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Wednesday, June 6th


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Probably not a surprise he still up Paul McCartney still tops the list of the UK's richest musicians his net worth is around owned one point one billion dollars. Pop up. Job and they say should kid don't go into shock writing there's no money and that's what I'm most feeble now yeah I believe you'll know he's not the standard now a little more the exception in the rule Paul McCartney wings live and let die. Wednesday morning on 995 the mountain Allie her with Mike Casey record sheets. Yesterday it was like I'm sure you loved it it was like. Living in a Sauna the the the National Weather Service actually issued a sweaty fat guy alert from PC. And all surrounding areas yeah I mean you couldn't really touch the steering wheel yesterday it was hot I was really hoping it was scanning gets been Nina I'm pulling for fifty trees can. I. But it's an. It was hot enough the use ventured to you did the pool thing yes I'm trying to do something active every day and when it's that hot the only thing you can do this time there's just no other options. On cell I I went to our neighborhood rec center hands cuffed in the pool and spent some sinister in real excellent in between kids really touched you know sand flats. I dodging kids police and gone when it's adults only probably good choice I thoughts now. Occurred we might be able do that again today as can be hot again today nine I'm not quite as hot but ninety for a high today chance for Rahm afternoon storms. Hotter tomorrow and Friday 93 for a high tomorrow 94 on Fridays ago weak of heart liquid I don't know why I love it so much have never been happier thank you whether Andrea thank you either keeping in mind though today is global running day. On a pass the ambassador that well no actually I'm not Greg and I are supposed to go running. After work today but she's yelling made that planners earlier in the week it was nineties it's ninety degrees I mean. I don't play of how lot of missiles escalade at night OK that sounds like a lot of fun you do you enjoy that. Mike feces coming up to reveal my 1995. The mountain if you wanna be rich and I mean come on who among. This doesn't. One of the easiest ways to start moving in that direction is. Be positive according to a new survey millionaires do their best. To stay away from pessimist the survey found that nine out of ten rich people. Make it a point to be around people who are positive and focused on success this would explain. Why I don't know anyone who's rich because they just they don't hang around me in. This can total let me know what I'm bringing to the table and my inherent skepticism is not welcome in their world. I'm starting to think you're holding me back I'm totally the entire super positive but not rich. And it's got any kids got a big game every day yet I could be I could be the one weak link that in your career choice. When he talked about ninety earlier falter at I do nothing rock so keyed junkie so it's all on me great all that's another thing for me to be. Negative and pessimistic about holding back my name my career yeah that's our X how many get over that for T I think. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Our next week's historic summit. Between Kim Jung moon and president trump might feature one of the only people on the planet who has spent significant amounts of time with both men and that would be. Dennis Rodman. Through the former NBA star who is visited North Korea multiple times he was also on Celebrity Apprentice. Twice I think you might remember he may be in Singapore for the summit next week. And some sources city can actually be involved in the negotiations. I feel like if there is one story. That summarizes not only global politics but US politics these days it's this one. This guy who has barely even you'll stay out of trouble since he left the NBA. Eddie he's somehow in the foreign. All you. I mean we can all agree this is a really important meaning yes absolutely we historic. Meeting killed them to bring one qualified person. Fred would that be so hard I think even. Just person who's done anything in politics before are two years ago yes more virtually like yeah I mean even a volley edu good. Nick former NBA stars who would probably be more qualified to Dennis Rodman absolutely. Like I just don't understand why this is a thing that's happening. I'm I'm also expecting to be involved in policy making you know any minute now considering I had zero qualifications but feel like my. Decided. When meeting with mr. Gorbachev that he was gonna bring along William the refrigerator Perry from the the bears' Super Bowl team they bring different dogs he would he's got to. We celebrities in his office before are they managed to like. Play a broken by the rules and not just bring their face rental on. And again and to have better fitness friends. Yeah shrugging my dad does he won on the Celebrity Apprentice twice that's literally the only qualification you know to look at the life. Thank you for faiths it's an apparently to be with North Korea. Go figure. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. 6:46 Wednesday morning here on 995 amounts according to a new study we waste an average of 42 minutes each day that's a lot of time. On doing stuff like waiting for friends standing in line sitting in traffic. Watching the microwaves cook our food that adds up to about eleven daisy each year that we quote unquote you don't wasted time. The survey found that if we were able to get back all that wasted time. 27% of us say we would like to learn new musical instrument 13% would write a novel you are right 15% would exercise and 6%. Would master. Are martial arts. I hate seeing this kind of thing I mean we all know we always a certain amount time every day I hate seeing it quantified like this. Because I am in a stage of life were I think oh man I mean not that I would do any of those things necessarily. But you gave me eleven days at the end of every year I would be really excited. Yeah ideally you do nothing with them that would be your doing nothing time. I don't think so yeah they do nothing guy. Thank I Kathy gill were conforming to a center here and that's very nature I just think this study is hold areas that people think a foreign language. A martial arts. Can be master digital living on Wednesday is it okay guys take a little more time and that also if you really wanted to do it. You probably did yes which is I think that is the main take away. Is really for for most of us have you gave us eleven days. We would find a way to to say yeah yeah it's amazing an Islamic name is now it's the human condition immediately would not master martial art I think it takes a little adrenaline and it is a no I haven't mastered jujitsu and end to start studying last tootsie. Yet exactly edited eleven days I. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. I'm 1995 than. Deal we got tickets to see I'm Brian Adams to blacks in this whole week gonna question almost impossible he's from Canadian. Adams' they are pretty proud I am up there yeah played I believe he's the son if I'm not mistaken is the single biggest selling Canadian artist in history. Really think yeah he beats beaver. Today you migrant maybe he reacts and I think you're I think it might still have been around a lot to I want to want to find out I definitely my generosity on Devlin who would be. That's for sure well yeah that's hard to you now he wanna get to this yes. You are doing it's doing great 80% of the office workers complain about it's. Cintron much every line again it's a big number yeah 80% of all people working offices complain about us. Kent and I'm the only one of them that actually works with you so can't be used to that and now known that begins. She kinda missed yeah. You did six their goods in 995 or question almost impossible I'm only Keating. We've Mikey now eight minority. Placing almost impossible with the Mike finale. The mountain. Borrow our way there question this morning 80% of office workers complain about this we think we're talking about it's. It's probably the temperature close alien thought that was a hard. Expect a barely we were biz biz guided in the U that was hard because you guys. Or profit by now everybody line. Is that right what was BO little as the most common wine in your office was that it was 22 Colbert you moderated. Shifty truly between Aurora to call. Two calls you have more men and women in your office. Wee bit more mentally opera we've yet to women and it will still. Oh I heard it's too cold probably free. Required doubly true but you know wherever you are out horribly at the one benefit came down and you know or will offer just go to well. That's who we did doubt lead to we made sure to put her her workspace right under the events and I majored gym teacher found nothing to well over her. Well congratulations you got tickets to see Bryan Adams yesterday. All right Jeff congratulations. Enjoy the show will you question almost impossible to get tomorrow morning Brian Adams tickets up for grabs again just after 710. Here on 1995 the mount. Just like the old saying goes if you ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed against Mike TC morning's fine 1995. The mountain. The Miss America contest started back in 1921. Just yesterday the new chair of the Miss America competition Gretchen Carlson who was a Miss America herself in 1989. Has announced that the pageant is getting rid of the swimsuit. Portion of the competition in the evening gown and evening gown yup they're both they're both gone they're gone. I'm she does it is a fairly lengthy statement and I can read the whole thing but. Her point was that she said we are no longer pageant. We are competition. So they are judging women not but not based on what they look like your what they Wear. But what comes out of their bow out of their mouse what they talk about. What their social impact initiatives are etc. etc. so a big change. Clearly when you talk about some that's been around since 1921. Yes. IE I think it's a great idea I think it's long overdue. The whole idea I mean don't get me wrong I like. Women in swimsuits as much as anybody else but it's you know parading them across a stage in judging them. Yeah and nothing says what she said age doesn't matter more more than does that judging how you look based on their own preference is yes in a swimsuit. Yes so I get that that that's that should have been eliminated long time ago my question and I do not mean to sound like a jerk when I say this but that this is an honest question. If you lose that peace or those pieces let's say. Is this even remotely interesting competition to watch. Does anybody care about watching it. Tiny hole saw. I mean in this statement first of all that we are going to judge women based on what they think what they saying assuming that on how I hear us play certain. Yet they're still being judged on how they like and what they yet sad happening happens in everyday life tale. Com but I I would sincerely hope. That anybody who's still watched the Miss America pageant wasn't doing so simply to see girls and swimsuit did you decide not on the Internet you don't need to watch a pageant to do that. I'm really really helping that a lot of people still very much care. Like and some very accomplished lament have to pay about things in in the world. And I'm not suggesting that that is an important or more valuable it is what I'm saying is removed from the viewership standpoint. Is that compelling television mall and honoring compelling before even went excellence that's my points no it wasn't compelling before but it was why. The media made it we're turning a corner here and maybe all about topics and discussions and. Now we're doing something real cool broker will find out it's on it's a live on no September 9 on ABC. State so horrible generally by not being good in most things might KC 1995. The mountain. Daresay that I I am I once wrote a play based entirely on the song DG Syrians know who's off how old surreal this is in college this is today for a product for I think freshman year college you in part of our. Three your freshman year English class there was a creative writing segment TM pin and earn maybe there's like 200 something and one of them was we had to write a play. And own account so awful. Oh my do you. Think it was horrible. And it won't care. There's that they were actually the kids of the characters were the band members they were the people there and they were news they were like debating over. And so on you know they're trying to write this song ends one guy was only announced this Guerrero lines and numbers so much it was awful it looks good. That I think everything leg came together with you know like I've guy's sister golden haired guy so it was. Horrible. Night if you confine my chance at playing. You have to be able to please please please because I will gladly stage production of. Took him there at K there's no way to find it because. Unlike the view kids who grow up in the computer age riveting to see if I probably wrote the song a typewriter. So there was probably only ever like one copy of its. And two if I ever found its I would Burnitz I would never know yeah her dearly you know I wouldn't anyway Willie dean is all performing in a park it would be great. No this is this is one of those like. Solitary nights. It hangs over a table with it's cigarette I guess this is awful. You know we're not gonna stage because I think it's winning something I don't think he is your terrible play a laughing I'd feel so much worse for having mentioned studies gives it to myself. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. Casey does it he's drunk and still leave the hardware store mornings with Mike DC four and 99 plus the mountain. Fathers' day's coming up just. A little week and a half away. It's the time the dads across the country start angling for good fathers they just release some of them do. Here's something to consider the as it if you have a difficult data in your life to buy four or maybe if your dad and you have kids you're like what what do I want them to get me. Kerio. Meet scented candles. Meets scented candles from Kraft Foods that they cost 1499. So very affordable. 81 meets sense dot com. And they come in three different sense original meats which I think you have to buy just the name. Classic murder. And backyard. Barbecue. Three different sense three different meats scented candles 1499. Each anyone meet cents dot com W possibly go wrong with that. I mean I get the whole food scented candles are you just tried to trick people into thinking food is coming. But it's not it's just smelling wax. Know you've would you enjoy that this smell and part of that's. The feeling that comes within city get to have it all the time and if you don't need the united. Let me paint as quick picture for you come home you walk in the door eat or geez you're really NAFTA stretching suffered cancer cell you take a big left and you think. Hamburgers somebody's making hamburgers and you look around for that hamburger that you know is there because your whole last month like hammers. But it's not it's just a candle. Boy you have acute for ruining our numbers. You don't. We'll keep you. He's just there you go you took away. Happy buzz everybody from a pro they are where it. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using it mornings we might TC on 995.