Dads Love Kids That Look Like Them

Thursday, March 8th


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You know this in the very brief time when the couple years so that I that I dabbled with some playing drums and I was a kid. What I figured out was that there were certain things that I didn't I couldn't do like I didn't have the dexterity to do. But I could at least count along like I knew I could figure out what the drummer was doing I just couldn't do it. In in Nassau I couldn't even figure out how McConnell gigs could never ever figure out. What how John Bonham was doing what he was doing in that song and I think that was one of the moments froze him in North Philadelphia this drum and maybe. Beyond my ability. In fairness you know he's one of the greats editions that the bar a little lower. Fulham the array Led Zeppelin from into the outdoor. On 995 the mountain on free ticket Thursday which is very exciting Bon Jovi tickets up for grabs today. 79 noon. Three and five so your first chance to win coming up and just wild seed to an hour about an hour so are some shall do math. Are today is also. International women's day. It is in my day it well. That's not his night here's our quick there through and we now pledges like in the scope of this Rome it's not your. Yeah okay but just that they have won its internationally not yes that's one very defense brief look at my saw Mattel released a new line. Barbie's they're called Barbie dolls they're calling the inspiring women collection which features. Three historic female figures immunity error to Colorado. And duck Katherine Johnson each doll priced at thirty bucks comes with the booklet describing each woman. An hour contributions changed the world I knew you could look at this very cynically in stereo is a money grab. But. I it's kind of a cool thing to put that's. You know to pin him. Solidly as young children play with dolls and so seeing representations of people who have made great things in this world. Is yeah absolutely and I've looked at the lists several times and I told C incurred as shouldn't have mattered all. Again not a single one all they have about the capacity of just your average party sounds. She had a straight then they don't really need to be a special and jet is sort of human parties in. So they just moved via our international women's day happy it's loaded and one hang Kia thank you very much it's. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. I it's gonna sound a little bit. Like I'm being alarmist here and I don't mean to be especially because that's usually your job. Is to be live alarmist I don't I'm a little more sort of voice of reason but. This does seem like there's a general is cause for at least cautioned if not concern. On scientists are warning that a Chinese space station it's been orbiting earth has gone out of control it's gone rogue if you will. It is expected to crash down. At some point in the next few weeks and supposedly again there's a lot of there's some good some significant variables here but what they know now. Other best guess signs his best guess is that the debris. Will most likely reenter the Earth's atmosphere. In the northern states here in the in the United States here in America. The space station was launched from China obviously to seven years ago it's already falling apart. And and at some point will be. Re answering our atmosphere scientists say the odds of getting hit by a piece of space debris is one million times smaller. Then the odds of winning the powerball jackpot. Yeah but not in the northern states if you're like Enid star. Your odds are probably a lot of hot I would say give Mets still a review will play the power ball diamond thing they're gonna win so this and somebody done this so so it's you know. Yeah she did this I maintain we should just be afraid space. Respect if it stayed far far away. Rate your honor. No reason eagle on up. There. There's an Avian this is how we arrived at me being the voice for reason and you beating me alarm guy and the voice of reason here but in this case you might be now the good that's the bad news the good news is this morning. The White House and the president announced the solution to this they are going to. Impose tariffs. On falling pieces of space junk particularly from China. So that will solve the problem and has sagged make America great again were offline. It's so wonderful I was worried now I'm not yeah seething and he's eight my GC EC is tacos over a tortilla that way when self inevitably falls out while not he already has another top. Go Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. This story out of Japan the Coca-Cola company there will offer the a boos he carbonated beverage. Called Shu hi. I'm a things are pronounces CH UHI Chu hi. They are both busy water flavoring. And a distilled Japanese alcohol called. Yeah Sochi. Which apparently is very very popular in Japan Coca-Cola now joining the ranks of two other big companies in Japan. Pouring this style of drinks on Torre and done cure and both doing something a little bit similar here in the United States if you were. A fan of you know interest in liquor drinks like this probably don't get too excited because it's very unlikely that that not only because of regulation. At different regulations but also because that there there isn't at least at this point. An established market for this kind of thing here in the United States so according to the Coca-Cola people's very unlikely that you would see. This particular product. Leave (%expletive) bit lead Japan and show up here in the states in fact mr. woods has been incurred to you know yes or regular dude I'll. Who's the president of Coca Cola's Japan division said many products that are born here will stay here. And this could very well be one of them so here in the states we will have to continue to mix are. Alcohol in her sewed up the old fashioned way you know I could to me and pour into. In the glass and make your decision accordingly. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. It possible yes so a lot on 99 drive demand. He has so many things going on it's like I've providing a breaking a sweat over here on Leno going to create became a free. Free ticket Thursday. Twelve JJ big question almost impossible now on Chicago's tickets up for grabs now he's got the question Angel. Full candor and retell a little thing. In 2004. This couple's split up after 43 years together. Thought we need this so the answer would be which which college costs are pleased I'm talking about they split up into doesn't port after 43 years together. Hooker. That's a different kind of question it is you may not know about it yeah this could be used to pretty hush how much production they think it it. 63 woods 0995. Question goes to bust her good looks. We might now a minority. 2000. Full or. This couple's split up after 43 years together who we targeted. In the Barbie. Yeah. It's. That's pretty impressive not that it's. I'm hinting Bible you know there is and how rather but tweeted back then but it. Now Dayton got out kind of follow the pilot you know. So when he gets another RB after 43 years 'cause he's got other younger dolls to wouldn't it. And sometimes can gaga plus the new model. And her car crying while and you. House. I didn't national women. That is the league's and I'll find out where Barbie Q flounder around so you know shouldn't need. I don't know if she does. She didn't blame this whole story here so this this morning I'm like how. This. Is but apparently you true. And my heart that we are okay. Understood yeah it should scare and he's looking for inspiration. I felt like if I were you I would take into the concert the huge ones in Austin yeah and I dinner possibly get you caught. Total aren't gonna have camera more than with my and often is my life right now. That's who we. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which one might guess. Mornings when Mike Casey Mike Knight now. Our new study this is in US news and world report this morning a new studies found that babies who look like they're dad's. End up living healthier lives. It's like you know that once and Jimmy around the world that possible researchers found that dads who see themselves. Literally like Judy genetically see themselves in their child's face faces. Are more active in raising the baby because of this the baby gets more attention. And this attention leads to better care and fewer health problems this would explain sometimes people ask me. But this is why once a month in my house we lining kids up. Figure out who looks the most like me and then we bestow upon that child the most loved title. Full horror and the indefinite Ed Chaney is it could change it any any month. Right because we didn't really realize that there was some scientific evidence to support this but this is the way it works on the rough and tumble streets of Casey. Well it sounds hard over there I think they have taken the wrong headline out of this story the headline should actually be. Dad still love their kids unless they look like them if you're being not begin to look like their dads are healthier that's just because they're getting more love from their super selfish others. Sure I mean yeah you string it that way if you wanna see I'm not love and again must it looks like many and it is pretty much exactly what dancers now. Does okay surgery series about a for a moment I would be personally I would be very curious to see this studied. In new. This concept studied in. I. In in the in nature in the world if. Chimpanzees or gorillas you go to me I do any sense and an evolutionary paths and that is getting you know you obviously wanna see your genetic material presidents in yeah I get it's but as far as society is currently structured like your kingdom looks like great you know I love all my kids just the one that I love the most is the one who looks most like -- on any given that humans are and import children. That's I feel bad and every day today I feel bad for them lots triggered yeah yeah line everybody feels. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. Our president trump probably will not be happy to see Forbes 2018 ranking of the world's richest people he actually fell. From on number 544. To number 766. This list pegs mister Trump's fortune at three point one billion. Which is 400 million less than 2017. Still a big number keeping in my three point one billion it's the roads so it's a lot of those zeros there. Forbes indicated that New York City struggling real estate market played a role trump tower for example. Lost 41 million dollars in value in the last year other big changes to this year's list there are more billionaires than ever before 2200. Any billionaire's. With the record nine point one trillion dollars in wealth up 18%. From 2017. Showed tore roughly 2200. People. Holds nine point one trillion dollars in wealth gee what could go wrong there a whopping one point two trillion of that some. Is held by the twenty richest people in the world Jeff pesos replaced Bill Gates at the top of lists or twenty people at one point to a few. One point two trillion dollars again what could possibly go wrong we're just. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Today I international women day women's day. In honor of stats aren't. Sure the story about this from wallet hub they just released their ranking of the best states in America for. Working women they took into account factors like median salary for working women obviously. The unemployment rate percentage of female owned businesses graduation rates. Women's health safety and more the top five states for working women according to the survey from wall and hub number five Wisconsin. Number four North Dakota North Dakota just keeps showing up like near the top of every service I mean not whether but other than that. On North Dakota number four Vermont number three. Massachusetts number two. Minnesota the best state in the country for working women it would CAA's seem in looking at the the upper midwest. And New England are very well represented in the top five Colorado. Bird dog number twenty. Which is some things are great when you think I mean not bad but it's not a great teams agreed to be better the five worst states for working women. How women in the workforce sure they are from five to one Alabama. Oklahoma number four Mississippi. Arkansas number two in the worst state for women in the workforce. Number one Louisiana. Enough about the one you oughta be number one on that list it would seem to deep south. He's very heavily represented on the outside of the spectrum won one of those states from the west obviously Oklahoma but. It was sort of from the west but on death Colorado and twentieth on who are working women and for women in the workforce it feels like we can do a little better than that doesn't. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Boy there's just there's so much going on here today 995 amounts in this twelve K day which I mean that we do every week to write 6 AM to 5 PM. The UB keyword toward the top of every hour and a chance to win a thousand bucks on top of that. Bon Jovi free ticket Thursday the Bon Jovi is coming to town on next week so we'll have tickets and again in about 45 minutes coming up at 9 o'clock this morning. Besides money. That's the big one the besides money can you guess the job perk. That makes employees happy missed so monies to top the list number two would be time off. Have more or less flexibility. That's what they were almost 41% said flexible hours was their favorite workplace benefit. And 54% of people in the service and flexible hours was the perk that made them happy is on the job so starting in number one money. To flexibility. Three possibility for career advancement. For. Gym membership. Five. Hart with free work environment that was number five. I'm kidding it's a G. I'm fine tune quite the fine be bumped continue to enjoy your heart would free environmental and staying right here is annoying night. For thank goodness for that because that's one of those things it. Make she'd stay so invigorating for me I knowledge is unimaginable during it's an even Martha's traffic report I didn't believe it or not I'm ready I'm no stranger and you can't. Might chase its final thoughts. So I don't know if you've ever been there in person I have it's. But so if I see pictures of the corporate headquarters for apple in northern California if you know it's everything you expect this is beautiful. Futuristic. Looking billion glass just to magnificent building. Unfortunately for some of Apple's employees the building itself is actually dangerous. It seems employees there. Of late have been getting injured. By walking in deep in to clear glass walls and clear glass doors. Feel like Brazil like birds the big glasses to queen Iraqi interior over the past couple months have been multiple calls to 911. For medical help. There's people who work at apple are bouncing off the glass and sometimes suffering head injuries I'm not it's I don't mean to gloated someone else's misfortune. But I would like to point now. Apple at least from what we've been led to believe. Is a collection of the best of the best straight I mean there are our tech gurus in software engineers. And and brilliant and talented people. But as a reminder to them. You need this sheep plus students like us around to. Because you do you people are clearly shows smarts. Show intellectually stimulated at all times that you can't manage to walk around without walking into walls and doors. OK so you don't trying get rid of the C plus students like guns. Because without us you'd I don't know. He does relay they're flopping around the ground like budget birds just did the patio door just remember that apple employees. It was a political science major at hand look where that's taking my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.