DPS Goes Back To School, and Casey's Crying

Monday, August 20th


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Sure I've played agency joke is a great song but I also pleaded because city's Robert plans for peace seven the years old today 01 animal planets and he's been Led Zeppelin you may have heard of I think over the years. Clinton twice he hey what can I do on 995 the mountain. On Monday morning Mikey CLA heart we cured back. I made it back from the voyage to Western New York the lid of humidity in lakes. All my gash so many lakes even more humidity I would imagine my hair looked it's well at times Cilic died and in other times it looks. Her actress in mostly elected like Orion after I stepped out and then slowly the humidity got involved. The result what did you tell me alma winters ago on non tons of praising Allah on you covered the hole you Greg covered a whole bunch of via its value just went two of you know buffalo just stayed there you were pure everywhere. All over her Jack has his family's in central New York my family's in Western New York. So we went and to see his friends and family and then came back towards buffalo my family has a lake house and a little bit south of there. So we're at the lighthouse with them spent honestly I think 45 minutes in the city of buffalo seeing our friend Brian has just opened a bar. On cheese a year ago. In in downtown buffalo which is actually pretty cork as the Barry open and is like in the same building as an apartment we used to live in and does street and second place murals stomping grounds he has Souza right now our neighbor and it was really fun to be back exits change to sell much in the five years I think on. I would imagine yeah and you did you you one I saw when he first came in this morning I saw you were moving a little like. I really look like your neck jury like you hurt the you're hurt so they are well Bonnie Herring so yeah what does he do you heard too big. We are tuning tubing is not meant for adults. They show adults in the pictures Annan is on those boxes but they're lying deal because what they're not shelling is what does adults will like the next day they hit the water like crumpled to nine year old Massi is like I think I need a walker to get around everything hearts. Yet that's what I have done that for a long long time and I was selling this morning my memory of it is the only time I can remember in my life. Where I hit water. And it if you said to me swim to the surface like I couldn't of done it is I didn't know which way it was up owing no idea. As when you fly off but she'll be you are upside down spinning around I believe I did a car we all. And when my head still in the water and likes these ladies in the water my three cab tying doll and I also was done on the tube with my name. By eight year old cousin and tonight thirty year old cousin and one of the ways I was like hey you can land on me and that's not the one. New layer on here stuck there. It was just adds Donald disaster but it was so much fun straight welcome back we miss judge toll ruin question almost impossible you were gone I think on the of the first. The first day you're gone within the first Colorado right and then and that may be the third collared the next day Paul table bill. Read a little more challenging and yet coming up just after 7:10 this morning we have quite tickets to see a tickets to rather. Fourth annual bruise infused beer fest at Hudson gardens are it's a just after 710 partly cloudy today and a little bit hazy as well. 81 for a high 74 tomorrow's 77 on Wednesday. Coming up next on the mountain getting creative year old contact lenses. Not is a simple as maybe thought it was. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. My Knight he's like five the mountain. 6:12 Monday morning on 995 amounts in there about 45 million Americans to Wear contact lenses on a regular basis one of which as you yes in this I don't wanna put you too much on the spot would would too when you throw away your context what do you do with them. I. Remember is that it's time to throw up my contacts while I'm lying in Ben region in my eyeballs mountains from on the ground. Just ceremony drama on the ground the next day pick up our little crusted shrimp balls of what was once it contacts lands in the news. Darren in Paris a cut when you're you're headed to a decent percentage of of folks anyways and according to. New study from Arizona State University. About 20% of contact wearers regularly flush them down the sinker the toilet. You deal to do that apparently this is taking a surprisingly large. Environmental told the study was presented at the national meeting and exposition of the American Chemical Society. 3.3 six billion contact lenses get flush per year that amounts to about 50000 pounds of plastic. The problem apparently. Is that the lenses still they don't just dissolve. When they end up in treatment plants. They break down into micro plastics all which is such a problem yes which becomes a whole another and I don't Wear contacts of the student ID and never even thought about how you get rid of armor don't get rid of them. I don't I can. I think you never think of flushing them down the two pilots apparently joint percent of people though I actually you and have been shocked. To find out the things that people regularly fly ash. Like I feel like there are the obvious things an outside if that's their solution out anything you know he should go ahead there. And I guess I just don't get why Darryl warnings like don't put this in the toilet it's like oh yeah I'll be later there's a garbage can right next you. Now you know the answer at least every at least in this context point 8% of people who Wear contact lenses according to this researchers from so proud of the talk of the same hearing. We did no space in your trash. Weren't your fourth yeah apparently newsroom on your floor her all on the floor you final little dried embeds later the good advice familiar with throw on the floor don't thrown in the toilet there you go. Should win Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. Mike Casey does it he's drunk and passed to leave the hardware store this morning with my PC file and 99 plus the mountain. Well it's the closest thing you up to a happy song on the rumors alma I'd say from Fleetwood Mac don't stop on 995 amounts and on Monday morning hazy skies you can see a view looking out the window hazy skies partly cloudy today. 81 for hi little bit cooler the next couple days 74 tomorrow 77 Wednesday. Chance for a half and afternoon and evening showers both days she's back from buffalo she's got three things you need to know Alley heart which I on the mountain steel yet. That's it's what I do here now just inform you briefly on the day. How well the memorial for Aretha Franklin is still growing in. That's her father at one point was a rapper and where she regularly attended church. Franklin died on Thursday of pancreatic cancer there is a special dedication to the singer during the Sunday service church spla. One of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein a sexual assault Osce arid and our Gentile who's also at the girlfriend at the time of Anthony boarding. Is now being accused of sexual assaults herself. It's being revealed that Argentino agreed back in October to pay 380000. Dollars to an actor Jimmy Bennett. He says that Argentino a salted ham in a hotel room in California out in 2013 when he was just seventeen years old issues thirty sat and so yes the show tonight there's a souvenir collections lot of clash. Show them this happened so this whole the incidence. And the pay off both happens or pay outs. Both happened after she had. Was the first sudden what's nice dessert the times is reporting that back in October was when she agreed to pay ham. The actual incident happened in 2013 ICO connects the street agreed to pay him to say quite about it apparently. Back in black children now that doesn't mean that she wasn't assault and it absolutely doesn't discount anything that was done to her Howell and her. It it is very disappointing but also enlightening to know that sexual assault is not just a one plane thing can happen no matter your gender and now age. Yeah I don't I don't I know I don't know who this person is I mean I know I've heard her name but I don't Italian Ashe center actor her father was an incredibly Wellman director. She starred in movies for him when she was he can't phone and then yes she did alliance especially in the early ninety's and fell well that's probably nothing had lunch she was looking for bonus Aslan Nikes she's definitely seen is crusader and leader of the meat to movement portion not. Probably not now. I'm and I am way more exciting. News today is the first day school offered Denver Public Schools sell that means there's going to be a lot of traffic in school areas there's just going to be more traffic in general. And then watch out of school sounds because for so although many months now we haven't had to think about those flashing light you know holes out starting today he well there will be an increased police presence sound where Barack yet you'll get a schools and taken and those are expensive. You know you'll get some points I said it's no debt. Okay three things you need to know that we are we here on 995 mountains to get him back to school. Will do the of their Mike Casey overview the back to school experience about 740 this welcome and about an hour. He's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 by the mountain. Never tried it do any of that sound like I guess what I would call stream of consciousness writing of any kind whether you like you know poetry or saw anything like that did it was I mean it was an assignment in school and then you try and do it again and realize that it's really anything more while it's really hard it's not hard to actually functionally do it. I think it's hard to do it and have it. Come out sounding interesting yeah. We Tomlin was great at that could even if there's a really exemplary there he's got a bunch of songs that fit that description that's that's probably the classic example there. Our come together The Beatles from Abbey Road on 995 the mountain 710 just after 710. We've got a question almost impossible heart which backs whose ever going to be harder than any question I gave you last week. Fourth annual bruise and used beer fest. To get some programs on question almost impossible according to a new study owning status symbols of easing about lake. Expensive watches and fancy cars. Really I suppose really high end clothing really expensive clothing. Our owning any of those things or all of the a lot of those things they actually decrease. Your chances of forming new friendships. Significantly. On according to this study even though he got Michigan argued people who were rich and famous probably love this stuff. In the real world really flashy items designer brands things like that they tend to discourage people. You've just met from wanting to be friends with few notes totally. Yet you're not surprised by that. Many a little bit. Like when you see somebody drive dynasty their flashy car what's your first thought I can't say Hungary and neither can. It's not a it's a guy and it's not let me be their friend but he now yeah I'm always. I wouldn't say it some day actually use the word hate in this for to make the status symbols make people hate you with a headline. I'm hesitant to use that word I would just say for me I'm immediately suspicious particularly people somewhere around my age. Anywhere around my age I think you you know you're somewhere between your mid forties and mid fifties you should be tried this heart. But if your trying this hard yeah I don't particularly like around me. I'm immediately suspicious of who you are what you stand for and you know remain. Yes yeah I agree with the I think it's especially enunciated here in Colorado. Where people are so concerned with getting things that are quality and functional. And nobody really cares about it being flashy. And when you have something flashy you just ankle how Austin chase yes yes what is it this is you need a car and it's gonna last you forever. Now one at the school this month via so I think it's it's even more I looked down upon in our league. You probably right that's from that and think about that a feeling gives it that makes in a lot of ways mis Colorado the antithesis of New York City here in LA our big is sure anything like what. Gonna drool over the boots you've got it's soon going hiking and not the lots that you're weary and straight receipts and of course it's got some cool alt seminary is waterproof up to a million feet not be able Vienna received Stewart's but it a good way. OK there you go should be be wary of status symbols. So fast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of question almost impossible and 99 file. Are we have to get seeded fourth annual bruising views beer fest for you provided you get the the answer right here's the question. OK so while the inventor. Remains unknown if this is created in Los Angeles in 1950 people aren't. Okay clearly hurt we expect that the green and is liked her humor really job in the fallen Imus gone yeah. So I wanna make sure that I may and it and making it tricky. Cuts got to be almost impossible prime do what worried I'd be in venture remains unknown but this was created in Los Angeles in 1954. 6312995. That's the phone number you need for question almost impossible good luck. If my finale minority. Our question this morning while the adventure remains unknown this was created in Los Angeles in 1954. We think we're talking about. Thought the wild guess we're trying to slap the starter and guess what you yeah. What you think you're right. Yet there are out there why not gat. That's not the root for really gets them aren't the next day. My name is Syrian different question almost impossible today. They're good word is that for corn dog. Not split but I will say it's it is aid food substance so your appeared closer than I expected anybody would be this early. I've uploaded hundreds Byrd worked out well. Erving didn't guest Rory what's your guess requested almost impossible. I want to say that it now what was. Under bird I brought in food. Always never had frozen food they need is a food. Yeah so you're not terribly far off that's a good that's a good try thank you for playing alone. I love guys in January that it that you. Thanks have a good day. Closer than I figured we'd be. Really ten phone calls before we even got the neighborhood I kind of agree with you I'm shocked at how Steve Sachs partners didn't. While the adventure remains unknown. This was created in Los Angeles in 19546312995. That's the phone going to be for question almost impossible. Good morning which I guess your question almost impossible. Or sponge candy. Most feisty he's good guess that is a regional line. But this was invented in Los Angeles. I don't sponge in the mosque not a good basketball. Are any good try though thanks for thanks for playing along. So famous brands all of this particular thing when Agassi of the breed in question applies. People might know. Lionel bison doesn't lay is off I think glaze does have one like let's and I think may have done my guess I was saying you know lived in 20 okay. And this is and boy we've just came with the really hard question we did like a wage you art class and a. While the inventor remains unknown this is created in Los Angeles in 1954. 6312995. That's the phone number you need for question almost impossible so you re apparently since I mean the questions too easy what you heard on last week now you've come back with a vengeance. I had super dude I mean you're just basically handing out tickets to anyone who call so I wanted to one talent. I was I don't think I got any further in maybe the third call so we're just making up for lost time here yet and it is it's it's a tricky one but some. We giving a lot of clues hopefully we've led you in the right direction we have tickets to see. Bought tickets to fourth annual bruise in use beer fest. At Hudson gardens a pact providing you can come up with right answer were still looking for want what do we got some on temple otherwise sedate. Actually got some nice stays it's hazy as you can probably tell just looking out the window. But it should stay dry and get a little less easy as the day goes on it that I highway in the eighties so look forward to credit the same story for the next few days it's not to be too warm but it's not to get too terribly cool. Although as we get to the later part of the weekly concede ninety degree temperatures again but yeah mostly sunny on all of these days thunderstorms ice pass on the afternoon. Spoke kept coming up at 8 this morning on the resurrection jukebox he actually. Ran away to join the circus music kids like teen and 2181415. He actually did run away and join the circus that's how his entertainment career started. One big American hits they'll tell you about on the resurrection jukebox. We're gonna do that did Casey's kids go back to school thing were still do question almost impossible sort have to move that. Two what I do that about ten minutes after it I would say provided we actually get an answer to question almost impossible while the adventure remains unknown. This was created in Los Angeles in 19546312995. That's a phone number you need. He recently edit doing squats to his work out simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning Monday night find the mountain. Yeah placing almost impossible with the Mike in LA and mountain. Still looking for the right answer for question almost impossible while the adventure remains unknown this was created in Los Angeles in 1954. What are the Massachusetts. No that's a really good guess that's not the answer really looking for the thank you for giving it to China. Credit card. Good morning which you guessed her question almost impossible that it carried out Nigeria is now know. And yes the thank you taken in Michigan strictly you know almost impossible. Yeah. It's something that you that you would put it legally and or political wrangling and are here. Would you put it frequently that art the I. Think you should vote our reporter Eric. French onion dip with the its reloaded nor are there. You've got to me a partner yeah. You've got we got tickets for the fourth annual bruised viewed under review with your dad vote my current. While that may view it. The most difficult question almost impossible ever had a pretty close while we there's only one other time that we went through an airline further. Heard the same distance yeah out of Garth snow's a tough one that tell you know heart which back congratulations Mike. Tickets of bruising views will do it again tomorrow morning just after 7:10 here at 9 o'clock tonight. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's call in 1995. The mountain. 807 Monday morning on 995 the mountain David Essex on this morning's resurrection jukebox with his big hit rock on. So if I'm being honest with myself and honest with you I'm gonna put this off for at least a month now because. Interest and wanna do it. I didn't wanna face reality even though I knew was coming. Are you reading calendar. I know when school starts. And every year it's still manages to hit me right smack dab in the middle my chest in a way that makes me wonder. Exactly how I'm going to get through this. In this year unlike all those somewhat bittersweet years the came before. There's an extra challenge for my family because in the last three weeks we've sent to boys off to college college. Evan is in California. He's a thousand miles away. He grows in Greeley not as far as geographically but it still feels like another universe. Lilly starting her sophomore year in high school and Joseph Jones and it's great. I imagine a better father might be focused on how exciting this news for his children how wonderful it is to see them growing. And maturing and starting to find their place in the world because that's the gig you sign up for is apparent right but obviously. That isn't really how much heart feels at this very moment in time. I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit it but right now my heart feels mostly sat and not because I'm not excited about my kids and their future. Business because our parity miss them. And not just the boys who were offered college are definitely miss them but I miss the girls to at least insofar as. They're not little kids anymore and they don't need me in the same way that they use I missed the mall because. Frankly there growing up. It's silly. I know. It's like planning a sap Ling and then crying over the fact that it grossing you retrieve. When you knew all along that's exactly what it was gonna do because that's what sampling is do they grow into the trees. But did you know that's pretty much our field. Over the last month or so I found myself looking at parents who have young kids in a different way I see them at the grocery store and at restaurants and. Airplanes and airports. And they're like walking zombies the parents prayed they haven't slept in three years they can't go anywhere without a diaper bag. Their kids having a meltdown and they have no idea when their life became an endless series of CB cups and diapers and pacifiers. And look on their face says one in the east in the world is this going to be over. I guess it's I remember it well but wanna see these parents with young kids I have a hard time not running up to them and saying. I know you think I'm crazy but cherish this moment live this moment revel in this moment. Because your babies or wish you and may need you. And yes they're driving you crazy and yes you don't know how you're gonna Manning she even won more Davis. But believe it or not you'll wake up one day not so for it in the distant future from now. And it's cool. It'll all be gone as the rules of time dictate. They'll grow up your babies will grow up. Just like mine have. They won't be interest in having tea parties are playing dolls with you anymore they won't wanna play catcher. Shoot hoops with you as much as they used to they won't need you to give them a bath they know how to cut their own food they know how to cross the street safely. And they know how to go potty without any help from new at all and they'll say they won't need your help. With homework not that you could help them even if you wanna answer it for you young parents I'm sure that sounds absolutely blissful. And again it I mean really I do. But I'm telling you it goes unbelievable. Fast. And when it's gone and you're sitting where I'm sitting you're gonna miss it like crazy. And you're gonna wonder where in the hell the last eighteen or so years one. And it in nutshell. That's kind of where I am today my hope is that this eventually searching duties here. This watch your kids grow up thing. But my guess is that it probably doesn't for my four kids Evan Lily Chou Chou and he broke. Let me just say this I opium and awesome school year. I hope you learn. And grow and challenge yourself to be absolute best you can be because ultimately that's what flights ago. And just so we're clear. Your mom and I love you more than you'll ever know. And will always be here for you even when you don't think you need us anymore. Because ultimately. That's what being a parent is all about. PS. I'm not crying. Your current. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating his crossover which like people walking. Might he see in the morning line 1995. The mountain. So what's the I I commit this war I hide almost never paid attention to anything remotely. Resembling celebrity news but I given this morning I see a headline that says. Winona Ryder and Keon who Reeves are married. A guy wal kind of maybe but not real. What does that mean it's complex they sent young Reeves and Winona Ryder Aaron a new movie together. I it's called destination lighting. Romantic comedy both of them minute adding it's going to be great because I mean c'mon in 1990s stars together him but this isn't the first movie they've ever done together. They were in Bram Stoker's Dracula and there was a wedding scene in that movie. And in that actual wedding scene Francis Ford Coppola is the director said they got a real priest to perform the ceremony for the are the movie Cisco that we're married and on the on the sack but they didn't legally well now not now that's the thing is like it's really funny because it plays on the whole idea that if you are married by a priest you're married. Mary's well yes there are Selma any ceremony home meaningful aspects of it like it's technically or legally binding contract. And they do any of legal staff they just did a ceremony with somebody who listen you know officially able to perform its. And they've been able to views that situation very cleverly to promote another movie 25 years later. Look at it like that or you can say well you know one of the most successful Hollywood marriages now. So I got together since 1992. And they never even had a far snow and the men and still going strong after all these. Here secular and your comments and news though it while we don't well I guess we don't you might have to ask Oprah and her pull Winona McKeon you on my list of people who. He's always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.