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And Nancy Wilson grew up in a time and place I think bond not not unfamiliar to a lot of postal when young women and young ladies were expected to be much more formal and proper and that sort of thing maybe than than we've come to expect these days in a couple years ago I talked in Wilson and she talked about her grandmother. I'm Mahdi. And grandma was the one it was a AKQ you're fifty bucks from buy yourself a guitar usually things that he'd probably weren't exactly typical you know not. Necessarily what you would encourage young young girls and young ladies to do at that time at this time and she thought she'd just said she was sort of fur. I remember with the phrase was she's but my rock and roll my rocket rolling jeweler something was so that was a great picture of grandma. On eight and Nancy Wilson of heart magic man. On 995 amounts and on no ballot Friday tally Hart with Mike Casey the the Bergen bacon on the road last night's yeah. So with the lowest risk. Yeah I had never ban every form under you Bennett cool spot is it a new is it and knew or knew were I'd. And I've been there either I mean that's a great question actually I I wasn't asking a whole lot like win re established it was more or when can I get another. I'm glad you're focused on the importance yes exactly but it was knee -- this really cool little spot on south Broadway one of the Vanessa so FaceBook this morning noon party. He looked like he had urban youth they get something purple I did so it was some it was kind of like ferry smashed. Hello and now that arrow of the urban smash is so it was hatched a cell I tried both of the cocktails which were an old fashioned which I love and despite fears smashed. And it and it it was a Blackberry that was smashed around us temper van and selling an expert Rosemary. And it was actually less sweet than meal fashion wise against so incredibly refreshing and really wonderful. On our bartender adds these suburban in Macon on the roads is is really incredible heat stirring up knows that if you make an occasion so yeah we're not offering up cuts down played and I can Pakistani. They're not okay so he was a verb because I saw the bush assess other pictured it was a purple thing that was again or maybe she shouldn't get suburban derail there was Berman in there and it was good our blackberries match now are you know successful Berman break another road dole have another at least one I think maybe two. Exxon's claim I think ready to when he first of August okay that's going to be capital coronal. Okay that's decently still I have such a good time at these I forget so much of what I say and other people but I remember when the next yeah questions governor okay that's good. Well hopefully we'll see we'll see at the next what are 89 for a high today afternoon evening storms pretty good chance 85 tomorrow. Sunday looks a little cooler maybe no chance for rain 764. High on Sunday just after 7:10 this morning question almost impossible got tickets see Chris Isaak. Off coming up for you and we'll continue with Nobel Friday next. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my 99 plus the mountain. You have the time he was working on on the album born to run we was taken forever in the record company want you know we oil we want this to be the release date and like everybody was sort of pressuring. Springsteen at that point time in this thing he always says those are great line he always says the release date is one day if we do the record right it's forever. So just you know hold on and I think keep it at least in that case proved it yet he was he was right that are covering was wrong and so was everyone else border every Springsteen know about Friday. A 995 denounce him we're just talking about bartenders. Because we've unit Kevin is or bartender for the Oxford in Beverly bacon he's great he's great incomes as well as sort we are talking about that and I Saudi story according to a recent survey. The rundown of things customers do that in noise bartenders the most exist yeah. This might be information you can take into the weekend with few. I hear some of the things on that list or multiple drinks at the same time. I think what they mean is rapid fire you don't like him before anybody said time to prod at least I think that's within me. Off flirt with a bartender apparently that's a no no I think that's only you know no. I think it's very situation would resign yes picnic. Both by the labor to bark as part Jeff Garcia complain yeah I kind of depends on who the person as. Flashy tips to get the bartenders attention all that sell in all it's like I I'm aware that you have money gets he gets the idea asked the bartender to make it strong. And yes I don't know that wasn't something never bothered me a myth thought I was stupid I'm like him and make it in the right idea of Philly when I got to make asked the bartender to surprise you when ordering a drink to people do that. I have done it before but you lately with Iceland hello yeah that's right he's like well OK yeah 'cause that that's that's if you if you don't know the bartender you don't know the place and they don't know you you can't wanted to surprise and that's. Are whistled to get the bartenders attention cool would not let you I had never get a drink yet either like to be ignored gun and or snap your fingers all that you know diocese. And number one on the list of things that customers do you know bartenders the most ask for free drinks. People ask I guess that I don't remember that being a thing that's I've ever happen to be very often yet now I can't imagine. That anyone would do ass. Delicate arraigned in Conway. So there's your list again take it ended dig into the weekend with you if you need it and if you. If you haven't done this conflict Ali Hussein if you haven't been a bartender service person before take just a second. And put yourself in their. Shoes particularly on atom in a busy bar on a Friday or Saturday nights you know like being extra nice yes. Imagine Jiri your inbox at work. Is coming teel in person and all wind yes that's what they like T Alexander yelling and waving it you access your emails are real people via to snap your fingers don't whistle definitely don't Judah. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis. That using this morning's we might PC find many 95. Good look for no valid Friday from the Allman Brothers could road trip sought to rambling man on 995 the mountain a little on cloudy and hazy to start today 89 for hi we may see some afternoon and evening storms. To about him tomorrow little cooler 85 for high on Saturday. 76. And a chance for rain on Sunday three things you need to know. Alec heart. Iowa this is something in need to know if you're either living in or traveling to Boulder County for the weekend duties and hiking things like that. There where mosquitoes in traps sites in Erie Lewis now and long month that tested positive for west Nile by X. News yeah I think that it's really that west Nile is. All cash just it ill Florie its hair ball terrible disease that sadly mosquitoes here have. Isaac that's just something to think that there are precautions you can take like staying inside during the hours the mosquitoes are active we get that super hard to deal. Especially like that Doss our mosquitoes are always really that. I need to Wear long sleeves long pants again tough to deal because it's a billion decree is yes cell bug spray with deet. Yeah and I prayed for you. Long term exposure did Dietz nobody wants but it's better than Nile virus and let's not nobody wants either and it isn't positive test so I'll just keep that in mind in Boulder County. I tonight there will be dedication for the memorial for the victims of the right Peter shooting. The memorial was installed last week but it's being dedicated in a ceremony this evening our friend were Crandall's going to be there. And going to be a part of it. Yes six years since the shooting and your it was or start time Izturis hit a 63630. Tonight and it's going to be at the Aurora municipal center. And then add the brought us RT EF tree campus again and which means the policies and his nerve gas are gonna passionately pre season games are coming. August 9 Angelina is the first pre season game. Which is of just exactly one month ahead of the first game price will be here at home. Gag you can go to these all of the practices are open into the pub like it DN practices started 930. Seating area opens at 8 AM parking opens at 7 AM. Need to gain it stealing it Delgado they admit get a bang and get excited I Mae and yesterday it was a little bit cool TU. And Smart thinking football and it just like the chief the only golf. Paula excited. Com mail it's your press pass from one through these one thing is that I have can banks are happy that we talked to Gmail I'm sure the duo. Well. I have we know I'd been doing yeah. Judge vigor and to spell everything out for you digital book if it's not laid out in front of me I'm not an. It is dot. Good thing you're in charge of three things we need to know just worry that yet. Weekday mornings here on the mountain. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so we won't be judged eating its core soda which people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Nobel Friday on 995 amounts in just like the name says we we just kick out the things that are a little more on the down tempo side and we get to in the AM Friday state of mind Aminu weekend isn't here but it's awfully close there on saint. Our men at work down under on 995 amounts in just after 710. We've got a question almost impossible and a chance for you in tickets to see Chris Isaak. He puts on a great show by the way will be announcing gardens this Sunday a crest securities from thinking their. Our phone calls on a plane. Well for most people the answer is a horror no survey found that 89%. Of people do not want plane passengers. To be able to make phone calls in flight. People say listening to other passengers Jabber on their phoned. Is a potential nuisance in disturbance. I'm glad to see that I don't know that the fact 89% of people are opposed to it means it's. It's beginning keep it from happening are becoming more and more common. I really think in an admittedly I may be more sensitive to this than some others. I would lose my mind if I were sitting next to a person. On a plane who was having I'm hearing half of their conversation for like half an hour. I would I would lose my mind. It doesn't almost everyone have headphones on complaint. That's a good question I it's. Yeah I suppose the other goes fancy noise canceling ones which I don't look and mean I don't either but if I am. On a plane I usually have my headphones and so it doesn't bother me what other people are doing because I'm in my own little bubble in and I feel like this is one of those things. That everyone's opposed to it until they need to do it and then everyone else be cool because I need to jail. Your post doing it and John applies CEO. I would say that's your for a lot of you that's not I wouldn't say that applies to me like I'm just that guy like I hear let me give an example I. Particularly on the weekends or if I talked to my parents you know be a long conversation and sometimes Obi like multitasking. I won't go outside. While I'm on the phone with them. Because if anybody else's outside in their backyard I just think how annoying would that be like if I'm outside in my backyard reading a book which is not release thing I do but if my neighbor is they got to listen to me year ever for half an hour I don't go out. Well you common courtesy to the Max to Iowa at all I do which is another way of saying if you sit next me on a plane in your on the phone. I will probably strangle you with my beer soaked that's so he must not only death Lansky stimulus. You might Casey got a plane. But that opponents starts not get. I'm trying to put too fine a point on but that's that's kind of what it comes down to. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible on 99. Okay Friday morning last chance to win tickets seek criticizing keys and Hudson gardens this Sunday he you answer the question you can take if that's how this works. What's west we got. Have got again one. Am also you sound 52% of men have done menace compared to just 24%. Of women. K gold gender difference on this we're. Yeah which I find this in lightning 52% of men have done this compared to just 24% of women. OK we think we're talking about let us know 6312995. Per striding into the criticizing tickets years. If my finale minority. Did just 44% of women what do you think we're talking about. Well I think it's like I'm. A lying hurt misleading people about it Mary and saying you're playing golf. Are like removing your wedding ring apparently are conflicting. How. It is that we haven't met are very very low and understand some of that is war but now. I mean I dead to break dance but not Hansen yeah this is how little this is a little less this isn't really deceit so much as it is an oversight. That's a good good try thank you. Why change against a question almost impossible. Would it be forgotten. An anniversary. Years ago close only one other thing you should remember. Yeah. Forgotten their spouses significant other's birthday you got aches congratulations. On yet Chris Isaak tickets for you. What's your name. Are there could work we exercise tickets for you think should play a little question almost impossible comeback Monday morning just after seven tonight. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might GC on 995. The mountain. Well there's one thing we learn question almost impossible today it seems that everybody believes that men are awful yeah it's generally awful people yeah I mean nobody against a single positive thing I can't speak it say motorcycles skydiving this morning back. But they weren't that I know everything else lose weight or is that all we had like bring people acted known all she did all he did was forget her birthday honestly am surprised people didn't guest murder. If you re cookie twist. Wow. Eric is right the answer was forget forget your spouse or significant others birthday men apparently do is win more frequently than women do probably not a surprise there. Eric got some tickets to see Chris Isaak announced gardens question almost impossible again Monday morning. Just after 710 here on the militant. So a bear climbed out of there sure in Colorado Springs that's national news yeah like manhole cover bear comes out which for us here in Colorado and capture things are crazy cat and happens all the time. On 89 for a high today afternoon evening storms possible 85 tomorrow 76 for hi on such a pretty good chance for rain give a dog there's a doctor's. I was there three okay this is actually something that I've been thinking about a lot and now there's some research to support it so maybe you can had a similar experience. But a new study found that doctors on average only listened to their patients for eleven seconds before they buy it and and take over eleven seconds. I did I see you for 100 yeah easy and I Alison what yourself. My kids listen to each other longer than that and nonsense and that's a medical professional that is supposed to beat. Considering your ailments and eleven seconds is is whites did doctors hate. On this is for primary care physicians they stated Dell listened for 92 seconds when they're dealing with a specialist. If yeah not being ignorant to it. Today I realize this may not be a part of this survey do you do you think it's that. That they're not. Interest hitter they're not good at listening do you think it's that their show. Adapted diagnosis that you only need eleven seconds and they have a pretty good idea of how they want to approach it. I mean I think it's it's what all of us deal and that when there's a subject you know very very well and you start to hear the beginnings of of something. You kind of assume you know where it's going green Argentine your right she. If I pass. I try to talk about it I Aaron good etiquette OK I also do wonder in fairness. An and that is incredibly annoying if you're a that you feel like you're being talked over by the doctor. I also wonder if some of parties that he's in a reflection of the managed care world we live in in you know I mean people who are under there. Big addresses in the right word but you know doctors in her position of we got we got a movie assembly line. Absolutely there also a position there and they're living in the WebMD age where we all coming and knowing exactly what we have because we looked it up on the Bridgestone earns it yeah I mean. Can put some roadblocks in place I know I've. Locked away from employment thinking this was never addressed and I. Really needed XP yeah so you are some to be mindful Emeka most of that alligator okay it's just basically exactly see if you get to the get to the financial and real quick. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US foreign or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Researchers at Washington State University believe. They have figured out why marijuana causes the munchies. And and actually does did not surprisingly. Deal with actual physical changes in the brain when you're exposed to even have a little bit of marijuana smoke it causes a spike in the hunger hormone. Great win I think is how you pronounce it GR EH. L ice in Greenland. Wind so it you know maybe but probably most of us and are we heard that before. It's pretty powerful when grilling gets into your bloodstream and that's what they believe. Causes the munchies so now we know oak high. I know there are a lot of marijuana jokes and here. Which I'm very tempted to make but I mean take a slightly different approach in that. This is what's particularly. I think important. In the world of medical marijuana when you talk about people perhaps perhaps who have cancer. Or. And do a long term chronic critical illnesses. The Dave they have no appetite right Dick yeah they can needs to having trouble keeping weight on it and then I got so this. This is a very helpful discovery insofar as isolating. What it is that causes that that once you get. Rail and spike I'm just wondering how many mothers to be listening and thinking oh cool I can name my new baby gray and does not sound like. Such a baby name it got to the existence are probably different spelling but yeah and about that you're welcome I just named akin. Yeah we've turned to marijuana much historian your name your baby story I says today it's a full service morning show or people who really. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet. Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Well that's a no valid Friday song there I would say Iggy Pop lust for life the same big. James Noual Oster berg but has given in front that she became Epoch he was a band called the iguanas are gonna say lake. Mid to late sixties you know dislike some bar band indeed they were the iguanas and so no this coma so figured. Ago Bebop was for life on 995 the mountainous and are relatively I guess big news from space. They're every bit of news from space so. As spacecraft has been flying around Mars for a fifteen years. And scientists have been looking at a lot of the data that they're getting from and they now believe that they've located a huge underground lake. A lake of water. But it's a mile beneath morris' surface so the idea of actually getting people out there to drill a mild down I mean we never even landed on Mars. With people also drilling or. Getting machines that can drill would be an insane challenge but we look to Mars often as a potential. Planet when we trash that's my fifth if that should be any day now is good sign. The satellite to. Say about but. Having water and access to water on Mars could be a huge part of that should it ever be a planet and which we cheese eggs. Still that's a complete game changer right immunity you you bring up a good point like it's it's not like it's easily accessible but just the fact you're water. Somewhere else in the source is some martial system that's pretty big deal. I mean and they've also discovered traces of what they think could have abandoned prehistoric that bacteria on Mars. Which means in this underground lake who knows what evidence of life we could potentially find. Pretty sure it's there I know I'm afraid of space and won't ever Dumars can't make me do it but I'd like to know more about. Okay very exciting so they have at these would you say at this point here we are July 2018 they have found. Water something of some to some extent they found water on Mars very exciting and they're still looking for the rings around your. Estate still local generally by not being good at most things Mikey see my 995. Mountain.