Coolest Show in Denver

Friday, November 3rd


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Mike Casey Alley heart wake the it seems like one of the big stories are last week four hours was that of president president Donald Trump's. Verified Twitter account mysteriously disappeared from from Twitter yes yet less rights eleven minute eleven minutes it was gone. And it very quickly very news. Came melted there was a Twitter employee. Was leaving his I don't know if we know it's a man or woman his or her job. Yeah I don't think we know about the employee organized I was leaving their job and on the last day decided that would be the theme that the Jews they walk out the door vita. Deactivate the president's Twitter account I mean we all have dreams like that like man likely oh yeah it's great. Usually don't do it and we definitely don't do it to the to the president right which it was OK on the one hand. It was funny and a lot of people do is there people took the opportunity to take their pot shots Monica and I laughed when I first sought to you. But then the more I thought about it like thick because a dangerous if you have a random disgruntled employee a Twitter who has access to the presidents Twitter accounts you know I mean I'm I was a fan of really much what says on Twitter either but it Decker because dangerously globally. I mean the Fed expects the president has kept his personal Twitter account running. Does discussed a lot over whether or not and it's the safest choice. Rest it's in our secure thing to deal the power this account is is renter a bunch of different carrier. It's a stumps on his Donald Trump's personal account which he is is most. Doesn't have the same regulations on it estimated this is pointing out that. There might be everybody there might be a reason why we're asking cheeses safe been banned for a while it might not be it's not super secure. If an employee Twitter can access and shut down yeah probably not although whoever that employees apparently they won the. Last day at work sweepstakes all ads in totally they've done their red up there with the did visit jetBlue employee event like holds the go to the emergency. He's the exit out its cash those those go down in history there will do all right Joseph seven 7:10 this morning question almost impossible. Before that we're to talk to Sebastian Mitt discount broker a commuting very funny guy at Paramount theater tonight left tickets for that show at 650. And then Brock crosswise Brock us Weiler has been named the starter will talk about the Broncos game against the Eagles on Sunday. With the G mini 10 this morning rock jock. Mike feces coming after him here. My 99 plus the mountain. Friday morning on the mountain we just we get rid of all the things that feel like they might be ballot near to slow and we just we throw amount we called Novell Friday you know cause you good ramp up as you head through the weekend in the last work day of the week for you know for most folks. And so that's why we do it that's who we call it. And that's when summary you might think the cars on that 995. The mansion he is the first. New candy bar to carry the Hershey's name. In more than two decades. And it's set to hit shelves. Next month off per she did Pennsylvania based candy makers I think we're all familiar with says that Hershey's gold. Will go on sale December 1 goal to golds when it is a car analyzed cream bar. Imbedded with salty peanuts and pretzels. Up pretzel bits per siege per she says the bar is a response to trends that it will that it says show. The rising popularity of crunchy multi textured Katie apparently they've studied this it's a trend yet to trend they've studied this her she's gold I didn't realize this now seems like. You knew this which I find shocking and troubling for numbered for reasons but her she's gold will only be the fourth flavor. All I could name all the Hershey parts yes the fourth flavor for the brand and the first new line and it. Since Hershey's cookies and cream is introduced in 1995. Of any Dielman ninety's the promoted that crap out of that if you buy a home states and I have family that live there and I know I'm telling you this story this morning you're like oh yeah so there's the Hershey bar. And then he's Smart he's special dark Friday which was like 1939 in the new cookies and cream over the 1994 would you like her she's historian or something no I just know my Halloween candy when he did those many Hershey bars you only get the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate and policing. Want to start there there are other flavors of people were bought it also meant package she Dick crackles in mr. good pars meant. Crackles and the only ones receding there mystic and art house thank you. Belligerent tone there I just feel like candy you can be summary so anyway December 1 it's hits stores. The of folks at Hershey said it was. Part of a tribute. And reflection of the chocolate maker's sponsorship of the US Olympic team one other thing we keep in mind. There is no actual chocolate in the new bar I was gonna say it doesn't look like looking at pictures right now definite charm that there's chocolate might chocolate just in case people. We're aware that god did you minor in this is -- you studied that I just don't know about just know these things there's no cocoa in white chocolate there's cocoa butter but there's no actual chocolate in my chocolate you're just eating all the stuff that makes up chocolate without the cocoa and. OK I don't ruin your morning note oh I've I could care less about chuck that really I just I sometimes use. The depth of your knowledge yet is staggering I know nothing about money and everything match took my life skills are on point. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news into the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC mornings by 1995. The mountain. Visibility in Denver in the general military hearing now is about eleven inches that's about as far maybe not even that far here in the tech center is just it did it again like you dearly as a role then. Yeah I was a little foggy this morning but now it's. We came into the parking lot until we can see nothing for a hot second thought was purple tail and really cool purple yes purple fox. It's like the Bahrain but not as honest and keep notes that the sun was rising at the same time. So the fog was purple and look at his must've missed that but the but the fog I can verify and again as you know. Particularly if you're on the roads it's a good time to. B policy following. Sincere from braking distance 732. On none no ballot Friday also before I forget setting clocks back to forget that Saturday into Sunday. Theoretically get an extra hours. I'll listen to get time appear yet as opposed to the spring forward park who. Anyway in a recent dumb Baylor University study 70% of people seven out of ten people in relationships said. That's Smartphones. Sometimes often. Very often for all the time interfered with their interactions with their significant others about 22% said that's. That ignoring Europe partner in favor of your phone had caused problems in their relationships and 36%. Reported sometimes feeling. Disappoint either depressed about the fact that their significant other was putting their phone above them I don't like. I don't know what the percentages. You know I don't have any reason to disbelieve the percentages. I would do two things it occurred to me about this one. I feel like the younger you are the Maurer likely this is yes you know I mean I think is probably more common for 25 year olds in relationships then 55 year olds. Forget it'll be argument just changes your ignoring me for. TV shelf for a ball. They need to not a phone but it's something you're being ignored for a few million of that picture buyers focusing more months from there on the continent who found the on the phone aspect I don't you is mark bonds ever do it. Well I am sure we all due to a certain extent what I find into what I find most interesting about this news. And I think we we would agree and probably most people would know degree that this is a common thing and it probably happens not only in. You your significant other but friends or you know family here it happens a lot of different contexts. We we marvel at the technology. There are a little pieces of I think of our humanity and human interaction that sometimes get lost. In this and we forget about I think we collectively not just mean you but we collectively forget abouts. Those things that get lost along the way sitting down having face to face conversations with people. I'm not being distracted all the time you know are not being distracted by phone as you point out it could be anything. Yes see I'm I'm. Less likely to blame technology and that just as humans for what we can't always we're not always invested in where we are. Living in the moment a timer a little distracted by something and evolving guilty of it and we've all had terrible conversations with people where do you see these super distracted by something. It happens it's how our brains work out we can't try. And I ask you had to be battered and it's not necessarily the fault of the tool now it's our advice that I don't meet our significant others admit that to all the actual. Now it's it's our fault for giving in to a totally natural impulse and phones make it any easier to get into the car I think we're in agreement that path I'd say self. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC I'm 99 by. The mountain. I hope this doesn't get to music Kiki and I also hope acute at the CD to. The right place in the song but you and you may have noticed or maybe people talked about over the years Eric Clapton being a period of blues influenced. Guitar player that's that's sort of where his roots come from is a guitar player. Blues music. One of the things that kind of defined it in its earliest stages was the the bending of notes rates are you see guitar players bin strings. That was something that moved from the blues into the world of rock and roll. You can hear and is a really clear example of it. In the the ending solo in the song from her class. It's also the reason to fire breaks a lot of guitar strings. When you talk about blues influence in rock and roll that's one really. Obviously connect those dots even though it because like an extra minute of zone but did you know. I assume is gonna be little music Kiki. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away in cap issues you're welcome. Mike DC on 99 plus the mountain. X 831. When I. When I came when lagged while I was thirty here when you came in this morning. You said something the effective that's a really know sure you look like you're really dressed up today I figured you had something to do because you're wearing a shirt with the collar buttons yet as bright and I've. I don't remember what I said price who legally as of to do so me not to worry about Daria you did you very much brushed off okay well in the interest of full disclosure I'm now I'm I'll come clean right now as to why I'm wearing. On a few teacher particularly on Friday. Couples the matter of 34 days ago. I started getting this kind of strange rationed variety of it's still make those eyes but like in lived in it strange way in different places. Right on our on me. And don't follow. It would think it is very invade us and it. And I should know this 'cause this is happen to me before but I just I don't know sometimes they don't connect the dots quickly enough and Mike. Oh maybe eat some weird which is I don't have any food allergies that I know of I'm kind of go through this list of things and maybe like two or three days later as it continues to get worse. It occurs to me that's. It it very well could be the laundry detergent that we're using sometimes when we change laundry detergents in my house. I don't like some kind of strange reaction to it you told me you story once before you about how yes. It's easy to detergent this breach yes are so this is happening before. And believe me there's a point here I'm getting to a so I figure out like OK it's the it's the laundry detergent right. And I'm so much play I've you know to the Texan in person or whatever wasn't techsters and said hey I think similar to 400 Sergio what do we what do we usually use presumably go get some of that. And my plan was to go do that's go home and just find a whole bunch of my clothes and just wash everything in debt new so. Which I I did all of that except for I got the wrong laundry so when I brought home alone yeah. I don't think that's not the right stuff like that probably it's pro slogan of that's not gonna make the problem better. Not who would detergent used what was there was there are some very specific instructions to I missed I. I got the right brand I got tied but I'd miss all the other stuff that I object whatever story you do a lot of your own country. It's just sometimes but I don't pay attention to what the soap is she's whenever there right. On and so having failed at this getting this show mission my only choice this morning was to go into my closet and find something. That with absolute certainty. Had not been washed in the current laundry soap at any time recently so cattle can't these are. And how I guess I've read more in lake six years but I also know for a fact it it would have been if you were cleaned it all will be dry cleaned and knots. In our home washing machine and it couldn't possibly have been. With that the so that we so. The truth of the matter is a forty years old and I'm dressed appropriately today because I've ration I'm unable to buy laundry soap for myself. Well like he's you have a rash this week I got braces and we're official that's for you this morning shower in Denver you dorks or two ago Lou Hoover and cheered you go operations while now and hundreds is crushing life we share count there's the truth million. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. If Bob mellow lady coming up now. Barrel of monkeys after that's on this Friday morning I thought I'd leave you with a thought from James scored late night television host James Courtney was recently interview in Playboy. He shot that this is a great quote he said there's that there's a dress code. Amongst two big guys. Look like you're on your way to a barbecue or like you just left to Barbeque. And I wanna Shea. It doesn't have to deal like this it's not how big you far. It's how your big okay James cordoned. Well said sir well see now unleashed its music and lots of it like for you it's just my minutes away Monday. The mountain.