Casey Sucks at Sprinklers

Thursday, July 19th


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Really feel great so for him the entertainer from street life serenade on 995 denouncing huge justices yesterday. Played his 100 show. At Madison square garden state it yesterday was Billy jewel day in New York as declared by New York governor. Andrew Cuomo and did little blue thought from Billy Joel's on the event yesterday. I remembered seeing that the garden. Almost five years ago when it was announced that we were gonna have a residency here. I didn't really understand what that meant at that moment and I realized later. We elect a sports team like the knicks and the Rangers at liberty you can play almost any other arena. In the country. And no real world is gonna know about it but when you play mess square garden the entire world knows that you played mass square garden. And now here we are celebrating a hundred. Show is now or about two million tickets sold and I couldn't. A better way to Pique in my life than this as. Pretty cool for kids from love for me so Long Island spread. Do hundred chosen Madison square demand for someone to sing about what a sham the music industry says yes I think. That's kind of jam them back. Exactly he's he's generally attribute tables on them congratulations Billy Joseph let's it's very cool for him it's Thursday morning another hot one today 98 for high 94. Tomorrow maybe she expression marine kind of seemed you Saturday. 93 for a high as well I'm not I don't want it that it look this is gonna sound like it's critical and I don't mean for it to be critical because. Especially by comparison. You always look much more put together. Life is not much by comparison in various anti tank simply put this this morning I couldn't help but notice you there's a lot of stuff on your clothes I have yet I feel you have this Philip loser kind of moral. I'm home I had a rough morning. It's it's gonna release said I now it's going to be a busy couple days and I don't like Alan on and sell a starting this morning kind of really was hoping that. Give it all off on the right slice and I sit down in my car at my coffee in it just builds everywhere. All over him. And this is after the shirt that I put on this morning I really smelled really bad they didn't have time to wash it or find anyone so I just finally grounds and baking soda. Intimate I'm and I am hoping it purchases so far so good will seek a so yeah I copy Oliver my whites curse. And I decide anything soon it'll be okay I'll fix it when I guess the office and I tried to Dallas city in some waters to get the coffee kiosk. And that's when you're like that's pretty noticeable. I don't handlers are hitting it knowing well I'm not sure. I'm just tell Maine and he will notice my ain't winning smile and nod the stains all over the scary that I am wearing a sure Lou I dress stuff like coarse dirt and a shirt with buttons. That's basically taxi out. Yeah yeah I don't bolting. You say fell parties involved are I think you've got it you know guys are my body nothing has fallen apart yeah. You got it all to control your right wing smiled is gonna come through for your. Just after 7 said this morning question almost impossible. We have tickets again to C Def Leppard in journey south Omaha take you coming up on Saturday we'll give you questioned just about an hour from now. Next on the melted it turns out there is such a thing. As beauty rest. And they hear that song and and songs from the rumors album I don't think I'll ever be able to shake fit the image in my head completely invented mind you but the image in my head. Of everybody in the band breaking up at the time they're making the album and Lindsey Buckingham coming in and go hey I got a song. And it's called go year old way. Everyone will lines is packing up Shaq and loves all you want you. Any every it's written about seeing some seasonal. Would fuel the late hey would you sing backing vocals on my song yeah well let's get this together every now. Our series are about intensity you cut with a knife while. Good year away Fleetwood Mac on that 995 denounced it turns out there is such a thing is beauty rest. A new study. By Sealy mattress company founded there is definitely a link. Between sleep and appearance I think we've probably thirty you have the right the research show that people who got an average get ready for this. Got an average of nine hours and ten minutes of sleep every night each. Reported the biggest benefits to their looks according to the research your ideal beauty rest would you go to bed at 9:45 PM. And wake up at 655 billion. Coming out as any this sound realistic it's you know anyone I don't think it does. Here you can 945. A tank I mean I aim for that most nights but I'm just a few. Three and a half hours before that she could sit. Now you album also little. I mean I'm not discounting that this is true but I did do was put together by a mattress companies companies we've basically question a little bit. I also I didn't think this was necessary but I did it anyway departed this. Studies of Lincoln then you can take a picture your face. And you've uploaded pictures your face and will tell you. But how much sleep did they think you're getting a night minus fourteen seconds fourteen point fourteen seconds as a Wesley legitimately and they came back halfway done. I thought that was necessary I didn't think they need to be that harsh about it. You. Rested today all eyes are here this week I asked like if you are okay. If you'd like him very puffy and like maybe you're crying hanging. Nothing dollars exhibited sleep a week is probably a little closer to my reality yeah. Beauty sleep is for the week three things you need to know coming up next to valley hardware here on the mountain. And it's called life they were in town last night they'll conferred Counting Crows Apatow Pepsi Center big songs from them from me in the mid ninety's so I would say you know lightning crashes. On that 995 to the mountain no lightning today at least not we're not expecting any definitely going to be hot again on nine he may be 99. Mostly sunny today. Kind of the same next couple days. Little bit cooler maybe some afternoon rain Friday and Saturday night before fry tomorrow nice three on Saturdays three things you need to know. Alley Hartley. Well I'm just gonna expand common cold weather forecast I mean it is supposed to be in the upper ninety's sane as we know those are kind of just like. Guess since for the most part but if he gets into the hundreds like giving gets over a 101 will break her record that was set back in 2005. I had this would be the second time if it happens. And we broke a record over a hundred degrees this summer because we did so earlier this year yes any kind of seems like every time. Our station is throwing an outdoor party can. It has all it has to be the super duper hot spot it's just kind of how we teach things around here you have one coming up on Saturday valuable as you've won coming up on Saturday didn't you warm but it's going to be fun. Yes it's a clever desert intra party athlete street tavern you know labored to get there but it suited you know an ingredient yeah it's a good gifts temperature I don't think we're. I heard one yeah. Right I mean deal I don't know why just feeling better now we shall say. I'm Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's CEO is making some headlines. Because it seems as though he defended holocaust and I years. Yesterday he said that he found holocaust denial deeply offensive but he would not stand and deny Ayers from FaceBook. He said Selby as he does want and people from expressing their pay and people immediately. Side wall isn't FaceBook trying to stop the spread of fake news holocaust denial is ignoring facts and history. Doesn't fall under that umbrella is an opinion is it's need this spreads misinformation where does that lie. And ends and Mark Zuckerberg sent right yeah how he doesn't plan banning map from face the point that's a tricky once did I mean because whether or not the Holocaust happened. And I don't think it's an opinion. No no I agree I mean it's tricky in the leg you know what happened what didn't happen but it's that line between. You know your fright to free speech I mean you know if you wanna be an idiot and believe that then OK you have the right through. But at the same time if he had just kind of border on yeah polls. You can find any thing confirming anything on the Internet that doesn't mean it's three that doesn't mean those are facts so somebody spreading. Walsh information it claims the Holocaust didn't happen when you think that's fake names when she think yeah misinformation I imagine it's even more personal from our Zuckerberg yes and I would assume is sell. So yeah and I think a lot of people are now asking the question what is opinion yes and one qualifies as opinion and McAuliffe I we should all be asking ourselves that these. Yeah he's absolutely. And then nine turning things all the way around the Denver Broncos are among Indies top fifteen most valuable sports franchises in the world Forbes came out with their list of the most valuable team is the cowboys are number YC. Yeah I now write nobody likes to see them on top of any saying thankfully it's on the patriots that would be the worst thing ever. But four point eight billion dollars is what the cowboys are valued at the bronze those not too far behind two point six billion dollars. It's pretty impressed that there are a lot of American football teams on their even though they're not necessarily the most watched sports in the world or the most popular. It makes the most money because. We spent a lot and I. On our football here in the states are actually done Broncos are tied with the Chicago Bulls now for our place were coming in number 23. Aren't so nice feather in the cap are three things you need to know telling her which year on the mouth and he turned in the TV thought the album was done he gives his manager and said here's the album. Listen to let me know what you think the manager came back Timmons said I feel age. I feel like you need one more song you like the lead single. And his first response to learn more emotionally ready yourself. But he Egypt and this thing really came up with a is the woman Katrina. Today's release another trailer for the bohemian rhapsody movie. No I think we've just got the wind I. In addition release one every day they will be releasing more we'll get what I understand it trailers were okay Clinton out every day or right not every day it should be every there. Okay we'll let them now I will Friday may up from three celebrating birthday today 71 years old happy birthday Brian may queen David Boley. Under pressure on that 995 amounts and offer people out there in the dating world according to record dot com these are the things that we look for. In people that we are attracted to from ten to one. He's a lot of these are very nice to be honest with judgment and thought we were far more shallow this. Thoughtful list. Respectful that's. Pleasant voice loving nature is number seven cents is number six kind hearted this number five. Physical attractiveness which seems very broad that's number four. Intelligence number three smile number two. I is number one all about the eyes according to a record dot com I am surprise having said that. Did perhaps this reflects that we're not as shallow as I sometimes think we are a surprise that money doesn't show up anywhere on that list. It doesn't and I just sense of humor which I'm sorry it. Cross out all ten that's the only one that matters. While that's a really good call apparently that doesn't matter to everybody else a record outcome but it does for you so that's good I am and I'm I'm actually really surprised that. Actually nothing personality your sense of humor he's really dead weight he's respectful thoughtful those are trade he can teach yourself to have. Do you feel like when people fill out I mean I didn't fill this up when you fill out this kind of survey use there's a party muted skews the answers toward what you would she think would make you look better all absolutely. Decimated as you look at how. Great person I am I only care about how kinds timeline is not if they're hot and funny. But there's a video so we don't thoughtful disrespectful listen owns a few things around there. You're right there's some definitely some things missing troops are mesh folder iron on the 665 funny next. He's been in the dating world doesn't always work out as well as he would like I think we're all familiar with that. That's coming up next just after seven send question almost impossible tickets to see Def Leppard or journey. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck when 995 and. Leveraging journey up for grabs on today's question almost impossible is kind of a big thing don't forget our free party or big street party. For the show Blake street tavern. Star system 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday to liberians beer garden set up. Biggest terror competition's going to be very treated you don't win tickets. Feel free coming out party really get always continue to work to. That's a big free if we have a question. Idea the question if we can get to make some time before it's. If you do this for an hour a week keep your eye opener pulled over all happy Nancy goes up by more than 50%. Overall it was a really heartbreaking for me. Jerry Jurgensen if PG dance for one hour weeks your overall happiness goes up by more than 50%. An excellent job on the big word thank you don't. 06312995. Question almost impossible that's the question good luck. This morning giving away tickets C Def Leppard and journey here it is if you do this for one hour a week your overall happiness goes up by more than 50%. What do you think will work out. Alone know really really good guess so I kind of figured we would get that one this is arguably even less pleasant than going to the gym according to some people. Always great try though thanks thank. Why would you guess the question almost impossible are. Korean. Yeah it. You. It's you know. Now that the day there's nothing on the phase of the year that alienates more than that no Derry the we brought our Arabic. Under our CW oh yeah you know usually in them that I'm happier the end of the Bob congratulations yet taken C Def leopard and Jerry what's your name program. All right Susan great job enjoy the show Def Leppard and journey on Saturday Coors Field don't forget we have our big free. Party at the Blake street tavern starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Hope to see you there and to show to questionable. Another chance at those tickets tomorrow just after 710. It's been like four hours seems she rubbed baking soda on your shirts to try and make it smells cleaner how I'm curious is how is holding up. Life hack. This is selling only got so I'm a bit of a nervous spotter and I ten said pan out my shirts on us. Mom so if like me you have that problem. Brother little baking soda in decrease of a gear solid on the scene of your shirt. And then any old smell Arenas pulled just go laying out Giuliani inside not the outside you don't wanna have white brings on your shirt I'm. But it's legitimately you can I am not even worried how people later between you stumbled on this I did you stumble on and now sharing it with all of you see your life will be better in my smelly. Why sharks without her with great. All 98 for Heidi you may need that baking soda in Europe it's going to be hot mostly sunny today 94 tomorrow chance for afternoon rain in 93 on Saturday no chance for afternoon rain. I -- I think I mentioned it is either earlier this week or at the end of last week. There's something going on with the beaten the sprinklers in my yard. I can't get them to go along you have sprinkler problems. Lie to edit and of course is since you know it's been hot in the lawn is seriously is it the CNN's league dying because there's no McCain no water on that's my imitation my long time and think and I'm with the sprinkler and the valve box and a mess are now that I'm an entire box and I can get it. To simulate like I didn't get the timer to countdown like it's going on the a bank rates but there's just there's no water and so finally I our sprinkler Daria I'm Jamie sprinklers plus she's awesome. I'm a Texan Eminem explaining to what's going on music logic check this check this Anderson had checked all that I can't figured out some hotel sought by. On Wednesday so it's a yesterday comes by. You know brings Durbin are OK Jimmy Els are going. Because Kellogg's could take a look at this one thing real quick any walks around from my porch he won't we've offense with a gay you know. He walks around the gate opens the gate walks to where it is the sprinkler is it is literally. Couldn't even I even have been there for two seconds before he comes back down to is OK it's all fixed. I salute what do you mean insult financiers. Well you know that little lever on of valve that shuts off your whole all my guide you're not serious and right he's like the thing right above the valve box that I was telling you look at it somebody shut that off. Is they showed some its fixed they gave me that look alleged. Your swell guy Mike but you my friend of the lord of the idiots all my cash eventually he can't figure out why something isn't working and it's because it's not plugged and exactly. Exactly so when the next time you have that experience or you call your IT department is in my computer is not working and they go. What did you reboot it they have to do that for people like me yeah that's the reason you all have to suffer through. Endless questions like that is because of me. It was right in front of its last legs fortunately Jimmie has a sense did you turkeys like it's far better known problem lake Kamal on. If you see another single bag Intel all the sprinkler buddies about the dumb guy just can't help out or should and should start he's from we have to do thousands suns already uncertainties and I appreciate your help them. Resurrected your pars coming out of 8 o'clock this morning they name themselves after science fiction short story came out in 1960 the band came out in the eighties though. They're on the way. One of our feverish summer judicial. No. No. You know I've there Ford seniors in my house and I feel like that cells that could be sort of a theme song from time to time I don't care anymore Phil Collins they say that's I think that teenagers like to do occasionally I don't care anymore in case you've forgotten. Phil Collins on that 995 the militant with a cool thing coming up on Monday. The if we're if it's the external events senator yes which is known to summits tracks. I'm right now in right okay. You'll that's okay make. Coal bed that a couple of guys from foreigners like the band foreigner there did there come by they're going to be the experiments that are without us. We're gonna do correlate a little Q a name with that and you're kind of doing it. Oh I thought it was week is meet tee off on this could be their drinking and listening to your story and you mean as part of the audit and no pressure whatsoever so I'm gonna ask them some questions and then the guys from foreign there and play some songs are gonna do an acoustic sets. Yeah ended drinking parred these guys are big craft brew fans. And so we've got Paula daily brewing company and TTP Tappan grew brighter they're gonna bring Beers in. They aren't Holly Bailey is one of our local breweries that is also gluten free. So yeah that's that's really really get and I know you may be thinking including free beer tossed that right now pulling out like whatever you think fear has to be. It is so died. It's excellent eyed them really big fan of there's an anti to peak drilling is also going to be they're actually just can't get over earn a fact that Alan Daley doesn't include and it also really great Beers. It's so much fun yeah yeah I've got the beer is being covered in I can tell you all. And it's I'm gonna be having Beers in the audience and you're gonna have to deep heavy lifting. Yes info and foreigner on the couple couple guys from former will be there too so this is grace or inviting you were consciously telling you say here's the thing yeah. To relay how. I know this is the thing we want you to come to you can do it judge yet to be over 21 but that's the only requirement you can aren't you chief for up to two people you know yourself that a guest. We'll have some stuff to get the way you can bring something to get signs. So you don't don't want to be a food truck Ferris is great via a very important to your adventure. The details are on the website at 995 the mountain dot com you can sign up right there. You know back in the eighties and before we heard the song committee heard the band we are renewed did this song rocks do you Howell. Now because they spelled noise we disease instead of an ass smells like you're not. I'm the only spelling error that's true of those for your Judaism like yea there's some did not only going on here quiet riot is a different time different place cum on feel the noise. On 995 denounce and on Thursday morning Tim Ballard of Florida was arrested in North Carolina this week. After her pet spider monkey. Broke away from her. And attacks to Home Depot workers in separate incidents on the same incident but separate incidents the first occurred in May. When the monkey whose name spanky. Jumped out shopping carts. And gravity cashier's shirts. Leaving marks on the workers shoulder and back the second incident so they're two separate once you understand. The second incident. Took place last month when space he was a scared by the store's sliding doors and responded by biting a worker's arm. She'd keep bringing her monkey playing says this if this is my question how. What how did we go to sleep in all worlds in one world and wake up and another one we're a grown person thinks of themselves. Hey I'm going to Home Depot to grab some stuff. Oh wait I've got to grab my pet spider monkey. What what can go what is the thought process that goes on there. I may I may not share. I just two nights I also feel like we ignored waiting animals have been domesticated and which animals really enjoy spending time with him and this is don't. We just think if they're cute we take a whatever we want. And now they're not our property they're not just available for us to decide that they are companion and bring my kangaroo on the plane yet but I see how. Armadillo into pizza night you can't do dads that's not how this works maybe sickened cats dogs bunnies that yes. Domesticated for generations of back to this president admiral wild. Doubles yeah yeah yeah flat police on the take and don't. Well yeah it'll one off wild animal and for some reason really likes people protest like you probably don't get. Wild animal shortstop taking your pets your monkey don't blow your brilliant for some us. PC easy as time goes over a tortilla that way it was so.