Donuts Really Are Irresistable

Monday, June 18th


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Mike Casey Alley heart which are partly cloudy today and time what you're looking at right now an issue in some breakthroughs afternoon. Eighty for a high 76 tomorrow 74 Wednesday. Pretty good chance for afternoon rain all three days you were Super Bowl weekend was like booked for you including yes there was pretty reprise. I is a phenomenon was on the fundraising fire trapped in the pride parade yesterday we were towards the end of the parade. If we saw you probably screen tee with water if you pay him that I'm sorry silent if you I did hear cell welcome. I'm still covered in glitter and guy glitter ground into my scalp I think he can probably see it. Yeah idea a little bit of a glittering that a king can off it'll trying to block after pride being at that certainly at least two weeks only out covering global refining pride Wear around their house I assume for ever never yes that's part of the hallmark of the event. I'm I did not make it a pride yesterday was Father's Day right so we did that we have I'm gonna tell you everything we did but I'm really nice to them by right. Early in the morning and do not not super early but some authors of the we have like there's got to be eight spikes in my garage. And yesterday morning was the whole. None of these Flickr are really working on the hot hand here let me get this one isn't holding. There are new you know so I so I ended up. Using probably. The holiest oldest and kind of like want to used bike. In our garage. He is an icon at today I sort of feel like I was put on one of those racks they had in mid evil times reveal extract you. It kind of feels like that I don't know lie and it was great tonight but. This morning I was like yeah I gotta remember a note to self fix all the other bikes and don't use though that's similar to dead now it and staff via. I found that outcome of the heart but dom good weekend all the way around so today. Bob just after 710 question almost impossible we have tickets to see Blues Traveler which is pretty cool. Are one of the by it's I'd say one of the top two or three big concert events this summer is a little under a month away. One of the bands it's headlining that event coming up next on the mountain. Or Mike PC's coming up to reveal. My 99. The mountain. Got a great start to our Monday morning that always makes oodles I think you'll suffering vehicle and on on Monday morning in particular B eight at least during my lifetime. At least in the time that I've paid attention we've always been told we need to how much sleep in an eight hour or so is the standard right. Apparently that number has gone up sleep preacher researchers now say we need at least eight and a half hours of sleep why. Because part two things happened basically. When we sleep won this cell regeneration. The other thing is we are brains process all the information that we received during the day. And trying sorted into what's relevant and what's not relevant that's another thing that happens when we sleep. Because we are bombarded by so much more information that any time in the past yeah. Our need for sleep has increased its you know so half an hour they say we needed a half hours asleep. That that process is called Synaptics home use cases in case you wondered. The average American gets about seven hours of sleep no wonder world grumpy old tired I don't road rage and beat these people feel overwhelmed. CNN processed or information yes I I knew worry about this because I could nine and get six. Maybe six and a half hours via. On an average I am getting five spot like that let me actually not. All of fewer still fair. Here early in the process applying for our you have to see how but I think that is an important thing to pay attention to I think there's a there's a long period of time where. At least lead people you know not non sleep researchers thought you know sleep is just that's just the thing you have to do good. You know there's always shoot that well I only need four hours you're you know again there's more to it than that has more I think that's comforting. Yeah and I think noble way to excuse are crazy you are a couple warriors Al wild video like automatic version hurt and you're already a little kooky but yet. So wait a half hours sleep if you didn't get it. Go back to bed till bosh are going to be late. So all generally by not being good in most things might KC 1995. Mountain. Well Dave are here in Denver he started off his Monday morning by winning tickets to see Chicago and Chicago and Oreo speed wagon and how did Dave do that well he did because he's doomed by a mountain insider so if your notch then you should do that you should take a second and do that you would be like Dave Wentz and take its. 995 the mountain dot com is where you can do mountain insiders think we did it I think it was last week we did a story about how much. How much food people. Eat in Blake in the break room and yeah he's still think about it yet you know get on these these calories that you're not really counting on I think that that connects a little bit with this story. Yale researchers. Tested a big study. On the combination. Of fats and car brought carbohydrates in certain foods. In the short version is. Did the reward that that triggers senior being our brains. It is completely off the charts and like nothing we've ever seen before and more than the sum of its parts. Does that make sense yes so if he just had fat or you just hand carts correct but adding them together is one of those two plus two equals eight's hello I'm excited situations I mean. It makes cents while I'm not I don't have per cent I am a pizza per cent and nearly got you got Brandon Bolden fast for him. Like I mean if exactly I gotta have that. The participants in this particular study this is like a baby they had bid money and they could bid on foods. In this particular by guess gain is what you would call it in the things that have the fat carb combination. Consistently. Stimulated the brain. In a seemed the same kind of very like he was at the same degree that you would see like with with drug yeah how hard hard drug responses and things like that. Interestingly. This is not something I ever thought about. That that magic. Carb fat combination. That does not exist in nature except for one place when breast milk. Really yup. That's it rule now so only place that is fascinating only place that it exists in nature everything else. That exists in that realm that combines fat and carbohydrates and always we've created. Is he's basically food that just head to recreate something that we've had sent part exactly and recreated in a way that's up CAD even more and they're saying this is problem for this particular study. You know if you look at the of the rising rates of obesity and things like that there's a direct connection. May oh my gosh fascinating little bit of information might take away from the study was this it's not your fault so agency review. Okay hype that's not a surprise and a. It. He recently edit doing squats to his work out simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf. The fridge. Mike Casey in the morning Monday night plus the mountain. Well if you look at your your window right now. These is a lot of what you're gonna see today we we may have. Some some breakthrough on a little bit later this afternoon or may be around mid day but we are expecting to become partly cloudy cool rainy. On and off and again I mean not optimal but keep in mind we can we can definitely use the rain around here. The whole front range area eighty for a high today 76 tomorrow 74 on Wednesday it's an interesting question in terms of involvement workplace. Dynamics in and here's the question would you Tea Party knows the answer for you but would you take a promotion. Without a race. Car and apparently you're not alone. According to research by a staffing firm office team 64% of employees surveyed. Said they would take a better job title without the better paycheck broken down by gender 72% of men said they would 55% of women. Said they would take a promotion without a pay raise the younger you get on the spectrum the more likely that is to be yes the older you get the less likely. It used to be yes if that makes sense. I don't I honestly don't know anymore how I would answer that question I think a long time ago EMI it my answer would be the savior as yours or would have been very. Quick like yes. Boy that is that it's. There's upside and downside but it is a dangerous precedent to set. Ali it is absolutely I mean icy out people with aids it's not a good thing to do if you're being asked to do more you should also be asked to meet the stated mark. But at the same time when much all of us are consistently fearful that I can have a job anymore. Guilty money and they are not saying it's fine is one of those job security things I think there is. I'm I'm thinking back a little bit him in my own life and career. I think there's if there's times when you went up when I have had this feeling like okay this is a legitimate ask yeah on the part of my employer this. This thing happened in this thing happened they need somebody to congress stepped in to this. It okay that that I get in that makes sense to me. It's it also becomes one of those things. When you you ask me and asking asking ask and ask and ask at a certain point you're like this is starting to yeah very and equitable. Like you don't notice the line until you've crosstex and many ice on the second and somewhere. That should have changed somewhere along the line yeah. Yes it's there's yet upside and downside it probably does. Add to your value in terms of the workplace it can be one of those things re kick yourself when you only a little ways down the line. All Mike Lawrence hasn't kind of a weird story about a job interview is definitely trumps. Any horrible job interview I've never had an and I bet probably anyone you've got to that's coming up next on the 655 funny. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we want you to criticize them you're a mile away in cap issues you're welcome. When he spends way too much time on their stellar credit. Question almost impossible with Mikey now eight. Are we had tickets to see. GB loses a Blues Traveler the only. Wherever rock solid and on July 4 we'll give you some chick I mean you got answers questions personally witnessed. Randomly any amount you that this is a little yeah we're gonna make you work for him make you work for exactly the question this. It's going to be hard for Monday coming Nina were always roundabout best. You are seven times more likely to do this then you are she gets a royal flush in poker. So we're tired probabilities are talking probabilities that's the name of the game today were thrown probability settlement Monday BL react you know there are pretty it can only get easier from here you are seven times more likely to do this then you are together royal flush infopath. 6312995. We think the answer is let us now. We might now a minority. Still looking for the right answer this morning for question almost impossible your seven times more likely to do this than you are to get a royal flush in poker what do you think we're talking about the anyway it has learned now they've got a model or a celebrity. There's nobody close or agency that aids you're and with the date a supermodel is what we're looking for. I operandi. You probably wanted 88000 chance of dating a supermodel you have one in 659000. Chance. Roughly of getting a royal flush. Well done we a couple of extra tickets for you which unit that area. All right Gary good work why did that this is going to be one leg we're not gonna get a before noon today. Yeah it was pretty challenging him might be. When we rented house this morning like the first time bled and we're always wrong and yet we never know. Fortunately Gary kind of saved us on that one date a supermodel I was really shocked. And I didn't dive much deeper into this for you to be ebb basically all of us have won in 80000. Chance of dating a supermodel. Seems pretty I need a royal flushes straight up chance yes I mean literally get it I that this is based on numbers and how many supermodels there aren't many single people are out there like come on some people and away better shot. Let's be honest. That's a pretty fair point anyway that's the answer we're looking for question almost impossible to do against more just after 710. No chance to Blues Traveler tickets partly cloudy looks a little one is a cut out their right now and in probably will through for most of the day. We may see some some breakthrough. This afternoon the eighty for a high 76 tomorrow 74 on Wednesday. We were really I mean you wouldn't know who you were too young at the time. But I'm we were really into super groups in the eighties so I hear Dallas playing and we love you out like there was the firm and then there was zone traveling will varies from power station in Wii's man. We Lou there are several groups in the eighties. I've got another show called super group. Coming up on the resurrection jukebox. 8 o'clock this morning it'll give you like for some us he'll be flashback for you it'll be a chance to reach him in the hole or to examine for the first time. Bowl super yeah I'd never thought about the matter now working at a classic rock station thought never crossed my mind took your circus was too. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's call in 1995. The mound. A third day Monday morning here on the mound should kind of a cloudy a little bit overcast start to the day I mean I say this all the time we have weather like this here in Colorado if you don't like this kind of weather do not move to the Pacific northwest. You'll get months upon months of this it's beautiful it's green and sludge for it's fantastic but. If this kind of weather brings you down. That is not part of the country for you. On I feel like I know the answer all these questions. For you you know you know how to fix a flat tire spoken we've we actually do that together wants to completely different story. I you know how to jumpstart a car. You know change cars oil. You lose your tax. It's one of those things that I aid if you said you have to go do this now I figured I can do yet. But it's not supernatural and it's one of those like I learned once upon a time and I'm really gonna have to stop and think about how to do and maybe again YouTube after some help along the way. Well you're way ahead of the curve according to a new survey of 2000 car owners 36%. Of of these 2000 coroner's. Do not know how to fix or change a flat tire. Nearly half of American car owners can't change the royal and one in Ford don't know how to jump started car. Plane yes what are we doing like we're. We those basics and actually like jump starting and changing anti air are really important yes you don't know when you're going to be somewhere especially hearing Colorado well. Tripling can't hobby out and didn't sign on the road is actually really really dangerous yes so if you're gonna drive a car around you should at least on the basic. X yeah you have to move this kind of stuff and I won there's a part of me that wonders. I I have shown all these things to the boys not the girl's not because of a gender issue. They're not the girls aren't old enough to drive they're not driving age yet so I anticipate that I will win the hour of driving age. I wonder if you didn't allude to what the issue is here. As much as anything else and that is the answers in your phone. So probably everything so well clever need to do that I'll just on YouTube or Google Earth. Assuming you have Wi-Fi and oh yeah foes not dead. And I'm hearing count on around me might not if you're driving somewhere that you can also call triple eight yes yes good luck and I Egypt yes it's a thing it's a thing you should now. You should now and it's easy it is seem really scary and hard but it's two free easy I promise to be just take the time to learn everyone's got it. I think you'll feel better in the long run facts so it's americanized I don't be fortune for friend we changed her flat tires so if you need flat tired vice. We can help you out with that's ago. He'd always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US foreign or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. I forgot Som this morning we're talking about the weekend. I don't know I forgot this this is a big deal this is like what I wanted to do for Father's Day and we did it. Are we went to see the Incredibles two. You know you like the first a lot. Yes I'd like the first one so much that when they when my kids were little and we would you know like kind of watch the same movies over over. And finally said we cannot watch that movie again. I'll original alters your ET yes exactly and it was like when you can watch these. Fourteen years later incredible two comes out to dole family yesterday Father's Day. It was really great yeah is dumb I mean it's not as good the first one. I don't know that it could be reminds me the promise of the Incredibles 'cause I saw it once and I thought in college there's a lot of stuff gone on land so I don't totally that's only Demi oversaw. I know I haven't thought it was an elegy to be disappointed in hello wolf too late for that on the whole premise was that. Superheroes were. Too much of a liability that cost too much destruction. In fighting crime and we hear we were we as a society your past the time that we need super heroes got so they kind they had to go underground the superheroes do it OK but and they came back Tim thank yes that was sort of how the first and had told me in the beanie didn't have power is the panic in and yes that's that's it did suggest that's a short version and so now we fast forward and we're still kind of in that dilemma of does society want superheroes are doled day. On the characters are great this in this one I'm not gonna give anything away here but the story line shifts a little more away from mr. incredible. And to a lasting girl into that to the kids so they actually kind of take more of a front seats in the story why they all older now or directional exactly estimates under different were they left off so so still may be in the other. The other cutie teenaged speed teen and preteen to Iowa I think I'm pretty much kind of funny to see it now. You don't just sit and the one thing I'll say this I've admitted this to a couple people before including you. I think. I'd love Holly Hunter both the person in the enemy did its elastic girl I just I think guys everything probably -- I think you DT it's taken me a while to kind of come to grips with this but there's just some sheets is really interesting voice yeah she dies she is a very distinctive voice suggests yes yeah assists. Bury it yes. Even as an animated thing that looks nothing like a similar result probably more revealing our 180 million at the box office. Blew away the 135 million sent the box office for opening weekend between sixteen by finding dory so it gets thumbs up for me. Are we doesn't even remember the original soup to do with that which you will. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet Mike Casey mornings on 1995 the mountain.