Drunken Seagulls and Barbie Feet

Wednesday, July 11th


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Bigger arena rockers from Bon Jovi in the band Richie Sambora guitar for wall former of that I think the con on the outs now but John your original guitar player Richie Sambora celebrating birthday 359. Years old Bon Jovi bad medicine. On 995 amounts and on Wednesday morning like UCLA heart rate today important things to be aware of today today's national blueberry muffin day. National Mall Hedo day today's 7-Eleven day or free solar. All day right because it's seminal 11 July 11. In today I think I know I never see this coming it is probably because I don't live in boulder and a workable for today's to do work day. In boulder which is so cool hearing cholera and try I final couple of Greg's co workers cynic as he works in boulder race. And many of his coworkers lives there are expected 2000 though like a thousand people yes. Yes and on the ballot give to Wear a helmet he can have opened knows she's not and his eighty never tried to tip the Boulder Creek before it came out pretty Marley yeah I would especially as we had a lot of rain so that things not really running like fall but we have a lot of funding Iraq and. But it did so agree Colorado you know through it's I think one of the Olympic maybe the only place in the world we're in the country were that happens to door today in boulder today. Another local thing that's dumb I just I'd honestly you sort of pop part of yesterday is a big fire. It was in commerce city right. I'm near calmer here bonuses technically on incorporated Adams county but if you heard and tells them and Annika take commerce said he. I'm a recycling plant a fighter started there a huge fires started there and it's so Alex all the way quite yet and mean parts and are still burning I was actually just looking to see. If we can see any smoke from here and I don't but yesterday and my house I thought it was gonna rain because it got really dark outside. And I just assumed all afternoon rain right hand and then as I started looking at this time more thought is not every class I put it back is just not I'm no meteorologist. That's Hillary gunfire and in my neighbor a Peebles and shooting off fireworks nonstop because apparently that's a thing that we do for the entire month of July. So I figured some any fireworks and just started a fire with fire likes but no no number not at all or near commerce city got its though he should not all the way out there and I have been doing it is it doesn't and now apparently it's not a health risk at least that's what health officials and sent. So far but it's not totally out all the way yes. And wild 36 hours cheer yeah I mean front re complaining about they eat it's basically like starting a fire and then all of and then get on any. It's going to be much cooler today 95 for a high today. I'm actually the next couple days do look a little bit better 88 for high on Thursday chance for afternoon storms and 85. On Friday another chance for afternoon storms question on some possible this morning just after seven set with tickets to see killer queen. So get ready decent thinking there the guy ever play for you next after his big is what he's like the classic the quintessential one hit wonder. They clearly made it pretty decent amount of money from now one big hit in fact he still continues to after his big turn stardom. He spent some time is a goat farmer in his own goat farm fish in northern California now that's rock and roll baby he's coming up next. It fits the role in Seoul with a poster boys for bad behavior in the 1970s I feel like they passed the torch to Motley Crue. In him probably in for most of the eighties and maybe even beyond to om wild side Motley Crue. On the 995 the mountain this this is gonna sound really I'm stupid and out but I'm okay with that. Why I welcome everywhere I look on social media now was to answer Graham Twitter whatever. I keep seeing they've. Hash tag Barbie feet. And deep and I haven't seen any men but I'm sure there are too but mostly women standing on their toes would it what why would is that and why is that a thing. Some party feet is the new like self referential sort of know weighing. Hash tag. He put on a picture of yourself where you're standing on your toes kind of make it look like you're wearing heels even though you're not to think about Barbie even which has now she's on her toes are all pointy insists Stanley yeah. And because they're only responsibilities to look pretty and make dinner for cancer is aggressive she doesn't need her heels solo. So it's. Pasadena picture when you do that in a picture you don't do it as you Wallach like Barbie do because we've all done as every woman has ever tried something on when you look in the Miree you stand on your tip doesn't like a Kayla just this look like if I were wearing heels. Because smiles at times the topic people do this. While McGee trying to address tonight looks pretty dead with a look like he LC is denying it to doesn't stick to bottled at nine million ballots Craig has anybody feet. OK and so doubts goods become a social media thing in. It's like hot dog tags. You know what you're doing and you know that it's dom play edu and anyways to throw a. Also want to make it. -- subdued next time I see Barbie feet I know what it is and I can continue to pretty much ignore it because spoke. All love like you've seen Barbie feet everywhere. You follow. That's a really good question we talked that sort of they have fought some really questionable people as I don't think we're along the way but. Q seemed party feats or after Canada as I give me the only one who's confused my nose I'm having LP okay thank you fume. Much better exposed to all know three things you actually need to know unlike Barbie feet three things you need to know coming up next on the map. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. And a third album was not hit either until they released best of my love and that sort of drag it out of the basement. And into the limelight so we really don't didn't really establish ourselves until 1975. When we get one of these nights that we kind of got to balance you know between the two extremes. Don Henley on the early parts of the Eagles career which obviously was a big sort of the build up to hotel California when the biggest film because song the world that that's actually always been my favorite song there's a one of these nights the Eagles. On 995 the mountain a little bit cooler today 95 for high. In so much more reasonable territory tomorrow and Friday eighty for a high on Thursday 85 on Friday chance for afternoon storms both these three things you need to know right now. With you well we'll work. A case of the drug administration is not going to meet the deadline to reunite about a hundred migrant children with their parents there was one deadline set yesterday for children under five. The 26 is the official hard and fast deadline in my children need to be reunited with their families that hard and fast deadline. Not animate it in this was set by that the courts yet he was sent by the courts yes. I still very unclear as to what the penalties are going to be for missing this deadline. Because it seems in my research I can't find it doesn't mean they do not exist but generally when you miss a deadline there's some sort of current. In this case evidence and it Aaron was our government tends to live without consequence so I feel like I mean obviously this is a humanitarian crisis these deadlines for set because yeah families and children were separated yeah they're they're suffering and they can't happen anymore but now the deadline one of them passed. Wasn't made so what's gonna happen. That I don't now can sign up for work pretty hard and I because that is the burning question in my mind right now. I'm the NFL players association says that the NFL's new policy regarding players standing in the national and some. I clashes with the league's collective bargaining agreements of the new policy is that players on the field we'll have to stand during the hand. It is up to players whether or not they choose to go onto the field. But if they are not planning to stand for the anti man to stay in the locker room. So the players are saying at this goes against their rights and that they did not agree today as and they were not involved in discussions surrounding this policy. These are some that did you and that we talked about. Right when that when that decision was made by the league and by the owners I think I think where you get it I'm me I'm speculating here but I think we get into a really tricky position is by virtue of employing someone. You you can't actually just take away their first amendment rights yeah because they were trio ignored me and any kids I understand there are a lot of different sides of the story. But as soon is that the league said that I remember we were both like I don't think the players and take out on the long. Right now because he can't hit it really feels a little wrong when your employers trying to control the way in which you express something peacefully nonviolent mean yes he is OK I think for pushing back now yes they are so we'll see how that goes and then this is gonna feel like salt in the wound for all unless there's a new TV game shouts. They'll pay off your student loan desk it's called pay option. You show premiered on true TV yesterday. The prize for answering the questions correctly on the tradition is that you get your student loan debt. Enough which is probably a lot lot money for a lot of people. And yup. I can see now that's the interpretation and true TV is saying that they're taking this ridiculous prices it's a students coming out of just four years of undergraduate degree with hundreds of thousands of dollars and that's. They're giving it a ridiculous game shell because they fields of ridiculous situation. They're probably actually bringing attention to the issue yeah I mean more than would otherwise be noted I can't explain it when you get this are making gains shows to pay off debt and when they can't when he yeah. That big governors you that it applies to so many people can have hit sell off that's. Come on let's spend. As the rays are three things you need to know with Alley Hardwicke their version of this always such a big hit in the eighties I I don't think most people realized it was a cover version. In fact there have been several versions of it before this one. Coming up next star then we must be given away tickets. We've got your free T. We guessing it's deceit killer queen just after 7:10 this morning on question almost impossible. That's coming up in about twenty minutes per and minutes from now are the most in my annoying thing we your coworkers do. There are a lot of answers to this particular question a recent survey from the payroll company paychecks some of the things that showed up on the lists. Frequent awesome office gossiping. Dropping by your desk constantly throughout the day bringing pets to work. Bringing in strong smelling food for lunch. Laughing your conversing loudly. Taking frequent stay back we just hate everything about everybody yes and they that's been our co workers exist he hated it. Right in most of these things honestly like there's a do you know taking way. Using social media for personal use the majority of the word DA. No impact on your opponents to yes exactly it's only kids were about what your doing to worry about what other people do it. Although all admit we're a little bit of a different situation. Because. Would the only I mean there are other people in our office obviously but the majority just sort demean you yeah. I know. It's a fearless of annoyance and there is very different from probably. Kerry Allred yes exactly but very long and I would say yours is probably the same old. Oh sure he is completely freaking news street there. But you have your did offer a more traditional office setting you don't worry about whether people are doing so much and we stay in our tiny little fish while it works out well for us yes it's so we could also suggest that that's a possibility for you. On 655 funny coming up next social media as opposed to social life in saint Germain next. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings would Mike GAC 1995. The mountains and question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like trivia quiz for treatment or. I'm 395 and amount. Hey just a quick side note yesterday was today we're giving away Def Leppard journey tickets. So you can call every time here Def Leppard journey song today but I won't mean tickets for him just like halfway. Okay the up. Just commend him for try and hang out yet know very religious goes indefinitely just don't know that was just yesterday anyway question almost impossible. Tickets she killer queen. The question today is. This happened for the first time in 1880. Money dental surgery. Don't mind it's just telling you you weren't eligible until sometime I think some that just like comes in about it and how you control your son nick Johnson's channel in and out okay well that's a great guest but it's not dental surgery. However they must happen for the first time in 1889. As usual we know there are lots of answers here we're looking for just one. Sure it's not the answer I'm not I'm really share. The cut 6312995. Is the phone every need for question almost impossible. We might now a minority. You. The big question almost impossible this morning this happened for the first time in 1889. And yes it involve the martyr read a pizza what are we talking about. Yes a lot of pizza. He wants to see Anthony and I. Give him some more specific and that. Things are struck and go sky has done. That. Earning much against requested almost impossible. Records tax bill. Rejects a war yes the thank you an idea anguish against grants to let it. It's the first pizza was delivered on this may exceed 89 do you. What else do you know about that event. I don't know anything actually. You get that that there was another component to it and I was like well you know. Went out and that is. Well let them do that some great deducted reasoning on your part the various for pizza was delivered. So Margarita so boy who was the queen of Italy at that time. Hence the name the Margarita pizza and of all everything is very you know very important events in world history. I'm congratulations we have tickets for you to see killer queen with your name. OK Jessica good job that was led the goal while you do that on which we kinda new. Now we mean it wasn't easy but I knew it was gonna be tricky to find our way TO. Interestingly enough somebody cheat and helps out I think I'll. Yeah does have the answer effusive pizza delivery 1889 to queen Margarita Savoy qui individually at the time. 95 for a high today I will do question almost impossible you know tomorrow just after seven tent. Cooler tomorrow and Friday 88 for high on Thursday chance for afternoon storms kind of the same deal for Friday 85 for high. On Friday you have it's not is it today or tomorrow you Natalie and Charlie. Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow I'm going Natalie entirely because Charlie is doing a biker games bike nice. It's gonna be really fun so they're doing one dollar Beers is a tiny to thank our. They got you and that's that's. I know but they're going to be doing these biker names that are really fun and I figured I would stop on down and give away eight toot tee is firmer at. Which is sky go let's another way to winning team might start by a switch as we now through an Allen Charlie beard giving I'll play a bike next month. I'm really excited about it I know everybody's listening for the senator Hartley ranting throughout the day maybe you have into 11 of those keys yet another to do it yeah you can stop by avalanche her early tomorrow hang with me get one dollar Beers and meet the get a key date could potentially starts by. Okay very cool tomorrow they'll be on the website and blog and pretty much every other thing we do all of the everywhere. You know how in movies a lot of times villains have there like their there's theme music. They kind of let like announces like Darth made there is exactly like that the villain is coming kind of thing that's actually this this next song was written. As the theme for the villain in this conceptual piece that this song writers putting together did the villains name was Jumbo. The whole country. Dregs here developer of people everywhere that's how Broussard started you'll you'll know it. Men minus its bill in background next on the match. Here one of our favorite summer conditions on the none. Whereas it's. Scored yourself a brand new ride. AJ Jay Wednesday morning here on Friday 95 amounts into UCD on the video of the George Clooney you've motorcycle. Accident it was a problem by traffic camera. Yeah I didn't watch it but I did as did and it came out and I thought I I felt I wanna see. Yes pretty I'm pretty nasty it's amazing that you assume relatively uninjured it it's. I'm really lucky on his part. They do you have to do some minor plastic surgery on his face and this is the only time in history that a patient is ever said make me look like me. When you're done with plastic surgery because it is time now like make me look like George Clooney exactly he's like Mac if you just make me look like me. Key to the same yet so he's going to be fine which is this good when you shoot at you you'll be amazed that he's going to be. Well oh man it's gonna be another hot date it and you're excited about that. Many science but it's gonna be your lasting in the ninety's for Ireland I think it's going to be like Zarko. I was just NN Atlanta are now I don't get into the eighty uses the week signed Padilla. Yet that'd be freezing X one I 385 I think what we'll call. It's going to be great for instance he would say tomorrow and 85 on Friday hooker yeah answered it sent interrupted to ethernet. Me anyway animal rescuers in southwest England apparently a serious significant surge in the number of calls. Reporting drunken Siegel's. On on the beaches there more than fact more than a couple dozen calls at this point about intoxicated Siegel's in recent weeks. Officials believe. That the birds there have been. Eating a waste material from local breweries. And and becoming intoxicated the in on. It is close owning a single drink out of their Peter nots know they're actually deceiving you know eating the waste products from on local breweries there's a veterinarian there. Who said the birds appeared disoriented and confused and struggled to stands we've all had nights like that. I decide how nova Siegel's drunk they already flying all over the place is stealing your food and a chance. Yeah exactly they have some video of one of the virtues stagger around and indeed the of looking at the video does kind of look like a person if they were drunk. I animal rescuers say they've infected even been vomit it on. While collecting the birds and adding that the the stink of alcohol and if it makes their vans and smelly pubs known Parisian pubs. Well just kind of set that is Sen what officials didn't realize there is that last night was girls' night out. Yeah. Don't know why did you. This Thursday. Then we must told them staying in season series continuing his streak of being of sex symbol for like. For like four and a half decades at this point. Which eased coincides with a solid streak of not being a sex symbol for the entire team length of time sting and the police trucks in. On 995 dimension according to a new survey 381 cities in America. The top ten drunk just CDs. In the days leading USA today are in the midwest. Maybe not a shocker there. All of the samples of the prairie Wisconsin. No joke from ten to one lacrosse Wisconsin. Number nine is it wants them I don't know who Wausau Wisconsin. Eight Grand Forks, North Dakota seven Missoula Montana. Six Oshkosh Wisconsin five Fargo, North Dakota. 432 in one Madison Appleton au Clair in Green Bay, Wisconsin which means. What one and shoot through seven of the top ten drawn kissed cities in the country. Arian Wisconsin and if you go further down the list at number twelve number fifty the number twenty Earl in Wisconsin zero. What is Gil and it was content. I mean jeez that's a lot of trickery up there there is as it turns out there's actually emotion before the US senate right now to re name Wisconsin. Instead of calling me Wisconsin they're gonna name the state. Drone key Mickey drunk bill. The expectations are that it will pass the US senate ninety to two or Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain.