to me in my not a pain that's kind of guy coming up I have no idea people who have been put in their conference that far in advance as I think anybody either receive me would probably. A test when Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art in music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with my PC file and 99 plus the mountain. You would think the answer to this question would be obvious what is on the mind of American teenagers. I think we would all have like an immediate guess I can remember what some. Rights apparently we be wrong at least according to this new study thirteen in nineteen year old spend a tremendous amount of time the majority of their time according to this thinking about food. That's what they say the study found that some FaceBook is the biggest online source of food inspiration for teams that obviously wasn't nothing when I was commuter. Bomb followed by a YouTube. They spend. I thought they had a broken in my hour but I don't hours and MC meeting but that according to this survey. Is this thing that they think about the most. I'm having four count on for teenagers in my house yeah. I feel like. May be I could see this with the boys there I mean they're a little bit older I don't get the sense that that's what the girl I mean. They are growing so it's like he's just constantly feeding time in my house. But some I don't feel like this is the case for the girls. It may be but any differently than you think. Is when your teenage girl you think a lot about what you eat. It's not necessarily thinking about like gimme more food. Which is I mean pretty much that's what I'm saying in my panel time. You tacitly thinking about food just in a different. Aka there not some part of this because the boy the boy is part I recognize. And I will tell you that. 98%. Of what the boys put in their their bodies food wise. These chicken wings in and chips that's literally larvae eat. I live with 35 year old teenager I cannot get past that it's this same thing. You there you go well and I've as I tell them at a Saratoga the same thing. A leg look. You enjoy that while you can enjoy that because. I don't know landed I can tell you exactly when but at some point. Metabolism is gonna change and you can't just eat chicken wings and ships and weigh a 168. Pounds or whatever you do. I think I can do that only a 160 a great addition and contract that would be a little bit different. Yeah they left out an exit Unser who wins who wins. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's weekly life DC in 1995.