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Monday, November 13th


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On Monday morning Mike Casey Alley cart wick how was the weekend in general whether it was nice weather was great weather was grace. Great and there. Pat I bench it was and that is that whoever trail road I'd take over or Trout are on lectures a huge mistake as of now now at the moment I don't have to go running in the mountains France's. On who got. Not me anymore at the com you know the prob with travel trends is you're on to try and their lots of obstacles and it's very easy to some names for some of Sammy yeah I ended up. Wiping out harder than I've. Ever wiped out where you go down or up and down. Geez he asks alike down towards the end of its two and a half or so mile runs and not huge but also laments tired at this point. Just completely. He had my hands at my shoe and and my hand on Iraq all. And then the bruise that's currently on my hip to college lacking blue would be under selling interest just like shades of her thoughts out of a bowl. Did you get a bowl I sell I even batter like a sledge hammer and totally do not sure why it was buried and that trend L let it got me gotten every he'll get it. Well that's the version that submission to weekends well there was the start though. Our Saturday morning and he is literally all downhill from. It keeps renteria exercise is dangerous for and have heard listens I think now I'm gonna start listening TO battered girl the Broncos had their own metaphorical. Trail runs last night is I think we know. Justin came that was. Do a myth that was like over before it started at an even I don't often needed to have time may be yet there would be much or the way things should go out there wouldn't be all that much of point 41 to sixteen was the final. Brock costs Wyler and Derek wolf here. You not think everyone's frustrated right now you know we've lost a lot of games in a row it's it's not from a lack of effort twenty you know this football team comes to work. With with a great attitude every day. Focus and meetings we worked hard on the practice field. So to not skewed the results. Are among the game field it's fair pressure everybody's got a hold themselves accountable. Those guys got a hole and so is kind of like gonna hold myself accountable. You Altman's films of Kumble and results of accountable. And when you lose man it's on everybody's. Yeah well it is on everybody but things did not start out well in terms of the special teams really was that. Glaring. Glaring shortcoming. Last may be in the game against the patriots. I would targeting Gmail last week. I think he we both thought to the media I was probably a little bit of an uphill battle for the for the Broncos took. Stay they just chose not to fight it like bland going to be hard feeling now. At least that's what it looked like yeah. Worse and worse and worse oh. We'll talk did you mandates and this morning and hopefully I don't know to be confined to. Silver lining somewhere in that club out I wish you luck in that thing. Mike feces coming up have you. I'm 95. The mountain I am now all the mid on the front and I'm not a big opera fan and I don't know a lot about opera. But I do find the the vocal in the singing technique that's required to perform as an opera singer to be somewhat amazing. You know even as yet even though I don't know all that much about it. This apparently is the first time. In in the 137. Year history of the New York metropolitan opera the very first time. This particular note has ever been hit in an opera is the aid. Above high C so if you're looking at elegant piano keyboard in middles. All knew you go to the of the aid the furthest to the right. And it's that note basically on a piano keyboard I don't know what that sounds like. Well be a while play for a second woman who did it she's a soprano her name is Audrey Luna. And like last last week against when the show opened it's called the exterminating Angel. The story of a high society dinner party whose guests are oddly unable to have to leave. There are two times during the course of the opera than a hundred loonie hits this note. This is not from the actual opera here these are performing at hostage basically for the sake of this story so against the AA. Above high C barriers. Actually when we're told. Eight I mean even without knowing what to keyboard thing I mean that the yes that's up there it is up there. I I'm sorry I have a range of like foreign satanic act so this is really more rockets four total war total notice I Indy right. So singular key I still don't really know like he's more details details of Audrey loot is what he said the first person. In the 137. Year history of the New York metropolitan opera to hit that note. So kind of a cool moment in the world of or opera degree I suppose yeah. Soo cool. Just in and around the world in general the world in general he added it's neat. Yeah I'd I cut it into an M I'm a little Q&A range is not my specials if it flat iron left of the ticket that you're the best singer in the world compared to me this hits not a planet it's just really not pleasant I try and dozens ain't home yet only stop futility haters stop you. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we want you to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike GC 199 plus the mound. If you wanna be more successful in your job hunch. Apparently in this makes cents or seven I thought about it are you need to make sure you send your resume. At the right time. Our recent study by talent works founded applications received after 7:30. PM that is after 7:30 PM where the least likely. To get attention from hiring managers apparently again this makes sense the more you think about the best time to send your Reza many. Is between 6 AM and 10 AM. On a weekday morning you want your resume to be ideally. At the top of the hiring person's inbox. It makes a lot of sense and I think. Part of the reason that I just this'll just so like a cop on the part of the reason this doesn't occur to me is because I actually started. May be like you do too. The job hunting process in the free Internet free email wage is back when you actually folded up your resonated put an envelope and send. But he didn't you never knew when it was gonna show up on anybody's pesky enough control over that. So the fact that we do to a certain extent in the electronic age makes sense adjust. To stem occurred to me you know old dog new tricks. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait. Mike Casey mornings on 99 lives. We'll get Monday were back adage we've got tickets to you all unfairly for back to Moscow. Valley's great Russian nutcracker. Paramount theatre one winner will actually be when a walk on role for your childhood should be. In the show. So yeah how exciting without you that's typical super cool toys to do it is through this. Question. Okay you came up with it today hiding come up with today he came up with today I did I'm letting you take more and more and I think you do need to bring jobs. I didn't do the exact opposite the governor you're doing great. In order to exist now more attractive to their female counterparts this animal he's not I don't. If I did Mike yeah I was in his mind at that point I did not because of what I saw federated a couple of times of the view that. It is on the radio so it is not more attracted to their female counterparts this animal attorney Jonathan Allen. Okay. Now that's the Monday questioned 6312995. Arsenals of possible device. We might now a minority. So further right answer for question almost impossible in order to appear more attractive to its female counterparts. This male animal actually p.s on its own head we darted about. You know I actually ticket to go. In fact I'm pretty sure it's a double. Pretty Sherry here sets amazing you sound very convinced that that's the correct answer and it is I'm wondering how you knew that. Well I have one in my backyard might pour Israeli or coached look forward each subject and then it. And they you know we have we have a male or goat as out and it looked like it was Nash. Well we or Chicago goaltender in the and I think it's just magnate is that you not only about the answer right but can verify the anatomical. I'll approach here. The total discussing as well got a bad sometimes when you try to catch in the across all booked up. How about what they do and I got the female vote pregnancy no more coached provincial. Well it all comes out of chicks dig it six figure it. They're there you go whatever Jendrzejczyk stakes are things. Ages ago. What's gonna admit are our John we've got a four packets it gets to Moscow ballet is great Russian nutcracker at the Paramount theatre. You. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings which Mike Casey Mike 1995. Foot mountain. Speaking of which about getting paid to lie on the beach and drink margaritas. Might as well do that to tourism website can tune dot com. Is looking for its next Cancun experience officer this person. When this of the Greek you will be paid 101000 dollars a month. You sit on the beach dog jungle adventures in check out the city's hotels. Nightclubs and restaurants for six months of straight sixty green to be on vacation for six months yet until December 17. To submit a 62 video showing going to best person for the job etc. that would be worth it. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview with Eddie spaghetti before hand Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. If you know I mean I know you're not going a huge Pink Floyd Finley you know they got their name don't tell me how they so from chewed difference. Hum old time blues guys one was named pink Anderson. The other one was named Floyd council. And they just they just took them the names of you know she names and put together an Olympic float low power Montel almost. I don't know what that means VS means exactly that take two names push me and I could probably do the critical themselves for Montero. I'm Pink Floyd run like hell on 995 the mountain I realize it's a Monday and show. For a lot of folks particularly if you just get new worker on your way to work now alien movie and we weekend's over it's Monday we've got to get back to work. I know you've a lot of us face those kinds of you know back to work things on Monday. This may help put it in a little perspective OK Stephen Hawking you know Stephen knocking off. Bio all measuring sticks for the most brilliant mind state ever on Greece the planet's. He has some bad news for us Stephen Hawking says. That by the year 2600. Which admittedly is a little ways off in the future. But by the year 2600 he believes the earth will be a quote sizzling ball of fire by the year 2600. That is. If artificial intelligence. Doesn't kill us all first. I mean I have always assumed that the terminator was just a prophecy. So I'm glad it's now McGahee is on board. He is in for him it's a race between dole climate change and do. In terminator thing he thinks mr. Arkin does the climate change will eventually. Wipe us out which is why he's trying to figure out a way to develop tiny space ships. Propelled by beams of light that could get us to Morris in less than in power. That's his that's his play has kind of a mind benders and it's. Mean you look skeptical. I I don't wanna down Stephen Hawking I understand he's incredibly Smart and Felix stuff he's come up with recently likes even you may have. Shift if well how are that he's gotten a Mars at all except for Matt Damon. Bright but you. Albert she got a lecture us the saying goes you Italy you reach exceed your grass so I think that's what he's code for saying that and the affected by 2600 it's all over for all the same it doesn't matter if he's right Iran you know climb better exactly so there's a little. Ray of sunshine for your Monday morning. His life philosophy Odyssey is the funny insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mound. Not the other side of the world but it is the other side of the country and it seems to produce more than its share of interesting stories I'm talking about the state of Florida. It turns out one of their longstanding traditions in numb Broward County Florida is continuing this year the folks behind the adult clubs to the the cheetah club. The clubs they're called you know some. The strip club basically. They plan to distribute 3000. Turkeys. In and around Broward County this year. To anyone in need they will use. Dancers from their clubs from the treaty clubs and also local sports figures this is the eleventh here. For the Turkey giveaway from the cheetah club it has resulted over the last eleven years. In more than one point five million dollars in Turkey. Making its way to local family show thing which you want about strip clubs. They're you know they're doing some good for their community being given some back. And if you think about it it's also good marketing because they're finding another way to put. Breasts and thighs and in the hands of their customers. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and too many. Tequila shots might TC morning's play 9095. The mountain.