Don't Worry, We're All Happy

Friday, November 10th


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My case yell at her we Q&A big. Later. Big Hollywood night for you I guess of new Cecil reunions yeah. We stream with the with the Colorado connection to this huge collar on a connection to this is a movie everyone's going to be hearing about very very soon if you haven't already. It's called Molly's game. And it's in Britain under two by Aaron Sorkin it's the first movie he's ever direct and and it's about a woman named Molly Bloom who is from Colorado lives here in Denver and has this. Pretty much crazy story about how in an over achieving family she could only be like. In any other family deal like only an incredible system and she's always been like second fiddle to her Brothers she ran like the highest stakes poker ring and new York and Los Angeles for years. And it is she's a fascinating person and it has a fascinating story Jessica chest Ain plays her. In in the movie I just held as an analyst cool his greatest fear I am that's all they needed for my job and yeah it's it's. A look at it's getting a lot of Oscar bias and it's about somebody who lives of right here in Denver and is so connected to our community east. It was really fascinating it was a great move here like the movie I really liked the movie I love Aaron Sorkin and he was bare answering questions. So got my gas hub number I it well might as a fact that I was sitting by myself in the back registry key one. Kind of feel much like I caught another human error and I regret the Senate's OK with a call to Molly Molly's game he had to steal. They did if you're really interested in in Molly's story can read that this movie is awesome. Yeah Republicans through Thursday night and I feel are critical. As well you showed good are glad to hear it a question almost impossible coming up 7:10 this morning no chance for you to win trans Siberian orchestra tickets. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain I'm sure you're your your mom or somebody. You know of some authority figure in your life probably told you at some point or another. Choose your friends wisely but that's pretty common advice right I can certainly remember my parents in the seats my kids quite a bit these days. Our according to a neuroscientist. That your your parent or whoever told you that was absolutely right. Because. Your happiness has a lot to do with the people you surround yourself with with in facts. Our brain waves this is a little scary our brain waves actually start to synchronized. With those around us in some ways causing us to mimic. Their behavior. So the idea being if you were surrounded by people who are generally. Unhappy bitter unpleasant or whatever then you tend to serve mimicking their behavior if you. Wanna be happy and successful in life make sure you surround yourself with happy successful people. The challenge it occurs to me for you pals that you spend 90% of your working life. Are out with me so a year but you know you've got a little bit of an uphill battle there. I do but here's the thing do you surround yourself with happy positive person and so you're positively effective and then in turn eight positively thanks so I'm just so incredible that I would change the you to affect any that. There's there's several like basilica. And algebra problem innings out there to bid circular but it will loans it works yeah hey father activity yes you're crush factor has decreased. Greatly in the past year and a half I just I'd better is when times. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the all the pressure bringing on my case. My PC on these. The mountain out of you saw this it done yesterday. Over you know the the ride service Hoover signed a deal with NASA. If if the space people. The ride share people and displaced people to develop a flying car project. And as soon as I sit regular go to do 200 years in a bid. A flying car project that could take off in some big cities as early as 20/20. Two and a half years from now. Over announced at a tech conference in Portugal that it has signed a space act agreement with NASA. With the goal of creating vertical takeoff and landing vehicles. That will fly at low altitudes the service will be called. Hoover elevate the area a name they can do we have at the very have a name number elevate the company wants to try to project in several cities by 20/20. And have it up and running in time. For the 20/20 eight Olympics in Los Angeles. If you're old enough you remember that old cartoon TV show the Jetsons. Every day were just get one step closer to living in George Jetsons world and I've done for the most part of Amara without actually thought it would have been here by the timers like twelve so. Pars on concern rule behind the curve. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on nine. Whether you are a big Star Wars creator star were speaker not and I and I'm not I'd I don't fall into that camp. I think we all are familiar with the phrase. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away right because that's our Star Wars the original starts and it's carried over. Until now. None of us had any idea what that actually meant technically speaking along time ago on a galaxy far far away. Now Patrick Johnson the author of the book called the physics of Star Wars. This guy has written a book about the physics of Star Wars guy is written the only book that matters to me well and I. Again and by extension he's made all regular Star Wars nerds look cool because he's taken this to roll call now within just hours faint community of lake that's a really cool guy. True it's a drug that Europe that's a good point on he took a look at when the first galaxies were formed. He crunched the numbers according to his calculations. Star or worse. Took place about four point seven billion years. Before. Modern times. Is based on his these calculations in the world the physics clearly that makes the phrase a long time ago seemed like a bit of an understatement. Four point seven billion years before modern times you're typing furiously to older than any thing. Well he I'm you know he's a physics expert he's got to know how old the earth four point six billion years. All right so maybe you rounded up. Well I mean that's it it's. Older long before the earth takes us I was thinking this is around the same time dinosaurs are here. I am like no I super Rollins slid the creation of the earth and it is a galaxy far far away exactly so yadier doesn't have to be created yes. But why now when we came to think that I always wondered about Star Wars. And it happ in a galaxy far far away launch I'm a long time dial. While I understand it's a movie and yes people are going to star in to why in this galaxy it exists nowhere near earth dude dude. Yes you have you you've got many of other types of creatures on humanoid but so many of them are she. We just saying is he like trying to. And George Lucas so there'd been fewer humans or fury human life forms in these movies I would have found it more believable. When you have a way of just didn't write to the the through to the nitty gritty of it and just skipping over the whole fund and you geek out a thousand times about how potentially median some small way Jurassic Park could become real true. You know I've thought about should receive a code. Okafor point seven billion years ago now we know. If he ran for president he would probably lose in a landslide so. Now it's like Jaycee find 99 the mountain. Our according to a new study if someone is rude to you in the morning. First thing in the morning they can negatively affect your entire day. So being native bickering Minnesota being exposed to rudeness is like it that energy that can change your mood. In impact your productivity throughout the rest of the day so if you get one of those high attitude Teresa's. You know when you're going your coffee in the morning so many just kind of more attitude and the inability. And they're rude to you. You I mean you have to Trace you give to tell about it or you can just related. Roll off your back like like water off and expect as they say because otherwise rooms are older and just not worth it. Enough for the person you know but for the reached who was rude to you in particular. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news into the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike Casey morning's fine ID 95 the mountain national toy hall of. Fame is getting three new entrants I think they would be familiar to just about all of us here there are three entrance. Inductees let's say international toy hall of fame this year. Clue. The board game I think a lot of us remember from. And we played a ton right and they've been given a movie out of it I mean they. It did make a movie out of Boca and so when I was a little kid because I thought I'd. Again if the formula just tell the jury student Oregon. Clue going into the national toy hall of fame. The whistle ball. Familiar to backyard you know baseball and with the ball players for years and years and years actually more than six decades now. After it was in ventured invented by a retired semi pro baseball player in Connecticut the with the ball going into the national toy hall of fame. And the paper airplane. Which I don't think we historically speaking some people credits Leonardo Da Vinci with designing the first paper plate which is great but that's not brilliant play and what we call that a toll now and it's also not a thing. Anything that you create yourself. I don't know Wally is wonderful I'm strongly in favor of I don't know that'd. Belongs in the national toy hall of fame link there wasn't some big marketing push that. Did you know but really brought paper planes to the forefront in the people of discount always. Always made them and it's like it thank you have like China. I kind of don't consider that I would like to know their criteria for voting things into the hall of fame weakness I would sure I was on and here's the other things that were on the list this year the game the other finalists the game risk. The mosque that's not find the best. Find it blogs where he's worried it may wait a minute this is not alleys national soil of fame and she is national soil magic eight ball. Matchbox cars. My little pony. The Pez candy dispenser. Transformers. In the card game who know those were the finalists this year. And we ended up with clue with the ball and paper airplane. Any toy hall of fame who didn't put with the ball in right away. Connie raises my skepticism a little bit and then if you're gonna put paper airplane on the same ballots. I have to wonder exactly who's minding the store over there I'm national for I'm lithium. You know is actually in mind excellence and next time I'm home it's was Rochester Rochester at the strong museum which is super cool music or kids when they turn out and it checked out next time hero yes. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work itself ICC in the morning on I 95 the mountain. Alleged robber Eric rivers is accused of five attempted bank robberies two of which were successful police had actually been on his trail. But it been unable to find him that is that is until. He decided to speak with a news reporter on live TV. About the traffic's issued situation. In his town the reporter had no idea that mr. rivers had literally just robbed a bank. Nor did she know that as soon as the interview was over. He would go to robbing another bank police question the reporter about the man she just interviewed. Use the TV footage to match the surveillance footage they have of mr. rivers from his last robbery. And he was captured later that day in between bank robberies because he stopped to talk to a TV reporter. About traffic. Mr. rivers is facing five charges. Five charges of attempted bank robbery he's also facing 82 charges of being a complete and total dumb ass yeah. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might GC Bowen ID 95 the mountain.