Food Tuesday

Tuesday, February 6th


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Mike Casey Alley heart wake you not only. Did we re talking about this morning you need an. Hit up on Twitter yesterday. Because the test test kitchen was run Hillary your house share less and you made it a when it is it. What do you call it it's true it's chicken pot pie but it's a pizza. It is I call it chicken pot by pizza I don't know how I came up with the name it just came to me just showed up and as we were talking about this yesterday and we know why I deal. Because I realize that we put a lot of vegetables on pizza but we don't put her on pizza and and you clay it is just when working when taste and what would you even put carrots. And and I got like bloody if he made some kind of chicken pot pie pizza and you static couldn't be done. I thought well I have an opportunity. To prove mica you're on a handle it you really hate Jessica I sure get. And sell it well lease from the picture us on Twitter at that's pretty impressed analysts had this guy does it tastes these are right it turned out so guide and I am so excited freed quite literally teacher where it's and I take that he's a pizza and near lake well Mike looking can be done and it tastes or get an injustice you start to enjoy a bit dowdy or not. And take it away he duke has this ever I realize this is a big question but. Has this ever bit do you know this has been done in the world of the culinary arts before as this could this is B. I have no idea I made it illustrated just made it up. Wow but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done an insurance the way I did it was only a who is known only imagine a Mayan creation. Well this is very exciting I I can't wait to see with the win although I presume I'm pretty excited to. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. This I think amid the risk of overstating it this could possibly be. The worst idea the worst business concepts. A product launch I've ever heard in my life. Especially given the time let let's have will have Jimmy Kimmel said it up for a short car. Garrido is is set to be working on a female friendly tortilla chip for real the decree goes lady chips. And didn't make the basic they make less noise when he eat them. And the package will be smaller so it can fit in a purse. It took years of research for the finally cracked the code on how to make it to Reno condescending to women and it's. So this of this story Israel that the story Israel the CEO of PepsiCo. His name is Indra. Knew you said the company was gonna rollout lady friendly to Rios I believe it's as she. Oh I'm sorry to shape yet you're out yet makes it. What even even where it's a lady friendly jury dose because with his quote because women don't like to crunched to let a lead in public. They don't lick their fingers and quote. What have in these people who played literally missed. Everything that's going on the culture. Right now like this don't get me wrong this is a horrible idea no matter what but at this particular moment in time. The idea that women need their own special to really goes. I know that my gender was supposed to determine though way in which I eat eats. Gee it's. You need do you needs to say you need specific jury goes I guess they're just for. The man to read those are just they're chilled masculine for you on. Honestly it was it this is like bake for her all over again and I couldn't eat until bake for her came out and thankfully. They they made it perfectly suited my lady needs. And now I've been riding for so long I'm a little bit hungry could use a snack pinky injury does for coming along and creating it's up for my professional lady hunger. It's you have caller I. There's it's this this idea to a doozy Twitter hash tags out hash tag crunch louder which obviously the the response of social media has been less than enthusiastic in fact. It's been exactly kind of just what you just said repeat there in parity form on Twitter I. Blake who won the set nobody should be. This it made it all the way up the food chain and nobody went might not be the right moment for this might not be the right idea. So I feel like fairly often jury and thirteen years and others appear that came out cans that said removes your ability to say no. And I guess I now that you've. Emmett itself by the people but yeah desperate idea still ahead. Every gallon and a horrible ideas get pushed through and you think wow if if just one woman looked at as it is said. Now one apparently not in this case could see he wanted to know and I I. I need to I wanna meet the people in her life that are telling her I really needed Chet made just for me and my eat my aide telling him stemming. Sensibilities and the dangers of groups that. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues we wish you criticized oh you're a mile away and cap issues you're welcome. Like TC on 99 the mountain. Odd you wanna lose an easy five bounds while your work. New research from the Mayo Clinic says that the easiest way to do that stand up your desk. Are standing up your desk and actually burn calories as opposed to sitting at your desk it burns. Off votes he fifteen hundreds of more calories per minutes fifteen hundreds of calorie more permanent if you stand for six hours. That's 54 calories burned. 443 pound adult in a year that's five point five pounds in four years that's 22 balance so little standing guest thing catching on. I find it hard to believe that there are a 143 pound adults but apparently. There are. So stand up to work you way to had a little bit to your fitness exposed. Question almost impossible with Mike Nellie it's like Chevy is up for drink minimum on 995 and amount. We are celebrating Denver restaurant week go. Do it which comes up at the end of the month but we're celebrating this week by giving away gift certificates to some great Denver restaurant seasons 52 today. All you have to do is answer Alan's question correctly. I took over sickened with the food themed Americans consume well over four billion in teens each year. That seems like a lot and like a big number it's a huge number four billion for a billion Americans consume over four billion disease each year. The correct figure we're talking about last 0631 shoot 995. In the seasons 52 gift card is yours. We might finale mind. Still waiting for the right answer for question almost impossible Americans consume over four billion of these each year what are we talking about. It. Uggla yeah. Yeah that closes one yet. Wouldn't you know Google if you want more gas to Europe close and options so yeah. How you do it. Like. Me that really could not choose it kind of got anywhere you can go like chips. Yeah yeah. Why would. I. To land just I don't know just give them. Some excellent job what's your name Brent. We've got to give should tip you get sick keeping with the food team. Seasons 52 restaurant part of Denver's restaurant we coming up at the end of the month you get to our passenger over their on outspoken will depression almost impossible again. Tomorrow morning at 7:10 again this morning the answer was shot tacos Americans consume over. Four billion of these. Each year perhaps a lot of them were eaten during the the big game the Super Bowl on Sunday. Although it turns out despite the fact that it was it as a very memorable and exciting game. Fewer Americans. Were watching our according to Nielsen that this Sunday this Super Bowl averaged. 103. Point four million viewers. On television the lowest Super Bowl. Viewership since 2000 since the Super Bowl in 2009. Which was ninety point seven million. I'm in 2009. Of the markets that were most tuned in you might find its interest in there were most tuned in the Super Bowl obviously the markets whose teams ran it right so Boston. Philadelphia 56% of the Philadelphia market was to tune in Super Bowl 55% of Boston. The host market Minneapolis Saint Paul 54 point 9%. The actual city with the highest percentage viewing percentage of the Super Bowl. Buffalo. Only 56 point 4% of the buffalo market watched Sunday night's game. Well there's not a lot to do there. If I'm in center since early on February night in February there's tons to do enough I'd be happy to take anyone around the city. And review it's so much more than what it's also the football down pick a couple of and it's it's a big football town anonymous on May 9 February there what do you you're gonna be inside probably watching TV I'll be curious to see. If they dig deeper into these viewership numbers because there's been a lot of talk has some of the some of the protests that were going on I've driven people away from the game. I've certainly that can be part of it I feel like that's a little bit of an over simplification if you if you consider that you don't mean so in 2009. That's Super Bowl the cardinals vs the Steelers that was one of the the lowest watched ever known as you said just yesterday was the greatest stay here entirely wise it really wise which is a whole separate story but 98 point seven million. And the protest thing wasn't happening then so. Yeah I feel like there's more to it and all I. I aimed at getting care about the Super Bowl at all this year and I think it's the same reason don't want people to care thankfully the patriots didn't wind they cut out and I just don't wanna watch them so using debts that was part of what can or should have been some like it gives they worried last year they won last year watching the same players are seeing the same thing and nobody wanted to and sell. You're very certainly somebody else was going on I would have done peninsula. That there easterly OK very good trying my my case it is there a little large I think I'm telling you man. Good Montenegro where ago might TC PCs tacos over a tortilla that way we're self inevitably fall out. While Lott he already has another taco Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Kim Kardashian has earned ten million dollars. Ten million dollars. With her new fragment fragrance line Kim mode G hearts. Is the fact that it's called commotion hearts means it shouldn't. I have. Earned a single penny but apparently ten million dollars apparently she sold out of the entire 300000. Units on Sunday. Only four days after they read that were released soared four days she sold 300000. Units of the fragrance line. And made ten million dollars I think this is one of the signs. The the world is probably ending I would I would imagine if you're too soon though income OG hearts. The the the perfume apparently has notes of desperation. Self importance and delusions of Granger so do you have that sent to work with which is nice. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings when Mike Casey Martin 1995. The mountainous. Time's up the the organization the legal defense fund. Has been in existence. Formally since New Year's Day that there was one news the fun launched with big name donors including Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey. Emma Stone Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Aniston since then dozens more actors have donated and salaries that they learned. With some directors and producers that have fallen out of favor and there's a there's also been tons of smaller donations from across the country on the go fun me page. In the first month one month of the existence of legal defense fund time's up has raised twenty million dollars. Twenty million dollars 1000 people have already sought help. From time's up in combating their sexual harassment and assaults or abuse in the workplace. I am. I'm all for anything that signifies. The importance of an important movement but sometimes I find myself a little bit skeptical. Wind. EU celebrities in world lapel pin beloved by a black dress wearing what I emulate what we really doing. This is a really good indicator of what. Of real substantive. Impact full changed twenty million dollars in a fund in illegal fund. To help people who are in the position. Of needing. Needing defense. Legal defense against sexual harassment assault and abuse in the workplace that's a real substantive change that's a really great thing to see. And despite mice sometimes skepticism about celebrities. Those swift Oprah Winfrey Reese Witherspoon Jennifer isn't his agreed idea great cause and jobs I put aside my skepticism. And salute you for the work that your your doing in the European heart weld sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on 99. I think it's been honestly it's been hard to move beyond my excitement over the chicken pot pie pizza that you. Hasn't really yet that you made in the test kitchen to break it was he was everything you said it wasn't more so I've not. Really been able to I never believed he went he didn't tell just winding me yeah. It only overly polite it's totally true it's is certainly we have even shot a video to prove it which will will post up a little bit later today. But I would I will say this story this has me. You like all almost the same level of excitement like to read those for women level of excitement yeah lady injury dosage pretty exciting to this so this would be right up there with those other two now outbreak here you go. Japanese scientists. I've discovered. That McDonald's french fries are potential Q curve for baldness. No joke researchers found that a chemical used in the oil. The cooks McDonald's french fries can be used as a basic grow hair follicles. They were so encouraged by the results they believe the method could actually be used to treat airlines since. Is like the media waiting is to winning wind story ever. So do you eat the anti put it on your. I didn't get that part of the story I'd like you should just you ball I didn't have to see who did you vote and see what happens because. What bad could possibly come from that's not saying that's what I'm saying nothing I can't see a downside now and now you understand why am just as excited about this story. As there was leading to Rios. Into the chicken pot it's an exciting day here at and tell us the good foods has the story since its food Tuesday the greatest day ever day. As yeah. If he ran for president he would probably. Lose and away and sliced it is now it's like Jaycee find ID nine the mountain. So Casey's last thought for the morning kind of an interest it's a realistic story actually on the out of Texas Texas realtor in the cold Lopez. Is bid beefing up her efforts to sell homes in the Houston area but she yelled bit of a gimmick going she's offering. 250 dollars in free tacos. With the purchase of a home. 200 dollars and a three joggers with a purges of home she started this. Like 34 months ago and says she's become known around town as the taco lady in Jesus let's be honest everyone in Texas love talk lows tacos so. It kind of it's sort of makes sense she clarifies and says that the deal is actually 250 dollar credits. The buyers can put toward closing costs as they wanted to actually want to talk goes. Shall make sure there there are tacos at the closing 250 dollars worth Texas realtors Nicole Lopez I do creditor for clever marketing. So in that sense it's kind of genius. But I just I didn't just want to point out the obvious if the deciding factor for you in buying like a 300000 dollar home. Is it 250 off season talkers that you get. With the deal. Then I have a bridge to sell you like soon editor very reasonable price. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drone. And I still leave the hardware store this morning when Mikey field on 99 plus the mountainous.