A Dating Invoice?!

Wednesday, April 18th


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Wednesday morning Mikey CLA heart wake I was trying to arm maybe not the only one. Trying to catch up a little trying to get some of my beauty rest yesterday afternoon. The wind ruined that plan. Yeah absolutely ruined pretty much every play and for the rest of the day week you couldn't sleep because of the way yes there really isn't that loud it was like it was. It was like cartoon loud like I looked out the window and like they were you know like your chat once climate. Well again and then have. Like a Mazda Miata went flying by and then debut of the minds you do though like walking into the wind thing that they were flying is old thing. This crazy. Money out we had my dog outside because he had he loved it while he was freaking out inside tenaciously amount. And there are so many stakes blowing very hard he thought it like nature was just playing fatuous and and he is sorry guys she's all the sticks around and there's some real big sticks so he tried to bring in basically tree branch review rounds I kept getting stuck on the door as it was so bank and I had to break until mikes are equitable food you're gonna have to leave your stick outside. One glad he got some fun out of victims there was knots. I mean the other thing I figured out dude I don't know why this has just occurred to me yesterday but if you. If you tend to be. Let's say a little bit OCD just a little bits and you have stuffing your yard like. Bird feeders in patio furniture in the you know basketball's. Or whatever else. A windy day like yesterday is now doesn't it doesn't sit wizards looking out the window leg almost I was completely it is organized. You can't explain it did do about it this is just gonna blow play again yeah the how to not even sure the value of birds or sale of that ill so it's really known -- was gonna happen because yanks as spry little Heimlich you know the disaster yet this was that this was after that you know the outpouring there was men and there are some big trees in my neighborhood to elect not a little bit big trees yeah down. Yeah me branch of fallen in front yard. And called her and tried to bring in the house he couldn't if he is getting all these streets it was just his favorite day. Well I'm glad he got a lot of it has arrived for it was done with it by about 3 o'clock jester are on. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. You are probably gonna think I'm making this story up and I swear I am not I'm still scratching my head over this. Amanda Burnett is 23 years old she went on the dinner date with you guide to restaurant this is in the Indianapolis. At after the date at some point after the date she realized she wasn't interceding continuing the relationship. So she stopped answering his text messages few weeks after the date. The unnamed demand sent her an invoice. GG eat and drink that night. Now that I know this there'll lot of girls out there that owe me a lot of money like any bank. Now IDC descends from senior. I give it voice is dating back to like what you were booed before you were born. I did voice is. Going way around my gash so most time when people say it like you know when you're out on a day with a woman she doesn't owe you anything and says that. Amy kind of like figuratively but I guess can take it literally here she doesn't own you know. Bank. Like cereals and 42 dollars. A bit concerned about it he can just split the chat gassed to split the check like come on it's Toni Tina I think people are pretty. Pretty cool with that expecting to its legs dinner on days I wonder I don't know maybe not a and a controversial thing anymore aren't true. But I I was reading this and boys and the amount of time effort and went into it is home Darius because he's very professionally. So if he's doing this as a joke. Huge you nailed it itself funny but I dole you don't you yeah. He's serious and when it's serious it's like. All is really problematic by. It really didn't like Joseph and our minds trying to give some context back with her then it's pretty pretty Astaire. Yeah I I get that I'm with you I get the feeling it's it's not a joke and I. I mean this could in this situation you know worth worth. We're falling into the very standards. Gender stereotypes to view us dinner that guy pays. The Vuitton a mile. I like she have done to avoid these charging just like what are you expecting from her love. I don't like that one dinner means there has there's some sort of ongoing relationship and if you change your mind then I'm your young fiscally liable for everything we just need to sell again and she owes you off. Yet is it ought to pay for you kind of split the jet could split in the first place and you and injured two predicated the billing on the fact that she apparently just in wanna see you anymore which I find shocking but you seem like. White yeah. See Michael Jackson I'm sure is getting time today it's not yeah I would think and what's on rail outdated put his name it's her desserts in order to keep faith in humanity have to assume it's a really it. I like that approach of with via via I got I got invoices to work on the sort of got a lot of it was you all send those out Torre I've got a ton of his blown into the lion's. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. In between low pressure bringing on my case. Mike DC on IDs. Now and I bet. A lot of us on and on a daily basis probably say to ourselves globally for just had. You know fight X more dollars per month or per year I mean it's I think it's part of human condition. You sort of think well I just have more money everything you'd be better. Our turns out so I'm having more money might make things easier but can also mean more stress according to recently and didn't study. 68%. Of people. Making more than 200000 dollars a year. Reported feeling stressed to work pretty big percentage rent seven out of ten people making that kind of money feel stressed at work. 47 for the number drops to 47%. Feel stressed if you're in the 35 to 250000 dollars annually. 38%. Feel stress if you're in the fifty to 57000 dollar. Bracket annually. Which I could see that makes sense to me you have. The job that pays that much that may be more responsibilities accommodated more stress considered setter. I will just say that in looking at like. Bill Gates Warren Buffett's. To appease those like they don't seem overly stressed to me and I did those let's make a lot of money. So I think there's got to be it tipping point where you're making enough that maybe distressing comes with a do you have enough money should. Do stress relief things like I don't know take a month in Aruba herb you know. Something like that I don't know but it it just seems to me if there's got to be some kind of tipping point I have yet to find it myself. Question almost impossible and 995. Tired is always know Google laying if you blow 1 evening from us in the last thirty days just bill's chance charge you got to get tickets up for grabs he's coming the Budweiser events center in June. Alex gotcha question job I did yeah. Okay 76%. Of people do this on Wallin but they say they prefer to do it for someone else. Like my home. Do an all out and look what you do with someone out he didn't. It kinda excited I don't image she's 76% of people do this alone but say they would prefer to do with someone. All right six drew blood shoot 995 of you have he had sent letters. We might finale like. Our question this morning 76% of people do this alone but say they would prefer to do it with someone else. What are we talking about. Here that I driving. Seemed well. Did you slightly more specific it does involve driving but think about to Wear or from where. All art yeah. Your closet upkeep on our regret nor. All are. That your right driving to work toward carpooling we will exit to be one of those. Yeah that was great we were so close that you like you're gonna bail out those people who like I guess nine more yes. It was like I didn't let you OK magazine did it. You're year and abide by the rules got a guy we admire that about you. Yeah Iowa aren't quote we got tickets to see Jim Traficant for you what's your name. Ever. Art Edwards congratulations enjoy the show that question almost impossible again tomorrow morning seven to break your own about. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Turns out it's so. It's tax day again to you know there's. I didn't notice I found it out this OK yeah because yesterday and and I think we talked about this yesterday. This is. This speaks very clearly. To my own sort of anxiety about getting things like this done. Because I if I didn't say yesterday I think if you wait till the last second to file. And then like the IRS website was down yesterday the half is turning this big cluster mess for everybody like an NE RS of course their little. Default response thing is saying well your to your taxes are still do by midnight tonight and there is like we can't file electronically can you stupid web sites down. She's I heiress OK I have a legitimate question. What happens if he just don't do that. Like what do you don't make that deadline and you dealing it like next week some time what happens. Oh well then you you have to pay a penalty he apparently a big. That's a good question I don't know I think the longer you wait to the bigger the panel I mean can we treat the IRS finally our credit cards like accounts paid minimum because the interest pretty well so I don't -- net present here is that your economic theory like in a nutshell they're wondering how bad the finds out exit the find Blake. Out 2% of what she I'll see. Pretty dense restrain. The outs Slaton pay it later. CEO I would be able to sleep cyanide I don't know I've never found out I you know I mean it's probably. Manageable within a week my guess would be you are much more likely to. Trigger or not it's. Or to have you know to get on it median time and energy it would take for an on it they'd be like who did all that for fifty now it's like now let me tell you. You may be immune from that. I don't know that's brilliant question let's do some research on that one other tax notes. By the president president Donald Trump has requested a six month extension. Because of the complexity involved in doing is 2017 returns according to officials say a present from plans to file his returns. By mid October so do we get to see those I don't think so I don't he's made pretty clear that that's not gonna happen but some it said he said some time. That sometimes could be negotiated suck it doesn't seem like sometime soon and the government will not be viewed the rest of the government will not see them until mid October's. Taxed at happy tax day and again. His conscience is clear which. And humidity. Tequila shots Mike Casey morning's Polly in 1995. The mountain. Our according to a new study drinking just one extra beer or glass of wine a week. Shorten your life by thirty minutes there and that's you know at a at a time researchers found that forty year old man who consumed two drinks per day. Can expect to live one did two years less. Then men who have no more than seven drinks per week so one to two per day verses seven drinks per week. Christiane drinking uncle's been known to raise blood pressure. There's cholesterol issues lots and there's weight issues involved with a two. That adds to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke or cracked so if you wanna take this advice. Which you know it's entirely up to you. You will live a long and arguably healthy life and it will also be miserable and because you just if you're short on. On the beer wine every day that's free medical advice for me. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 1995. The mountain. Have you seen ready player won yet to a new Steven Spielberg film as it's apparently a lot of people seated it's grossed foreign Sunni five million dollars worldwide in its first three weeks. Which. As a result of that has taken. The director mr. Spielberg to a place that no other director has gone before he's become the first filmmaker. Has surpassed ten billion dollars in worldwide box office figures. And billion dollars it's crazy according to box office mode Joseph the biggest commercial successes. Of his career and you could we'd probably all name of Rich Ross dress in park Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull ET the extraterrestrial. Those of the big ones Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Not far behind he's about three billion away from reaching that milestone. Followed by fellow blockbuster makers Michael Bay from transformers. James Cameron avatar and David Yates from the Mary potter films ten billion dollars in in worldwide to. In worldwide receipts a world worldwide box office figures I should say. Pretty impressive in a lot of those films I was a large majority I'm still hold up really well which you know I mean that's the work of the true artist there. Just god created sleep than the devil created the alarm clock and Mike Casey. Is the love child of the Mike Casey in the morning and I eat I thought the mountains. If you have a hard time being motivated to work out here's of fairly I guess relative relatively easy solution. Do it in a group of study found the people have a hard time sticking to an exercise routine had more success. When they exercise with other people the research focused on our group of people walking for exercise. They found that walking with a regular group not only improved a person's likelihood of sticking to the activity. But also improved the participants quality of life. This toll makes sense and I totally subscribe to this line of thinking there's just to hang upside have won the exercise piece the to only people. So few so Meyer is those two. I think it makes total sense for you take those two things Jim together. That all of very honest question for Il yes. Wants in this great big wide world what actually convince you to work out I'm starting to think there's not that. Yet you probably right. Just nothing probably nothing. Nothing that big of a public interest health now nineties. It's fun activity with friends know now. Said you eat more repeats I thought it would work these sad at what cost yes that would cost from three lake there's nothing slow me down. On the Pete's trainer at the moment yeah. I don't think any sense now. And then you bring in people than me it just makes it awful even further away from everything I well good luck keyboard on thank you very much. Might Casey's final thought. Show I don't know if you follow this sort of thing generally I don't put its fifth. It's kind of hard to avoid it's been a big plus mega celebrity. News room last week yourself. She's actually lessen illegals come true Thompson. She's the daughter of Khloe Kardashian the she's already is social media sensation for doctor Thompson so we called chi has her audience are grim account. And she's racked up 200000. Followers. To this point 200000 followers for true Thompson who was less than a week golds portion hasn't posted photos yet but that might be. Because she is less then a week goals. Here's the thing. Like. In this is nothing against that you know I don't know or I don't less than a week old but she's a baby she's not that interest thing with Alex is a personality your sense of humor. Subtlety like she's gonna post anything it's really funny you're fabulous I mean she's a baby so like letter B of BV. There she grows up in lake joins his old part actually in what everything. That is OK we'll that it viewfinder adjusting then. You know maybe follower but until then likely some clips of followed babies and so should be about that do we make an agreement can we do that's Adobe chance. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC mornings on many.