Death By Licorice

Monday, November 6th


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Joy in it watching that's on the Eagles documentary became known a couple of years ago I view overall sense that I got was that. Don Felder who you know guitar player for the Eagles. Was a little frustrated. That's Don Henley and Glenn fry had sort of carved up the song writing empire of the Eagles for themselves right. And as an effort to trying get more involved in the songwriting process also causes a lot that's where the money is in a lot of ways to. Don Felder during off times in the bay and he would make little. Work tapes you know Tim doodling on the guitar and then would send them to Henley and fry in tune when you will lose musical ideas I have most of wage. Apparently went directly into the circular to in essence is not this is crap there's nothing here. But one of those worked tapes contains. The basic building blocks of what would become that song hotel California so even be sent them like 200 tapes. And only one of them was worth something he was I mean that's a pretty big thing ought to have on were tapes or that eventually became that song so that case who worked. It works OK for Don Don felt op alto California eagle it's title track from the nineteenth every six album here on the mountain Monday morning. Mike Casey Alley heart which you tried to do some. Hiking. Did it might hit some hiking yeah I Tenet and well the weather didn't agree the other did not agree with us me DNN summit which I don't care beacons. I I still. I used muscle on hiking and I don't get the point I haven't figured it out and really get the emperor's new clothes and that everyone thanks us is great big show they're not getting hits. I attempted to hike Malin near Loveland pass there were like sixty mile an hour winds it was now it was miserable. Nothing about it let's fine and I did you did it I did at. It used to it was time to while this is different David it was time better spent probably. Then time spent watching the bronco game on Sunday it I'll do this is just like Egypt on sunny wasted your time and of course your Eagles fan yet that he had a good day. Obvious it was a terrible game here's Von Miller Broncos linebacker Von Miller and need the post game. Press conference from yesterday. We didn't we didn't play well at all cute and counseling anybody clear. Or game one again this is really tough game. New play and win you know nuts in his is going away right now today but whatever I think is what we've a we. We're not a great we're not a beautiful books and. Did change the disadvantage you know I'm very or you're not you know you're not even a passable couple months that he that was horrible yesterday in the as we talked about in recent weeks. Yet the offense has been struggling. But generally speaking we've been able to count on the the defense to kind of keep them in games clearly that was not the case yesterday. Which raises all kinds of questions about what's going on with the Broncos. That's one of the things will discuss with G men. 8:10 this morning Steve we can possibly make some sense of that. Disaster sublime apparently though and I my Manger said disable it anyone honest same as. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. Congratulations to is it shall lane that paper as a chilling Flanagan and so shall look at duties she did this a big deal she dethroned Mary Catania yesterday became the first American woman. To win the New York City Marathon since 1977. So big big deal. On me and she sees it she's born in boulder portable that are raised in Massachusetts while grew up in Massachusetts but. A little bit of a coronary I'll take that that's that's awesome last time an American woman won. New York City Marathon was so me Miki Gorman in one consecutive titles in 1976 and 1977. So congratulations that's a big deal forty years on comment. I'm speaking of emulation. You like that love. Courting do study by Stanford University. They have found that I think for some analysis won't be surprised they found little long walk can boost your rose blood pressure team I've had problems 3% I'll use to let the ideas in in fact Steve Jobs biographer. And in Walter Isaacson said that the co-founder of apple often did exactly that took long walks to spark his creativity. I concede that. On although I think in this staining I don't know about anybody else. A lot of times I'm listening to music and so I had I don't know that I've. I mean that's shutting off creativity but I don't know that I'm quite being news. You know as open in recess I'm I'm otherwise. Occupied did you have accents. Actually I don't like to walk or run with music that much because that's my thinking time. So I am like that whole being alone with my thoughts this sort of time and space suit that. Really connect Steve Jobs oh yes absolutely I think compared him multiple times he's yeah it's made by many people on at least once. Is I'm thinking that why did an easy she go for a lot and that either works and they Shelby so much better moving for a share. We'll take care itself go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning as we might PC fine 995. 7:10 this morning question almost impossible give you chance to win some ticket to see trans Siberian orchestra that's very the season is upon us. On November 18 at the Pepsi Center and that they intend that and then Eddie 10 this morning we'll talk that she meant and I cannot promise you. There is any way to make sense of the Broncos game yesterday but we will sure try to give our best effort. 8:10 this morning. Sean Combs you know who he is still up Puff Daddy. And has decided that he will no longer respond to any of his previous names so that I think that would include. Puff Daddy. Won't respond to those anymore he tweeted a video message to his thirteen million followers this weekend it said I have some serious news. I've been praying no one's. That's at the line 92 I've been praying on this and I know this could come off as corny to some people. But I decided to change my name again I'm just not who I I'm not who. I am before that doesn't make sense but that's what he says I'm something different my new name is love. AKA. Brother love. You're right people are gonna think that's cornea and I'm one but keep in mind this is important because if you run into. Sean Combs Nikkei daily posted piece wag puppy would ever make sure you don't call him by any of those names to call in love. From now on and try and do it with a straight face as he would. You appreciate that although I'm pretty sure that's impossible. To. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. I'm a sub story in the Washington Post this morning I don't think the numbers well maybe there are shocked won't I won't qualify Americans throw away. 27 million tons of food every year. And 23%. Of that food. Is still edible so too you know still audible leftovers and in fact according to a new study. By the natural natural resources defense council left overs or the biggest source of edible food waste. In American homes. I'm wondering. If. This is something that that man I've boom bark at the kids about sometimes they seem to not. Really have any sense that hey you're throwing away perfectly edible food what I am wondering is in this in this is truly speculation on my part but my parents for example. Our grew up in in World War II in owned it food rationing was a thing. On people who worried even just slightly older than my parents were also alive during the depression. The Great Depression in this country and I'm not saying that my parents necessarily first hand the new. Hunger. But I bet their parent student and I bet a lot of people that they grew up with did and I think between the I think that experience probably informed. My experience as a kid whereas like that was a cardinal sin in my house you just did not waste food. And now I'm not not that I'm laying blame anywhere but my kids are and they're pretty far. You know they're a couple generations removed from. That experience so I think that reality get maybe gets watered down a little bit we don't you know he'll think about it as much as me who used to. I agree with that I mean. I it was a lesson that I always got growing up but I don't know it was a lesson I totally learned tell college and I was trying to buy my own food race and and you realize just how important it was the UC. Every like ordering Chinese means they you have practice Clinton did her for two days he kinda have to make it. Yeah and your smile I would imagine your probably release I remember to being smarter about. You just throw myself on your play because really glove I don't needed to and it's it's totally wasted so why take. Smaller portion sizes maybe I can stretch that what you said stern. Elderly until you're like it's trying to feed yourself and pay for yourself maybe you really don't under maybe a majority of your experience in a generational and all just a matter of spending your own money yeah Google has a lot of that's allowed some to consider that's a lot of food waste every year Dennis that's a that's. Depressing and I'm. I got people. It's EA hid the bat and now we're audited. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work. And that's self. My PC in the morning on 99 but the mountain. Couple big headlines in the world of entertainment slash television if you wanna call it that Netflix has officially distanced itself fired actually Kevin Spacey. Amidst his sexual misconduct scandal on Friday. They said Netflix said does Netflix will not be involved with any further production of house of cards that includes Kevin Spacey. We've also decided we will not be moving forward with the release of the film gore which was in post production starring in produced by Kevin Spacey. Odd numbered you're the anti defamation league has criticized Larry David. For joking about Jewish sexual predators and dating and concentration camp during his soon SNL monologue on Saturday. Jonathan Greenblatt the CEO of the ideal Swede that the comedian managed to be offensive insensitive. And unfunny. All at the same time. Finally Jimmy Fallon late night TV host Jimmy Fallon said news for him his mother Gloria passed away at the age of 68. On in New York on Saturday but from what I gather really unexpected streak came out of nowhere. They'd canceled our taping of the Tonight Show on Friday because of glory phones hospitalization. And now the network has canceled tape things forward this entire week upcoming. In a statement to us weekly Jimmy Fallon said today. I lost my biggest fan and his mom Gloria found past week the age of sixty. If he ran for president he would probably lose in a landslide static. Dose that it's like Jaycee find 99 plus the mountain. 8:32 Monday morning on the mountain none of those fog banks has ruled in to the the tech center which it seems like it don't over the last couple days. Exposed to clear out a little bit later today. We didn't we just didn't get around to it this morning Blige. Bubbly are. Two halves hockey player Matt do Shane who's been traded in traded in U maybe she saw the clip he was treated. In the mid in the middle game he has put played during the first period of the game yesterday. Biggs he's likes gave him off the ice and put him on a plane and you've. Was on his life he's on his way to sweet music you play for Ottawa now yes on the ads are playing this sentence yes it's a very it was strange. That sometimes that happens and blossom apples like five years ago but it's been awhile since there's been an actual. In the middle of a game trade. And it happened to meditation which is unfortunate because he's great guy and I think everybody avalanche fans loved him. I'll continue to love him but he's pulling for somebody else now of adding some bad news to horror of somewhat bad news you kind of boring. According to a new government study black liquor ish. Is bad for you like really bad really really badly that are not there's a sweetening compound in black liquor which called. Like Sarah zine I think is how you pronounce it. And it can decrease potassium levels in your body. And prolonged periods of potassium level you know to drop in decrease. Can lead to high blood pressure. Heart disease irregular heartbeats. Even congestive heart failure there saying as little as two ounces of black licorice per day. Every day if you're over forty. Honest this was in business and site this morning but it apparently very dangerous for. Own Null I keep this stuff I know you like black rigor and honesty people who really does like black licorice and I love. Same beluga. I have now a lot more than two pounds went to Israel and the guy did he think it's in there the glide series do you think it would be and indeed might be it might be but I think I have a plan. Because what it does is decrease your potassium levels I just eat a banana every 300 Venice. So I'll start ordering a banana with. These data show him who could have been OK fair enough that's probably not a bad way to go. Interest external black workers showed that for you up with it'll be part of our blog post a couple of minutes it'll be that we are story everyday and it today yep it'll be on the website and unified mountain dot com. My GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when self inevitably falls out while not he already has another taco might GC in the morning on 995. The mountain.