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Wednesday, November 15th


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Mike Casey Allah cart which I feel and I'm I I mean this in the best sense of the word so please don't take this the wrong way. On a daily basis I'm starting to feel a little bit more I'm I'm doing a show with Martha Stewart. I'm a former model and total awesome person Martha Stewart how can I take that as anything other than a couple of. It's because you keep coming in with your life. Today I made a big this an idea in your leg. I don't know would you even know we do more to you and me policy but you know I need to college I am I just can't sell all months time on my hands. After we re. And I feel as though which is cooking things has kept me busy and and provided in the challenge because Arlen Alan and doing so yeah bigger. And your trying you know the user at least in my estimation at branded I don't know that worldly view Cuba that you're in don't smell you making grilled cheese like you're well my requirements are it has to be a theory complex recipe yes it would need to take all day. If it means we tried to Cynthia what is the what is the figures are RA made this morning. So today and yesterday only guess Amy bike. Hi in Han has that didn't really go together but so today I decided to sent up a little bit and I and I made puff pastry yesterday because I've been trying to make puff pastry in it has not been turning out and I am determined. So I made puff pastry yesterday it kind of works it works he'll have to be the judge in that. But I made I scaling chicken pot pie within its. I need like spinach artichoke little hard dirty kind of things I mean to tell overlaps are basically I had a giant sheet of puff pastry and I had to do something. Here is they you're hear the great British big offering your Charlie and I had he probably knew I was also giving myself critique of from a married Marion hall Hollywood. Like doing the voices and greeted everybody in there well absolutely I was watching the bake off as I was doing this as being like time that a menu and play. Okay this very exciting area I'm told them borrow this if we get into lake during napkins into swans and stuff like in the game. Or is gonna say you'd probably lose me there but I'll look I'm already lots you are well known as long as the beacon continues. Mike feces coming after the deal on 95. The mountain. The new study from the Netherlands has found. That boys get better grades. When their classes. Classrooms I guess I should say have more girls in them. A little competition we have well they're takeaways and audit tracking our curls make voice smarter according to say researchers from you tricked university looked at the reading test scores are more than 200015. Year old. From over 8000 coed schools all over the world some pretty big sample size and found that boys scores were higher. When more than 60% of their classmates were girls. They think again this is theoretical at this point but they think. That girls not only tend to concentrate better in class but are also often more motivated to read. And the boys in their class and they believe this as a positive influence on the voice in their classes so that hold gender separate education which is not his. That's not as big of the as common as may be used to be. Apparently there's some evidence is born that's not such a great idea corporal make for a smarter. I'm so glad that girls serve motivating blaze said. Be Smart or go out and earn more and. Tracy so far at least this way that they can they can claim that they have earned some you know. They deserve what they Aaron because the girls made of Smart yeah yeah I know you're welcome Boies yes glad my presences is helping you in everywhere comes in handy in the and then also helps offset the fact that as. Girls and boys get older. Girls actually make boys dumber because 90% of what boys do that's dom is usually tend prostaglandin on his no matter what it's girls fault. Well they either it's either their falter they get the credit for one of its okay they make early may boys smarter and they make poised over. What's this girl lost this bet these little less that you saved before you fall offs right. Yeah I guess. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes. Think you'll be here all week. Mike Casey mornings by 1995. The mountain. The woman who was shown in me viral photo you mayor rumor. Flipping off presidential motorcade as it passed. Got fired. Alina talked about the news last week we you know. She was working for a company that did some sort of government contracting work in obvious interest. There's going to be a little bit of a conflict of interest there are so she did end up losing her job but. Thanks to a go fund meat campaign. She probable be hurting for money at least for a little bit the crowd funding campaign calls cyclist Julie brisk men. And inspiration to assault and asks for donations after she was fired. These are their words quote for exercising her first amendment rights she was the one who posted the photo initially. On social media so far the go fund to campaign. Four Julie freshman has raised about 65000. Dollars of its 100000 dollar goal so clearly there's a number of people who. Who support what she did Felix may be she shouldn't have lost her job. Or if you did want to contribute to the to the cause I imagine there's another group of people who feel completely the opposite but. You know this who we live and go funds be world now so two brisk and in this. Is go funding herself. Question almost impossible. A 995. Aren't all this week -- gets you off for effective tickets to Moscow valley's great Russian nutcracker Paramount theatre one lucky winner. You're careful you could get a walk off. Like he's in the nutcracker while. Every week did this morning every. I really did this morning every week did this work every morning news we get. This a good didn't it best a couple of different are you like I got the question. I'd genetically speaking you have a about how whiny in 200 chance of being. Closely related. To this famous conqueror. But related you mean sharing genetic information yes sharing as some genetic listened genes. She'd see this conquer you have they won in 200 chances it's been knows his job musicals her clothes I mean that's what US denies threatening. Brett he'd probably did some hot. Johnson song anyway but mainly music conquer mostly that's OK we've won into a genetically speaking of one in 200 chance of a doubt. Of team related to discuss yet. Because 6312995. Foot notes the. We might now a minority. Fire question this morning genetically speaking we all have a valid one in 200 chance of being related to this famous conqueror. Ruiz started about a. I'm gonna get you get caught yeah exactly you how it acts. I read a lot of books and I can't. Yet there was good morning you're up 39 clues sit involved. One of the book at focus on its content we learn corporate history book you. Bogut says so let let me. And there's no penalty if you don't notice part because you already got the part that you need to know but. Are they is the assumption that Anders is the understanding that in the process of being the conqueror that he was getting his car and also. Content in the ladies' coaches and it is you popular with the ladies and done spread his genetic information form lines that that that take away. Yeah how can hit. Good putt but I did it. Perfect so my guess right yeah. I'm for OK I'm great what you Dave Perry. Ari Jeremy congratulations we've got nutcracker tickets for you we will do this begin tomorrow and Friday 710. Question almost impossible I thought that was going to be harder than it. I I think it's a very interesting fact it's super cool listening to that your way of saying it wasn't really a hard question. It was carted to step. You know I I like I like seeing which you find interesting interview and very diplomatic and I was like you're not yourself. 7:8 seed Wednesday morning congratulations Gerry you. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. Global wag is good news bad news global wealth rose by six. Point 4% in 2017 which is I mean you could argue that it's good news that's the fastest yearly increase in global wealth. Since 2012 this from the Financial Times bad news. The distribution. Of that new wealth was more uneven and then ever this is according to the global wealth report torn seventeen. The richest 1% of people in the world. Now account for fifty point 1%. Of all global wealth. 1% of the people in the world hold more than 50% of the wheel of the world's wealth of global wealth. Approximately. 140. Trillion dollars. Which is up that number is up from about 42%. A couple of years ago so substantial increase meanwhile the other end of the spectrum. The poorest 70% of adults. Have just two point 7%. Of global wealth. Through big big despair huge different disparity and I sometimes I find this stuff fascinating and I am not of in Major League economics in study I don't know a lot of doubt it I just find it fascinating and sometimes when I bring up these stories. He is sometimes even friends of mine assumed would you why you pose to people making money I'm I'm not I'm not opposed to fuel making money. What worries me about something like this is from a I. Political social standpoint. This has instability written all over you know to be hot and that's the kind of thing where just is as a citizen who happens to be living in the world. Dubbed the fewer of your people that have big control of that much wealth. Just it it never works out well if you look at history it for Italians were waiting for let them eat cake moment exactly well this I put on a global scale. Right now of French revolution littered Sherrod. Entertainment about it they're popular can we maybe have to think about is that it's only chemicals that. It's interesting too is. If you honestly think that the people in the top 1%. Earned and worked for all of that money you're a little over on the same way if you feel the people in the bottom two or try deserve none at India again your a little bit rock. Yes and that's and I think that's what's. Of your your point I think sometimes that's further complicates the discussion for people what you bring up a good point in that a lot of a lot of what exists particularly the western world is mechanisms that allow you to sustain wealth across generation yes. And be without it and you doubt pretty re generation initials it's very hard to get out of the position. EU where. You inherit and you inherited yes one way not just be because it absolutely can be just. It often is that they're being Jake he wore it didn't eat our let me pastry granting gays and action. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings which Mike Casey in 1995. The mountain. According to a new study our hair. Gets thinner during summer and fall that's are simply seasonal her loss as a retirement scientists of think this might have to do. With basically how were wired our bodies get rid of some hair in the summer months. And then grow thicker here in the winter months to help provide warmth he would seem to mind. Stage of life is just sort of one endless summer slash fall at this point. It he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex bitten image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. Amazon if you got somebody in your life that some Egypt's New York quite sure what to buy them for one of the upcoming holidays Christmas -- what have you. On Amazon Nell sells a suction. Cup glass holder. Last holder called the sip caddie. Which actually will hold dear will hold your glass while you see here in the shower or in the tub. As the case may be if you even all the champagne flute if you're feeling really fancy. The suction cup and all of the seven pounds of pressure. CO2 we're gonna breaking stepping on shards of glass. And if you're feeling truly inspired you can check out the answer Rampage for six caddie that's what's called the use their holders for everything from lake. Dipping sauce to order pasta pizza. It it's a pretty I don't know it's a good all purpose ideas not very expensive either I mean I would be happy to have won I think any. Right thinking individual probably wouldn't. Short little wants cash and that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 995 the mountain. Studies have shown that even brief breaks during the day your work day. Can increase your focus and productivity. Here. Mark couple suggestions. From mental health experts. That would help. Further that object things that you could do to take a break while you're still work one obviously stepped away from the screen. Right take take a walk around the office walk round outside to socialize. Talking your coworker it'll make you much happier about were considering your decks desk and texting her do you know doing nothing take a break every 52 minutes. Research shows that a break every 52 minutes or close to that actually increases your productivity number four. Eats eats eats eat it's not just mind this year and but sobbing you enjoy a meal every once in awhile will help feed your mind as well as your your body. And five this one I thought was uninteresting because I don't. I don't know that we always place the same degree of importance on this perhaps as other cultures do but number five. Just sit and be seeding turning off your mind meditating daydreaming. Will give your brain to recharge it needs and help make you more productive and focused in creative at work. You ready for the S I just role be selling to one super efficient creativity break. You take a really nice meal. You put it. Far away from your desk in India carry out Judy and it's kind of all by itself but to get to it you have to go through a whole bunch of people so that way social step away from your screen you socialize you golfer wants you enjoying a meal and when you're doing that you set and you just T. You spew you may Dolan thing. I'm completely on board outside us aren't hiding food for. Our plan I amid. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on these. The mountain. Finish this morning with a story out of Boston Boston suburb by believes called Hopkinton. Whichever I wasn't familiar with puts us call Hopkinton. A man there was arrested for driving around town. In need green to Buick Century so picture that persecuting green Buick Century. With a license plates. It was made out of a pizza box. And the numbers the plate numbers drawn in with magic marker. This is sun's disk doctors drive your around figuring that leg open early no one noticed it's completely fake. License plate driver was hit with charges including operating and uninsured and unregistered vehicle. And attaching fake license plates town police in Hopkinton posted news of the bust on FaceBook. Include this comment here's a little advice to those aspiring to make their own license plates. Don't. Good advice another reminder of the world that we live in good work with the pizza box their chips. Give god created sleep in the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey. Is the love child of both Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountains it's.