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Monday, February 12th


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It's not in my vehicle more reflection of my wall my age at the time mile an optimum nineteen teargas was thirteen or something. It is this it felt to me like all of a sudden Australia entered the American consciously before that agent I don't know again be because I was young but it just fell users. This place where we live far away that nobody ever thought about and then there's this huge pop fans. You know that's international sensation but there from Australia. Griese is her you know I commit and then in excess of it be there was an Australian invasion I guess in the world's music is home. So San Imus sent via UN while I was a little too young for. Because they now just they could reinvention stand if it's that it works down under on that 995 mounted. Monday morning my case yell at heart we can it was. Ski and snowboard weekends yeah. For a although you knew you were going you you were go to you Greg were grown crested view Sweeney for quite some time play and is well like a month ago frost is basically that's forever forever ago and that it was good you said you're good to. We had a great time Crested Butte is a really cool town. That there. It saw some I would recommend it very very highly witnessed Superfund time everyone was really friendly. That's one thing that. And that's a very relaxed and yeah I yeah and it was great I'm getting similar runs open just because our snow has not been. Great this year but it's now Molly ready Eric yes and Amazon that was really fun and to write in for awhile how much. Lillian I did the copper mound thing on Saturday and there was some. It snowed all day which was which was great the dangerous both to drive it like I thought about its. I thought about it up really really early Saturday is trying to beat the traffic apparently. Think your view about it was pretty fast it was it was like some of three hours. From our door to parking lot and four hours from our doors to the skis you go off to tomorrow's live easiest which is free that's almost is line to get to copper is it to gusty at crow yes he had just yet exactly but it was worth it well we got there was it was crowded but it was so fun in this this no street nom we had a great time and we did not unlike you Greg. We did not experience any strange wildlife. Oh my gosh I well on the way no wesun Mountain Lion on the lane there. It was it was insane and so scary link on the or just on the road on the roads yes it was in theory be here because both of us saw this animal walking on the side of the relic. And something triggered in my brain because I thought I'd never seen an animal in the wild block that way what's going on into something different. And as we got closer and I saw this theory long tail slaying I thought. All my god it's a Mountain Lion just walking up the side of the road like 11 o'clock at night. When you're on highway fifty almost seemed honest and and it really wasn't frees up other cars are heard on this thing looked shell is spectacular and I. As we drove by and I thought. Oh that would kill us that would kill us if it had a chance thank god are moving so fast and in a car yet at least it was really scary. And I've never seen a mountain line in the wild I don't I can't even see money in captivity and you know that their re Eleanor out there be trying to convince yourself that their just demands. Seeing wine makes you realize that comes after I'm dead I'm so dad. Yes that's it's it's a reality check I had a long time ago and open a sub a bear. In Alaska from a from a pretty good distance. And M was watching and thought the same thing I thought I'd there's the Mike Buick 500 yards between Mina fair. And if that Darrell wanted to go after me I'd be dead yet. It is like it is now you're supposed to do rolled a ball I imagine you know it's harder to do with it I mean yeah I see in the revenue and I know what happens I know Leo DiCaprio well I'm dying to Panthers yesterday well fortunately some amount line in the car you know movement that exist on nine. Mike feces coming up in a deal on that he's like us the mountain. Monday morning we're talking about the Olympics a little bit earlier. Very exciting to get the winter games under way. We talked about the first. The first gold medal for the US great story seventeen year old red Girardi in the we call slopes style. Our guest needs yeah I mean I can talk by myself over here. At least you can hear me on ES close style it's as snowboarding so that was really exciting to see and then I know all say your name wrong Britain Mir I Nagasu. Who is the I've now I think you the first American woman. To ever land a triple axle yes and Zealand at the Olympics the other 22 other women have done if they were Japanese competitors yes okay so that's abuse so that's a big deal to. A lot exciting going on already in the world of the winter games and yet the early reports. Or that the ratings have the TV ratings have been down on pretty substantially between 2030% over four years ago. I don't know if it's just 'cause it's getting. It was a week and Seattle Blake and I I really watch anything until last night I guess it was on. In the bar that ever since Saturday night half watched led the last time the Supersonics who really watched anything because I'll start with. Yes or maybe it'll pick up during the of the week to reviewing yet saying yeah okay that's a distinct possibility but I saw the story this morning about the ratings being being down and I thought well there's these. Two exciting things already the red Gerrard and in Mirai Nagasu and a it seemed ashamed to me that the ratings Rauf and I felt like there was probably something I could do. To try and maybe. Had a little bit attention or little enthusiasm around the games and maybe cut to bring the ratings back up so I thought perhaps so we need it was like a theme song. I law it okay degree rise but it's just it's like a minute long guys pull some together to try and generate some excitement. For the winter games are you ready yet. Through the he sees your only chance. To watch the Rangers game. So we can. She's done kids it. Don't have. Dreams all. Fall or you. So why. Made that. I need. Fun tonight. But you can't say it's. Seeing the boat and go home trying to the. And it's. Yeah I mean if that doesn't do its. I don't know what look at it I you know it's always a special day when you say and I love that we're starting the week. When the Mikey steerage I mean I've just I just think it's important for us to support particularly our country and in all the other countries that you know represented in the winter games in. I thought theme song would help so they go everybody counting tonight I love it adds little again delaying an odd thing no idea I really do. Always be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain. One of many bands coming to town this summer journey they're on the bill Def Leppard to double bill Blair on Saturday July 21 at Coors Field tickets are on sale now you can always find that information on the web site. In on our app which you should have downloaded by now you know luxury of waiting for but you know you can do that's in in retail strict website. 995 amount to dot com coming up at 7:10 this morning speeding tickets. Bon Jovi. Coming to town. Laws is about a month from now march 14 at the Pepsi Center. Will have tickets for you question almost impossible in about twenty minutes fans of Lucky Charms Cereal might feel bummed out show this morning or over the course of the weekend. The folks at John General Mills announced that the yellow power glass. Which is did the marshmallow you know yellow our boss Marshall which he's been a part of the Lucky Charms Cereal bowl since 2008. He's going away the hourglass is going away General Mills says as with any hour glass. Time is up very clever very clever General Mills I'm lucky charms made its debut in 1964. The original. Colors I was gonna say flavors but there. They'll taste the senate but the original colors of the marshmallow his green colors pink cards. Or in storage yellow moons of those. Only the original pink heart remains. As part of lineup they have not announced what the replacement will be. For the hour glass yet it was kind of I think serving chasing choice daddy in the hour glass. In 2008 when you consider it's not a very contemporary. Years of Howard who was last few sunny and other than board games when using our glass at all. Maybe you would be more represented use their latest Smartphone because that's who people used to tell their time to tell time now. Maybe that would that would be tough to make a marshmallow. But Donna if you wanna gather up the lucky charms that still have the hourglass. You a little bit of time due to do it to hoard them so you can sell them later on he banker somebody about a month through sure. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor critics question almost impossible with Mikey now eight. Are we guessing as to see Jon Bon Jovi that shows coming up embeds about a month at the Pepsi Center. And big ticket soul. Who's got a big question home again challenging question a question almost impossible. It's paid is almost impossible. So the first time you could you danced with in 1983. In Vermont's. Okay. Like you couldn't plot and before that day you couldn't possibly do that he couldn't give this thing before 1983. In Vermont it's clearly specific. We may accept answers that are a little hole. Little off what exactly were looking for because it's super specific the first time he could. 1983 in Vermont. So connected basically all comes down to our wins on a given day that's with the police how we're designing these students out Willy Nilly he sees as the deciding factors. Are at 6312995. That's the phone every need to look. We might now a minority. Question almost impossible this morning the first time you could do this was in 1983. In Vermont we think we're talking about. Well I think. I may have heard that it would go snowboarding. Rules. About what they're doing some of the pre Olympic trials. Watched. Watching the Olympics like crazy in Atlanta that out. While your attention to detail has some paid off he wants a bunch of ticket. You bet I'll pay not to you need to know this but in the you know I mean you RT one but in this information gathering that you were able to do. Do you happen to remember where that wearing Vermont is the first place you you'd snowboard. A are gonna think her. It's a great yes not a small scene yeah months Allstate Dallas it was actually Stratton Mountain Vermont's don't know 19831984. Is the first time you've Q could snowboard at a United States resorts. Aren't it's very fun on not a slowness go to the Bon Jovi concert on us though. You know what's at. OK Kim knowledge is paid off for you the first time you you do this was in 1983. Month snowboard that is just Stratton Mountain resorts we. Vermont you've got Bon Jovi tickets to do this again tomorrow seven set. When questioned almost impossible hero the. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the all the pressure bringing on my case. My PC on an idea. The mountain. This is part of a larger piece about how companies are handling employee relationships. In the wake of the meat to movement in a lot of the things that we've seen over the last six months or year. A lot of companies are reexamining their relationship policies. And particularly when it comes to. Our relationships between. I don't really know the proper way to say it's somebody who is subordinate to another person somebody who reports to somebody OK I had my cell among them within the power dynamics yes that's in particular and so there's a story in the Wall Street Journal. I'm on a particular part of Facebook's policy this is not. FaceBook is people use it this is FaceBook the company of physical plaintiffs in California exactly a tank and their employees and and there are. Policies employed here's here's one that stuck out in the walls future employees. Are permitted. To ask a coworker out one time. That's it one time if the answer is no. Even if it's an ambiguous or very. Gentle seeming like oh I'm sorry I can't parity have plans Friday night's. They are not permitted to ask that person out again one time. And that's it. I'm I'm reading this story and on on the surface level. It kinda makes sense it you don't mean it's it avoids that. General idea of no meaning trying harder exactly now exactly so that could be. I can see where that would be beneficial in a workplace environment I guess where I get a little bit confused. Is the oh wire do you have plans for ten night being you know to me like if that's gonna be the policy. Then I feel like you should have to just say no you you can't say you can't try and be. Gentle about the mean he's literally have to say no I'm sorry I'm not interest. I mean I kind of like this because we can all recognize that the current systems a little bit broken in because they're so many gray area as that lead to people feeling harassed at least two people. Miss communicating not accepting signals an accepting now so this kind of makes it is somebody asks you out you legitimately have plans and you can't do it that night. Now what's your responsibilities they'll ask that person if they would like to do something so it's a T if you really want teal. You can use cell they cannot you have to be honest about it because if the answer is. I want to I just can't do it two nights then that some don't says he communicated. And it is a little disappointing that there has to be rules in place despite as somebody who is Ben harassed by someone before I think it's really great spike no means no please stop asking me. I was trying to be polite and I path. People who have been in that situation may be our iron thankful that a ruling. Honestly yeah it's it seems like it's it would simplify things and in particular you know where they're talking about on this article in news. It is the situation where the power dynamic is not equal between the two people yeah in the work environment which yeah that would select totally confuses things too so. Maybe despite all the other things that they do. That sometimes don't make any sense maybe FaceBook has gotten this part exactly right. Perhaps they have I'm I'm interested to see if this does create a bit of Amish Jeff Jarrett changed culturally. Beyond your laughing at me I. Her punt late shift everything I have to read it so close my face your glasses and just adding that they were all. I steal because of my headphones thorough and my eyelashes were pushing up against them Icahn gets a Munson now rather than hold them up like a monocle and his command. Even as written papers I realize this isn't the only one who's listening right now conceived I I go away I got the and I thought I plugged right now it's my computer screens like the policies it's great isn't it. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 99 by the mountain. On don't look now but OJ Simpson. Apparently is returning to the big screen that's right Britain's Daily Mail says comedian. Writer and actor Sacha Baron Cohen paid OJ Simpson more than 20000. Dollars. To appear in a prank. For his next film apparently. Sasha Bernard Cohen wore a wig. And thick rimmed glasses to meet OJ in Las Vegas hotel room what is already sounds wildly original. A source says OJ would not even go to the room. Until he was paid a sack load of cash. There was no way Sasha could have gotten no. I I GE. I just I feel like anything that. Pays him money is probably not think I'm strongly in favor of but then I'm not a big fan Sasha baron cronies so maybe. I'm just not the target audience here but time if you are fanned the I guess look for the two of them do appear in them in a little prank for a of these upcoming film in the near future. Windows. If you lived concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. If you worry a fan of LL bean. And thereof legendary not only clothing and footwear as well and perhaps their legendary return policy. Which is being in existence for over a hundred years is basically a a lifetime. Lifetime guarantee. As what LL bean is offered their customers you have customers have been free to return products in some cases years later. Receipts or no and regardless of the products condition however. Those days are gone. Under the company's new policy which was announced on Friday LL bean customers have one year to return an item. And must have a receipts come in a statement LL bean said. Increasingly a small. But growing number of customers. Has been interpreting our guarantee well beyond its original intent some view is a lifetime product replacement program. Expecting refunds for help relieve heavily worn products. Used over many years show that that policy is done. LL bean says it's returned items cost the company 250. Million dollars. Over the last five years. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out because that's been such a big parts. Of their identity you know part of their company identity for so long. But you understand I mean it's of people taken advantage of the policies and at a certain point yeah it's it's one of those this is why we can't have nice things. Conversation right of view be able ruining it for the rest of us so if your big LB fan. You well he's you should be aware the the days are the golden days of the return age horror. Moving into the past very quick. You recently that doing squats to escort simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. One of the reasons unknown guys is like the fairly good Alba. I'm pay attention to that as a role you know if all was well. I wouldn't be had to do it on the run and we mean especially with three kids under four you know that requires a lot of attention and give it as much as I can and so on no I'm Tokai. Eric Clapton who it turns out is British won't tell you saying months Jeter surprise. Well it's really you just figured it out today. And I do you wanna know when I just think it's yes and 90000. Okay. Mark. Laid out Sally from Eric Clapton on 995 amounts that we were talking about this morning because. He. So did you documentary about his life it's called life and twelve bars premiered on showtime on Saturday and I was telling you that I but I watched it. And your big bombshell was that you just fairly recently figured out that are Clinton was British yes. I did not know that Eric Clapton and it was British because when he sings if he does not sound British at all. I was reading patty boy aids memoir which is so gun and I on an I mentioned like 9000 times because I enjoyed it so much. And when she first started talking about Eric Clapton and I thought I was angry and and then she tell you about it and Mike. I think Eric Clapton's pre just. And I myself what may be there's another Eric Clapton and I'm thinking of the wrong person yes there certainly must be another one and then after doing some new teams are just I was like that's the person I'm thinking of he's British I had no idea nine. Yes he is he's definitely British have. His entire life. Really stilted estate throws yes I can imagine it seems like there's a lot of things that through since I still sound as I tell you things I'd. I don't tell other people because they're so embarrassing and then you make me repeat the money I Ridley and. I don't but it's the it's it's incredibly dear I've. So the the documentary was dom I it was there were a lot of interesting parts to it I if they spent a whole lot of time. On his so drug and alcohol and recovery period which I you know it's certainly a big part of his life. They spent a decent amount of time toward the tail end about so he 772. Now. He has to ET GAAP. He's also breaks she learned things about clapped and if he has three kids is five total but 1715. And thirteen are the kids that he has at home now they spent a lot of time on that in my only complaint was. They were really really quick to get through the early part of his life which I actually thought was so hum fascinating. In terms of forming the person that he later became as it is for all of Osmond as a lot of people know he was raised by his grandparents. And he just thought they were his parents and the woman that he thought was his sister you know he's raised his sister was actually is mother. And he didn't find this outside his six 79 years old and adjusts. Turned his whole world kind of side down around and talk and I've which I thought was fascinating twelve minutes into the film he's already playing with the Euro Roberts. And LA hey what a foot and privilege stuff yet there it seems like there was a lot of material there that they kind of focus on how much time they spent and Patti Boyd. Are going to determine whether or not much pretty they spent a guy pretty. Good portion I mean that's basically the middle 1970s song while actually probably the late sixties of them late seventies and beyond. So czar would say about a third of it involves sir I in about two thirds of it focuses on the fact that he's actually British which is we're not a lot of fuel. Yeah. I imagined British everyone but you. Everyone I literally everywhere you know life. If you out there like meet today and really now from the get out an air Clinton was British I would love to connect and love to meet somebody thinks the only idea OK I can never tell you anything ever this is so they are saying. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always skip 101 say much for giving blood. Mornings we might GC bond 995. The mountain. If you watch over the course of the entire Olimpia the Winter Olympic events you may see some things that you think. Is that really sport like I don't know ice dancing her. Or maybe illusion like isn't this just kind of sled riding armed with that in mind isn't is it surprising at all that the head honchos at the International Olympic Committee. Are apparently considering adding. To the Olympic Games insert video games that's what that's for these sports means video games Meese and you know live export. Two days before the opening ceremonies east forwards were actually getting a trial run. Gamers from different countries were playing star craft two never heard of it. Our science fiction strategy game nobody took home any actual medals but Olympic Committee members were watching closely to see. Just telling. TV. Today let me do and I'm not a member of the International Olympic Committee obviously. You but here's my two cents eat eat it wouldn't fit because it's not a it's not a sports it's it it may be. It media pastime in May be hobby it may be. A game or games but it's not it's not an athletic event if you can do it in your parents' basement. While eating Cheerios it's not something that should be in the Olympics just much too soon. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.