Dan Hardee interviews Delbert McClinton

Tuesday, September 12th


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How did you get your start in music initially. Fifth couldn't help editor. Who's a senior Colin hunt. Well there was no word on when I was about thirteen. For seniors older earth rock and roll and so you'd you'd be if you think from flew over that period there were 56 missiles refused resisters who eat and then look portal Arnold there next to. The first of the first. Time that I really remember. Getting old and that I had to do this as. But can. Abu Ali easier to get into the country and for war because they're big they're there was an area of them broke trinity river runs through. Called the wounds we told of the woods car Lou as the Williams also modest branch and though boldly go Romero on the weak unions you know three or four guys. Campground in and shoot shotguns. And I just you know. Guy stuff that. We had to cross. The railroad yards. College of humps for the might have trains are about thirty tracks. And they make a train agents and the most number you know we're walking across that field. And not heard on the Kurdish play on the home alone outside their it is black barbecue place shuttle Stoltz found her road. Where they come out and put them. Boo boo trays on the window you know they had these two big old. Loud horn speakers out there and honing her shoes floated a big joke where and it is strange mullah. I'm gonna. I'm under that's what I do it then that day and and I am. What was the very first instrument you learned how to play. Well I I guess our I am not much you are or you're wrong. I can hole warm ups and and the Oregon. Can occur and most of all. Are kind of like pulling your with little or but not do well but we're we're what I wanted to do. Yeah I can get vibrant. I don't know matrix. I never realized it until I was looking at your bio but the song at the beginning of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray that's you know. How did how does that come out. Well mom and accurate does Tom call me and says unique you know that here. Best friend Diego I ever had for. She's got. 5050000. Dollars you can hear. The Star Trek to this record. And I sort of animal while warning. So no we're not there in the US army I got her they were rerouting and still rerouted to running slow. Had the track. But there were two rewriting the song. And we've spent about ten hours longer term are poor and studio. Because we do so that in that I know what he should this year all. Sort of remind me. Yeah presidente dinner yes it is good traders and that is true that are brought to you. That's awesome. So out of all the thousands of gigs you've played over the years is there anyone that really like stands out your minds like a crazy story years scarier or anything like that. All. Where there is there's all wars. Somewhere. What you won't. Phone here you won't go or he won't blow what he would you have those funny. Well funny this was Sunday and me years ago. Out of that with Willie Nelson brokerage shows. And we were in Memphis. And this video tour and win regular play did you grow learn and Willie's stage back in which you know anybody. A shrink or are there. You're just setting where he won't Richard you know you're not brought up there with right. So I've replaced we're bringing you bring your vote early or call the whole. I was I have been here a place that brought back Apollo English where market. Kind of give his view them home grander. Leo what he all of a sudden there was this little bit of a book. Commotion over remote rats out storage and everybody looked over and Jerry Lee and his ultra. Balkan old adage I walked over and he just stood there. So Willie finish disarmament and voted in Lafayette admiral true purchase. And you really feel on Saturday night and local bar studio which. Look like a baby grand but it that it should use an electric power. Any pictures of your parents don't eight inches of drop. Shouldn't matter they'll correct. And at that time all these are two feet made it reduce your world news gig arrogant fools out of sorts for original. Short. Yeah. He didn't kill England who's ready to. Oh while let's definitely escalating it quite quickly. I'm. Slur on all goers. Will Eric you're you're you're you're ready yeah. I'll learn could have friends like. Yes the whole absolutely. So I also saw you had a big influence on John Lennon with his harmonica playing did did you teach him how to play. Nolan and teach you how to play. It didn't seem. About. May be bliss and 44 hours over a period of what. They opened the show. A one over with crucial beluga group was. And you debuted with the number what's you. Answer he says that Bruce. Mike or drew a because they're good iron. Out at the horn parts Dugard or guitar or prudent just. And there are really big part of that so he. Set the whole move toward. So I gotta go. I got to go. And we ruler from Belmont. In the second two weeks through there. We were playing cloves. Consider regulatory. Oh what's. And mercy on your route early. Rather pro submerged under. A music that plays called castle and it was a little. More concern than we cheer went straight down or. The water just like you see in the old runner and it bridges yeah. You know Muslims. So are. It. Is yet to be in that in the club dates are just rhetoric are. Somebody in one of the immigrants who come to incarcerate the harmonica and they shall we had you do that we can show anybody any day. You can kind of you kind of what. Give him going in the right direction. And the game that night and John. Indicating the end and and you know particularly put this in respect as you know we were all going to change the world eat. At that point. We were 42 years old. And now. Rock and roll was was there were no precedents. Moved fly by the seat of our prayers everything we did. Then and it was it was not common for people good people aren't by all possible. Eat all I'm doing music. So it was an exciting Herman. And we room common ground like this is what outrun. Them and black. I was. No. They were big stars in England. And recruit groups are Christians. At that poor rebel assault or so little a little Erica. There was no are inspired going out there that we just ordered to grow and learn from. That's awesome and they were called flirt they were cool taken tips and all that from you too. Oniyama it was him great hero win and don't want our our our doll. And we've replaced him at a London. And John Census Bureau is it remarkable good she wouldn't go out will surely there. So vehement Kovalev is French came back a little they'll pick me. And took me to places that I would never ask this. And Mo while assuring. So alone. You know well it's gonna want won't run out there that he gave it to theater yes they're really you know going to have you both shall we do it. But. I think teaching our employee. He city resident Ruth Brown there shall currently. Computer until Jerusalem stone hello Tony well. Each and it's always news networks where you don't lose got to face it rumored as a as a and then that it's a lot more interesting stories that. And tell. Blah when he was already through. But it was it was really don't. An unusually instrument and and rock and roll at that he didn't know what an honor and got to party Jon linen. Yeah so listen. That's that's and it bloggers say that we were we've grown Karl urban networks. We're just bush gals. Haven't thought they were excited because everybody quoted broke let you know bush oh it was great and if you're. Delbert if you could go back to the time when you were first starting out and tell yourself something now what would you say. Charter. The fifth of the wouldn't we all very slow and against on the huge consensus we can all try harder he don't realize Eleanor young. Well funeral throw shooters take what you think you'd be there and employee with the girls. I don't know where wrong player of the group was very important. With so it is. And together. Finally what can we expect to see when your onstage in the sixteenth. Our homeland we're going so much vote and everybody should Wear their dances she's. I like that. Even though I'm six foot eight so me dancing might look kind of funny like you might see literary heir. Each. You know if what you do what you gotta do is take what she got. And be the best there is edited deteriorate treat all you've done every shift the world will be bad they hit. A lull. You go grow you're gonna draw a lot of attention to if you're certainly well. Exactly it's funny because albeit gigs and I always stand on black people behind me get mad because they don't get to see this show because I'm so tall order at bats but I'm I'm sorry I I'm not gonna be the weird guys sitting down. But you know there's always. The triple. Somebody's going to be Bristow. Alia gym at a mall. Odds over this is a lot of fun today dig you very much for ride taking to some time to talk with me and I really work. Yeah bring out an operation in England. Absolutely man and we'll see rock out on the sixteenth at the Ogden. Well I don't come sailor policy frankly you're out our. Sounds gay man.